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Carrollton XC Course

5,000 Meters Varsity2:30 PM
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Carrollton XC Course

5,000 Meters Varsity3:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Cameron Thornton
16:02.83Whitefield Academy
2.12Joshua Jenkins
16:05.92Athens Christian
3.12Darryn Hutchinson
16:14.54Mt Paran Christian
4.12Gray Lindley
16:27.73 SRFirst Presbyterian Day
5.10Josiah Jenkins
16:29.81Athens Christian
6.-Jonathan Bridier
16:32.34 PROur Lady of Mercy
7.12Jake Grant
8.-Ray Warner
16:41.94 PRHoly Innocents
9.11Bradley Gossett
10.10Zack Lindsay
16:49.78Pace Academy
11.11Will Hayes
16:59.73Athens Christian
12.11Sam Reilly
17:02.64Mount Pisgah Christian
13.11Drew Sutton
14.10Alex Daniels
17:19.15Pace Academy
15.11Jeff Pearson
17:21.77 SRMt Paran Christian
16.11Jesse Baker
17.11Doug Mohme
18.10Talyor Hall
17:30.71Mt Paran Christian
19.11Kenneth Reeder
17:31.77 SRFirst Presbyterian Day
20.-Timothy Marsh
17:32.19 SRWesleyan
21.11Takim Williams
22.-Stephen Kuni
17:35.11George Walton
23.10Bryton Wenzel
24.10Aaron Gordon
25.10Henry Dwyer
17:37.03Athens Academy
26.11Cam Collins
27.12Lucas Jennings
28.10Patrick Hague
17:44.00First Presbyterian Day
29.7Joshua Rogers
17:44.81Pace Academy
30.11Calvin Henry
31.11Jack Lovern
32.9Joey Carr
17:48.41 SRMt Paran Christian
33.-R.J. Willis
17:51.26Whitefield Academy
34.11Nick Rogers
17:51.65Athens Christian
35.-Saxon Bartsch
17:52.00Atlanta International
36.-Charlie Geddes
17:57.38 PRAtlanta International
37.10Carson Waln
38.12Christopher Phillips
18:01.74First Presbyterian Day
39.-Brooks Prettyman
18:02.39 PRWesleyan
40.-Austin Gritters
41.9Morgan Bishoff
18:06.15Athens Christian
42.-David Dorsch
18:08.11Atlanta International
43.10John Raville
18:09.38Our Lady of Mercy
44.-Jack Stafford
18:10.93Pace Academy
45.8Morgan McNeill
18:11.57 SRGeorge Walton
46.12Cole Carroll
18:12.22Whitefield Academy
47.10Holt Merkle
18:14.50Whitefield Academy
48.-Randolph Goulding
18:16.40Pace Academy
49.10Connor Gavin
18:20.40North Cobb Christian
50.11Michael Tenoschok
18:21.51 PRMt Paran Christian
51.10Matthew Palay
52.-Kendrick Rhea
53.12Max Sims
54.-David Barrios
55.12Peter McGee
18:32.03Savannah Christian P...
56.-Steven Corsaniti
18:32.43Athens Christian
57.-Guilheme (Will) Si...
