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Mens Races

Walnut Grove

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
Womens Races

Walnut Grove

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

25.11Tobias Harter
18:58Millard South
26.9Ben Wellwood
18:58Millard South
35.11Josh Ramsey
19:13.8Bellevue West
11Chris Meyers
19:23Millard South
43.10Daniel Krueger
19:25Millard South
51.12Henry Timmins
19:32Bellevue East
48.11Logan Falt
19:32.1Bellevue West
58.10Daniel Moses
19:44.0Bellevue West
62.11Dustin Dawson
19:45Bellevue East
10Micah Welsch
19:50Millard South
65.9Ryan Hanrahan
19:50Millard South
9Daniel Shriver
19:52Millard South
91.9Joe Longhini
20:27.7Bellevue West
93.11Roosevelt Boyland
20:28Bellevue East
94.12J.J. Ybay
20:30.1Bellevue West
100.12Jake Boro
20:40.6Bellevue West
101.9Alex Burklow
20:40.9Bellevue West
9Ben Richling
20:50Millard South
109.12William Cornish
20:51.6Bellevue West
111.12Collin Sams
20:54Bellevue East
10Chris Contreras
21:01Millard South
9Chase Zacharias
21:02Millard South
132.12Dakota Oehm
21:14Bellevue East
138.12Nathan Hansen
21:25 SRBellevue East
146.11Brad Joyal
21:35Bellevue East
9Aaron Murray
21:43Omaha Westside
151.11Connor Anderson
21:43Bellevue East
158.10Brandon Maxwell
22:00Bellevue East
160.10Kaleb Bateman
22:03.0Bellevue West
166.11Weston Secrist
22:08Bellevue East
170.10Austin Schwart
22:20Bellevue East
9Sam Jensen
22:23Omaha Westside
175.11Sam Ervin
22:26Bellevue East
9Connor Menard
22:36Millard South
179.11Jett Baker
22:36.4Bellevue West
180.10Jose Garcia
22:36.9Bellevue West
10Joe Hack
22:37Omaha Westside
11Christian Piquette
22:41Omaha Westside
192.9Danny Boro
22:45.5Bellevue West
11Connor Hackbart
22:48Millard South
9Justas Balsys
22:48Omaha Westside
194.10Eli West
22:48Bellevue East
10Eric Jensen
23:02Omaha Westside
10Bobby Micheels
23:09 SROmaha Westside
10Russ Riley
23:09Omaha Westside
11Ray Deloa
23:10Millard South
10Danny Weber
23:18Millard South
221.10Cole Burmeister
23:28.8Bellevue West
11Nathan Hoggatt
23:29Millard South
10Matt Bailey
23:35Millard South
10Alex Preston
23:41 SRMillard South
236.10Jacob Grabowski
23:41.6Bellevue West
11Jacob Curtis
23:47Omaha Westside
10David Bone
23:49Omaha Westside
245.10Erik Ingram
23:52Bellevue East
10William Boyd
23:55 SROmaha Westside
9Ahman Williams
23:59Millard South
250.12Alex Langenfeld
23:59.8 PRBellevue West
9Jonathan Santoya
24:09Omaha Westside
10Brogan Bishop
24:24 SROmaha Westside
266.10Kyle Camplin
24:54 PRBellevue East
11Grant Carrig
24:57Omaha Westside
11Joe Coldanghise
25:12Omaha Westside
10Aaron Boyle
25:19Omaha Westside
285.10Taylor Yellow Eyes
25:34.8Bellevue West
287.9Juan Garcia
25:52.0Bellevue West
9Dallas Busch
26:43Millard South
286.11Justin Knapp
26:48 PRBellevue East
297.10David Todd
27:04.4Bellevue West
9Nick Castan
27:15Omaha Westside
9Clayton Worthington
27:20Omaha Westside
303.10Max Lydiatt
27:25.2Bellevue West
306.10Coy Glidewell
27:28.3Bellevue West
10Zach Elkins
27:41 SRMillard South
9Liam O'Riordan
27:41Omaha Westside
10Matthew Bacon
27:43Omaha Westside
314.9Jared Graff
28:12.4Bellevue West
9Louie Wilson
29:46Omaha Westside
10Bryce Winkler
30:35Omaha Westside
10Max McClelland
30:39Omaha Westside
324.9Reno Baker
31:11.2Bellevue West
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5,000 Meters Varsity

9.12Robert Bestenlehner
17:02Millard South
11.12Nick Simmonds
17:05Millard South
15.12Jared Beyersdorf
17:15.6 PRBellevue West
21.11Tony McDill
17:26.0Bellevue West
28.12Randy Jacobsen
17:41Millard South
29.12Dave Prchal
17:42Millard South
33.12Nate Kanellis
17:47Millard South
34.12James Olson
17:48Millard South
37.9Conner Beyersdorf
17:51.8Bellevue West
44.9Nick Falcon
17:56.9Bellevue West
50.10Andrew McVea
18:06Omaha Westside
10Nathan Meiners
18:21Millard South
65.11Tyler Abbott
18:31.88Bellevue East
66.10Cory Russell
18:34.5 SRBellevue West
67.10Derryk Stiner
18:39.0Bellevue West
74.11Sam Cubrich
19:15Omaha Westside
77.11Zach Silva
19:30.2Bellevue West
79.11Sam Lee
20:30Omaha Westside
80.11Max Lawlor
20:34Omaha Westside
81.12Nick Schroeder
20:34Omaha Westside
82.9Nate Selby
20:37Omaha Westside
83.10Jehong Ahn
20:39Omaha Westside
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

