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Mens Races
3,000 Meters 4569:00 AM
3,000 Meters Cadet10:00 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters 4569:30 AM
3,000 Meters Cadet10:30 AM

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Team Scores... Congratulations to Guerin Catholic CYO Invitational team champions:

Cadet Boys: St Malachy

Cadet Girls: St Malachy

456 Boys: IHM

456 Girls: St Jude



St Malachy 13
St Barnabas 63
St Simon 78
Immaculate Heart of Mary 85
St Lawrence 88
Holy Spirit 141
St Pius X 144
St Louis de Montfort 148
Christ the King 173
Our Lady of Grace 189
Nativity Catholic 210
St. Mark 253
St Matthew 264


St Malachy 17
St Barnabas 57
St Luke 70
St Simon 77
St Maria Goretti 90
Our Lady of Mount Carmel 95
Christ the King 98
Immaculate Heart of Mary 102
St Louis de Montfort 122
St. Rose of Lima 262
Christel House Academy 279


St Jude School 47
Christ the King 56
Our Lady of Mount Carmel 70
Immaculate Heart of Mary 104
St Maria Goretti 115
St Matthew 130
St Malachy 135
Our Lady of Lourdes 155
St Pius X 159
St Barnabas 161
St. Rose of Lima 176
Our Lady of Grace 213
St Monica 216
St Joan of Arc 375
St Luke 407
Saints Francis and Clare 548


456 BOYS
Immaculate Heart of Mary 48
St Maria Goretti 68
Our Lady of Mount Carmel 102
St Barnabas 104
Christ the King 108
St Jude School 110
Holy Spirit 120
St Monica 127
St Simon 179
St Malachy 183
St Pius X 201
St. Mark 213
St Luke 223
St Louis de Montfort 256
Saints Francis and Clare 257
St Joan of Arc 279
Our Lady of Lourdes 291
St. Rose of Lima 354
Christel House Academy 373
Our Lady of Grace 395

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters 456

1.5Connor Schepers
11:52 PRSt Malachy
2.6Cristo Schmitz
12:08 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
3.5Jordan Zatawski
12:13 PRSt Jude
4.5Bobby Spech
12:25 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
5.5Andy Voor
12:26 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
6.5Ian Hunter
12:27Christ the King
7.4Sam Fair
12:29 PRHoly Spirit
8.-Matthew Woodruff
12:36 PRSt Barnabas
9.5Nathan Kolbus
12:37Christ the King
10.6Kevin Greene
12:38 PRSt Maria Goretti
11.5Kolb Kevin
12:44 PRSt Simon
12.6Tyler Bickel
12:47 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
13.6Scott Dopplefeld
12:48 PRSt Maria Goretti
14.6Owen Boggs
12:48.5 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
15.6Nicholas Murphy
12:49 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
16.4Anthony Dafforn
12:55 PRSaints Francis and C...
17.5Christian Stevens
13:01 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
18.5Michael Breckler
13:09 PRSt Malachy
19.5Jacob Ruschaupt
13:09.5 PRSt Pius X
20.5Tyler Sims
13:10 PRChristel House Academy
21.6William Young
13:10.5St Monica
22.6Clay Obergfell
13:12 PRSt Maria Goretti
23.6Mack Bentivoglio
13:13 PRSt Maria Goretti
24.4Thomas Roth
13:14 SRImmaculate Heart of ...
