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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Beginner Boys2:45 AM

Preston HS

5,000 Meters Experienced Boys3:30 AM
Womens Races
2,000 Meters Beginner Girls2:30 AM
3,000 Meters Experienced Girls3:10 AM

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This is the first meet of the year, and an opportunity for us to test timing and results systems.

A short meet to help the athletes get into running again!!

Entries simply need to be completed here.  Do not fax or mail entries.

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Beginner Boys

1.11Cody Nordquist
10:39.0 PRJacob Hespeler
2.10Matthew Stirling
10:42.3 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
3.10Alex Buehlow
10:45.7 PRWaterloo-Oxford
4.11Steven Parker
10:46.2 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
5.10Sebastian Jania
10:48.7 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
6.9AJ Seegmiller
11:01.0 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
7.10Ryan O'Donnell
11:02.6 PRGalt CVI
8.9Ian Mackenzie
11:03.1 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
9.9Calvin Redmond
11:07.9 PRGrand River C I
10.910 Patton
11:09.6 PRPreston Secondary
11.9Luke Thompson
11:16.0 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
12.9Alec Elliot
11:17.1 PRCameron Heights
13.9Jeremy Vandenhelm
11:18.9 PRPreston Secondary
14.9Grant Fuller
11:19.1 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
15.12Riley McClintock
11:21.8 PRJacob Hespeler
16.9Kevin Ellis
11:27.1 PRForest Heights
17.9Craig Lyons
11:37.2 PRResurrection
18.9Nick Sawatzky
11:39.3 PRGrand River C I
19.10Aaron Beard
11:41.5 PRKitchener-Waterloo
20.9Alex Colenutt
11:42.6 PRCameron Heights
21.10Calvin Cabral
11:43.1 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
22.9Declan Outhit
11:46.7 PRCameron Heights
24.9Erwin Zapanza
11:50.6 PRSt Benedict
25.9Tim Bester
11:59.5 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
26.10Daniel Treacy
12:00.3 PRResurrection
27.10Alex Hickman
12:02.7 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
28.9Aaron Banz
12:06.7 PRSt Benedict
29.9Mike Abbot
12:07.1 PRKitchener-Waterloo
30.9Adam Schambers
12:15.3 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
31.9Mitchell Hall
12:18.9 PRSt Benedict
32.12Philip Sedore
12:20.5 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
33.9Joe Silva
12:21.4 PRPreston Secondary
34.9Matt Burt
12:25.3 SRForest Heights
35.9Colton Dorion
12:26.0 PRSt Benedict
36.10Eric Burrell
12:27.0 PRResurrection
37.9Justin Erb
12:28.9 PRWaterloo-Oxford
38.9Tariq Yasin
12:29.7 PRForest Heights
39.10Jacob Kresky
12:30.6 PRKitchener-Waterloo
40.11Clay Lambert
12:35.3 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
41.12Edgar Diaz
12:37.8 PRGalt CVI
42.11James Poth
12:38.0 PRWaterloo-Oxford
43.11Neel Sharad
12:43.1 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
44.11Ahmad Patel
12:44.4 PRGalt CVI
45.9Hayden Careless
12:46.6 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
46.9Ryan Annis
12:49.8 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
47.9Joe Sheridan
12:53.0 PRCameron Heights
48.10Trevon Mendez
12:54.0 PRResurrection
49.9Mike Pavel
12:58.6 PRCameron Heights
50.9Sam Hesch
12:59.9 PRResurrection
51.9David Mohan
13:02.5 PRCameron Heights
52.10Michael Baptista
13:03.6 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
53.9Brodie McMartin
13:04.7 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
54.9Ravi Patel
13:07.7 PRCameron Heights
55.10Nathan Schenk
13:08.7 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
56.9Michael Burgess
13:09.6 PRSt Benedict
57.9Alex Robson
13:09.9 PRCameron Heights
58.10Marc Chen
13:10.4 PRCameron Heights
59.10Josh Sieber
13:11.3 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
60.10Kyle Thoman
13:12.2 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
61.9RJ Heeg
13:13.0 PRWaterloo-Oxford
62.12Ryan Laranjeiro
13:14.8 PRSt Benedict
63.10Michael Milne
13:15.7 PRWoodland Christian
64.9James Sonnenberg
13:15.9 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
