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Mens Races
1 Mile Jr Varsity

Central Valley HS

5,000 Meters Varsity9:30 PM

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Mens Results

1 Mile Jr Varsity

1.12Jared Maynes
5:31 PRCentral Valley
2.11Dallin Squires
5:35 PRCentral Valley
3.10Matt Busch
5:55 PRCentral Valley
4.12Matt Hinea
5:58 PRCentral Valley
5.12Tyler Smith
6:03 PRCentral Valley
6.10Derek Bischoff
6:08 PRCentral Valley
7.8Trevor Brown
6:15 PRCentral Valley
8.8Spencer Jensen
6:18 PRCentral Valley
9.10Seth Munyon
6:23 PRCentral Valley
10.10Jacob Weisbeck
6:24 PRCentral Valley
11.9Matthew Troxel
6:24 PRCentral Valley
12.9Jared Jensen
6:36 PRCentral Valley
13.11Jacob Williams
6:36 PRCentral Valley
14.9Aaron Donahue
7:07 PRCentral Valley
15.11Corey Rudd
7:10 PRCentral Valley
16.11Alberto Reis
7:50 PRCentral Valley
17.9Jeff Moberg
8:50 PRCentral Valley
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Drew Brown
17:48Central Valley
2.11Isaac Seward
18:15.0Central Valley
3.12Matt Summers
18:31Central Valley
4.9Corey Hunter
18:40Central Valley
5.11Scott Allen
18:44 SRCentral Valley
6.11Jared Seckel
18:46Central Valley
7.12Bryce Samuelson
18:53Central Valley
8.9Matt Hommel
18:55Central Valley
9.10Jonah Spencer
19:12Central Valley
10.10Phillip Smith
19:14Central Valley
11.9Drew Keeve
19:28Central Valley
12.12Scott Bischoff
19:29Central Valley
13.10Casey Strauss
19:29Central Valley
14.11Joseph Aman
19:32 SRCentral Valley
15.12Jacob Troxel
19:42Central Valley
16.11Steven Jensen
19:54Central Valley
17.11McKay Tucker
19:57Central Valley
18.11Cody Spillane
20:01Central Valley
19.10Kyile LeBlanc
20:12Central Valley
20.9Austin Seely
20:19Central Valley
21.9Chad Samuelson
20:25Central Valley
22.12John Weiser
20:36Central Valley
23.10Jinhyuk Kim
20:54Central Valley
24.11Jeremy Hays
21:01Central Valley
25.10Anthony Brines
21:05Central Valley
26.11Seth Johnson
21:39Central Valley
27.9Eric Allen
21:49Central Valley
28.10Erik Bodrock
22:19Central Valley
29.12Ben Troxel
22:23Central Valley
30.11Ben Salsbury
23:30Central Valley
31.12Michael Barnhart
23:50Central Valley
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