25.5Kyle Brun
13:15St Monica
26.6Jacob Lenne
13:18 PRHoly Spirit
27.6Garrett Lucas
13:19 PRSt. Mark
28.-Timmy Miller
13:22 PRSt Barnabas
29.4Michael Runholt
13:22.5 SRSt. Mark
30.4Drew Bishop
13:23 PRSt Patrick
31.5Conor Kennedy
13:24 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
32.-Daniel Woodruff
13:32 SRSt Barnabas
33.5Noah Bush
13:32.5St Monica
34.6Grant Lenahan
13:32.7 PRSt Jude
35.5Drew Holl
13:33 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
36.6Keegan Kirkwood
13:36 PRSt Maria Goretti
37.6Matt Susemichel
13:36.5 PRSt Jude
38.-Joseph Woodruff
13:37 SRSt Barnabas
39.5Benton Stegemiller
13:40 PRSt Jude
40.6Jimmy Huscroft
13:42 PRSt Maria Goretti
41.6Sam Fought
13:43 PRHoly Spirit
42.6Burger Daniel
13:47 PRSt Simon
43.4Ryan Bohrer
13:48 PRSt Luke
44.4Sammy Kacius
13:51Christ the King
45.5William Eckrich
13:52 PRSt Luke
46.-Matt Shanahan
13:53 PRSt Barnabas
47.6David Graham
13:54 PRSt Louis de Montfort
48.5Drew Bluethmann
13:55 PRHoly Spirit
49.5David House
13:56 PRSt Joan of Arc
50.4John Young
13:57St Monica
51.6Thomas Hirschfeld
13:58Christ the King
52.5Will Kellison
14:00 PRSt Pius X
53.6Cole Bosler
14:01 PRSt Luke
54.5Matthew Leming
14:01.5 PRHoly Spirit
55.5Matthew Collier
14:04 PRSt Joan of Arc
56.4Calder Robinson
14:05 PRNativity Catholic
57.4Billy Davignon
14:06 PRSt Patrick
58.-Jerry Barnett
14:07 PRSt. Rose of Lima
59.4Wesley Young
14:07St Monica
60.4Jack Hawes
14:10 SRSt Pius X
61.6Evan Zatkulak
14:13 PRSt Louis de Montfort
62.4Charlie Deane
14:21 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
63.-Max Linton
14:24 PRSt. Rose of Lima
64.4Patrick Simpson
14:25 SROur Lady of Grace
64.8Harrison King
14:25 PROur Lady of Grace
65.4Mateo Gonzalez
14:28 PRSaints Francis and C...
66.6Hurley Sean
14:29 PRSt Simon
67.4Pehlman Ryan
14:30 PRSt Simon
68.4Patrick Etzler
14:31 SRImmaculate Heart of ...
69.3Noah Wilson
14:36 PROur Lady of Lourdes
70.4Max Montgomery
14:38 PRSt Joan of Arc
71.6Ben Howe
14:42 PRSt Louis de Montfort
72.3Jason Hofer
14:42.3 PRSt Malachy
73.4Nick Pfledderer
14:42.5Christ the King
74.5Holden Martin
14:42.7 PROur Lady of Lourdes
75.5Ian Nowlin
14:43 PROur Lady of Lourdes
76.5Jason Brown
14:44 PRSt Jude
77.5Owen Klee
14:45 PRSt Pius X
78.5Caleb Parker
14:46St Monica
79.6Jack Randall
14:49 PRSt Maria Goretti
80.5Sam Bramlett
14:54 PRSt. Mark
81.6Jacob Pisockyj
14:55 PRSt Maria Goretti
82.4Keegan Alford
14:56 PRSaints Francis and C...
83.4Sean Smith
14:58 PRSt. Mark
84.4Duncan McGrew
14:58.5 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
85.5Athan Christopher
15:02 PROur Lady of Lourdes
86.5David Schrader
15:02.5 PRSt Jude
87.5Frankie Green
15:04 PRSt Louis de Montfort
88.5Hugh Bromund
15:05 PRSt Luke
89.5Michael Bailey
15:08 PRSt Louis de Montfort
90.6Clark Arbogast
15:09 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
91.5Liam Collier
15:11 PRSt. Mark
92.-Noah Servies
15:15 PRSt Barnabas
93.5David Vera
15:17 PRChristel House Academy
94.6Cooper Nevitt
15:18Christ the King
95.-Ethan Sullivan
15:18.5 PRSt. Rose of Lima
96.6Nate Smith
15:23 PRHoly Spirit
97.6John Sokol
15:33St Matthew
98.6Sam Vielee
15:35Christ the King
99.6Ethan Kaufman
15:41 PRSt Malachy
100.4Garrett Longenecker
15:42 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
101.-Will Gibson
15:44 PRSt Barnabas
102.4Trevor King
15:50 PROur Lady of Grace
103.-Jack Bauer
15:52 PRSt Barnabas
104.4Owen Spotts
15:54 SRSaints Francis and C...