65.10Logan Hardman
13:17.2 PRCameron Heights
66.10Mac Devalk
13:18.4 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
67.9Cohen Weadick
13:20.5 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
68.9Andrew Jackson
13:27.0 PRCameron Heights
69.9Landon Adams
13:32.6 PRPreston Secondary
70.9Patrick Woodstock
13:33.7 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
71.10Josh McLean
13:34.3 SRKitchener-Waterloo
72.10Xander Evans
13:36.4 PRKitchener-Waterloo
73.9Daniel Omar
13:39.6 PRWoodland Christian
74.10Andrew Campbell
13:51.2 PRKitchener-Waterloo
75.10Mike Donovan
13:54.6 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
76.9Taylor Gagne
13:55.4 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
77.10Mitchell Jones
13:58.8 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
78.9Chris Kiciak
14:03.9 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
79.9Jose Alba
14:05.8 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
80.11Nathan Roberts
14:07.2 PRGalt CVI
81.9Robert Pena
14:09.2 PRPreston Secondary
82.9Reid Nantes
14:17.8 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
83.9Paul Bootsma
14:19.8 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
84.10Michael Lopez
14:21.6 PRGrand River C I
85.9John Reed
14:28.6 PRPreston Secondary
86.10Justin Herod
14:29.3 PRSt Benedict
87.10Alex Powers
14:31.7 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
88.10R.J. Barros
14:32.3 PRCameron Heights
89.9Dean Allen
14:41.7 PRKitchener-Waterloo
90.9Josh Rogers
14:58.2 PRPreston Secondary
92.9Andrej Babic
15:11.8 PRCameron Heights
93.11Ahmed Syed
15:28.2 PRGalt CVI
94.12Cameron McArthur
15:30.5 PRSt Benedict
95.10Jack Kudla
15:35.5 PRCameron Heights
96.11Hassan Haq
15:40.3 PRGalt CVI
97.10Hayden Duench
16:15.7 PRGlenview Park SS
98.9Alex Langfrey
16:16.6 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
99.9Cole Tiessen
16:25.7 PRForest Heights
100.9Cole Wendland
16:29.7 PRResurrection
101.12Joshua Viveiros
16:30.1 PRSt Benedict
102.9Eli Osborne
16:31.2 PRCameron Heights
103.9Adrian Lelieveld
16:32.4 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
104.9Matt Roberts
16:34.5 PRGalt CVI
105.10Will Mahoney
16:35.9 PRCameron Heights
106.11John Nguyen
17:00 PRGalt CVI
107.10Christopher Poon
17:05 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
108.9Andrew Lelieveld
17:10 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
109.9Matt Bentley
17:13 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
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5,000 Meters Experienced Boys

1.11Gavin Shields
16:21.4 PRPreston Secondary
2.10Matt Bannon
16:53.3 SRElmira
4.10Nick Schroder
17:24.4 PRForest Heights
5.12Alex Ullman
17:27.4 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
6.12Stuart Bennett
18:06.7 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
7.10Ben Flanagan
18:12.2 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
8.11Sam Baxter
18:13.2 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
9.11Alex Moher
18:16.4 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
10.12Adam O'Donnel
18:24.5 PRGalt CVI
11.12Oliver Conway-White
18:26.4 PRKitchener-Waterloo
12.11Joel Webster
18:28.8 PRSouthwood
13.10Simon Gonsalves
18:30.3 PRKitchener-Waterloo
14.12Ben Miethig
18:33.4 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
15.12Devin McDonald
18:38.7 PRMonsignor Doyle
16.10Alex Macdonald
18:44.1 PRSt Benedict
17.11Nathan Vervaeke
18:49.7 SRJacob Hespeler
18.12Chris Gonsalves
18:51.7 PRKitchener-Waterloo
20.11Peter Reynolds
18:55.0 PRSt Benedict
21.12Daniel Debus
18:58.2 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
22.12Chris Morgan
19:03.0 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
23.11Justin Hoang
19:05.2 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
24.10Matt Duchenes
19:09.8 SRGrand River C I
26.12Ben Yorga
19:11.6 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
27.12Adam Okeil
19:12.9 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
28.10Jesse Smith
19:16.3Bluevale Collegiate ...
