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St. Martin's University

8,000 Meters Men11:15 AM
Womens Races
6,000 Meters Women10:30 AM

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Rank Team     Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7 *8 *9
1 Western Washington Univer 31    3  5  6  8  9 15 22
    Total Time: 2:15:50.00
       Average: 27:10.00
2 Saint Martins             63    1  2 12 18 30 39 48
    Total Time: 2:18:01.00
       Average: 27:36.20
3 Pacific Lutheran Universi 85   10 13 16 20 26 32 33
    Total Time: 2:21:13.00
       Average: 28:14.60
4 Clark Community College   97   11 14 23 24 25 36 54
    Total Time: 2:22:15.00
       Average: 28:27.00
5 Green River Community Col 114   4 19 28 29 34 40 44
    Total Time: 2:23:44.00
       Average: 28:44.80
6 Seattle Pacific Universit 158  17 31 35 37 38 46
    Total Time: 2:28:30.00
       Average: 29:42.00
6 Olympic College           158   7 21 41 42 47 49 52
    Total Time: 2:30:02.00
       Average: 30:00.40
8 The Evergreen State Colle 216   27 43 45 50 51 53
    Total Time: 2:40:47.00
       Average: 32:09.40

St Martins alumni and unattached not included
1    Riak    John       St Martins Alumni    26:07
3    Price    Josiah    St Martins Alumni    26:09
13   Prentice, Andrew   St Martins Alumni    27:33
33   Dickson, Craig     St Martins Alumni    28:44
Rank Team     Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7 *8 *9
1 Western Washington Univer   29    1  4  7  8  9 10 11
    Total Time: 1:56:58.00
       Average: 23:23.60
2 Clark Community College     60    3  5 15 17 20 42
    Total Time: 2:01:36.00
       Average: 24:19.20
3 Saint Martins               76    2  6 18 22 28 30 32
    Total Time: 2:03:24.00
       Average: 24:40.80
4 Pacific Lutheran Universi   89   12 14 19 21 23 24 31
    Total Time: 2:04:17.00
       Average: 24:51.40
5 Seattle Pacific Universit  123   16 25 26 27 29 33 36
    Total Time: 2:08:29.00
       Average: 25:41.80
6 The Evergreen State Colle  170   13 34 35 43 45 46
    Total Time: 2:24:52.00
       Average: 28:58.40

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

1.John Riak
2.JrKyle Van Santen
26:08St Martin's
3.Josiah Price
4.JrSpencer Hunt
26:16St Martin's
5.FrChip Jackson
27:01Western Washington
6.FrJoe Berger
27:05Green River
7.SoKyle Johnson
27:07Western Washington
8.FrTanner Boyd
27:08Western Washington
9.FrJeremy Delicino
27:15Olympic College
10.JrNick Abraham
27:16Western Washington
11.FrGraham Armstrong
27:18Western Washington
12.FrAlan DenAdel
27:20Pacific Lutheran
13.Andrew Prentice
14.Dylan Hopper
15.FrNathan Perry
16.SrNick Harvey
27:58St Martin's
17.JrJohn Phillips
28:00Pacific Lutheran
18.SoAbdul Kamara
28:04 PRClark
19.Tabor Reedy
20.FrDylan Peterson
28:12Western Washington
21.JrSean Andrascik
28:17Pacific Lutheran
22.Joshua Reiter
23.William Jones
24.JrNathaniel Sleight
28:25Seattle Pacific
25.SoJoseph Patti
28:26St Martin's
26.FrMatthew Carrell
28:28Green River
27.SoNathaniel Allen-Sl...
28:29Pacific Lutheran
28.FrAndrew Crain
28:33Olympic College
29.FrOtto Schmidt
28:34Western Washington
30.JrDerek Slaughter
28:36Western Washington
31.FrCameron Falkner
32.Kevin LeMond
33.Craig Dickson
34.SoJared O'Brien
35.FrWalker Riley
36.JrJeremy Anderson
28:55Western Washington
37.SoKolter Grigsby
29:07Pacific Lutheran
38.FrDustin Miller
29:07Evergreen State
39.FrTaylor Hughes
29:08Green River
40.SoJacob Fullen
29:12Green River
41.Trevor Robinson
42.SoScott Bauer
29:13St Martin's
43.Noah Caffrey
44.FrTaylor Hanson
29:19Western Washington
45.Nick Howe
46.Beau Wales
47.SoNathan Seeley
29:31Seattle Pacific
48.Braden Timpe
49.JrBarrett Bollen
29:34Pacific Lutheran
50.SoAndy Randles
29:36 PRWestern Washington
51.JrAlex Martin
29:37Pacific Lutheran
52.JrTravis Peters
29:44Western Washington
53.FrJonathan Geman
29:51Green River
54.SrJordan Lance
29:59Seattle Pacific
55.FrChris Magana
57.JrDuane Stewart
30:10 PRWestern Washington
58.FrKyle Smith
30:14Pacific Lutheran
59.FrAndrew Rae
30:17 PRSeattle Pacific
60.FrStephen York
30:18Seattle Pacific
61.FrDevon DeMoss
30:22St Martin's
62.FrJunior Choun
30:29Green River
63.FrAndrew Crock
30:31Olympic College
64.Jon Phillips
65.Dylan Sweeney
66.SoMatthew Beal
30:48Pacific Lutheran
67.FrJosh Caldwell
30:51Olympic College
68.FrEric Herde
31:07Pacific Lutheran
69.SrTyler Luce
31:28Evergreen State
70.FrTrevor Moore
31:45Green River
71.FrNicholas Steele
32:02Pacific Lutheran
72.SrDarin Martin
32:12Evergreen State
73.FrMatt Edel
32:29Seattle Pacific
74.Brandon Cole
75.FrBrenden Schruhl
32:52Olympic College
76.SoJacob Suazo
33:11St Martin's
77.FrNick Tamm
33:33Olympic College
78.JrClint Posey
33:34Evergreen State
79.FrAJ Hendricks
34:02St Martin's
80.FrEdward McDugald
34:26Evergreen State
81.FrBoden Vanderloop
35:18Olympic College
82.FrZephyr Forest
37:11Evergreen State
83.FrJacob Smith
56.-Phil Jasperson
AlumniSt Martin's
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women