105.5Shane Sanneman
15:54.5 PRSt Jude
106.6Sam Welsh
15:55 PRSt Louis de Montfort
107.4Nick Jurkiewicz
15:56Christ the King
108.6DeCastro Jacob
15:59 PRSt Simon
109.5Gigerich Will
16:04 PRSt Simon
110.3Luke Schmidt
16:04.5 PRSt. Mark
111.5Basile Chris
16:06 PRSt Simon
112.4Nick Grasso
16:09 PRHoly Spirit
113.5Jacob Bowman
16:10 PRSt. Mark
114.4Sam Peck
16:14 PRSt Joan of Arc
115.5Nathan Marks
16:18St Monica
116.5Allan Schneider
16:22 PRSt Luke
117.5Will Delaney
16:27 PRSt Luke
118.6Quentin LaFollette
16:31 PRSt. Mark
119.4Jordon Freeman
16:35 PRChristel House Academy
120.4Aidan Sedlak
16:42 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
121.5Christian Corrao
16:47 PROur Lady of Grace
122.6Spencer Polak
16:48St Monica
123.5Joseph Sabatino
16:53 PRSt Lawrence
124.4Will Huff
16:54 PROur Lady of Grace
125.5Jacob Reed
16:58 PROur Lady of Lourdes
126.4Matthew Albert
17:00 PRSt Malachy
127.4Jake Youngstafel
17:02 PRSaints Francis and C...
128.5Jack Dunn
17:03Christ the King
129.4Cole Fuss
17:19 PRSt. Mark
130.4Evan Horn
17:20 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
131.4Mitchell Jacob
17:33 SRSt Malachy
132.5Alex Pachciarz
17:34 PRSt Joan of Arc
133.6Michael Macnulty
17:38 PRSt Maria Goretti
134.5Moore Liam
17:39 PRSt Simon
135.4Sam Taylor
17:41 SRHoly Spirit
136.5Lance Spreacker
17:41St Monica
137.5Jonah Hollis
17:42 PRSt Joan of Arc
138.3Anthony Spotts
17:45 SRSaints Francis and C...
139.3Harrison Sisk
17:48 SRSt Jude
140.4David Johnson
18:03 PRSt. Mark
141.4Robert Sulecki
18:11 PRSt Malachy
142.5DeSanto Elliott
18:19 PRSt Simon
143.5David Brinker
18:22 PRSt Jude
144.6Tommy Kacius
18:28Christ the King
145.3Quentin Gallagher
18:31 PRSt Jude
146.6Bain LaFollette
18:32 PRSt. Mark
147.-Grant Shaw
18:46 SRSt Barnabas
149.6Matthew Lowe
18:56 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
150.4Jacob Hon
19:41 PRSt. Mark
151.3Andrew Gangstad
19:55 PRSt Jude
152.-Spencer Fears
21:47 PRSt. Rose of Lima
153.6Jake McGowan
22:17 PRChristel House Academy
154.4Jamil Basir
24:18 PRSt Malachy
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3,000 Meters Cadet

1.8Luke Schepers
10:49 PRSt Malachy
2.8Christopher Bluish
10:53 PRSt Louis de Montfort
3.7Max Wehrle
11:08 PRSt Malachy
4.7Matthew Everling
11:12 PRSt Malachy
5.7CJ Damler
11:16 PRSt Malachy
6.-Max Clifford
11:31 PRSt. Rose of Lima
7.8Jared Lewis
11:37 PRSt Lawrence
8.-Joseph Below
11:39 PRSt Barnabas
9.8Mitchell Donlan
11:40.1 PRHoly Spirit
10.-Mikey Reeves
11:41 PRSt Barnabas
11.8Newkirk Sam
11:43 PRSt Simon
12.8Wessel Charlie
11:45 PRSt Simon
13.7Matt Schultheis
11:55 PRSt Lawrence
14.8Patrick Murphy
11:57 PRNativity Catholic
15.8Timmy McNulty
12:04 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
16.8Mitchell Wehrle
12:06 PRSt Malachy
17.7David Carr
12:08 PRSt Malachy
18.8Drew Groth
12:08.5 PRSt Malachy
19.-Nolan Shanahan
12:09 PRSt Barnabas
20.8Chad O'Connell
12:11 PRSt Pius X
21.7Tommy Green
12:13 PRSt Louis de Montfort
22.8Nick Young
12:20St Monica
23.8Mac Ely
12:31 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
24.8Ben Bey
12:33 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
26.7Aaron Burrell
12:39 PRSt Lawrence
27.8Sullivan Sean
12:42 PRSt Simon
28.8Connor Griffin
12:52 PRHoly Spirit
29.7Dan Hipskind
12:54 PRSt Pius X
30.7Alec Jansen
12:54.5 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
