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Mens Races
2,500 Meters Middle School3:50 PM

Indian Springs

5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
2,500 Meters Middle School3:30 PM

Indian Springs

5,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM

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Mens Results

2,500 Meters Middle School

4.8Josh Bowman
10:25Soda Springs
6.7Wyatt Smith
10:53Soda Springs
12.7Joshua Balls
11:16Soda Springs
13.7Garet Cunningham
11:20Soda Springs
15.7Cameron Walker
11:24Soda Springs
27.7Dima Kimball
12:14Soda Springs
28.-Will Kress
12:16Soda Springs
30.6Kase Griffiths
12:33Soda Springs
31.-Stephen Medina
12:34Soda Springs
32.7Hyrum Brown
12:39Soda Springs
40.7Kaden Brown
13:06Soda Springs
48.6Chris Walker
14:11Soda Springs
64.6Dallin Seyfried
19:59Soda Springs
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Jacob Jonas
2.12Jared Inskeep
16:46 PRStar Valley
3.10Nathnan Crane
16:57 SRBear Lake
4.11Blake Jensen
17:07 SRPocatello
5.11Coby Young
17:22 SRSoda Springs
6.12Joseph West
17:31 PRIdaho Falls
7.12Weston Killpack
17:32 PRIdaho Falls
8.12Holden Cude
17:32Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
9.11Michael Rider
17:36 PRStar Valley
10.12Micah Bowman
17:38 PRSoda Springs
11.11Cody Moore
17:40 SRSoda Springs
12.12Nathan Merritt
17:42 PRStar Valley
13.12Kolby Arehart
17:48 PRIdaho Falls
14.9Nathan Vance
17:50 SRIdaho Falls
15.9Adam Stratton
17:54 SRIdaho Falls
16.10Ben Sabat
17:55 PRStar Valley
17.10Grant Cameron
17:55 PRStar Valley
18.10Tyler Lewis
17:56 SRIdaho Falls
19.11Tyler Hammond
17:58 SRBear Lake
20.10Tyler Klingler
18:00Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
21.10Tate Marley
18:01Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
22.12Brandon Anglesey
18:03 PRStar Valley
23.9Zachery Dubisz
18:04 SRStar Valley
24.10Derek Roper
18:06 SRIdaho Falls
25.12David Holm
18:08 PRFirth
26.12Devin Fullmer
18:10 PRSoda Springs
27.12Aaron Peterson
18:15 SRSoda Springs
28.11Patrick Wilson
18:17 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
29.11Jonathan Hatch
18:23 SRIdaho Falls
30.11Andrew Roybal
18:25Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
31.11Austin Schmitzer
18:25 SRSoda Springs
32.12Tanner Jensen
18:29 PRBear Lake
33.9Rahl Barela
34.11J.D. Bailey
18:33 SRSoda Springs
35.10Gabe Waldron
18:38 SRStar Valley
36.10Tyler Higgins
37.10Spencer Esplin
18:44 SRFirth
38.10Levi Hicks
18:47 PRIdaho Falls
39.12Kedrick Jolley
40.9Logan Young
18:50 SRSoda Springs
41.11Caleb McArthur
18:51 PRStar Valley
42.12Jace Sorsensen
18:52 PRFirth
43.12Nick Mena
18:58 PRIdaho Falls
44.11Ben McArthur
19:02 SRStar Valley
45.9Parker Jensen
46.9Ben Johnson
19:08Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
47.12Dakota Nelson
48.12Logan Christensen
19:12 PRStar Valley
49.11Kenny Frank
19:15 PRIdaho Falls
