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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12David Kilgore
15:29.79Holy Trinity Episcopal
2.12Griffin Jaworski
15:37.07Trinity Prep
3.12Franklin Chase
15:41.90 PRTrinity Prep
4.12Patrick Swain
15:44.71 PRMaclay
5.11Joey Castagnaro
15:51.15Holy Trinity Episcopal
6.11Daniel Moore
15:55.24Holy Trinity Episcopal
7.11Ryan Gousse
15:57.50Trinity Prep
8.10Daniel Salas
16:00.26Trinity Prep
9.12Caleb Wishart
16:00.79Westwood Christian
10.11Mark Mutz
16:02.32 SRLakeland Christian
11.10Alex Brown
16:09.88Holy Trinity Episcopal
12.12Evan Rosenberg
16:12.39Trinity Prep
13.12Michael Miller
16:26.21Kings Academy
14.10Garrett Westlake
16:27.44P.K. Yonge
15.12Emmanuel Kent
16:28.48Upperroom Christian
16.12Ezekial Zauner
16:29.59 PRCovenant Christian
17.12Austin Stevens
16:35.32 PRMaclay
18.12Sinjay Singh
16:37.20 PRArchbishop Curley No...
19.10Tristan Kattenberg
16:43.79Holy Trinity Episcopal
20.12Blaine Ramsdell
16:47.12Mt Dora Christian
21.10Travis Covert
16:47.98 SRMaclay
22.12Jacob Coates
16:48.69 PRMaclay
23.11Sam Goldberg
16:51.01Trinity Prep
24.12Michael Fisher
16:51.94Brevard HEAT
25.11Brent Scott
16:55.31Community School
26.10Derek Bolser
16:58.69P.K. Yonge
27.12Michael Graziani
17:04.16 SRFreeport
28.11Thomas Nash
17:04.27 PRFirst Academy
29.11Blake Arnold
17:04.96Admiral Farragut
30.11Mario Ojeda
17:05.12 SRNorthside Christian
31.12Zachery Evans
17:08.07 PRSouth Florida HEAT
32.11Jakin Foster
17:09.64Circle Christian
33.12Joshua Karadeema
17:09.79 PRProvidence
34.11Phillip Dannelly
17:10.11 PRFirst Coast Christian
35.11Terrence Brown
17:11.85 SRP.K. Yonge
36.11Josh Fitzgibbon
17:12.31 PRWestminster Academy
37.10Scott Simpson
17:15.66Kings Academy
38.11David Dolan
17:17.35 SRP.K. Yonge
39.10Adam Ramos
17:19.92 SRDade Christian
40.10Jordan Foster
17:21.19Circle Christian
41.11Dennis Keane
17:22.71 PRMaclay
42.11Miller Judge
17:23.15 SRTampa Preparatory
43.12Kent Lindbergh
17:24.17 PRCoral Springs Christ...
44.10Joseph Chapman
17:25.61Northside Christian
45.11Yuri Costa
17:26.32 SRTampa Preparatory
46.10Ra Bemman
17:27.47All Saints Academy
47.10Joshua Marsh
17:28.39First Academy
48.11Luis Asensio
17:30.35Palmer Trinity
49.12Kevin Cardonne
17:30.59 PRCoral Springs Christ...