18:34.04Atlanta International
58.10Paul Orr
18:36.21Landmark Christian
59.-Alexander Thomas
18:36.59Atlanta International
60.9Joe Humphries
18:36.91Landmark Christian
61.-Jakob Gorgens
18:38.19Pace Academy
62.10Kurt Crymes
18:41.40Athens Academy
63.8Billy Stonecipher
18:43.59Pace Academy
64.-Nick Flint
65.-Andrew Walker
18:45.83Our Lady of Mercy
66.11Ryan Thomas
18:47.59Calvary Baptist Day
67.-Jake Anderson
18:48.23 SRMt Paran Christian
68.10Dylan Kidder
69.9Dustin Snyder
18:49.54Lakeview Academy
70.9Spencer Geerlings
18:52.00Landmark Christian
71.11Josh Herr
18:52.39Landmark Christian
72.9Matt Swan
18:52.84 SRAthens Academy
73.9Kyle Lewis
18:53.10 SRLakeview Academy
74.10Ian Cossentino
75.-Murphy Alexander
18:58.98 PRWhitefield Academy
76.10Tanner Johnston
19:02.89First Presbyterian Day
77.12Alex Pickle
78.11John Echols
19:05.13Athens Christian
79.-Nile Freeman
19:05.82Our Lady of Mercy
80.-Zac Digiorgio
19:06.27Whitefield Academy
81.-Ben Page
19:07.03 PRBrookstone
82.11Cullen Edwards
19:11.58 SRPelham
83.11Tom Greene
19:13.32 SRAthens Academy
84.9Dalton Snyder
19:14.00Lakeview Academy
85.11Sean Healy
86.9Brandon Regan
19:16.23Landmark Christian
87.10Conner Gettmann
19:19.55First Presbyterian Day
88.11Josh Wilson
19:22.12 SRMt Paran Christian
89.12Nic James
19:23.66Savannah Country Day
90.12Carl Houde
91.-Zayd Johnson
19:24.85 SROur Lady of Mercy
92.-Frank Flournoy
19:26.08 PRBrookstone
93.9Andrew Hudson
94.-Colby Smith
19:28.14 SRGeorgia Military Gre...
95.-Hayden Salyer
19:28.72 SRWalker
96.12Nate Clawson
19:33.08Savannah Christian P...
97.9Paul Young
19:33.56First Presbyterian Day
98.10Brent Blackwell
19:34.49North Cobb Christian
99.-Thomas Morgan
19:41.03 PRWashington-Wilkes
100.10Tucker Turner
19:42.27North Cobb Christian
101.12Jared Stevens
19:42.98Landmark Christian
102.11Vinnie Pagaoloni
103.-Kieran Kristensen
19:47.08 SRAtlanta International
104.10Huy Trihn
19:50.16Our Lady of Mercy
105.9Ty Colter
19:51.14Savannah Christian P...
106.-Alex Ridley
107.10Stephan Carroll
19:54.55Calvary Baptist Day
108.10Michael Buice
19:55.04George Walton
109.12Ruben Martinez
19:55.71 PRPelham
110.-Giles Geddes
20:00.90 SRAtlanta International
111.10Jake Irvin
20:01.24 SRAthens Academy
112.-Josh McLeroy
20:01.60 SRWashington-Wilkes
113.9Guthrie Edwards
20:06.24 SRPelham
114.-Dk Langford
20:08.28 PRWhitefield Academy
115.10Casey Lanier
20:09.86North Cobb Christian
116.9Zach Englert
20:13.39North Cobb Christian
117.9Chaz Post
20:14.68North Cobb Christian
118.12Trevor Rich
20:18.04George Walton
119.11Tavish Gantz
20:19.33Athens Academy
120.10Ethan Ruhl
20:20.17Athens Academy
121.10Matt Wilson
20:24.49 SRGeorgia Military Gre...
122.-Jaymes Turner
20:25.25Schley County
123.-Christian Woodberry
20:26.08Savannah Christian P...
124.11Vihan Lakshman
20:26.62Savannah Country Day
125.10Tyler Kimball
20:27.00Lakeview Academy
126.7Parker Cole
20:28.34George Walton
127.9Ruben Rivera
20:29.56 SRPelham
128.11Casey Prior
20:31.78 SRSeminole
129.10Steven Johnston
20:32.80Our Lady of Mercy
130.10Austin Hoover
20:33.44Landmark Christian
131.11Andrew Deal
20:35.00Savannah Christian P...
132.-Anthony White
20:39.39 PRGeorgia Academy For ...
133.12Thomas King
20:40.14 PRLakeview Academy
134.10Cody Carden
135.7Cole Kendall
20:41.46George Walton
136.10Trent Minis
20:51.46Bryan County
137.11Dylan Munn
20:51.81 SRCalvary Baptist Day
138.-Dylan Walden
20:52.25Schley County
139.10Justin Jones
20:53.62Bryan County
140.-Jefferson Willis
141.11Andre' Anderson
20:57.26Bryan County
142.-Devin Sharpe
20:57.67Bryan County
143.11Myles Johnson
21:02.24George Walton
144.12Taylor Willoughby
21:03.12Savannah Christian P...