29.12Emil Larsson
19:19.4 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
30.12Kyle MacFarlane
19:21.1 PRSt Benedict
31.11Brett Crowley
19:24.5 PRKitchener-Waterloo
32.11Zac Bandura
19:27.1 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
33.12Shakur Tag-el-din
19:29.4 PRSt Benedict
34.12Jeff Williams
19:32.7 PRJacob Hespeler
35.12Justin Voisin
19:34.6 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
36.11Nick Burt
19:36.7 SRForest Heights
37.11Jason Mohle
20:02.4 SRWoodland Christian
38.12Calvin Arsenault
20:04.2 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
39.10Elijah Moreau-Arnott
20:06.8 SRWoodland Christian
40.9Timoth Shuh
41.12Josh Bradshaw
20:09.6 PRGlenview Park SS
42.11Dustin Nguyen-Black
20:10.2 PRGrand River C I
43.12Nate Calder
20:17.9 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
44.12Christian Barna
20:26.2 PRKitchener-Waterloo
45.10Riley Flanagan
20:27.1 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
46.9Evan Flanagan
20:28.0St Mary's (Kitchener)
47.8Aidan Rutherford
20:29.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
48.12Filip Adamski
20:30.3 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
49.10Sam Martinello
20:32.0 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
50.11Justin Brouillette
20:34.5 PRPreston Secondary
51.11Kyle Piccolo
20:37.7 SRMonsignor Doyle
52.11Nic Bertoni
20:38.1 PRMonsignor Doyle
53.12Mark Mahony
20:39.4 PRResurrection
54.11JC Reinosa
20:47.9 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
55.12Josh Jones
20:49.8 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
56.12Alex Elliott
20:51.7 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
57.12Ben Toye
20:52.2 PRMonsignor Doyle
58.9Leonard Zhang
20:54.3Sir J. A. MacDonald
59.10Mason Austin
20:57.0 SRGlenview Park SS
60.10Jordan Arndt
21:06.5 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
61.11Stephen Lewis
21:09.2 SRWoodland Christian
62.12Wasim Rahimi
21:16.0 PREastwood
63.11Nick Porter
21:17.4 PRSt Benedict
64.10Sam Farkus
21:18.3 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
65.9Matt MacDonald
21:19.1Sir J. A. MacDonald
66.12Jake Day
21:20.0 PRWoodland Christian
67.10Lucas Wozniak
21:21.8 SRSt Benedict
68.10Jason Wozniak
21:22.0 SRSt Benedict
69.11Eddie Houghton
21:23.8 PRGalt CVI
70.11Patrick Bollenbach
21:24.1 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
71.11John Lawson
21:25.3 PRJacob Hespeler
72.12Aaron Visscher
21:27.0 PRWoodland Christian
73.12Jacob Lewis
21:36.8 PRGlenview Park SS
74.12Derek Pomery
21:37.3 PRElmira
75.12Terence Ma
21:40.7 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
76.12Dan Weber
21:42.1 PRKitchener-Waterloo
77.12Timothy Martin-Chan
21:47.5 PRCameron Heights
78.12Alex Govedarica
21:49.2 PRMonsignor Doyle
79.11Josh Osborne
21:54.5 SRCameron Heights
80.12Josh Cameron
21:56.8 PRResurrection
81.10Kadin Choi
21:58.5 SRSir J. A. MacDonald
82.11Matt McGrath
21:59.1 PRWaterloo-Oxford
83.12Robert Brouillette
22:00.4 PRPreston Secondary
84.12Adon Olley
22:04.6 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
85.11Zach Packull
22:06.8 PRPreston Secondary
86.11Tony Liu
22:07.0 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
87.12Jake Oliveira
22:09.3 PRMonsignor Doyle
88.12Kevin Sherk
22:11.8 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
89.9Madalitso Mchaina
22:14.3 SRSouthwood
90.10Baraa Elbaf
22:16.4 PRGlenview Park SS
91.11Dylan Chin-A-Loy
22:22.1 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
92.11Wesley Parsons
22:23.4 SRCameron Heights
93.11Mitch Delaplanque
22:25.2 PRForest Heights
95.12Brandon Thwaites
22:32.3 PRCameron Heights
96.10Ian McCurdy
22:39.6 SRWaterloo-Oxford
97.10Ben Taborek
22:40.6St Benedict
98.9Daniel Krause
22:42.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
99.11Mike Roy
22:43.7 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
100.10Stephen McCausland
101.12John Anderson
22:57.7 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
102.11Osahan Nosakhare
22:58.5 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
103.10Adam Clark
22:58.6Bluevale Collegiate ...