50.8Jon Scoby
17:31.48 PRShorecrest Preparatory
51.12Harrison Gordon
17:31.84Trinity Prep
52.12Ray Spradlin
17:32.44Dade Christian
53.9Alexander Artecona
17:35.57 SRMaclay
54.11Jacob Jordan
17:36.14 PRFirst Academy
55.10Benjamin Nevils
17:36.53 PRSouth Florida HEAT
56.11Mathew Hoban
17:36.95Mt Dora Christian
57.12Michael Corso
17:38.42St John Neumann
58.12Caelum Schandle
17:40.81 SRShorecrest Preparatory
59.11Matt Antworth
17:42.65 PRMaclay
60.11Matthew Montanari
17:43.80Northside Christian
61.12Samuel Cowen
17:44.30 PRPensacola Christian
62.11Avery Rawls
17:44.43 PRBishop Snyder
63.12Wesley Penberthy
17:46.87 PREvangelical Christian
64.9Dylan Scott
17:47.95 SRBaker
65.10Jacob Endrulot
17:49.11Keswick Christian
66.11Joshua Jordan
17:49.70First Academy
67.8Casey McCracken
17:50.58 SRWestminster Academy
68.9Josh Wainwright
17:50.78Circle Christian
69.12Christian Lake
17:50.87 PRChrist's Church Acad...
70.11Ryan Gingras
17:52.36St John Neumann
71.11Alex Hoffman
17:55.03Holy Trinity Episcopal
72.11Kyle Riffe
17:55.92 PRNorthside Christian
73.10Mihir Dubey
17:57.85 SRTampa Preparatory
74.10Andrew Miller
17:59.52 SRChrist's Church Acad...
75.12Michael Winz
18:00.06Circle Christian
76.10Blake Fowler
18:00.55 PRBishop Snyder
77.12Armando Porto
18:03.47 PRPalmer Trinity
78.9Andrew LeMay
18:04.56 SRSeacrest Country Day
79.10Jackson Butler
18:05.60 PRPensacola Christian
80.11Jay McMichael
18:06.86 PREvangelical Christian
81.12Thomas Carrie
18:06.94 PRWestminster Academy
82.12Chadd Myers
18:07.01 PRSt Johns Country Day
83.7Luke Peterson
18:08.96 SRShorecrest Preparatory
84.11Sam Jamerson
18:09.67Circle Christian
85.8Micah Keemp
86.12Cody Shultz
18:11.12 PRBishop Snyder
87.9Jeremy Carlson
18:12.05 SRPensacola Christian
88.10Raleigh Bevill
18:12.69Mt Dora Christian
89.12Jamison Tate
18:13.67Community School
90.11Nathan Scheer
18:14.97 SRFirst Academy
91.12Matt Collins
18:15.04 PRMt Dora Christian
92.11Michael Fretwell
18:15.51Circle Christian
93.9Aren Biala
18:18.40 SRBishop Snyder
94.10Thomas Delcharco
18:19.48 PRChrist's Church Acad...
95.10Saul Ramirez
18:20.79Clearwater Central C...
96.11Tony Martino
18:21.06All Saints Academy
97.9Joseph Janson
18:22.46 SRP.K. Yonge
98.12James Gonzalez
18:24.38 PRCoral Springs Christ...
99.12Matt Benenati
18:25.40 PRPalmer Trinity
100.10Jared Pearlman
18:25.43 SREvangelical Christian
101.11Patrick Sweeney
18:27.00St John Neumann
102.11Issac Manton
18:27.37Miami Country Day
103.9Ross Porter
18:27.65 SRShorecrest Preparatory
104.9Zachary Pinel
18:30.64First Academy
105.11John Conley
18:31.75 PRBishop Snyder
106.11Cole Oliver
18:31.76Holy Trinity Episcopal
107.11Christopher Rowe
18:32.14St John Neumann
108.11Jonathan Chang
18:33.32 PRPalmer Trinity
109.12William Corley
18:35.23Kings Academy
110.11Kenneth Cochran
18:36.12 PRPensacola Christian
111.11Brian Santiago
18:37.95 SRBishop Snyder
112.10Christopher Sintic
18:38.28St John Neumann
113.12Kyle Pond
18:40.07South Florida HEAT
114.11Justin Casola
18:40.79Community School
115.12Garet Marr
18:41.94 PRNorthside Christian
116.11Alex Bernal
18:42.46 PRSt John Neumann
117.10Josh Lusk
18:44.65Circle Christian
118.9Emil Martayan
18:46.92 SRMiami Country Day
119.9Carter Weiss
18:50.87 PRMiami Country Day
120.10Geroge Carnes
18:52.80 PRTampa Preparatory
121.10Jacob Teed
18:54.87 PRPensacola Christian
122.12Andrew Albert
18:57.07Kings Academy
123.12Dylan Chestnut
18:58.57 PRCommunity School
124.11Richard Moses
19:01.02 SRPensacola Christian
125.10Chace Miller
19:01.51 SRMt Dora Christian
126.7Ian McCulloch
19:03.27South Florida HEAT
127.12Steph Kohlmeier II
19:04.35 PREvangelical Christian
128.11Todd Root
19:05.34Northside Christian
129.9Michael Williams
19:05.80 PRSt Johns Country Day
130.10Nicholas Sexton
19:06.29Kings Academy
131.12Austin Meehan
19:06.40Coral Springs Christ...
