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Mens Races

Mt Adams Country Club

2.8 Mile Varsity
2.8 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Mt Adams Country Club

2.8 Mile Varsity
2.8 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.8 Mile Varsity

11Herschel Sanchey
16:36 PRKlickitatFast course! Perfect w
12Nicholas Peters
17:11 SRToppenish
10Jose Mendez
17:34 PRGrandview
9Jordan Sanchez
17:51 PRGrandview
12Caleb Reynolds
18:13 PRRiverside Christian
11Adan Martinez
18:16 SRToppenish
12Carlos Landeros
18:24 PRWarden
9Junior Hernandez
18:34 SRBickleton
12Blake Bergener
18:36 PRZillah
12Jefferson Stancliffe
18:37 SRToppenish
-Bernardo Villanueva
18:38 PRToppenish
11Marty Gardinier
18:39 PRWarden
11Dustin Richman
18:42 PRProsser
10Luke Miller
18:45 PRRiverside Christian
12Johnny Gonzalez
18:50 SRToppenish
9Christopher Farley
18:51 SRToppenish
11Javier Galindo
18:53 PRZillah
11Chris Scott
18:57 PRProsser
11Kelly Kobes
19:04 PRToppenish
9Wayne Minthorn
19:15 PRWapato
10Daniel Estrada
19:23 PRZillah
11Peter Miliczky
19:23 PRZillah
9Sean Ekstrand
19:48 PRZillah
10Cody Dunbar
19:52 PRZillah
10Guadalupe Landeros
20:10 PRWarden
9Koty Kollmar
20:12 PRGrandview
11Nick Hanlon
20:21 PRProsser
9Johnny Barnes
20:48 PRZillah
10Patrick Maeder
20:53 PRBickleton
10Jose Martinez
21:04 PRKlickitatBig PR improvement
-Tommy Contreras
21:09 PRProsser
11Jason Weinbender
21:10 PRProsser
9Micky Moore
21:14 PRGrandview
10Spencer Blanshan
21:53 PRGrandview
-Tyler Scott
22:05 PRProsser
9AJ Vegar
22:07 PRProsser
9Adrian George
22:16 PRYakama Nation Tribal
12Orion Yoesle
22:50 PRBickleton
-Renato Barajas
22:58 PRWarden
-Johathan Burkholder
23:16 PRWarden
11Caleb Bos
23:44 PRRiverside Christian
9Bradley Hopp
24:04 PRRiverside Christian
9Fernando Capetillo
24:07 PRWarden
-Fabian Byle
24:48 PRYakama Nation Tribal
11James Rasumssen
24:53 PRBickleton
-Daniel Ike
24:58 PRYakama Nation Tribal
-Anthony Byle
25:58 PRYakama Nation Tribal
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2.8 Mile Junior Varsity

9Ian Frank
19:30 SRToppenish
9Seaver Peters
19:43 SRToppenish
10Ammon Stancliffe
19:48 PRToppenish
9Brendan Shearer
19:58 PRZillah
11Mario Peters
20:13 PRToppenish
9Jr Kang
20:29 PRToppenish
11Titus Bowen
20:31 PRProsser
11Gilbert Godinez
20:57 PRToppenish
9Tyrell French
21:03 PRToppenish
12Michael Rodriguez
21:04 PRToppenish
12Evan Sainsbury
21:05 PRZillah
9Daylen Isaac
21:27 PRZillah
10Austin Rodriguez
22:04 PRZillah
-Noah Bowen
22:21 PRProsser
9Ian Williams
23:04 PRZillah
-David Broussard
23:19 PRProsser
11Perry Clark
23:35 PRZillah
11Aaron Bratan
23:36 PRToppenish
-Brian Kenny
24:20 PRProsser
-Colton Zocher
24:21 PRProsser
10Ivan Barbosa
24:46 PRProsser
9Kippy Brown
24:53 PRProsser
9Daniel Hulse
25:09 PRProsser
-Troy Phillips
25:19 PRProsser
-Steffen Studdard
27:17 PRProsser
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