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Mens Races

Parkway Central

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2.4 Mile Freshman
Womens Races
3,540 Meters Junior Varsity

Parkway Central

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

14.12Stephen Andrew
17:18Parkway South
22.12Sam Lazechko
17:36.3Francis Howell
35.10Brian Hernan
17:52Parkway South
44.12Greg Fletcher
18:11.4Francis Howell
50.10Dustin Stumphf
18:16Parkway South
52.9Patrick Andrew
18:19Parkway South
62.12Austin Henson
18:30.7Francis Howell
76.11Jeff Deveydt
19:01Parkway South
84.11Ian Powers
19:16.7Francis Howell
86.12Andy L'Amoreaux
19:18.6Francis Howell
89.10Scott Tipton
19:28Parkway South
95.11Zeke Kapusiak
19:59.4Francis Howell
95.11Dominic Fabrizio
20:02Parkway South
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

3.11William Rohrkaste
18:12Parkway South
38.10Austin Southmayd
19:28.8Francis Howell
52.11William O'Brien
19:42Parkway South
85.11Tyler Sonnabend
20:18Parkway South
86.10Brad Nelson
20:19 PRParkway South
87.11Justin Carlson
20:20.1Francis Howell
90.11Jordan Robinson
20:24.1Francis Howell
94.11Sam Cooper
20:28.7Francis Howell
107.10Kevin Croghan
20:44Parkway South
110.12Justin Pickett
20:48Parkway South
112.12Grant Trower
20:50Parkway South
114.11Romaro Taylor
20:59Parkway South
119.11Max Wehmeier
21:10Parkway South
123.10Shea Bolt
21:13Parkway South
80.11Travis Holman
21:14.7Francis Howell
127.10Michael Mertz
21:17Parkway South
131.10Austin Hill
21:20.1 PRFrancis Howell
138.11Nick Lazechko
21:29.1Francis Howell
174.10Chris Slyman
22:12Parkway South
183.10Nathan McCord
22:30Parkway South
196.10Brandon Reuhl
22:44Parkway South
202.10Ty Stahl
22:57Parkway South
213.10Sam Gunning
23:06Parkway South
222.12Forrest Herrmann
23:34Parkway South
229.11Jack McEachern
23:53Parkway South
231.10Jacob Brentz
23:56Parkway South
252.12Cameron Young
25:40Parkway South
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2.4 Mile Freshman

3.9Matthew Highsmith
12:54 PRParkway South
9.9Evan Stovall
13:13 PRParkway South
9Gavin Galanes
13:18.0 PRFrancis Howell
29.9Eric Barr
14:06 PRParkway South
9Steven Hillis
14:13.2 PRFrancis Howell
9Adam Robinson
14:23.5 PRFrancis Howell
44.9Andy Mark
14:44 PRParkway South
9Regan Josephson
14:49.5 PRFrancis Howell
48.9Ian Cunningham
14:50 PRParkway South
55.9Conner Kloeppel
15:04 PRParkway South
56.9Devin Fuller
15:09 PRParkway South
57.9Michael Schallom
15:16 PRParkway South
59.9Dan Flood
15:19 PRParkway South
70.9Scott McEachern
15:54 PRParkway South
9Joe Aleman
16:01.7 PRFrancis Howell
9Conner Hambly
17:10.3 PRFrancis Howell
9Jeremy Schroeder
18:09.2 PRFrancis Howell
95.9Shaun McManus
18:56 PRParkway South
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