132.10Mitchell Mosheim
19:08.52 PRMiami Country Day
133.9Chase Allsworth
19:09.76 SRWestminster Academy
134.8Brett Gerhardt
19:10.42 SRP.K. Yonge
135.8Julian Schultz
19:10.90Miami Country Day
136.11Javier Pulido
19:11.08South Florida HEAT
137.6John Candiano
19:12.15 SREvangelical Christian
138.11Matthew Fox
19:12.99Evangelical Christian
139.10Andrew Cloud
19:13.08 SRTampa Preparatory
140.9Dominick Adorno
19:16.29 PRSouth Florida HEAT
141.10Allen Roark
19:19.69 PRBishop Snyder
142.8Sebastian Santa
19:21.19 SRDade Christian
143.9Branden Luster
19:27.39 SRSt Johns Country Day
144.10Kevin Weaver
19:27.75 SRSt Johns Country Day
145.10Sebastian Fernande...
19:28.99Palmer Trinity
146.7Maitias Uhart
19:29.21Palmer Trinity
147.10Jean Jouffroy
19:33.74Shorecrest Preparatory
148.11Tuomas Kempainen
19:35.64 PRCommunity School
149.12Matthew McCarthy
19:36.12 PRTampa Preparatory
150.11Lucio Ojeda
19:37.22Northside Christian
151.12Keeler Watson
19:38.07Miami Country Day
152.10Sam Wall
19:39.71 PRTampa Preparatory
153.10Aaron Jones
19:45.29Miami Country Day
154.6Andrew De Armas
19:47.23 SRFirst Academy
155.11Brendan Sweeney
19:47.29St John Neumann
156.8Andrew Reising
19:51.51Westminster Academy
157.12Edward Bixby
19:55.11Mt Dora Christian
158.12Jered Johnson
20:00.50Pensacola Christian
159.11Ryan Sharpe
20:02.71 SRWestminster Academy
160.10Victor Oluwagbemiga
20:04.31 PRDade Christian
161.11Daniel Kim
20:06.27 SRCommunity School
162.9Matthew Sharpe
20:08.73 PRWestminster Academy
163.11Jonatha Pieringer
20:15.85 PRCoral Springs Christ...
164.11Daniel Leonard
20:19.37 PRChrist's Church Acad...
165.12Zachar Sorrentino
20:22.31Kings Academy
166.8Jonathan Killea
20:24.79St Johns Country Day
167.10James Hauman
20:30.75 SRMt Dora Christian
168.9Luis Roblero
20:33.98 PRDade Christian
169.11Carson Ritch
20:36.57 PRShorecrest Preparatory
170.9Adrian Kant
20:37.06 SRShorecrest Preparatory
171.8Riley Brandvold
20:42.60 SRChrist's Church Acad...
172.9Mason Ellard
20:45.48 SRCoral Springs Christ...
173.7Colin Montgomery
20:46.41 SRSt Johns Country Day
174.11Andres Correa
21:00.59Dade Christian
175.11Michael Higgins
21:02.03 PREvangelical Christian
176.7Benjamin Hutchins
21:05.76 SRChrist's Church Acad...