1.SrSarah Porter
21:37Western Washington
2.Linda Huyck
3.SrAnnie Laweryson
23:29St Martin's
4.FrHolly Meler
5.SrJessica Boyer
23:41Western Washington
6.FrBriel Thoune
7.JrJoscelyn Minton
23:50St Martin's
8.JrRachael Johnson
23:52Western Washington
9.SoLacey Nation
23:53Western Washington
10.FrHaida Ikeda
23:55Western Washington
11.SoMary Rogers
23:59Western Washington
12.JrPhoebe Hartnett
24:03Western Washington
13.SoKristi Fairbanks
24:09 SRWestern Washington
14.SrMcKinley Williams
24:11 SRWestern Washington
15.SoSuzy Olsen
24:16Pacific Lutheran
16.JrKarissa Carlson
24:16Evergreen State
17.JrSierra Brisky
24:27Western Washington
18.SoKatherine Gebert
24:30Pacific Lutheran
19.FrTamara Kulla
20.SoKrysta Carrick
24:34Seattle Pacific
21.SrCheri Watson
24:38Western Washington
22.FrArielle Walton
24:41Western Washington
23.FrKatarina Mueller
24.FrShelbey Leimbach
24:51Green River
25.JrKaitlynn Pecha
24:52St Martin's
26.FrErinn Kuest
24:54Pacific Lutheran
27.FrShelby Beaudoin
28.JrErica Johnson
25:11Pacific Lutheran
29.FrDiana Evans
25:14Green River
30.FrErika Copeland-Crock
25:16St Martin's
31.JrKendra Hedges
25:22Western Washington
32.FrMiranda Lahman
25:23 SRWestern Washington
33.FrAllison Young
25:26Pacific Lutheran
34.Margaret Hanscomb
35.JrJillian Kuschel
25:41Pacific Lutheran
36.SoMaria Ujifusa
25:43Western Washington
37.SoGaby Krevat
25:47 SRWestern Washington
38.SoKelsey Brown
25:53Seattle Pacific
39.SoLaura Moser
25:53Seattle Pacific
40.JrJosephine Becker
25:56Seattle Pacific
41.FrDanika Lawson
25:57St Martin's
42.FrNavi Kaur
25:58 PRGreen River
43.JrKendra Miller
26:00 SRWestern Washington
44.FrErin Philbeck
26:10Western Washington
45.JrKayla Wilkins
26:13Seattle Pacific
46.SoAshley Llapitan
26:19St Martin's
47.FrAlyssa Rowland
26:19Pacific Lutheran
48.SrKarissa Owen
26:27St Martin's
49.Alisha Gipe
50.SrJennifer Pike
26:51 PRSeattle Pacific
51.FrA Chittenden
26:55Evergreen State
52.SoChiara Rose-Witt
27:06 SRPacific Lutheran
53.JrRebekah Blakney
27:21Pacific Lutheran
54.SrCandace Attwood
27:35Pacific Lutheran
55.JrBritta Peterson
27:42Evergreen State
56.SoNatalie Bollen
27:45 SRPacific Lutheran
57.SoSarah McDade
28:02Pacific Lutheran
58.SoCarelia Agis
28:12St Martin's
59.SoKaitlin Reese
28:18Pacific Lutheran
60.JrLisette Peterson
28:26Seattle Pacific
61.SoAthena Alvarez
28:27 PRSeattle Pacific
62.FrRachel Feiring
28:27Olympic College
63.FrAngela Hanners
28:52 PROlympic College
64.FrJessica Duckworth
29:02Olympic College
65.FrHannah George
29:14Western Washington
66.FrCaitlin Fewins
29:21St Martin's
67.SoBrittany Siegrist
29:43Olympic College
68.FrTaylor Person
30:12Olympic College
69.FrKaylynn Smith
70.FrShelby Fobert
30:34Pacific Lutheran
71.FrJorgina Moore
31:15Pacific Lutheran
72.JrDolores Quichocho
31:16Pacific Lutheran
73.SrJamie Willis
31:19Evergreen State
74.FrBrianna Wells
32:18Olympic College
75.FrAshley Woods
32:46 SRGreen River
76.JrEvelyn Coleman
34:40Evergreen State
77.FrAlexis Howell
36:08 PREvergreen State
78.FrJennifer Burrell
37:19Olympic College
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