50.11Caden Steele
19:16 SRSoda Springs
51.11Jakob Dransfield
19:18 SRBear Lake
52.9Conner Dewey
19:27 SRIdaho Falls
53.9Sean Campbell
19:28Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
54.9Tony Peace
19:29American Falls
55.11Trevor Wilson
19:33 SRIdaho Falls
56.12Kirk Force
57.12Alec Taylor
19:42 PRIdaho Falls
58.10Zakk Lillie
19:43 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
59.9Bryan Romrell
19:49 SRIdaho Falls
60.12Skyler Young
19:50Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
61.12Tyson Wilding
62.10Chase Bolinder
63.10Dakota Thornley
19:51 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
64.10Charlie Burgert
19:53 SRIdaho Falls
65.11Reynold Grover
19:55Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
66.11Tyler Haack
19:56Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
67.11Ben Lake
20:03 SRBear Lake
68.9Cade Wilkey
69.11Dalton Oakey
20:12 SRIdaho Falls
70.12Gregory Stevenson
20:17Idaho Falls
71.9Clay Jonas
72.11Austin Fisher
20:24 SRBear Lake
73.11Domini Camptell
20:31 SRSoda Springs
74.9Beau Poulsen
20:35 SRSoda Springs
75.9Patrick McIlwain
20:37Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
76.11Carson Harwood
20:38 PRIdaho Falls
77.10Sawyer Varvel
20:39 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
78.12Jesse Villines
20:43 PRSoda Springs
79.9Connor Christen
80.10Steven Torgesen
20:55 SRSoda Springs
81.9Reese Oakey
20:59Idaho Falls
82.11Braxton Bennett
21:00Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
83.10Josh Ritchie
21:01 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
84.9Porter Klepich
21:03Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
85.9Ben Black
21:05Idaho Falls
86.9Spencer Fitzgerald
21:27 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
87.10Sam Skinner
21:28Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
88.9Coulton Hirschi
21:31 SRStar Valley
89.10Josh Eborn
21:37 PRBear Lake
90.10Dalton Busacker
91.9McKay McKinnon
92.10Jace Wilding
93.11Zach Finch
94.11Wesley Clark
22:18Soda Springs
95.12colton Swain
22:19 PRBear Lake
96.12Seth Stoor
22:22 PRSoda Springs
97.12Glen Monson
98.9Jerrik Ostler
22:24 SRAmerican Falls
99.10Luis Rodriquez
100.12Malcom Taylor
23:00 PRIdaho Falls
101.10Ryan Hanson
23:04Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
102.12Tyler Murdock
103.10Cameron Christensen
105.9Angelo Hidalgo
23:47 PRPocatello
106.12Christian Powell
24:19 PRIdaho Falls
107.9Chase Woodworth
24:20 PRAmerican Falls
108.12Jack James
24:27Soda Springs
109.12Mike Roybal
24:51Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
60.7Cameron Walker
25:01 SRSoda Springs
110.8Jake Crofts
111.10Brandt Robison
25:07Idaho Falls
112.9Colin Jensen
27:46American Falls
113.9Peyton McEntire-La...
29:00 SRStar Valley
80.9Bryan Romrell
30:36Idaho Falls
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Womens Results