177.8Nicholas Slupecki
21:07.37 SRCoral Springs Christ...
178.8Michael Leonard
21:24.80Christ's Church Acad...
179.12Christopher Mougey
21:39.40St Johns Country Day
180.11David Fagot
21:54.12South Florida HEAT
181.7Tristen Horton
22:05.82P.K. Yonge
182.7George Perez
23:58.58Palmer Trinity
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Erika Fluehr
17:08.76 PRCommunity School
2.12Kathryn Fluehr
17:22.49Community School
3.8Julie Wollrath
17:47.78Holy Trinity Episcopal
4.12Teresa Ristow
18:04.36Holy Trinity Episcopal
5.9Brittney Olinger
18:20.52Oak Hall
6.9Emily Edwards
18:28.92 SRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
7.10Kristin Sweeney
18:30.97 PRMaclay
8.7Danial Van Lier
18:34.25 PRProvidence
9.11Katelyn Greenleaf
18:39.22Northside Christian
10.10McKenzie Dummer
18:42.65 PRHoly Trinity Episcopal
11.7MacKenzie Wilson
12.8Sarah Candiano
19:05.36 SREvangelical Christian
13.12Mollie Jones
19:17.06 PRGeneva
14.9Christina McKinney
19:25.11Mt Dora Christian
15.8Cali Gumpel
19:30.12Wellington Christian
16.6Lauren Perry
19:39.66 SROak Hall
17.8Emily Crist
19:40.46First Academy
18.9Anna Barry
19:42.58 PRSeacrest Country Day
19.9Claire Snyder
19:42.59Tampa Preparatory
20.10Brianna Wahy
19:42.69Holy Trinity Episcopal
21.12Kaili Corcoran
19:47.29Holy Trinity Episcopal
22.11Emily VanGelder
19:52.48Oak Hall
23.12Mollie Felder
19:53.40 PRFlorida Christian
24.12Lori Frazier
19:53.49Holy Trinity Episcopal
25.12Grace McHugh
19:53.71Santa Fe Catholic
26.8Victoria Camargo
19:54.46 PRFlorida Christian
27.9Kelsey Stern
19:56.04 PRSt Johns Country Day
28.9Sabrina Whiting
19:56.82Seffner Christian
29.11Vivian Grimes
19:57.27 SRCommunity School
30.10Danielle Dunn
19:58.85 PRProvidence
31.9Emily Stallings
20:00.12 SRProvidence
32.10Kelly Fahey
20:01.60Trinity Prep
33.12Katie McHugh
20:02.29Santa Fe Catholic
34.11Victoria Goodwin
20:03.32 PRNorthside Christian
35.8Ciara Hopkins
20:06.02 SRMontverde Academy
36.11Dana Slomins
20:06.72Holy Trinity Episcopal
37.8Kathleen Ringdahl
20:08.02 PROak Hall
38.9Naomi Valerdi
20:08.99 PRMarathon
39.11Lauren Gillespy
20:10.27Father Lopez
40.7Caroline Ada Lyden
20:10.74 PRWestminster Academy
41.10Sarah McBeath
20:10.75Evangelical Christian
42.10Camille Jackson
20:14.22 SRProvidence
43.11Hannah Allen
20:17.29Community School
44.12Sarah Sorensen
20:21.07 PRAucilla Christian
45.6Talia Carlson
20:26.91 SROak Hall
46.10Stefanie Kurgatt
47.11Meredith Anderson
20:28.65The Benjamin School
48.8Ashley Reback
20:29.78The Benjamin School
49.11Rebekah Karadeema
20:29.80 PRProvidence
50.11Tori Trador
20:35.63 PRIndian Rocks Christian
51.11Marissa Allegra
20:35.86Oak Hall
52.11Cassand Fernandez
20:36.33 SRSt John Neumann
53.9Molly Mckenna
20:36.40 PRBishop Snyder
54.7Laura Shriner
55.10Nicole Feustel
20:39.51 PRWestminster Academy
56.8Leanne Ellis
20:39.92Canterbury (Fort Mye...