145.10Matthew Herb
21:12.66Bryan County
146.-Drew Connally
21:18.26 PRPacelli
147.9Phillip McGee
21:18.97Savannah Christian P...
148.9Cain Smith
21:19.32 PRBaconton
149.-Noah Madden
21:19.67 SRWashington-Wilkes
150.-Sean Drop
21:20.00 PRPacelli
151.11A.J. Bragg
21:20.97Calvary Baptist Day
152.-Matthew Calcutt
21:21.89 SRSchley County
153.-Nathan Schlies
21:28.56 PRPacelli
154.-Trey Eakle
155.-Angel Gonzalez
21:41.18 PREchols County
156.9Darren Brown
21:42.12 PRSeminole
157.-Austin Broxterman
21:44.07 PRSchley County
158.9Joe Pennington
21:44.57Lakeview Academy
159.11Patrick Lorenz
21:47.36Savannah Country Day
160.-Joey Castleberry
21:48.15 PREchols County
161.-Dalton Carver
21:48.83 PRBacon County
162.-Jack Schley
21:49.43 PRBrookstone
163.12Scott Gorham
21:50.07 PRGeorgia Military Gre...
164.-Brenan Lowenthal
21:50.54Savannah Country Day
165.11Corey Stack
21:54.70Calvary Baptist Day
166.-Thomas Jilk
21:56.15Savannah Country Day
167.11Rolfe Glover
21:57.09 SRSavannah Country Day
168.-Juqwuan Murphy
21:59.42 SRSeminole
169.9Terry Hardy
22:01.76Bryan County
170.12Doug Kellermeyer
22:02.79 PRLakeview Academy
171.-John Pope
22:27.99 PRWashington-Wilkes
172.9Ryan Sue
22:42.95Calvary Baptist Day
173.9Austin Thomas
22:44.46Calvary Baptist Day
174.11DeeJay Acain
22:51.40Bryan County
175.-Tariq Stratford
22:54.55 PRSchley County
176.11Brian Scott
22:58.59 PRSeminole
177.-Robert Bledsoe
23:01.53 SRIrwin County
178.11Michael Bell
23:06.91 SRSeminole
179.-Blaine Cook
23:08.15 PRIrwin County
180.12Chris Brown
23:16.23 SRGeorgia Military Gre...
181.-Tobias Clay
23:26.40 SRTerrell County
182.-Charles Durr
23:26.81 SRPacelli
183.12Omar Everette
23:29.26Echols County
184.-Jeffrey Hayes
23:30.79 PRTerrell County
185.10Keon Graham
23:31.58 SRBaconton
186.-Joe Parker
187.-Jackson Woodall
23:51.17 PRSchley County
188.10Lapolean Washington
23:55.44 PRSeminole
189.-Keith Pridgen
190.9Ryan Martin
24:27.71North Cobb Christian
191.-Jesus Martinez
24:30.30 PRPelham
192.-Josh Eskew
24:35.66 PRWashington-Wilkes
193.-Jordan Hall
24:35.96 PRWashington-Wilkes
194.9Isaac O'Pry
24:36.44 PREchols County
195.9Christopher Burrou...
24:40.17 SRPelham
196.10Antonio Green
24:40.88 PRPelham
197.-Johnny Ricks
24:48.97 PRIrwin County
198.-Charles Wells
25:09.86 PRSchley County
199.12Jacob Brantley
25:18.61 PREchols County
200.-Thomas Davis
25:20.62 SRIrwin County
201.-Taylor Walker
25:25.75 PREchols County
202.-Charles Huggins
25:42.83 SREchols County
203.-Bobby French
25:49.44 PRPacelli
204.-Jose Veglio
26:05.50 PRPacelli
205.-Denzel Scott
26:10.12 SRIrwin County
206.-Jordan Leverett
26:33.08 PRIrwin County
207.-James McAvoy
26:48.35 PRWashington-Wilkes
208.12Trevin Lee
26:53.89 PRGeorgia Military Gre...
