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3,200 Meters Middle School
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3,200 Meters Middle School

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School

1.8Nick Linder
11:26.26 PRProvidence Day
2.8William Glenn
11:33.17 PRCharlotte Country Day
3.7Jack Ratterree
12:04.00 PRCharlotte Latin
4.8Chase Smith
12:08.82Holy Trinity
5.7Jack Workman
6.8Christian Chapman
12:20.16Holy Trinity
7.8Steven Bennett
12:20.46 PRCannon
8.8Joe Will
12:22.51 PRLake Norman Charter
9.8Darvy Soignet
12:45.19 PRHoly Trinity
10.8Patrick Hunter
12:49.43 PRCannon
11.7Davis Nelson
12:52.27 SRCannon
12.8Wilson Corbett
13:02.81 PRMooresville
13.7Robert Sevin
13:07.02 PRCannon
14.8Ian Fauchier
13:16.28Providence Day
15.8Stephen Nymberg
13:16.78 PRCannon
16.7Nathan Kemper
13:17.33 SRLake Norman Charter
17.8Graham Suddeth
13:26.95 PRHoly Trinity
18.8Paul Connor
13:31.28 PRCharlotte Country Day
19.8Kellen Corson
13:31.71 PRKannapolis
20.8Elijah Johnson
13:34.21 PRLake Norman Charter
21.7Alex Manwill
13:35.36 PRLake Norman Charter
22.8Christian Taylor
13:36.48 PRCharlotte Christian
23.7Alexander Ansted
13:37.37 PRLake Norman Charter
24.7Parker Waugh
13:56.87 PRCharlotte Country Day
25.7Grant Stevens
13:59.02 PRMooresville
26.8AJ Meadows
13:59.41 PRKannapolis
27.8William Dunbar
14:01.08 PRProvidence Day
28.7Tucker Key
14:03.95 PRMooresville
29.7Griffin Stevens
14:13.40 PRMooresville
30.8Thomas Mathis
14:18.50 PRHoly Trinity
31.8Brennen Brown
14:26.43 PRLake Norman Charter
32.7Nick St Clair
14:32.58 SRLake Norman Charter
33.8Everett Craven
14:34.66 PRCannon
34.8Matthew Howard
14:35.16 PRProvidence Day
35.7Christian Sabert
14:38.83 SRProvidence Day
36.8Owen Burkard
14:39.14 PRHoly Trinity
37.7Gary Doyle
14:39.48 PRKannapolis
38.8Ben Schulman
14:39.96 PRProvidence Day
39.8Robert Meyer
14:40.47 PRCharlotte Country Day
40.7Cameron McConnell
14:42.10 PRLake Norman Charter
41.7Andre Dahan
14:45.14 SRCannon
42.7Frank Kenny
14:47.34 PRCharlotte Latin
43.6Charlie Zambetti
14:47.66 PRHoly Trinity
44.7Cole Smith
15:02.23 PRCarolina Christian
45.6Nick Ridenhour
15:04.04 PRCarolina Christian
46.8Jake Usadi
15:04.35 PRProvidence Day
47.8Jack Wrigley
15:05.01 PRCharlotte Latin
48.7James Atwell
15:07.89 PRCharlotte Latin
49.8Austin Sanders
15:08.74 PRMooresville
50.8Ryan Cummins
15:09.19 PRLake Norman Charter
51.8Dave Ports
15:09.50 PRLake Norman Charter
52.7Noah Berens
15:09.78 PRCharlotte Latin
53.8Hampton Cobb
15:18.54 PRLake Norman Charter
54.7Darius Homsley
15:25.68 PRMooresville
55.8Troy Lawson
15:27.69 PRMooresville
56.7Clayton Merrill
15:28.48 PRCannon
57.8Alex Heintze
15:30.12 PRProvidence Day
58.8Michael Tan
15:37.86 PRCharlotte Christian
59.7Brendan McClure
15:46.57 PRMooresville
60.-Josh Gunning
15:47.56 PRMooresville
61.8Jackson Perkins
15:49.07 PRLake Norman Charter
62.7Jack Gill
15:49.96 PRMooresville
63.-Tripp Dulaney
16:05.59 PRCharlotte Country Day
64.8Sam Oakley
16:07.77 PRCharlotte Country Day
65.8Ross Murphy
16:12.37 PRLake Norman Charter
66.7Harris Smoots
16:25.14 PRCharlotte Country Day
67.8Tyler Martino
16:25.71Holy Trinity
68.7Tristen Cannon
16:27.41 PRCarolina Christian
69.7Austin Cormad
16:28.42 PRKannapolis
70.8Derek White
16:29.02 PRMooresville
71.7Codi Smith
16:30.40 PRMooresville
72.7Sean Lerner
16:31.46 PRCharlotte Country Day
73.7Riley Grimes
16:33.21 PRMooresville
74.-Byron Carroll
16:33.79 PRKannapolis
75.8Daniel O'Kelly
16:35.16 PRKannapolis
76.7Will Reid
16:40.69 SRProvidence Day
77.7Brian Handlesan
16:42.27 PRCharlotte Country Day
78.6Dylan Bisbee
16:43.43 PRCarolina Christian
79.8Richard Rollins
16:47.13 PRMooresville
80.8Lucky Pracith
17:02.49 PRKannapolis
81.8Mark Randall
17:06.18 PRMooresville
82.8Rolando Segarra
17:07.67 PRMooresville
83.8Luke Eldredge
17:09.73 PRCharlotte Country Day
84.7Vance Ayscue
17:38.55 SRProvidence Day
85.8Liam Murray
17:39.95 PRKannapolis
86.7Mason Turner
17:47.88 PRHoly Trinity
87.8Byron Poso
17:56.80 PRKannapolis
88.8Clayton Ervin
18:13.55 PRMooresville
89.8Lorenzo Delgado
18:14.40 PRKannapolis
90.7Christian Nobelzada
18:51.12 PRMooresville
91.6Zane McCarthy
19:07.71 PRCarolina Christian
92.-Van Herring
19:36.82 PRMooresville
93.7Ta'Darian Sims
19:40.53 PRKannapolis
94.8Jacob Robinson
19:44.52 PRCarolina Christian
95.7Florentino Chela
96.8Jacob Anderson
20:30.37 PRKannapolis
97.8Cody Sykes
21:03.20 PRKannapolis
98.7James Odom
99.8Brandon Winecoff
100.7Andrew Robinson
23:17.03Holy Trinity
101.7Richard Cai
25:35.74 PRCharlotte Latin
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School