57.9Margaret Porter
20:39.92 PRSt Johns Country Day
58.8Bobbi LaBrant
20:41.14 SRIndian Rocks Christian
59.6Kristen Selbach
20:41.56 PRWestminster Academy
60.7Taylor Copeland
20:46.42Aucilla Christian
61.9Sydney Carroll
20:46.51 PRTrinity Prep
62.8Victoria Hoppe
20:47.40 SRWestminster Christian
63.12Courtny Heron
20:49.48 PRNorthside Christian
64.9Savannah Wofford
20:49.54 PRSt Johns Country Day
65.11Tiffany Imbert
20:55.33St John Neumann
66.10Sarah Brodrecht
20:56.00 SRGeneva
67.8Ellie Palm
20:56.69 SRKeswick Christian
68.8Amanda Baker
20:57.21 SRWestminster Academy
69.9Brook Graham
20:57.62First Academy
70.10Katie McNees
21:04.56 PRKeswick Christian
71.7Meagan Giddens
21:07.23Aucilla Christian
72.11Mary Jacubec
21:08.74 SRKeswick Christian
73.8Barbara Lyerly
21:08.75 SRSt Johns Country Day
74.9Haley Felder
21:13.28 SRFlorida Christian
75.10Hannah Palm
21:17.75Keswick Christian
76.11Brittany Carey
21:19.65Westminster Academy
77.8Elsa Jaworski
21:20.78Trinity Prep
78.9Kuerstin Gallivan
21:24.00 SRFirst Academy
79.10Megan Miller
21:25.94 SRGeneva
80.8Caitlyn Hamilton
21:27.11Westminster Academy
81.11Kelsey Graham
21:27.54First Academy
82.10Elizabeth Santoro
83.12Emerlee Trevino
21:31.76 PRJay
84.12Claire Myers
21:33.09St John Neumann
85.10Rachel Kistemaker
21:34.89Indian Rocks Christian
86.12Allison Newcombe
21:37.75Zion Lutheran
87.9Emma Harrelson
21:44.39 PRMaclay
88.10Abbie Slupecki
21:47.65Coral Springs Christ...
89.10Hannah Sodergren
21:51.97 SRSouth Florida HEAT
90.7Jessica Hiteshew
21:52.21Mt Dora Christian
91.10Ellie Dreyer
21:52.22 SRGeneva
92.12Robin Blackman
93.12Kelsey Coon
21:56.43 PRSt Johns Country Day
94.9Jordyn Bench
21:56.64Indian Rocks Christian
95.11Anna Barber
96.12Anna Finlayson
22:04.03Aucilla Christian
97.8Jessica Thornton
98.11Kathryn Dernbach
22:06.12Community School
99.7Anjalina Verma
22:06.39 PRNorthside Christian
100.12Columbia Clancy
22:07.52 SRMiami Country Day
101.10Megan Elliott
22:08.24Mt Dora Christian
102.10Kayla Hewel
22:08.82 SRIndian Rocks Christian
103.12Elizabeth Riley
22:09.30Aucilla Christian
104.10Rebecca Purkey
22:13.89 SRTrinity Prep
105.11Dominique Pericles
22:19.12 PRFlorida Christian
106.9Lauren Mcbroom
22:19.18 PRMaclay
107.12Julia Harper
22:20.68Trinity Prep
108.10Rachel Harris
22:21.83The Benjamin School
109.9Tristan Burfield
22:21.96 SRCommunity School
110.9Chandler O'Brien
22:23.91St John Neumann
111.10Alicia Konstantino...
