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Buck Lake County Park

4,200 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
4,200 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races

Buck Lake County Park

4,200 Meters Junior Varsity
4,200 Meters Varsity5:00 PM

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Mens Results

4,200 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Chad Trask
13:33 PRKingston
2.12Matt Turley
13:49North Kitsap
3.10Devon Jacob
13:50 PRKingston
4.11Jesse Stigile
13:59 PRNorth Kitsap
5.10Jacob Rasely
14:00 PRKingston
6.10Cooper Wall
14:02 PRNorth Kitsap
7.12Jake Kvistad
14:04 PRKingston
8.11David Daigle
14:20 PRNorth Kitsap
9.10Hans Schippers
14:21 PRKingston
10.10Anthony Woelke
14:22 PRKingston
11.11Shawn Swanson
14:34 PRNorth Kitsap
12.11Adam Beck
14:36North Kitsap
13.10Kenneth Miller
14:38 PRKingston
14.10Nicholas Thibault
14:38 PRKingston
15.12Saul Flores
14:40 PRSequim
16.11Cody Jennings
14:41 PRKingston
17.10Taylor Reid
14:46 PRNorth Kitsap
18.12Jakob Haws
14:49North Kitsap
19.12Zane Ravenholt
14:53 PRKingston
20.12Corey Nelson
14:53 PRNorth Kitsap
21.10Ross Burk
14:56 PRKingston
22.10Dylan Szerlog
14:57 PRKingston
23.10Max Breitbarth
14:59 PRNorth Kitsap
24.11Adam Kirstein
15:07 PRKingston
25.9Bailey Collins
15:07 PRSequim
26.10Andrew Phelps
15:08 PRNorth Kitsap
27.9Nicholas Fogg
15:09 PRKingston
28.9Samuel Murdock
15:18 PRKingston
29.11Trevor Waller
15:19North Kitsap
30.10Michael McPherson
15:20 PRNorth Kitsap
31.11Forrest Taylor
15:24 PRKingston
32.9Zachary Fitzpatrick
15:28 PRSequim
33.9Kevin Fox
15:29 PRKingston
34.12Derek Morgan
15:34 PRSequim
35.10Kiano Stoppani
15:35 PRSequim
36.9John Griffin
15:35 PRKingston
37.9Alex Waddell
15:44 PRNorth Kitsap
38.10Samuel Klusmeyer
15:47North Kitsap
39.11Nicholas Stevens
15:48 PRKingston
40.10Ryan Ogden
15:49 PRKingston
41.12Dean Belcher
15:54 PRKingston
42.9Christian Lovelace
15:57North Kitsap
43.12Ygnacio Waring-Enr...
15:59 PRKingston
44.12Austin Bogard
15:59North Kitsap
45.9Reed Rambough
16:00 PRKingston
46.11Peter Wahl
16:09 PRKingston
47.9Jameson Bruce
16:09 PRKingston
48.9Joel Houpt
16:20North Kitsap
49.12Henry Blazina
16:21 PRNorth Kitsap
50.11Jack Murdock
16:24 PRKingston
51.10Scott Leeming
16:37 PRNorth Kitsap
52.10Darien West
16:47North Kitsap
53.10Tim Keller
16:52 PRKingston
54.10Alexander Walker
17:02 PRKingston
55.9Alex Bowman
17:08North Kitsap
56.10Forrest Ohnhaus
17:15 PRNorth Kitsap
57.10Joshua Conner
17:33 PRNorth Kitsap
58.12Matthew Spencer
17:39 PRNorth Kitsap
59.11Lucas Mays
17:52 PRKingston
60.11Theodore Shisler
19:13North Kitsap
61.9Colin Doughtery
19:19 PRNorth Kitsap
62.9Alex Koch
19:23North Kitsap
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4,200 Meters Varsity

1.12Daniel Hansen
12:37 PRNorth Kitsap
2.12Nicholas Schippers
12:45 PRKingston
3.12Austin Cherry
12:45 PRKingston
4.12Alex Jenkins
12:56 PRSequim
5.11Kyle Ramsey
12:59North Kitsap
6.10Ian Christen
13:02North Kitsap
7.10Adrian Clifford
13:06 PRSequim
8.11Joel Christopher
13:10 PRSequim
9.11Wade Doty
13:18 PRKingston
10.11Kameron Ashley
13:22 PRKingston
11.11Benjamin Staker
13:26North Kitsap
12.12Joe Dapcevich
13:27 PRSequim
13.10Nicholas Boles
13:29 PRKingston
14.12Nicholas Brooke
13:38North Kitsap
15.10Lucas Thompson
13:39 PRKingston
16.12Jack Wall
13:42North Kitsap
17.12Jacob Sisco
13:44 PRSequim
18.10Thomas Gill
13:51 PRKingston
19.11Sam Zimmerman
13:51North Kitsap
20.12Brogan Cays
14:12 PRSequim
21.9Dylan Chatters
14:21 PRSequim
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