31.-Elliot Taylor
12:58 PRSt Barnabas
32.8Lee McAdams
12:58.5 PRSt. Mark
33.8Alan Burkhart
12:58.7 PROur Lady of Grace
34.7Boyle Nolan
12:59 PRSt Simon
35.7Jack Quigley
13:01 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
36.8Dalton Gunter
13:03 PRCardinal Ritter
37.-Eamon Boyle
13:04 PRSt Barnabas
38.8Chris Trausch
13:04.5 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
39.7Joseph O'Neil
13:04.7 PRSt Luke
40.8Jameson Nevitt
13:07Christ the King
41.-Liam Hosty
13:07.5 PRSt Barnabas
42.7Christopher Bessler
13:07.79 PRSt Malachy
43.7Patrick Gresham
13:12Christ the King
44.7Jack Kellison
13:14 PRSt Pius X
45.8Patrick Diehr
13:16 PRSt Luke
46.7Heckman John
13:17 PRSt Simon
47.7Will Jake
13:19 PRSt Simon
48.7John Michael Mason
13:21St Matthew
49.7Will John
13:22 PRSt Simon
50.7DeSanto Gabe
13:24 PRSt Simon
51.7Drew Adams
13:28 PRSt Lawrence
52.8Paul Nicholas
13:29Christ the King
53.7Kurt Barbera
13:31 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
54.8Pat Carr
13:33 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
55.8Nick Sitzman
13:33.5 PRNativity Catholic
56.8Colin Gongwer
13:34Christ the King
57.7Torsten Bartz
13:43 PRSt Luke
58.8Bo Leszcynski
13:53 PRHoly Spirit
59.8Albert Jun
13:55 PRSt Louis de Montfort
60.8Alex Siderys
13:58 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
61.7Taylor Snow
14:01 PRHoly Spirit
62.8Noah Newkirk
14:05 PRHoly Spirit
63.7Sam Littrell
14:09 PRNativity Catholic
64.7Mark Prechtel
14:11 PRSt Pius X
65.8Carl Nickander
14:13 PROur Lady of Grace
66.7Hanuschek Paul
14:20 PRSt Simon
67.7Noah Boyce
14:29Christ the King
68.7Bryce Hurrle
14:31 PRSt Malachy
69.8Ryan McGlinchey
14:33St Matthew
70.7Ian Gammon
14:34 PRSt Malachy
71.8Jack McLaughlin
14:35 PRHoly Spirit
72.7Hittle Marcus
14:38 PRSt Simon
73.7Kyle Krieger
14:39 PRCardinal Ritter
74.7Liam Haile
14:41 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
75.7George Heslin
14:41.5 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
76.8Jimmy Kacius
14:42Christ the King
77.7Ethan Hommel
14:43 PRSt. Mark
78.7Andrew Allspaw
14:44 PRSt Lawrence
79.7Keegan Cougill
14:46 PROur Lady of Lourdes
80.8Lennon Lucid
14:55 PRSt. Mark
81.8Skyler Moore
14:59 PRSt Louis de Montfort
82.7Stiffler Mitchell
15:00 PRSt Simon
83.7Jalil Fields
15:02 PRSt Joan of Arc
84.8Carter Evans
15:03 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
85.-Giovanni Below
15:04 PRSt Barnabas
86.8Andy Rosta
15:05 PROur Lady of Grace
87.7Johnson Brantley
15:09 PRSt Simon
88.8Matt Henn
15:10St Monica
89.7Peyton Mahin
15:13St Matthew
90.7Austin Oppold
15:14Christ the King
91.7Trent Cockman
15:24 PRSt Maria Goretti
92.8Matthew Hawkins
15:31St Matthew
93.8Drew Swiezy
15:35 PRSt. Mark
94.7Jack Marks
15:37St Monica
95.7Kennedy Sam
15:47 PRSt Simon
96.8Jack McNelis
15:52 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
97.7Trey Lee
15:59 PRSt Pius X
98.8Steven Wade
16:41 PRSt Maria Goretti
99.8Kyle Staschke
16:47 PRSt Pius X
100.7Knight Joseph
17:12 PRSt Simon
101.7Chris Diaz
17:20 PRCardinal Ritter
102.7Rench Noah
17:27 PRSt Simon
103.7DeKari Turner
17:48St Matthew
104.7Moore Ryan
17:59 PRSt Simon
105.-Max Salazar
18:04 PRSt. Rose of Lima
106.7Josh Sitzman
18:07 PRNativity Catholic
107.7Karl Hillenbrand
18:42 PRSt Louis de Montfort
108.7Thomas Benkert
19:17 PRSaints Francis and C...
