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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Men

1.JrAlexander Benway
2.FrJon Eng
17:12.0 SRSt Lawrence
3.SoPatrick Carroll
4.SoLanden Elliott-Kna...
17:19.1 SRSt Lawrence
5.FrJonathan Flint
17:21.8 PRSUNY Canton
6.JrTimothy Liponis
17:25.7 PRSt Lawrence
7.JrJack Knych
17:39.8 PRSt Lawrence
8.JrNeal Campbell
9.SoKyle Dash
17:48.7Paul Smith's
10.JrSteve Kiplagat
17:50.8 PRSt Lawrence
11.JrRichard Adickes
17:51.4SUNY Plattsburgh
12.FrMichael Schram
17:55.0SUNY Plattsburgh
13.FrBenjamin Palladino
17:59.5 SRPaul Smith's
14.JrMatt Gammariello
15.JrAndrew Sargrad
18:07.2 SRSt Lawrence
16.FrDylan Hedderman
18:12.5SUNY Plattsburgh
17.FrEthan Waite
18:16.8SUNY Plattsburgh
18.JrKevin Machia
18:20.6 PRSt Lawrence
19.JrJeff Jones
20.FrDylan Barringer
18:23.0 PRSUNY Canton
21.SoJustin Richardson
18:25.0 SRSUNY Canton
22.FrCorey Hahnl
18:26.2 PRSt Lawrence
23.JrMatt Piper
18:32.1Paul Smith's
24.JrSean Callahan
18:35.4 SRSt Lawrence
25.FrNolan Walker
18:36.6 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
26.SoRussell Seidel
27.SoBenjamin Strickland
18:48.5 PRSUNY Potsdam
28.FrSam McFadden
18:49.6SUNY Plattsburgh
29.SoKevin Portillo
18:52.5SUNY Plattsburgh
30.FrZach Nelson
18:55.7 PRSt Lawrence
31.FrSpencer Fausel
18:56.7 PRSt Lawrence
32.SoMark Perlman
18:58.2 PRSt Lawrence
33.FrTrevor Kent
18:59.2SUNY Plattsburgh
34.FrEthan Self
19:02.2 PRSt Lawrence
35.SoAlexander Getty
19:03.7 PRSUNY Potsdam
36.FrDouglas Fox
19:08.3 PRSt Lawrence
37.JrBenjamin Howard
19:10.6 PRPaul Smith's
38.SoEric Kowalik
19:17.8Paul Smith's
39.FrAnthony Caruso
19:22.5 PRClarkson
40.SoZachary Russo
41.FrJustin Andrews
19:26.0Paul Smith's
42.FrKyle Blanchette
19:28.8 SRSt Lawrence
43.JrDave Witman
44.SrJacob Dillon
19:32.4Paul Smith's
45.FrGraham Stone
19:35.3 PRSUNY Canton
46.FrJoshua Buchanen
19:43.8Paul Smith's
47.SoDaniel Stevens
48.SoConor Cullinane
49.SoNehemiah Hildreth
20:04.2Paul Smith's
50.FrGregory Ashe
20:15.8 PRSUNY Canton
51.SoRyan Turner
20:20.7Paul Smith's
52.SoAndrew Klem
53.JrBryan Rose
54.SoJoel Landry
20:36.0 PRSUNY Canton
55.FrScott Jeffers
20:44.8 SRSUNY Canton
56.JrAlexander Hango
57.JrGeorge DeVita
20:57.2 PRSUNY Potsdam
58.JrVidal Garza
20:58.8 PRSUNY Potsdam
59.-Jon Zabin
21:05.8 PRClarkson
60.SoSiavash Namiranian
21:12.8 PRClarkson
61.SrJordan Janas
62.-Jake Pusey
21:38.7 PRSt Lawrence
63.SoTyler Morse
21:53.6 PRSUNY Canton
64.SoDerek Scott
22:21.9Paul Smith's
65.FrTimothy Grossman
23:22.1Paul Smith's
66.JrBenjamin Rutkowski
23:47.7 PRPaul Smith's
67.FrJohn Bresett
23:56.2 PRSUNY Potsdam
68.JrRand Snyder
24:35.8Paul Smith's
69.SoMike Cerasaro
26:03.4Paul Smith's
70.FrSean Keller
26:50.8 PRSUNY Canton
71.FrJacob Murphy
27:19.4 PRPaul Smith's
72.FrMark Aboumrad
29:52.9 PRPaul Smith's
73.JrMatthew Wissman
32:34.6 PRSUNY Canton
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