4.12Jessica Wright
20:11.3Bellevue West
6.12Ashley Kildow
20:23 PRMillard South
18.12Kristen Schubert
20:59 PRPapillion-La Vista
26.12Destiney Burt
21:19 PRPapillion-La Vista
11Sophie Cemaj
21:22.07 SROmaha Westside
35.11Jackie Mezick
21:28.15 PRBellevue East
11Madeline McCann
21:33.53 PROmaha Westside
41.11Molly Kingsley
21:34.99 PRBellevue East
44.12K.C. Ramsell
21:45.41 PRBellevue East
10Molly Novoa
21:46.64 SROmaha Westside
46.9Madison Braun
21:49.1 PRBellevue West
49.10Karolyn Cahill
21:55 PRPapillion-La Vista
50.12Teddi Serna
21:55.49 PRBellevue East
12Erin Handke
21:56 PRMillard South
53.12Kaitlyn Klein
22:00.5 PRBellevue West
11Kaitlin Kueny
22:07.54 PROmaha Westside
57.11Molly Sutter
22:10 PRPapillion-La Vista
12Rebecca Cover
22:14 PRMillard South
60.10Sarah Doolan
22:23.89 PRBellevue East
10Kylie Comba
22:47 PRMillard South
10Sara Braun
22:47.09 PROmaha Westside
11Andrea Kordik
22:47.34 SROmaha Westside
70.11Sarah Kohl
22:48.8 PRBellevue West
12Emily Lander
22:50 PRMillard South
74.11Amanda Gangwish
22:53.4 PRBellevue West
75.12Brianna Hessler
22:54.3 PRBellevue West
75.10Sydney McCaw
23:06.50 SRBellevue East
78.12Aubrey Birkel
23:09 PRPapillion-La Vista
11Marissa Eltiste
23:13 PROmaha Westside
80.11Jamie Heatley
23:17.9 SRBellevue West
11Lauren Krska
23:18 PRMillard South
11Jessica Teaford
23:24 PRMillard South
84.11Ally Pilmaier
23:46.43 PRBellevue East
85.9Shelby Barrett
23:47 SRPapillion-La Vista
86.10Alex Nelson
24:30 PRPapillion-La Vista
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

11Lindsey Block
23:12 SROmaha Westside
12Taylor Menolascino
23:14 PROmaha Westside
12Paige Menolascino
23:15 PROmaha Westside
10Claire Cunningham
24:15 SROmaha Westside
9Catherine Thull
24:15 SROmaha Westside
60.11Elise Holdaway
24:53 PRBellevue East
77.12Erandi Herndon
25:14 PRPapillion-La Vista
80.12Viviane Dubacher
25:19 PRBellevue East
112.12Emily Nitcher
25:27 PRPapillion-La Vista
83.12Sarah Norman
25:29.2 PRBellevue West
88.10Maria Hunter
25:42.0 PRBellevue West
108.10Emily Camacho
26:1 PRBellevue East
11Sally Hellbusch
26:26 PROmaha Westside
9Margo Wilwerding
26:33 SROmaha Westside
9Maddy Witte
27:12 SROmaha Westside
11Stephanie Hansen
27:19 PROmaha Westside
12Julie Dworak
27:22 PROmaha Westside
9Abby Innis
27:54 SROmaha Westside
10Caroline Cimino
28:14 SROmaha Westside
173.10Karah Ronan
28:18 PRBellevue East
175.10Brittney Younk
28:25 PRBellevue East
12Kate Kutilek
28:33 PROmaha Westside
184.10Andrea Meisnheimer
28:58 PRBellevue East
10Natasha Stickel
29:53 PROmaha Westside
221.11Jayme Timmermans
30:30 PRBellevue East
215.9Maddie Langenfeld
30:33.4 SRBellevue West
10Sonia Schrager
30:37 PROmaha Westside
10Natalee Nelson
31:09 PROmaha Westside
9Annabelle Abisset
32:41 SROmaha Westside
12Morgan Lenigan
32:41.5 PROmaha Westside
239.11Sarah Martin
33:30.4 PRBellevue West
96.9Jessie Melcher
Papillion-La Vista
123.11Katie Maire
Papillion-La Vista
135.11Marisa Maldonado
Papillion-La Vista
154.12Molly Seeger
Papillion-La Vista
166.11Michelle Delomba
Papillion-La Vista
180.12Nicole Baranko
Papillion-La Vista
181.12Sarah Lechtenberg
Papillion-La Vista
209.9Alia Sedlacek
Papillion-La Vista
219.12Theresa White
Papillion-La Vista
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