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters 456

1.6Kaitlyn Pacilio
12:44.4 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
177.4Alyssa McCallister
12:44.4 PRChristel House Academy
2.5Gabrielle Viduya
12:44.47 PRSt Jude
3.6Madison Faust
12:44.84 PRSt Jude
4.4Katie Dietrick
12:49 SRImmaculate Heart of ...
5.5Mikayla Gallagher
12:59Christ the King
6.6Kate Anderson
12:59.5 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
7.6Kat Dombroski
12:59.8 PRSt Maria Goretti
8.5Lucia Rerez
13:04 PRSt Maria Goretti
9.6Natalie Donlan
13:09 PRHoly Spirit
10.6Lucie Marshall
13:12St Matthew
11.6Madeline Youngman
13:14 PROur Lady of Grace
12.6Jacqueline Kennedy
13:19 PROur Lady of Lourdes
13.4Breanna Sims
13:23 PRChristel House Academy
14.5Emma Deery
13:26 PROur Lady of Lourdes
15.4Grace Hanley
13:27 SRImmaculate Heart of ...
16.6Katherine Gillig
13:31 PRSt Monica
17.4Paige Schemanske
13:36 SRSt Maria Goretti
18.6Mary Kate Meloy
13:39Christ the King
19.6Emily Getz
13:41Christ the King
20.6Lily Fillenwarth
13:41.5Christ the King
21.5Shelby Zins
13:44 PRSt Jude
22.5Kendall Blake
13:46St Monica
23.5Gracie Hamilton
13:51 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
24.-Lori McCormick
13:51.5 PRSt. Rose of Lima
25.6Nikki Kessler
13:55 PRSt Jude
26.6Kami Koors
13:56 PRSt Jude
27.-Anna Bauer
13:56.5 PRSt Barnabas
28.6Caldwell Kristen
13:57 PRSt Simon
29.6Bella Bucklew
13:58 PROur Lady of Grace
30.6Genova Schultheis
13:59 PRSt Lawrence
31.5Emileigh Wilham
14:00 PRSt Jude
32.4Erin Myers
14:02 PRSt Malachy
33.-Sarah Sullivan
14:03 PRSt. Rose of Lima
34.6Samantha Haimbaugh
14:05 PRSt Pius X
35.5Miranda Seguin
14:11St Matthew
36.6Margaret Nickerson
14:11.5 PRSt Pius X
37.6Brianna Duncan
14:12 PRSt Malachy
38.6Delaney Jacquay
14:15Christ the King
39.6Makayla Huser
14:15.5 PRSt Pius X
40.6Maddie Anderson
14:19 PRSt Malachy
41.-Shayla Laut
14:21 PRSt Barnabas
42.5Jenna Williams
14:22 PRSt Malachy
43.4Maeci Dristas
14:24 SRSt Jude
44.6Francesca Woodman
14:25Christ the King
45.5Marissa Seguin
14:31St Matthew
46.5Olivia Balcer
14:36 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
47.5Annie O'Neil
14:37 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
48.5Frances Ripley
14:39 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
49.4Holle Guntz
14:42 SRImmaculate Heart of ...
50.6Rachel Kent
14:44Christ the King
51.-Kate Morse
14:45 PRSt Barnabas
52.6Catherine Brown
14:46Christ the King
53.5Sophia Venezia
14:47St Matthew
54.-Maggie Auger
14:48 SRSt. Rose of Lima
55.4Annabel Konesco
14:49 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
56.-Kasey O'Connor
14:52 PRSt Barnabas
57.4Genevieve Eldred
14:53 PRSt Patrick
58.4Teresa Stein
14:55 SRSt Louis de Montfort
59.6Audrey Kelly
15:02St Matthew
60.6Eliza Foran
15:06 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
61.6Becca Fillip
15:11 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
62.6Gillian Fouse
15:11.5 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
63.6Emily Barnes
15:12 SRSt Lawrence
64.-Alexis Swingendorf
15:13 PRSt Barnabas
65.4Molly Fox
15:16 PRSt Luke
66.5Sophia Mosley
15:19 PRSt Joan of Arc
67.6Riley Whalen
15:20.1 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
68.4Caroline Browne
15:20.5 SRImmaculate Heart of ...