209.-Doug Bell
27:32.79 PRSeminole
210.10Sanjay Patel
27:33.32 SRBaconton
211.10Andrew Blanton
27:33.60 SRBaconton
212.-Cornelius Jackson
28:41.23 PRTerrell County
213.-Sedric Peak
28:49.09 PRTerrell County
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Grace Tinkey
18:04.74First Presbyterian Day
2.10Lindy Long
18:39.13Landmark Christian
3.11Victoria Coppage
19:36.13First Presbyterian Day
4.9Jessica Zalzman
19:52.88Pinecrest Academy
5.11Destiny Jenkins
19:58.50Athens Christian
6.12Lana Hojeij
20:01.75Landmark Christian
7.-Lindsey Sanborn
20:13.88Atlanta International
8.-Fugate Janey
20:15.89 PRWhitefield Academy
9.9Taylor Noggle
20:17.90Athens Christian
10.10Anna Gabianelli
11.9Kaylin Deel
20:29.15Landmark Christian
12.11Ansley McDurmon
13.12Erika Ramsey
14.10Katie Strawinski
20:43.05 SRMount Pisgah Christian
15.12Allie Thomas
16.11Lindsay Evans
17.-Andrea Raville
20:55.32 SROur Lady of Mercy
18.12Yarahi Castillo
20:57.65 SROur Lady of Mercy
19.11Katie Souther
20:58.48 PRGeorge Walton
20.9Caroline Reed
20:58.96 SRWesleyan
21.-Camilia Loggins
21:00.16Gordon Lee
22.10Abby Lorenz
21:03.25Savannah Country Day
23.9Ellie Thomas
21:03.70Providence Christian
24.9Jessica Smith
21:05.93First Presbyterian Day
25.9Evangeline Crist
21:07.12Providence Christian
26.9Bethany Cagle
27.12Joy Diaz
28.12Anna Shea
21:15.58 PRDarlington
29.9Anna Figueroa
21:17.91 SRPaideia
30.9Emily Blom
21:18.86Mt Paran Christian
31.11Tiffany Howard
21:21.11Bryan County
32.9Mackenzie Noggle
21:22.07Athens Christian
33.12Christine Georgaka...
21:22.53Holy Innocents
34.10Stephanie Murphy
21:27.41 SRHebron Christian Aca...
35.12Sara Wetzstein
21:31.74 SRAthens Academy
36.11Colleen Kelly
21:32.06 SROur Lady of Mercy
37.10Emily Buwalda
21:36.13North Cobb Christian
38.11BreAnn Acker
21:41.89Athens Christian
39.-Julietta Flores
21:43.22Pinecrest Academy
40.10Mallory Macgill
21:46.02 SRWesleyan
41.9Rebekah Bullard
21:46.34 PRProvidence Christian
42.11Elizabeth Fox
21:46.81 PRMt Paran Christian
43.10Danielle Ferro
21:47.24First Presbyterian Day
21:47.74 PRAthens Academy
45.11Morgan Fox
21:50.68Mt Paran Christian
46.11Urssula Aviles
21:54.50 SRPelham
47.12Lisa Watkins
48.10Rachel Koch
49.12Margaret Hjort
50.9Ansley Vardeman
21:58.93 SRTowns County
51.9Meg Norris
22:05.00Savannah Christian P...
