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Mens Races

Blackfoot HS

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races

Blackfoot HS

5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Tyler Crofts
15:38.38 PRHillcrest
2.12Richard Kennedy
16:09.15 SRRigby
3.11Jake Powell
16:26.31 PRHillcrest
4.11Daniel Perry
16:32.18 PRRigby
5.10Dustin Duke
16:44.00 PRHillcrest
6.11Brayden Sampson
16:51.75 PRMadison
7.11Matt Croft
16:52.34 SRBlackfoot
8.12Joseph Fielding
16:55.62 PRRigby
9.9Haydin Herndon
16:57.56 PRHillcrest
10.12Conner Kunz
16:58.94 PRRigby
11.11Steven Brugger
17:08.31 PRMadison
12.9Driztin Herndon
17:11.88 PRHillcrest
13.11Kayden Finlayson
17:14.53 SRHillcrest
14.11Trevor Wheeler
17:15.31 PRHillcrest
15.10Kaden Larson
17:16.50 SRRigby
16.10Kohl Bingham
17:18.09 SRBlackfoot
17.12Holden Cude
17:19.94 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
18.10Paul Cannon
17:37.97 SRBlackfoot
19.10Dillon Kunz
17:43.38 SRRigby
20.11Duke Madson
17:47.91 PRRigby
21.10Tyler Klingler
17:53.66 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
22.10Tate Marley
17:55.22 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
23.11Seth Clarke
17:57.00 SRRigby
24.11Adam Hardy
17:57.65 PRMadison
25.11Andrew Roybal
17:57.96 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
26.9Ruben Ortiz
27.12Mike Hoover
18:06.81 PRHillcrest
28.11Dillon Dopp
18:23.41 PRHillcrest
29.10Jonathan Goodsell
18:25.06 SRMadison
30.9Paul Perry
31.11Derek Smith
18:35.97 PRMadison
32.12Joe McGrath
18:36.21 PRHillcrest
33.10Zachary Empey
18:36.65 SRHillcrest
34.11Patrick Wilson
18:43.88Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
35.9Sean Campbell
18:45.75 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
36.11Colter Lowry
18:47.97 SRHillcrest
37.10Jacob Warner
18:53.66 PRHillcrest
38.9Ben Johnson
18:56.97 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
39.12Jacob Wade
18:57.59 PRMadison
40.10Matt Bigler
41.12Christian Mailare
42.11Benson Bagley
19:08.59 PRMadison
43.10Spencer Thayne
19:09.46 PRMadison
44.12Koty Cook
19:10.81 SRBlackfoot
45.11Austin Hillyard
19:19.38 SRHillcrest
46.11Wesley Lemmon
19:26.53 SRRigby
47.12Logan Christiansen
19:34.56 PRBlackfoot
48.12Preston StJohn
19:35.12 PRBlackfoot
49.11Reynold Grover
19:37.40 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
50.11Tyler Haack
19:38.40 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
51.11Troy Payne
19:39.12 PRBlackfoot
52.11Bobby Cannon
53.9Jacob Saunders
19:44.40 SRMadison
54.10Zakk Lillie
19:47.41Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
55.11Brent Empey
19:49.59 SRHillcrest
56.11Will Higham
19:54.44 PRShelley
57.10Kade Christensen
58.10Tanner Cook
20:00.06 SRHillcrest
59.10Elijah Bell
20:09.72 PRRigby
60.11Josh Young
20:11.03 PRRigby
61.9Ethan Dickson
20:11.81 SRMadison
62.10Stuart Warner
20:16.94 PRRigby
63.11Jace Hammer
20:26.97 SRHillcrest
64.11Braxton Bennett
20:29.12 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
65.10Sam Skinner
20:29.56 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
66.10Dakota Thornley
20:29.96Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
67.9Patrick McIlwain
20:30.43 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
68.9Garrett Shaum
69.10Sawyer Varvel
20:39.97Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
70.9Porter Klepich
20:41.09 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
71.10Jade Vecchio
72.12Steven Baird
20:45.34 SRHillcrest
73.10Brandon Handy
20:45.72 SRHillcrest
74.12Ryan Harvey
75.10Josh Ritchie
21:10.22Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
76.9Samuel Struhs
77.11Logan Gambles
78.12Alex McCown
79.9Sam Anderson
80.9Myles Dickson
81.9Alex Baker
82.9Brody Bingham
83.10Ryan Hanson
22:34.47 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
84.10Gabe Vanorden
22:36.69 SRBlackfoot
85.12Alex Andra
86.12Tyler Cunningham
22:54.09 PRHillcrest
87.10Cade Williams
22:56.75 SRHillcrest
88.11Matt Tolson
22:57.18 SRHillcrest
89.10Cody Nelson
90.12Mike Roybal