69.6Mazzy Huser
15:22 PRSt Pius X
70.4Claire Hawkins
15:23 PRSt Matthew
71.6Fiona Granados
15:23.3 PROur Lady of Lourdes
72.4Jaeden Crawford
15:23.7Christ the King
73.4Shelly Marshall
15:24St Matthew
74.3Alleigh Wilham
15:25St Jude
75.5Izzie Leffler
15:26 PROur Lady of Lourdes
76.4Paige Rich
15:28 PROur Lady of Grace
77.6Emily Schommer
15:29 PRSt Monica
78.5Ireland Stevens
15:31 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
79.4Julia Donlan
15:34 SRHoly Spirit
80.6Hannah Cooke
15:36 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
81.4Anna Bohbrink
15:37 SRSt Malachy
82.4Cece Damler
15:37.5 SRSt Malachy
83.-Sofia Filis
15:38 SRSt. Rose of Lima
84.4Janie Gleaves
15:39 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
85.4Sydney Gray
15:43 SRSt Jude
86.5Maggie Peck
15:46 PRSt Joan of Arc
87.-Michaela Salazar
15:49 PRSt. Rose of Lima
88.4Marta Schmitz
15:50.1 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
89.-Morgan Hoy
15:53 PRSt. Rose of Lima
90.6Amy Kurucz
15:54 PRSt Malachy
91.4Izzy Pippen
15:54.5 SRImmaculate Heart of ...
92.4Ellen Schrader
15:57 PRSt Jude
93.4Megan Barker
15:59 PRSt Maria Goretti
94.5Grace Murphy
15:59.5 PRSt Jude
95.5Bielski Sarah
16:02 PRSt Simon
96.4Kate Michael
16:06 PRSt Louis de Montfort
97.5Rachael Kehlor
16:08 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
98.4Danielle Hunckler
16:12 PRSt Maria Goretti
99.5Chloe Henderson
16:13 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
100.6Olivia Plant
16:14 PRSt Patrick
101.4Carlie Schultheis
16:15 PRSt Jude
102.5Mary Kate Thatcher
16:16Christ the King
103.5Sarah Kennedy
16:21 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
104.6Grace Lundy
16:23Christ the King
105.4Amanda Boggs
16:25 SRImmaculate Heart of ...
106.5Victoria Nicholas
16:27Christ the King
107.6Avi Senefeld
16:31 PRSt Luke
108.5Hannah Brinker
16:33 PRSt Jude
109.4Olivia Schemmel
16:37 PRSt. Mark
110.4Stephanie Lewis
16:47 PROur Lady of Lourdes
111.4Kelli Mariutto
16:49 SRSt Jude
112.3Abby Page
16:50.1 SROur Lady of Lourdes
113.5Zola Lamoh
16:50.9 PRSt Joan of Arc
114.3Elliie Murphy
16:51 SRSt Jude
115.-Jada Moran
16:54 PRSt Barnabas
116.6Mary Rose Schwering
16:55 PROur Lady of Lourdes
117.4Caitlin O'Connor
16:56 PRSt Malachy
118.4Kylie Nagy
16:57 SRSt Malachy
119.4Ellie Svec
16:59 PRSt Maria Goretti
120.6Lauren Gandhi
17:03 PROur Lady of Grace
121.-Mary Rose Roesener
17:05 SRSt. Rose of Lima
122.4Natalie Hahn
17:06 PRSt Jude
123.4Bonnie Nickander
17:07 PROur Lady of Grace
124.6Casey Storms
17:07.4St Monica
125.4Allison Heller
17:08 PRSt Lawrence
126.-Haley Miller
17:10.09 PRSt Barnabas
127.4Kamryn Kikta
17:13 PRSt Patrick
128.5Annelise Leffler
17:16 PROur Lady of Lourdes
129.-Amber Linton
17:17 SRSt. Rose of Lima
130.4Georgia Mudd
17:18 PRSt Monica
131.6Emma Baldwin
17:19 PRSt Luke
132.4Tori Moss
17:22 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
133.5Michelle Powers
17:24 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
134.3Annie Getz
17:28 SRChrist the King
135.4Monica Babbey
17:32Christ the King
136.-Elliana Aleski
17:34 PRSt. Rose of Lima
137.4Meg Howe
17:34.7 PRSt Louis de Montfort
138.5Megan Chapelle
17:38 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
139.4Maria Christoff
17:43Christ the King
140.5Gillian Bennett
17:47 PROur Lady of Lourdes
141.5Grace Gilliland
17:49 PRSaints Francis and C...
