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Buck Lake County Park

4,200 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
4,200 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races

Buck Lake County Park

4,200 Meters Junior Varsity
4,200 Meters Varsity5:00 PM

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Mens Results

4,200 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Matt Turley
13:43 PRNorth Kitsap
2.12Alex Cook
14:02 PRNorth Kitsap
3.11Adam Beck
14:06 PRNorth Kitsap
4.10Brendan Dennis
14:09 PRPort Angeles
5.10Cooper Wall
14:12North Kitsap
6.11David Daigle
14:23North Kitsap
7.11Shawn Swanson
14:38North Kitsap
8.12Jakob Haws
14:42 PRNorth Kitsap
9.9Avery Koehler
14:53 PRPort Angeles
10.12Corey Nelson
14:55North Kitsap
11.12Thomas Berak
15:00 PRNorth Kitsap
12.11Trevor Waller
15:07 PRNorth Kitsap
13.10Max Breitbarth
15:10North Kitsap
14.12Nichita Stancov
15:20 PRPort Angeles
15.10Chris Williamson
15:21 PRBremerton
16.10Michael McPherson
15:21North Kitsap
17.10Jesse Fry
15:30 PRBremerton
18.12Austin Bogard
15:31 PRNorth Kitsap
19.12Parley Scott
15:32 PRPort Angeles
20.9Christian Lovelace
15:35 PRNorth Kitsap
21.10Andrew Phelps
15:37North Kitsap
22.10Samuel Klusmeyer
15:44 PRNorth Kitsap
23.9Alex Waddell
15:44North Kitsap
24.9Joel Houpt
16:11 PRNorth Kitsap
25.12Bobby Dingle
16:22 PRBremerton
26.12Eric Gipe
16:23 PRPort Angeles
27.10Scott Leeming
16:43North Kitsap
28.10Darien West
16:45 PRNorth Kitsap
29.9Alex Bowman
17:06 PRNorth Kitsap
30.12Josh Scott
17:29 PRPort Angeles
31.10Forrest Ohnhaus
17:34North Kitsap
32.11Theodore Shisler
17:37 PRNorth Kitsap
33.10Malachi Mulhair
17:41 PRPort Angeles
34.12Matthew Spencer
17:55North Kitsap
35.10Joshua Conner
17:55North Kitsap
36.9Alex Koch
18:21 PRNorth Kitsap
37.12Janyl Antazo
18:25 PRBremerton
38.9Scott Wahlquist
18:47 PRBremerton
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4,200 Meters Varsity

1.12Daniel Hansen
12:38North Kitsap
2.11Kyle Ramsey
12:58 PRNorth Kitsap
3.10Ian Christen
13:00 PRNorth Kitsap
4.11Benjamin Staker
13:06 PRNorth Kitsap
5.12Tavish Taylor
13:09 PRPort Angeles
6.12Trevor Taylor
13:13 PRPort Angeles
7.12Ryan Danisiewicz
13:17 PRPort Angeles
8.10Chris Sargent
13:18 PRBremerton
9.12Nicholas Brooke
13:26 PRNorth Kitsap
10.11Nick Shindler
13:30 PRPort Angeles
11.11Cameron Braithwaite
13:30 PRPort Angeles
12.11Sam Zimmerman
13:32 PRNorth Kitsap
13.12Jack Wall
13:32 PRNorth Kitsap
14.9Evan Herbert
13:55 PRPort Angeles
15.10Caleb Smith
14:05 PRBremerton
16.10Tyler Enloe
14:33 PRBremerton
17.10Josh Basden
14:40 PRPort Angeles
18.11Kluge Zane
15:53 PRBremerton
19.10O'Brien Shannon
16:09 PRBremerton
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Womens Results

4,200 Meters Varsity

1.10Reagan Colyer
14:23North Kitsap
2.12Alison Maxwell
14:25 PRPort Angeles
3.9Kathleen Ramsey
14:41North Kitsap
4.9Khason Politika
15:23 PRPort Angeles
5.9Clara Lund
15:29 PRNorth Kitsap
6.12Catherine Sedy
15:39 PRNorth Kitsap
7.9Katrina Weinmann
15:54 PRNorth Kitsap
8.9Alison Johnson
15:57 PRBremerton
9.12Jamie Gladfelter
16:00 PRPort Angeles
10.11Becca Cates
16:02 PRNorth Kitsap
11.11Hannah Wahto
16:13 PRPort Angeles
12.9Olivia Krol
16:20 PRNorth Kitsap
13.12Kendall Rock
16:29 PRNorth Kitsap
14.9Sarah Zimmerman
16:43 PRNorth Kitsap
15.10Rebecca Frei
17:06 PRBremerton
16.12Lauren Richardson
17:11 PRBremerton
17.10Alexis Burton
17:16 PRBremerton
18.11Cass Busch
17:44 PRBremerton
19.11April McCabe
18:02 PRNorth Kitsap
20.12Veronica Monell
18:14North Kitsap
21.9Lilian Raymond
18:23 PRNorth Kitsap
22.9Kristina Reid
18:24 PRNorth Kitsap
23.11Heather Danielson
18:32 PRBremerton
24.12Belle Eastman
18:45 PRPort Angeles
25.10Megan Uffens
18:45 PRNorth Kitsap
26.10Elizabeth Quintana
18:49 PRBremerton
27.10Valerie Miller
18:54 PRNorth Kitsap
28.10Sara Cannarella
18:56 PRNorth Kitsap
29.9Maria Rosari Ponce
19:04 PRNorth Kitsap
30.11Katherine Dacko
19:23 PRPort Angeles
31.9Brianna Durkin
19:52North Kitsap
32.10Alexandra Lanzafame
19:57 PRNorth Kitsap
33.10Krystal Jimenez
19:58 PRBremerton
34.10Christina Seader
19:59North Kitsap
35.12Lauren Leicht
20:02 PRNorth Kitsap
36.12Krystal Wahlquist
20:53 PRBremerton
37.12Kara Wages
21:53 PRBremerton
38.12Ashley Berninghaus
22:09 PRNorth Kitsap
39.11Megan Perrizo
24:01 PRPort Angeles
40.12Stephanie Frei
24:35 PRBremerton
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