104.11Stephan Dube
22:59.1 PRKitchener-Waterloo
105.10Lucas Nosal
23:00.9 SRElmira
106.12Bretton Capindale
23:02.7 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
107.10Jake Snider
23:04.8 PRSouthwood
108.12Alex Couzens
23:05.0 PRForest Heights
109.11Ty Fries
23:07.2 PRForest Heights
110.9David McCredie
23:11.1Sir J. A. MacDonald
111.9Ibrahim Okeil
23:13.0Sir J. A. MacDonald
112.11Andy Bui
23:14.4 PRPreston Secondary
113.12Shawn Ertel
23:18.7 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
114.11David Lawson
23:19.1 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
115.10Noah Schuster
23:22.8 SRSouthwood
117.11Doug Hatton
23:24.2 SRForest Heights
118.11Stefan Gemnay
23:31.2 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
119.12Isaac Lance
23:33.6 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
120.10Jack Hayward
23:34.6 PRPreston Secondary
121.9Kyle LaRonde
122.12Mike Starr
23:35.2 PRMonsignor Doyle
123.12Cirrus Prochnicki
23:36.7 PRGrand River C I
124.11Kyle Morris
23:37.6 PRPreston Secondary
125.11Jaime Murphy
23:38.6 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
126.12Markus Lenizky
23:39.2 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
127.11Sam Driver
23:40.3 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
129.10David Yu
23:44.3 SRPreston Secondary
130.11Tyler Foster
23:47.8 PRPreston Secondary
131.11Patrick Wilkie
23:48.0 SRHuron Heights (Kitch...
132.12Connor Watson
23:54.8 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
133.10Marcus Noble
23:56.7 SRSt Benedict
134.11Yadram Sudhu
23:59.0 PREastwood
135.11Aaron Harris
24:04.7 PRSouthwood
136.9Casey Ingold
24:08.0 PRWaterloo-Oxford
137.11Aaron Latyn
24:10.3 SRForest Heights
138.11Garrett Kivell
24:23.0 PRGlenview Park SS
139.11Justin McKenzie
24:32.1 PRGlenview Park SS
140.9Jeremy Kamutzki
24:48.7Preston Secondary
141.12Spencer Pent
24:58.9 PRGlenview Park SS
142.10Cameron Adams
143.9Taylor Gagne
25:04.5St Mary's (Kitchener)
144.11Adrian Byers
25:05.0 PRPreston Secondary
145.12Patrick Chen
25:10.5 PRCameron Heights
146.10Alex Geisel
25:19.6 PRForest Heights
147.11Jake Stephens
25:21.5 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
148.11Jeremy Martz
25:31.5 PRSouthwood
149.11Alex Kiciak
25:42.7 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
150.12David Harnock
25:46.6 SRKitchener-Waterloo
151.10Alex Silver
26:02.5 PRSt Benedict
152.11Mike Achtymichuk
26:17.8 SRSouthwood
153.11Nick Fronchak
26:19.5 SRHuron Heights (Kitch...
154.11Quinn Oliver
26:20.8 PRJacob Hespeler
156.10Zack Fielding
26:41.3 SRSouthwood
157.9Jose Alba
26:52.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
158.11Stuart Lech
27:00.9 PRPreston Secondary
159.11Brady Pritchard
27:01.1 PRPreston Secondary
160.11Chris Dufton
27:03.4 PRWaterloo-Oxford
161.10Matt Walker
162.10Adam Worth-Bolton
27:16.5 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
163.10Zac Macdonald
165.10Connor McArthur
27:41.2 PRSouthwood
166.11Tyler Steeves
27:44.2 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
167.11Josh Foy
27:53.7 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
168.10Alan Vong
27:55.8 PRPreston Secondary
169.12Andrew Muir
28:07.5 SRHuron Heights (Kitch...