142.4Katie Carr
17:51 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
143.5Katelyn Limcaco
17:51.9 PRSaints Francis and C...
144.3Danielle Kessler
17:52 PRSt Jude
145.6Shelby Mudd
17:52.7 SRSt Monica
146.3Eliza Leffler
17:58 PROur Lady of Lourdes
147.-Sydney Clifford
18:00 PRSt. Rose of Lima
148.6Addison Laker
18:03 PRNativity Catholic
149.6Kiana Kuhn
18:05 PROur Lady of Grace
150.5Kate Heiden
18:06 PRSt Jude
151.-Sarah Johnston
18:09 PRSt Barnabas
152.6Lauren Finn
18:11 PRSt Luke
153.5Maeve Flynn
18:16 PRSt Joan of Arc
154.5Sophie Fernandez
18:29 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
155.3Emma Sommers
18:31 SRSt Jude
156.4Sarah Kent
18:34Christ the King
157.4Heidi Bartz
18:41 PRSt Luke
158.6Kylie Clouse
18:41.5 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
159.2Ali Dafforn
18:46 PRSaints Francis and C...
160.3Ashleigh Wilham
18:48 PRSt Jude
161.6Allison Walker
18:57Christ the King
162.5Allijah Kent
18:59 PRSt Joan of Arc
163.5McKenna Edwards
19:18 PROur Lady of Grace
164.-Meggie Clark
19:36 PRSt. Rose of Lima
165.5Jennifer Smith
19:42 PRSt. Mark
166.-Alyson McElwain
19:45 PRSt. Rose of Lima
167.6Mallory Whitsett
19:58 PRHoly Spirit
168.-Meghan Looney
20:12 PRSt Barnabas
169.3Sophie Gilliland
20:14 PRSaints Francis and C...
170.4Chloe Coffman-Keis...
20:22 PRSaints Francis and C...
171.3Katie Baker
20:29 SRSt Jude
172.6Elise Purnsley
20:51St Monica
173.3Joanna Suppiger
22:40 PROur Lady of Lourdes
174.4Katie Melind
23:42 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
175.5Chloe Fellwock
24:00St Matthew
176.5Becca Schafer
24:04 PRChristel House Academy
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3,000 Meters Cadet

1.-Emily Barron
12:16 PRSt Barnabas
2.7Ellen Flood
12:17 PRSt Malachy
3.8Madison Jones
12:24 PRSt Malachy
4.7Jessica Wells
12:26 PRSt Lawrence
5.7Allison Hering
12:27 PRSt Malachy
6.8Abby Crump
12:51 PRHoly Spirit
7.-Kristen Reece
13:07 PRSt Barnabas
8.8Burger Kelly
13:11 PRSt Simon
9.7Kat Zoeller
13:20Christ the King
10.7Gabbi Bratton
13:21 PRSt Malachy
11.7Hanna Newell
13:21 PRSt Maria Goretti
12.7Corrine Wells
13:22 PRSt Maria Goretti
13.-Erin Bauer
13:32 PRSt Barnabas
14.7Erin Schmutte
13:35 PROur Lady of Grace
15.8Annie Melbert
13:37 PRSt Luke
16.8Mary Ellen Kempf
13:39 PRSt Pius X
17.7Erin Roy
13:40 PRSt Malachy
18.7Katie Crossin
13:41 PRSt Luke
19.8Juliette Lowry
13:42 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
20.8Rebecca Zatkulak
13:45 PRSt Louis de Montfort
21.7Emily Boomershine
13:45.5 PRSt Luke
22.7Bielski Maggie
13:49 PRSt Simon
23.7Julie Nelson
13:58 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
24.7Maddie Plant
14:01 PRSt Patrick
25.7Claire Lies
14:01.5 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
26.8Taylor Pacilio
14:05 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
27.8Kirschner Mindy
14:05.79 PRSt Simon
28.8Brenna O'Boyle
14:08 PRSt Louis de Montfort
29.7Lucy Fralich
14:11Christ the King
30.7Maura Wissler
14:12St Matthew
31.8Mary Cate Pachciarz
14:12.5 PRSt Joan of Arc
32.7Emma Balcer
14:23 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
33.7Lydia Long
14:33 PRSt Maria Goretti
34.8Caroline Kennedy
14:36 PRSt Luke
35.7Allison Kent
14:36.5 PRSt Malachy
36.8Tunie Snyder
14:37Christ the King
37.8Erin White
14:37.3 PRHoly Spirit
38.8Kaitlyn Kaminskas
14:38 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
39.8Bielefeld Grace
14:38.5 PRSt Simon
40.8Jayne Jaworowski
14:41 PRSt Louis de Montfort
41.8Maggie Dietrick
14:41.5 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
42.8Kathleen Caspersen
14:42 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
43.8Hannah Guy
14:43 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
44.8Gillian Behringer
14:45 PRSt Luke
45.7Kendall Meyer
14:46 PRCardinal Ritter
46.7Michaela Benkert
14:46.4 PRSaints Francis and C...