52.11Melissa Hash
22:08.53 SRFirst Presbyterian Day
53.-Taylor Wesley
22:09.59 PRWesleyan
54.9Lexi Wood
22:12.75Athens Christian
55.12Meaghan Marshburn
22:13.74 PRAthens Academy
56.-Nicole Gagnier
22:18.52 PROur Lady of Mercy
57.9Abi Irwin
22:19.91 SRWesleyan
58.9Caroline Stroud
22:26.38First Presbyterian Day
59.12Cambree Rose
22:27.77North Cobb Christian
60.10Sarah Whatley
22:32.83 SRAthens Academy
61.10Maddie Felts
62.11Mary Echols
22:39.95Athens Christian
63.10Mariana Sanchez
22:42.40Pinecrest Academy
64.9Hannah Grice
22:43.31 SRProvidence Christian
65.-Julia Petros
22:46.99 PRPinecrest Academy
66.9Rachel Bullard
22:52.73Providence Christian
67.-Erica Papa
22:54.16Pinecrest Academy
68.-Kirby Dubose
22:55.24 PRPaideia
69.8Valerie Miller
22:56.43George Walton
70.9Becca Rasmussen
22:59.32Providence Christian
71.-Sophie Dezen
23:00.38 PRPaideia
72.11Sarah Gehling
23:00.78Pinecrest Academy
73.12Melanie Hackney
23:03.64 PROur Lady of Mercy
74.10Ashley Camp
75.10Remy Jennings
23:10.77 SRDarlington
76.-Melanie Taetle
77.12Kaley Cusumano
23:21.50 SRLandmark Christian
78.12Laura Carver
79.-Elizabeth Phillips
23:31.38 SRPelham
80.11Amy Blom
23:32.37Mt Paran Christian
81.11Deeva Desai
23:36.39 SRAthens Academy
82.10Caroline Laboon
23:37.70 SRAthens Academy
83.10Rachel Connell
23:40.97Calvary Baptist Day
84.11Jailyn Gladney
23:42.94Savannah Country Day
85.10Sydney Howard
23:44.14Athens Christian
86.9Caitlin Sheffield
23:46.57 SRTowns County
87.-Anne Wallace
23:46.92 PRSavannah Country Day
88.9Savannah Phillips
23:53.35First Presbyterian Day
89.-Mignon Farnet
23:55.68 PROur Lady of Mercy
90.10Kara Howe
23:56.75North Cobb Christian
91.-Taylor Papantonis
23:58.93North Cobb Christian
92.10Jaime Morgan
24:03.76Our Lady of Mercy
93.11Alexi Adams
24:07.65George Walton
94.9Priyanka Farrell
24:11.44 SRPaideia
95.11Claire Park
24:18.55Providence Christian
96.9Alexis Cornell
24:22.83North Cobb Christian
97.12Lauren Godfrey
98.11Jessica Corder
24:25.72George Walton
99.11Brianna Prince
100.10Erica Judy
24:37.93 SRSavannah Christian P...
101.11Rachel Anderson
24:39.54Bryan County
102.7Reynolds Rogers
24:44.14 PRGeorge Walton
103.10Morgan Stewart
24:47.79Savannah Christian P...
104.10Sarah Devaro
24:50.37 SRSavannah Country Day
105.10Mary Everett
106.9Katie Little
107.10Avian Brown
24:54.86North Cobb Christian
108.10Jenny Coalson
24:59.15 SRBaconton
109.12Kirsten Monkenuller
24:59.97 SRMt Paran Christian
110.10Mylee Connor
111.9Karen Hernandez
25:10.20 SRPaideia
112.-Celina Eklund
25:12.51Chattahoochee County
113.9Kaitlyn James
25:14.85Savannah Christian P...
114.9Taylor Vardeman
25:16.14Towns County
115.10Kiersten Cusumano
25:18.56 PRLandmark Christian
116.12Abbi Sparks
25:22.50Savannah Christian P...