170.10Eric Burrell
171.11Jeff Staines
28:23.3 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
172.10Trevon Mendez
173.12Nathan Sawyer
29:08.4 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
174.12Edward Voll
29:10.7 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
175.11Sajdeep Soomal
29:13.1 PRCameron Heights
176.11Steven Johnston
29:23.0 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
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Womens Results

2,000 Meters Beginner Girls

1.9Olivia Scagnetto
7:27.0 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
2.9Rachelle Baumann
7:35.8 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
3.9Taylor Smith
7:44.5 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
4.9Teri Koetsier
7:46.0 PRWoodland Christian
5.9Allie Amaral
7:48.9 PRSt Benedict
6.9Nicole Simard
7:59.5 PRSt Benedict
7.9Hunter Rau
8:04.2 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
8.9Emma Segato
8:06.8 PRMonsignor Doyle
9.9Angela MacDonald
8:08.9 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
10.9Lauren Fleiszig
8:10.4 PRResurrection
11.9Penny Welch
8:14.1 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
12.9Bianca Teich
8:17.9 PRCameron Heights
13.9Alley Houston
8:26.4 PRSt Benedict
14.10Michelle Thompson
8:29.4 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
15.11Rachel Elka
8:36.9 PRJacob Hespeler
16.9Charlotte Kenny
8:37.7 PRResurrection
17.9Hayley French
8:39.2 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
18.9Semara Desmeules
8:40.4 PRResurrection
19.10Paige Peidl
8:44.4 PRGalt CVI
20.9Ciena Gomes
8:45.1 PRSt Benedict
21.9Felicia Corrado
8:46.7 PRResurrection
22.10Emma Thompson
8:46.8 PRCameron Heights
23.10Annie McCarron
8:47.6 PRKitchener-Waterloo
24.9Natalia Vilegas
8:48.5 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
25.9Jean Wang
8:48.6 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
26.9Maddie Donelson
8:51.9 PRResurrection
27.11Katie Gingrich
8:55.1 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
28.9Emily Weber
8:57.7 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
29.10Katherine Mazereeuw
8:58.7 PRWoodland Christian
30.9Lisa Rutherford
8:59.5 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
31.11Jenny Carrique
9:02.3 PRGrand River C I
32.11Lexi Weiss
9:06.9 PRWaterloo-Oxford
33.9Brianna Pickett
9:07.3 PRForest Heights
34.9Nina Boban
9:11.8 PRResurrection
35.9Beth Duffy
9:12.8 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
36.9Madeline Shantz
9:14.6 PRWaterloo-Oxford
37.9Kaitlyn Poth
9:14.7 PRWaterloo-Oxford
38.9Blanaid McNally
9:15.4 PRResurrection
39.9Laura Black
9:16.2 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
40.10Emma Thacker
9:17.3 PRCameron Heights
41.10Mikaela Gossmann-B...
9:39.8 PRWoodland Christian
42.10Dana Pffeifer
9:40.4 PRCameron Heights
43.12Jake Day
9:41.3 PRWoodland Christian
44.9Sam Kliewer
9:42.3 PRGalt CVI
45.12Nyla Joseph
9:43.2 PRWaterloo-Oxford
46.9Leila Forrester
9:44.8 PRSt Benedict
47.10Laura Bartlett
9:45.8 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
48.12Maxine Sobisch
9:48.5 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
49.9Emma Todd
9:49.5 PRKitchener-Waterloo
50.12Jenn Fleming
9:50.7 PRGalt CVI
51.9Rachel Di Vito
9:53.7 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
52.9Sarah Olley
9:55.6 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
53.9Tina Papazotos
9:59.5 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
54.9Courtney Porter
10:00.7 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
55.10Patricia Fondevilla
10:01.8 PRCameron Heights
56.10Stephanie Imrie
10:04.2 PRWaterloo-Oxford
57.10Victoria Selnar
10:06.5 PRCameron Heights
58.10Taylor Blackwell
10:10.4 PRWaterloo-Oxford
59.10Jordan Bacon
10:13.8 PRGalt CVI
60.10Nelly Sudri
10:14.8 PRCameron Heights
61.10Amber Pauls
10:15.2 PRWaterloo-Oxford
62.10Meredith Vizel
10:16.0 PRCameron Heights
63.9Danielle Rose
10:22.2 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
64.10Jordan Hood
10:24.8 PRGalt CVI
