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5,000 Meters Varsity
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4,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

14.10Jordon White
19:28.0Papillion-La Vista S...Medalist
15.10Daniel Forsyth
19:31.0Papillion-La Vista S...Medalist
25.12Tom Filbey
19:59.0Papillion-La Vista S...
29.11Pat English
20:07.4Papillion-La Vista S...
34.11Nate Klein
20:12.8Papillion-La Vista S...
40.12Nick Bakke
20:27.8Papillion-La Vista S...
42.10Josh Conrad
20:28.4Papillion-La Vista S...
41.10Nathan Nordbrock
20:29.2 SRPapillion-La Vista S...
54.10Kevin Martin
20:36.8Papillion-La Vista S...
46.12Nick Kramer
20:36.9Papillion-La Vista S...
50.12Peter Cosimi
20:39.7Papillion-La Vista S...
53.10Manuel Maya
20:53.50Omaha Benson
63.12Erin Renken
21:12.8Papillion-La Vista S...
66.11Nelson Tombe
21:16.8Papillion-La Vista S...
68.10Alex Campbell
21:21.2Papillion-La Vista S...
12Dakota Oehm
21:24Bellevue East
70.10Alex Sobczyk
21:26.30Omaha Benson
10Austin Schwart
21:29Bellevue East
76.9Will Jones
21:31.7Papillion-La Vista S...
79.9Dylan Cook
21:37.9Papillion-La Vista S...
81.9Brady Caverzagie
21:42.5Papillion-La Vista S...
82.10Aaron Anderson
21:42.9Papillion-La Vista S...
10Brandon Maxwell
21:57Bellevue East
11Brad Joyal
22:05Bellevue East
11Weston Secrist
22:07Bellevue East
91.9Kasey Reeves
22:08.3Papillion-La Vista S...
11Connor Anderson
22:09Bellevue East
95.10Cameron Hoock
22:14.40Omaha Benson
96.11Durrell Anderson
22:14.70Omaha Benson
94.11David Forbush
22:14.8Papillion-La Vista S...
10Eli West
22:21Bellevue East
98.12Victor Williams
22:23.40Omaha Benson
12Nathan Hansen
22:24Bellevue East
100.10Thomas Tevebaugh
22:29.0Papillion-La Vista S...
102.11Kortney Kaluza
22:31.4Papillion-La Vista S...
109.10Eduardo Cabrales
22:42.60Omaha Benson
114.12Jake Lee
22:56.4Papillion-La Vista S...
-Justin Devereaux
23:00Bellevue East
118.9Daryl Zavala
23:07.30Omaha Benson
121.10Luke Brown
23:11.9Papillion-La Vista S...
131.12James Gwaltney
24:04.8Papillion-La Vista S...
135.-Tim Wylde Unk
24:22.20Omaha Benson
137.11Connor MacNabb
24:38.9Papillion-La Vista S...
143.9Nick Newell
25:22.1Papillion-La Vista S...
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5,000 Meters Varsity

4.12Spencer Granville
17:25.6Papillion-La Vista S...Medalist
11Mach Dojiok
17:31.80Omaha Benson
10.11Brian Dunic
17:46.9Papillion-La Vista S...Medalist
16.12Justin Perkins
18:03.1Papillion-La Vista S...
38.10Titus Lehman
19:00.1Papillion-La Vista S...
42.10Luke Harnisch
19:12.6Papillion-La Vista S...
46.12Nathan Feldmann
19:26.4Papillion-La Vista S...
61.11Nick Ramm
20:47.30Omaha Benson
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Jordan Bledsoe
17:32Papillion-La Vista S...
2.12Taylor Chapman
17:34Papillion-La Vista S...
9.10Rachel Bramhall
18:23Papillion-La Vista S...
10.12Emily Bindl
18:37Papillion-La Vista S...
12.9Dylan Zinszer
18:38Papillion-La Vista S...
16.9Alison Kleffner
18:50Papillion-La Vista S...
11Elise Holdaway
19:50Bellevue East
11Shawn Farley
20:17Bellevue East
41.11Megan Roberts
20:28Papillion-La Vista S...
47.10Claire Houser
20:37Papillion-La Vista S...
50.11Kristen Manker
20:42Papillion-La Vista S...
51.11Mary Foshee
20:43Papillion-La Vista S...
52.12Kelsey Brundieck
20:46Papillion-La Vista S...
54.12Charity Mondi
20:49Papillion-La Vista S...
56.10Molly Undersander
20:50Papillion-La Vista S...
59.9Rachel Dashiell
20:53Papillion-La Vista S...
10Emily Camocho
21:10Bellevue East
76.10Lori Talty
22:00Papillion-La Vista S...
82.11Elizabeth Thon
22:30Papillion-La Vista S...
83.11Courtney Marsh
22:37Papillion-La Vista S...
89.10Rachel Stack
23:37Papillion-La Vista S...
91.12Amber Holm
23:43Omaha Benson
95.11Erin Huskey
27:55Papillion-La Vista S...
12Thanyakit Hassamon
31:00 PRBellevue East
10Andrea Meisenhamer
Bellevue EastDNR
12Viviane Dubacher
Bellevue EastDNR
10Karah Ronan
Bellevue EastDNR
10Brittney Younk
Bellevue EastDNR
11Jayme Timmermans
Bellevue EastDNR
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4,000 Meters Varsity

4.11Gabi Jenkins
16:07Papillion-La Vista S...
5.12MiKayla Peck
16:14Papillion-La Vista S...
6.9Elizabeth Naber
16:16Papillion-La Vista S...
8.11Sydney Gress
16:28Papillion-La Vista S...
9.10Caitlin Lewis
16:32Papillion-La Vista S...
19.11Haden Mikesell
16:56Papillion-La Vista S...
12K.C. Ramsell
17:18Bellevue East
11Molly Kingsley
17:41Bellevue East
12Teddi Serna
17:46Bellevue East
35.10Lizzy Stanton
17:57Papillion-La Vista S...
11Jackie Mezick
18:12Bellevue East
11Ally Pilmaier
18:18Bellevue East
10Sarah Doolan
18:37Bellevue East
10Sydney McCaw
19:31Bellevue East
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