23:13.56 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
91.11David Norman
23:29.25 SRHillcrest
92.10Jake Hally
23:41.62 PRHillcrest
93.12Alex King
94.11Gabriel Wesley
24:13.47 SRBlackfoot
95.11Eric Taylor
24:16.91 SRHillcrest
96.11Jacob Manwaring
97.9Robert McCown
27:13.72 SRRigby
98.10Jade Smith
27:31.38 SRMadison
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Callie Evans
19:33.03 SRHillcrest
2.9Sara Powell
19:39.22 SRHillcrest
3.11Karli Lundquist
19:57.38 PRRigby
4.12Courtney Brown
20:25.62 PRHillcrest
5.10Kendra Brown
20:27.84 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
6.10Kamberlee Allison
7.11Kaitlin Whitworth
20:51.94 SRHillcrest
8.12Brianne Garner
20:55.22 PRMadison
9.11Juliann Busby
20:57.97 PRMadison
10.12Ellie Stanger
21:01.81 PRMadison
11.11Blayre Thiel
21:03.41 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
12.10Brittany Thornock
21:04.62Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
13.11Julie Stutz
21:05.75 PRMadison
14.12Brekah Reid
21:06.21 PRHillcrest
15.11Sidney Acor
21:24.50 SRHillcrest
16.10Christie Seedall
21:25.91 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
17.10Katie Mallard
21:33.12 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
18.10Kendall Armstrong
19.9Kaylee Bateman
21:44.50 SRHillcrest
20.9Cambria Roedel
21:45.21 SRHillcrest
21.11Kathryn Perry
21:57.53 SRHillcrest
22.11Mccall Jacobson
22:06.81 SRMadison
23.11Cara Clayton
22:18.41 SRMadison
24.12Kayla Curtis
22:26.88 SRRigby
25.11Madeline Eddy
22:37.69 PRHillcrest
26.11Kristen Crofts
22:49.47 PRHillcrest
27.10Kati Baker
22:54.53 PRHillcrest
28.12Hannah Maus
22:55.28 SRHillcrest
29.9Noelle Zenger
22:56.40 PRMadison
30.9Nicole Andersen
22:57.37 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
31.10Shaina Hansen
22:57.90 SRRigby
32.9Kelsie Williams
23:00.75 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
33.9Mickayla Barnes
23:01.37 PRHillcrest
34.10Stephanie Bungard
23:03.31 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
35.10Rachel Coronado
36.10Cheyenne Storer
23:24.18 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
37.12Camille Saunders
23:25.28 SRMadison
38.10Shalane Carson
23:28.22 PRHillcrest
39.12Samantha Sondrup
23:30.34 PRHillcrest
40.10Sami McCain
23:31.18 PRHillcrest
41.12Angelica Johnson
23:51.62 PRHillcrest
42.9Eliza Madsen
23:56.31 SRMadison
43.9Kieran Scholes
23:56.84 PRMadison
44.11Britany Maxwell
23:57.09 SRBlackfoot
45.9Ashley Welker
23:57.43 SRHillcrest
46.12Karissa Hughes
24:04.28 SRHillcrest
47.12McKenzie Zenger
48.9Amanda Hale
24:06.87 PRRigby
49.9Hannah Bitsoie
24:09.97 PRHillcrest
50.10Macey Thaine
51.11Makayla Call
24:20.03 PRRigby
52.9Rachael Fisher
24:29.12 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
53.11Becca Snow
24:29.46 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
54.12Megan Baiocco
25:20.12 PRHillcrest
55.11Jessa Hobbs
56.9Abby Bohrer
25:35.47 SRHillcrest
57.9Casslyn Judy
25:35.90 SRHillcrest
58.9Sharyse Brown
25:39.53 SRHillcrest
59.10Madison Jarvis
60.10Jen Reeves
61.9Sara Oseen
25:59.47 PRHillcrest
62.12Michaela Struhs
26:04.06 SRBlackfoot
63.11McKenzi Redford
26:06.25 SRHillcrest
64.9Coleene Harper
26:06.93 PRBlackfoot
65.10Kaitlin Stevens
26:12.15 SRHillcrest
66.12Camilla Chapman
26:14.03 PRMadison
67.9Stephanie Zehntner
26:16.18 SRBlackfoot
68.9Taylor Diaz
69.9Brittany Wilde
26:22.93 PRHillcrest
70.9Makenna Jackson
26:41.69 PRHillcrest
71.11Kathryn Staley
72.9Kiana DeBerry
73.10Melanie Israel
26:46.59 PRMadison
74.12Chloe Smith
75.10Jennifer Baird
27:02.66 PRMadison
76.11Courtney Calder
27:11.28 SRHillcrest
77.10Natalee Astel
27:23.12 PRHillcrest
78.9Demie Brown
27:23.96 SRHillcrest
79.12Brooke Lofthouse
27:30.62 PRMadison
80.11Lindsey Jackson
81.11Sarah Wood
28:24.18 PRRigby
82.12Jessica Schmitt
29:09.59 PRHillcrest
83.12Kierstin Barrott
29:26.66 SRHillcrest
84.11Emily Reese
30:49.32 PRHillcrest
85.11Sherica Stoddard
31:54.94Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
86.11Aubrey Eaton
87.9Holli Redford
36:38.96 PRHillcrest
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