66.12Melissa Gauthier
10:27.7 PRGrand River C I
67.12Iqra Chaudry
10:29.7 PRSouthwood
68.9Essaa Chleilat
10:40.5 PRGlenview Park SS
69.10Victoria Xie
10:40.6 PRCameron Heights
70.9Sadie Blancke
10:56.1 PRCameron Heights
71.12Riley Clement
11:02.3 PRWaterloo-Oxford
72.9Monica Iskat
11:06.4 PRPreston Secondary
73.9Gabby Dozois
11:09.3 SRForest Heights
74.9Brooke Kroeger
11:11.6 PRPreston Secondary
75.9Taylor Gerber
11:15.7 SRWaterloo-Oxford
76.11Maxine Koehler
11:15.8 PRWaterloo-Oxford
77.10Tori Carney
11:16.1 PRCameron Heights
78.11Leah Cober
11:19.0 PRWaterloo-Oxford
79.9Sarah Fondevilla
11:20.9 PRCameron Heights
80.12Victoria Berry
11:21.7 PRGalt CVI
81.12Mariam Azhar
11:22.2 PRGalt CVI
82.9Alana Redka
11:24.6 PRPreston Secondary
83.9Emily Houat-Heng
11:32.5 PRPreston Secondary
84.10Madison Stemmler
11:33.7 PRCameron Heights
85.9Trang Thai
11:37.6 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
86.10Alex Rahman
11:44.4 PRGalt CVI
87.9Deanna Holt-Schmitt
11:45.7 PRCameron Heights
88.9Jessica Ciecwierz
11:46.5 PRResurrection
90.11Joanna Lee
11:48.7 PRGlenview Park SS
93.10Sarah Larkin
12:50.0 PRSt Benedict
94.10Karina Marques
12:51.0 PRSt Benedict
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3,000 Meters Experienced Girls

1.11Marina Drygala
16:21.4 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
2.10Jordyn Visscher
16:53.3Woodland Christian
3.12Meaghan Mechler
17:24.4 PRElmira
4.11Victoria Jones
17:27.4 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
5.11Nicole McMullen-Cook
18:06.7 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
6.10Julia Wittmann
18:12.2St Benedict
7.11Sam Ireland
18:13.2 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
8.11Danielle Gunsch
18:16.4 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
9.12Tara Eby
18:24.5 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
11.10Sarah Reed
12.9Alex Hildebrand
13.11Paige Nosal
18:33.4 PRElmira
14.9Julia Hildebrand
15.11Ainsley Nantes
18:44.1 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
16.9Jacqui Tutssel
18:49.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
17.11Tanisha Scott
18:51.7 SRForest Heights
18.10Lindsay Francescan...
18:55.0St Benedict
19.11Kimberlee Pearl
18:58.2 PRSt Benedict
20.10Breanne Lyons
19:03.0Glenview Park SS
21.12Victoria Webster
19:05.2 SRSouthwood
22.12Sarah Buisman
19:09.8 PRWoodland Christian
23.10Kassia Kooy
19:10.7Woodland Christian
24.10Amelia Marfisi
19:11.6Woodland Christian
25.9Hayley Dick
27.10Mika Ohtsuka
19:19.4Sir J. A. MacDonald
28.10Brooke Lidstone
19:21.1 SRPreston Secondary
29.12Alley Newman
19:24.5 PRForest Heights
31.10Heather Bertram
32.9Katie Sieling
19:32.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
33.10Shannon Rotteveel
34.11Whitley Wolfe
19:36.7 PREastwood
35.12Abbie McLellan
20:02.4 SRCameron Heights
36.12Porsha Prochnicki
20:04.2 PRGrand River C I
37.11Alexa James
20:06.8 SRGalt CVI
38.11Grace Thomas
20:07.4 PRMonsignor Doyle
39.11Justise Ernst-Finnie
20:09.6 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
40.10Heidi Ruetz
41.10Bailey Sprout
42.10Hannah Sandrock
43.10Riley Howit
20:27.1 PRResurrection
44.10Emma Schroeder
20:28.0 SRSouthwood
45.10Rachel Miller
20:29.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
46.12Laura Kennedy
20:30.3 PRKitchener-Waterloo
47.10Angie Govier
48.11Lauren Bruns
20:34.5 PRPreston Secondary
49.11Heather Johnston
20:37.7 SRJacob Hespeler
50.11Barnhild Wurzbacher
20:38.1 SRWaterloo-Oxford
51.12Sara Martin
20:39.4 PRKitchener-Waterloo
52.10Sophie Strobel
20:47.9Preston Secondary
53.10Katie Fisher
20:49.8Sir J. A. MacDonald
54.10Keyla Deweerdt
55.11Jamie Monteiro
20:52.2 PRMonsignor Doyle
56.12Ashton Irwin
20:54.3 PRSt Benedict
57.11Hope Salese
20:57.0 SRWaterloo-Oxford
58.11Jackie Hart
21:06.5 SRMonsignor Doyle
59.11Meredith Cannon
21:09.2 PRMonsignor Doyle
60.11Emily Feeney
21:16.0 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
61.11Raquel Cadilha
21:17.4 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
62.10Jennifer Deighan-S...