47.7Emma Granados
14:46.6 PROur Lady of Lourdes
48.8Laura Dickman
14:47 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
49.8Lily Jurkiewicz
14:47.5Christ the King
50.7Abby Powell
14:48 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
51.-Madeline Schabel
14:49 PRSt Barnabas
52.8Meg Klein
14:50 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
53.-Gwen Woehler
14:51 PRSt Barnabas
54.-Mary Dearing
14:52 PRSt Barnabas
55.7Delaney Cox
14:55 PRSt Patrick
56.7Juliet Hardesty
14:59 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
57.8Anna Perez
15:00 PRSt Maria Goretti
58.7Ellie Barrett
15:00.5 PRSt Maria Goretti
59.7Stephanie Bellovary
15:06 PRSt Lawrence
60.7Meg Hunter
15:06.5Christ the King
61.8Katy Mohr
15:13St Monica
62.8Kelsey Bucklew
15:22 PROur Lady of Grace
63.7Bailey O'Brien
15:29 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
64.8Lily Young
15:32 PRSt Luke
65.7Dierre Euarl
15:34 PRCardinal Ritter
66.7Kate Flynn
15:39 PRImmaculate Heart of ...
67.7Grace Gregor
15:40 PRSt Louis de Montfort
68.-Gloria Herron
15:41 PRSt Barnabas
69.7Paige Kinder
15:41.5 PRSt Louis de Montfort
70.7Abigail Finn
15:44 PRSt Luke
71.7Morgan Planalp
15:49 PROur Lady of Grace
72.8Olivia Lemke
15:49.5 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
73.8Wuensch Emily
15:50 PRSt Simon
74.-Marissa Linton
15:50.5 PRSt. Rose of Lima
75.-Sydney Fears
15:50.7 PRSt. Rose of Lima
76.7Schilling Emma
16:04 PRSt Simon
77.8Grant Lindsey
16:08 PRSt Simon
78.8Haylie Staggs
16:12 PRChristel House Academy
79.8Katie Swanton
16:14 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
80.7Kyli Luna
16:20 PRChristel House Academy
81.-Hannah Fikes
16:32 PRSt Barnabas
82.7Roseanna Barber
16:36Christ the King
83.8Lyday Emily
16:39 PRSt Simon
84.8Heckman Anna
16:49 PRSt Simon
85.8Samantha Marks
16:50 PRSt Luke
86.8Stephanie Eiker
16:52 PROur Lady of Mount Ca...
87.-Maddie Lucia
16:53 PRSt Simon
88.8Gabbi Leffler
17:07 PROur Lady of Lourdes
89.8White Maddie
17:10 PRSt Simon
90.8Caroline Bosler
17:26 PRSt Luke
91.-Quin Clark
17:38 PRSt. Rose of Lima
92.-Lexi Harvey
17:44 PRSt. Rose of Lima
93.7Crystal Wilson
17:56 PRSt Lawrence
94.7Amanda Keilman
17:59Christ the King
95.7Marissa Staggs
19:02 PRChristel House Academy
96.-Julia Minor
19:03 PRSt Barnabas
97.-Evy Filis
19:28 PRSt. Rose of Lima
98.7Calynn Jackson
19:36 PRChristel House Academy
99.7Kristen Nichols
22:34 PRChristel House Academy
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