2,500 Meters Middle School

2.8Genny Joe McCullough
11:27Soda Springs
5.6Alexa White
11:54Soda Springs
10.-Mary Ann Barker
12:44Soda Springs
13.-Kendra Froehlich
12:57Soda Springs
14.-Kali Petersen
12:59Soda Springs
19.8Chelsey Rasmussen
13:38Soda Springs
24.-Kiersten Rasmussen
13:57Soda Springs
27.7Sierra Woods
14:06Soda Springs
29.8Sidney Harris
14:48Soda Springs
33.8Lauren Worthington
15:10Soda Springs
35.-Madi Smith
15:24Soda Springs
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Brittney Nethercott
19:09 PRStar Valley
2.12Amelia Crane
19:10 PRBear Lake
3.11Brooke Nethercott
19:30 PRStar Valley
4.9Katelyn Hill
19:44 PRFirth
5.11Camille Jolley
19:53 SRFirth
6.9Kelsey Yamauchi
20:09Soda Springs
7.9Hannah Farnes
20:15 SRSoda Springs
8.9Geneva Plakke
20:28Soda Springs
9.9Anndee Neuman
20:30Soda Springs
10.9Hailey Call
20:30 SRSoda Springs
11.12Janalee Berg
20:35Soda Springs
12.10Casey Carpenter
20:41Idaho Falls
13.11Krystal Pratt
20:42 SRBear Lake
14.12Quincie Clark
20:44Soda Springs
15.10Kendra Brown
20:50Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
16.12Abby McArthur
20:55 PRStar Valley
17.9McKenzie Gardner
18.9Sydney Lammers
20:57 SRPocatello
19.9Jamie Nielsen
20:57 SRSoda Springs
20.11Christy Clinger
21:06 PRStar Valley
21.11Dominique Froehlich
21:08 PRSoda Springs
22.10Brittany Thornock
21:19Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
23.12Brittney Hill
24.11Ashley Hall
21:32 PRStar Valley
25.10Christie Seedall
21:33Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
26.9Jessica Woodford
21:49 PRStar Valley
27.9Jenna Jeffs
28.9Dakota Bateman
21:56 SRStar Valley
29.12Heidi Esplin
30.10Katie Mallard
21:59Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
31.9Rachel Schiess
32.11Angela Peterson
33.11Ashley Munger
22:05 SRFirth
34.12Jessica Vance
22:11 SRIdaho Falls
35.11Caitlin Stevens
22:14 PRBear Lake
36.11Blayre Thiel
22:18Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
37.9Dallyce Wheatley
38.9Patience Marshall
22:25 SRIdaho Falls
39.9Sydney Clark
22:25 PRSoda Springs
40.10Hannah Allen
22:40 SRIdaho Falls
41.10Vitale-Sullivan Ca...
22:46 PRPocatello
42.11Flor Ibarra
22:48 SRAmerican Falls
43.12Caitlin Cook
22:54Idaho Falls
44.12Amanda Allen
45.11Carlie Olson
22:59Soda Springs
46.11Sydney Robinson
23:07 PRStar Valley
47.12Mary Wilson
23:08 PRIdaho Falls
48.10Meredith Wells
23:28 PRStar Valley
49.12Sierra Baker
23:39 PRIdaho Falls
50.9Nicole Andersen
23:40Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
104.12Isabel Cervantes
23:47 PRAmerican Falls
51.9Kelsie Williams
24:02Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
52.10Erin McBride
24:09 PRStar Valley
53.12Chandler Jacobsen
24:16 SRBear Lake
54.10Lizzy Christensen
24:33 SRIdaho Falls
55.11Amber Harmon
24:38Idaho Falls
56.12Whitney Wood
24:47 PRIdaho Falls
57.10Rebecca Ryan
24:52 SRStar Valley
58.12Sarah Fisher
24:52 SRBear Lake
59.10Zandi Chamberlain
24:54 PRStar Valley
61.9Grace Hammes
62.12Teigan Beck
25:06 PRPocatello
63.11Cassi Vance
25:26 SRIdaho Falls
64.9Julie Pace
25:34 SRIdaho Falls
65.9Paige Timothy
25:41 SRBear Lake
66.10Cheyenne Storer
25:48Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
67.9Megan Phelps
68.9Jessica Hammond
26:03 SRBear Lake
69.9Demeetria Arriaga
26:03 PRAmerican Falls
70.12Rose Sorenson
26:05 PRIdaho Falls
71.12Emily Martin
72.9Rachael Fisher
27:21Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
73.10Lindsey Christensen
27:27Star Valley
74.11Rachel Worthington
27:46 SRIdaho Falls
75.9Katelynn Lopez
28:45Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
76.11Jamie Condie
77.10Hannah Stinson
29:06 SRPocatello
78.12Brittany Vance
29:31Idaho Falls
79.9Shayla Meek
30:05Idaho Falls
81.12Justine Harris
30:38Soda Springs
82.9Cheyenne Pratt
31:23Bear Lake
83.10Sarah Black
31:31 SRIdaho Falls
84.9Shantaya Schwab
31:33 SRBear Lake
85.9Kearis Jensen
31:35 SRBear Lake
86.10Cassel Sharp
32:46 PRBear Lake
87.10Rebecca Jenkins
32:50 SRStar Valley
88.9Rachel McArthur
39:18Star Valley
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