22:26.04Northside Christian
112.8Lindsey Poole
113.6Olivia Cone
22:30.98 PRAucilla Christian
114.12Emily Lupo
22:31.88 PRSouth Florida HEAT
115.12Katie Schepps
22:33.15The Benjamin School
116.7Nicole Sherwood
22:34.45Miami Country Day
117.12Julia Morse
22:35.44 PRCommunity School
118.7Sarah Tharpe
22:36.01 SRAucilla Christian
119.11Allison Blair
120.10Nancy Harms
121.12Kelsey Wonderlin
22:48.29 PRMarathon
122.11Kristin Nesslar
22:49.85 PRIndian Rocks Christian
123.8Mila Boano
22:50.38 SRMiami Country Day
124.10Jessica Coates
125.12Michelle Figueroa
22:59.77Florida Christian
126.9Alexis Gray
23:02.27St John Neumann
127.7Erin Endrulat
23:03.60 SRKeswick Christian
128.8Brooke Oman
23:04.41Westminster Academy
129.9Gabrielle Greenleaf
23:06.26Northside Christian
130.7Taylor Sennet
23:08.57Miami Country Day
131.11Jennifer Nestler
23:12.46The Benjamin School
132.11Jillian VanKempen
23:12.89 PRSt Johns Country Day
133.8Lara Ricote
23:14.11Miami Country Day
134.12Meredith Johnson
23:16.81 PRTrinity Prep
135.6Cassidy Goble
23:17.04 SRGeneva
136.10Madeleine Loftus
23:19.56Trinity Prep
137.10Allison Ridenour
23:20.45Calvary Christian (F...
138.7Noel Picinich
23:24.19 SRCalvary Christian (F...
139.8Ally Pond
23:27.06South Florida HEAT
140.7Alexandria Settle
23:27.59 SRJay
141.10Nicole Garrabrant
23:33.46 SRSt John Neumann
142.8Caillin Heron
23:35.24Northside Christian
143.10Ana Garcia
23:37.17The Benjamin School
144.7Jenna Thornton
145.11Jennifer Nesslar
23:39.22Indian Rocks Christian
146.11Karina Leiter
23:41.51Miami Country Day
147.6Caroline Buigas
23:42.92 PRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
148.10Nataly Lambert
23:43.40The Benjamin School
149.9Jenna Evans
23:44.02South Florida HEAT
150.7Evelyn Pizzolato-M...
23:44.10Canterbury (Fort Mye...
151.11Lindsay Dotson
23:44.16Mt Dora Christian
152.12Alexis Macdermott
23:45.06 SRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
153.11Savanna Venier
23:48.46Keswick Christian
154.11Taylor McHugh
23:52.32 SRFirst Academy
155.7Lilly Nava
23:56.63 PRMt Dora Christian
156.9Brianna Sodergren
24:07.77 SRSouth Florida HEAT
157.10Alexandra Edwards
24:14.51 SRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
158.7Bliss Reback
24:15.66 PRSouth Florida HEAT
159.10Emily Groenveld
24:16.55Calvary Christian (F...
160.10Alyssa Bowman
24:20.13Keswick Christian
161.12Carolyn Killea
24:25.37 PRSt Johns Country Day
162.11Caristyn Golden
163.11Dominique Kelly
24:30.06 SRCalvary Christian (F...
164.10Marina Wiatt
165.9Christina Berndt
24:35.67Florida Christian
166.8Karin Sastre
24:54.77Calvary Christian (F...
167.10DalyKay Reback
25:01.42South Florida HEAT
168.11Kala Hennessey
25:02.96 PRCalvary Christian (F...
169.8Rachel Fairbanks
25:06.03Calvary Christian (F...
170.11Rachel Calhoun
25:31.76St John Neumann
171.10Natli Clark
25:38.88Florida Christian
172.7Tabitha Sherman
25:54.29Mt Dora Christian
173.7Gabriela Ceja
174.10Ashley Adamo
175.11Alana Vassil
176.11Spencer Cast
28:07.15 PRFirst Academy
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