117.-Rachel Moore
25:29.97 PRBrookstone
118.12Taylor Moats
25:33.85 SRTowns County
119.11Courtney Markles
25:35.69 SRBryan County
120.-Kristina Bailey
25:37.28 PRSchley County
121.12Kensi Deel
25:40.01Landmark Christian
122.-Emily Gorum
25:42.89 SRBrookstone
123.9Amelia Coles
124.-Ruthie Flowers
125.-Abigail Glaize
25:54.23 PRLandmark Christian
126.7Camille Beach
26:04.98George Walton
127.11Madeline Durant
26:07.06Calvary Baptist Day
128.-Margaret Austin
26:11.30 SRSavannah Country Day
129.10Patricia Forrester
26:16.40Calvary Baptist Day
130.9Rebekah Smith
26:21.99 SRPelham
131.10MACY Newman
26:23.08Bryan County
132.-Kristin Lawson
26:25.30 PRAthens Academy
133.12Maggie Mozley
26:27.11 PRMt Paran Christian
134.-Jada Gardner
26:29.84 SRMarion County
135.11Lorrie Wicks
26:34.00 SREchols County
136.-Rachel Alvarado
26:34.36 SRPaideia
137.12Rubi Flores
26:35.67 PREchols County
138.-Julia Steketee
26:37.16 SRPaideia
139.10Lydia Hartman
26:43.79Calvary Baptist Day
140.9Natalie Goodman
26:49.32Savannah Country Day
141.-Rachel Dixon
26:50.82 SRMarion County
142.11Teta Alexander
26:54.18Calvary Baptist Day
143.-Collyn Archer
26:54.67 SRPacelli
144.-Hailey Stevens
26:55.35 PRBryan County
145.10Lauren Swanson
26:57.21 PRBaconton
146.10Rebecca Batten
147.12Ellie Moore
27:17.09Mt Paran Christian
148.12Ashlea Johnson
27:19.92 PRBaconton
149.10Makayla Peny
27:21.99Bryan County
150.-Mirna Perales
27:22.41 SRWashington-Wilkes
151.-Lillian Harvey
27:24.87 PRBaconton
152.12Alex Chambers
27:26.49North Cobb Christian
153.-Katherine White
154.-Alex Snipes
155.9Sharon Hernandez
27:36.12 PRSeminole
156.-Mary Catherine Jen...
27:37.51Calvary Baptist Day
157.-Cassandra Buck
27:38.06 SRTowns County
158.12Ariel Brandon
27:45.47 PRBaconton
159.9Darcy Neufeld
27:55.12George Walton
160.10Caroline Moore
28:00.18Savannah Christian P...
161.12Jaleesa Barksdale
28:15.18 SRGeorgia Military Gre...
162.-Holly Jamieson
28:19.79 PRSchley County
163.-Landy Sudduth
28:24.77 PRBrookstone
164.11Beth Wright
28:34.13Savannah Christian P...
165.-Carrie Hungerpillar
28:41.91Savannah Country Day
166.-Marisa Nunez
28:51.47 SRPacelli
167.-Emily Fairchild
28:53.48 PRPacelli
168.-Jackie McLlrath
29:05.34 PRSchley County
169.-Abby Kamensky
170.-Daisy Martinez
29:17.30 PRPelham
171.-Erika Jefferson
29:17.99 PRWashington-Wilkes
172.-Gloria Perales
29:25.52 PRWashington-Wilkes
173.-Marisa Sifre
29:35.07 PRWashington-Wilkes
174.-Bailey Horton
29:48.46Calvary Baptist Day
175.-Ivy Safrit
30:33.00 SRWashington-Wilkes
176.-Kristen Waters
30:42.95 PRSchley County
177.-Kaylee Bruer
30:55.54 PRSchley County
178.-Elizabeth Bentley
179.11Brittany Wilson
31:14.65 PRSeminole
180.-Gabby Trujilio
31:19.67 PRSeminole
181.12Whitney Calhoun
182.10Jordan Hill
183.9Angela Wenzel
31:23.57 SRBaconton
184.-Ramona Lott
32:03.94 SRWashington-Wilkes
185.-Cassandra Norman
32:06.54 PRWashington-Wilkes
186.9Kaitlyn Simpson
32:25.45Echols County
187.10Elizabeth Young
32:26.34 PREchols County
188.11Callie Ragan
32:45.42 SREchols County
189.-Maribel Trejo
33:20.21 PREchols County
190.-Grace Wooten
34:20.35 PRSchley County
191.9Stormie Geiger
36:22.75 SRSeminole
192.12Octavia Kierce
193.-Natoria Jackson
37:05.82 PRSeminole
194.-Miranda Williams
37:31.05 PRSeminole
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