21:18.3 PRSt Benedict
63.11Dana Baranovsky
21:19.1 SRSir J. A. MacDonald
64.11Katie Woodstock
21:20.0 SRSir J. A. MacDonald
65.12Megan Beretta
21:21.8 PRPreston Secondary
66.12Julie Robinson
21:22.0 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
67.12Ashley Driedger
21:23.8 PRElmira
68.12Andrea Popescu
21:24.1 PRCameron Heights
69.10Kelsey Hillier
21:25.3 SRForest Heights
70.12Mehgan Zonneveld
21:27.0 PRForest Heights
71.12Meghan Quantz
21:36.8 PRKitchener-Waterloo
72.10Taleesha Thorogood
21:37.3Preston Secondary
73.10Holly Kane
21:40.7St Benedict
74.11Mimi Gany
21:42.1 PREastwood
75.11Laura Lambert
21:47.5 SRGalt CVI
76.9Lauren Duffy
21:49.2St Benedict
77.11Ashley Rovert
21:54.5 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
78.12Emma Nussli
21:56.8 PRPreston Secondary
79.11Ainsley Laing
21:58.5 SRGalt CVI
80.11Melissa Tran
21:59.1 PRPreston Secondary
81.12Katherine Gingrich
22:00.4 PRPreston Secondary
82.12Heather Litster
22:04.6 PRSouthwood
83.9Agata Kulczynska
22:06.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
84.10Carrissa Gagne
22:07.0 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
85.10Aura Negulescu
22:09.3 SRSir J. A. MacDonald
86.10Nakole Brown
22:11.8 SRKitchener-Waterloo
87.9Tanya Gatsak
22:14.3Sir J. A. MacDonald
88.11Jasmine Lee
22:16.4 PRPreston Secondary
89.11Emma Campbell
22:22.1 SRSir J. A. MacDonald
90.10Megan Elias
91.12Taylor Watson
22:25.2 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
92.11Sara Bogusat
22:32.3 SRHuron Heights (Kitch...
93.11Hayley Press
22:39.6 SRForest Heights
94.11Kayla Vanderkruk
22:40.6 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
95.10Lucy Balthazard
22:42.7Preston Secondary
96.11Katie Seifried
22:43.7 PRForest Heights
97.12Sarah Yepez
22:54.3 PRForest Heights
98.12Caitlin Henry
22:57.7 PRForest Heights
99.12Meghan Bourke
22:58.5 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
100.11Melissa Whigham
22:58.6 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
101.11Sarah Penwarden
22:59.1 SRGalt CVI
102.11Jules Pena
23:00.9 SRPreston Secondary
103.10Katelyn Tilma
23:02.7Preston Secondary
104.12Nikki Ross
23:04.8 PRCameron Heights
106.12Kaitlyn Sommerville
23:07.2 PRWaterloo-Oxford
107.11Alison Carli
23:11.1 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
108.12Frances Hehl
23:13.0 PRKitchener-Waterloo
109.12Kaira Jakobsh
23:14.4 PRKitchener-Waterloo
110.11Emily Tyhurst
23:18.7 PREastwood
111.10Georgie Gagnon
23:19.1 PRPreston Secondary
112.10Lea Lapouge
23:22.8Preston Secondary
113.11Joanna Worthington
23:24.2 PREastwood
114.11Julie Houghton
23:31.2 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
115.12Sammy Crowley
23:33.6 PRKitchener-Waterloo
117.11Sarah Roden
23:34.7 PRPreston Secondary
118.11Natalie Sundin
23:35.2 PRBluevale Collegiate ...
119.12Hannah Zimmer
23:36.7 PRKitchener-Waterloo
120.11Sarah Werbowecki
23:37.6 PRForest Heights
121.11Erika Geoffrey
23:38.6 PRForest Heights
122.11Stephanie Settle
23:39.2 PREastwood
123.11Rachel Roberts
23:40.3 PRForest Heights
124.11Madi Bester
23:41.1 SRForest Heights
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