1.8Jade Baker
13:36.29Holy Trinity
2.8Darby West
13:37.36 PRCannon
3.7Caroline Anderson
13:51.91 PRHoly Trinity
4.7Sydney Farris
14:03.83 PRHoly Trinity
5.8Meghan Horsey
14:13.36 PRHoly Trinity
6.7Caroline Schauder
14:23.18 PRCannon
7.7Nicole Hogue
14:24.49 PRHoly Trinity
8.8Katie Watkins
9.8Aaliyah Jackson
14:35.06 PRKannapolis
10.7Kelsie Simpson
14:40.10 PRKannapolis
11.8Alexandra Petty
14:47.50 PRKannapolis
12.7Avery Riescher
14:52.94 PRCharlotte Latin
13.7Kiera Dowell
14:59.91 PRCharlotte Latin
14.7Angeli Gupta
15:02.10 PRCannon
15.8Katy Dettmer
15:03.23 PRHoly Trinity
16.7Samantha Huffman
15:10.44 PRProvidence Day
17.8Brigid Sommer
15:11.89 PRHoly Trinity
18.8Lucie Smul
15:14.67 PRProvidence Day
19.8Mary-Stuart Sloan
15:15.65 PRLake Norman Charter
20.7Reid Koren
15:19.33 PRProvidence Day
21.8Ellie Wilson
15:20.69 PRLake Norman Charter
22.7Caroline Currie
15:21.95 PRProvidence Day
23.8Caitlin Brewer
15:22.35 PRCannon
24.8Briana Landis
15:27.07 PRKannapolis
25.7Gwennie Hayes
15:30.85 PRCharlotte Latin
26.7Gracie Swink
15:34.44 PRCannon
27.7Elise Friedman
15:35.56 PRProvidence Day
28.8Tessa Golden
29.8Natalie Berman
16:03.90 PRCharlotte Country Day
30.7Emily McLaughlin
16:04.22 PRCharlotte Country Day
31.8Morgan Love
16:04.53 PRKannapolis
32.8Sarah Rose
16:04.84 PRCharlotte Country Day
33.8Gracia Hansen
16:08.35 PRCarolina Christian
34.7Abigail Grise
16:12.15 PRMooresville
35.8Katie Parsons
16:13.68 PRMooresville
36.8Hailey Thompson
16:15.73 PRMooresville
37.8Julia Wiles
16:26.67 PRCharlotte Latin
38.8Bridget Mulrooney
16:27.86 PRCharlotte Latin
39.8Katie James
16:41.63 PRMooresville
40.7India Lindsay
16:46.45 PRCharlotte Christian
41.7Melissa Gration
16:46.90 PRLake Norman Charter
42.8McKayla Wabalas
16:48.42 PRLake Norman Charter
43.7Rachel Cohen
16:48.98 PRProvidence Day
44.7Jela Lewter
16:49.31 PRKannapolis
45.7Rachel Franek
16:51.61 PRHoly Trinity
46.8Reagan Williams
16:52.62 PRLake Norman Charter
47.7Alyssa Deery
17:00.08 PRMooresville
48.7Trya Banks
17:09.14 PRKannapolis
49.8Sarah Horan
17:09.47 PRMooresville
50.8Savannah Oakes
17:15.25 PRMooresville
51.7Mary Libhardt
17:17.34 PRHoly Trinity
52.7Katherine Breggamman
17:21.45 PRKannapolis
53.8Megan McCorkle
17:30.35Providence Day
54.7Kara Norris
17:30.68 PRCarolina Christian
55.8Rhea Rogers
17:30.94 PRCarolina Christian
56.7Hailey Valeriano
17:36.16 PRProvidence Day
57.8Chrisse Fryling
17:49.44 PRLake Norman Charter
58.7Martina Siemon
17:50.12 PRLake Norman Charter
59.8Allison Yoder
17:50.51 PRCharlotte Country Day
60.7Olivia Finby
17:50.79 PRCharlotte Country Day
61.7Olivia Clark
17:51.86 PRHoly Trinity
62.7Mia Commodore
17:53.38 PRCharlotte Country Day
63.8Elizabeth Wytko
17:53.77 PRMooresville
64.8Anne Teague
18:00.96Charlotte Country Day
65.7Emily Padgett
18:25.44 PRCharlotte Latin
66.8Megan Wood
18:26.24 PRMooresville
67.8Adelaide Gorelick
18:31.03 PRCharlotte Country Day
68.7Kate Swakla
18:40.66 PRMooresville
69.8Kerry Hogan
18:45.73 PRHoly Trinity
70.8Karis McElroy
18:57.44 PRMooresville
71.8Jordan Fenninger
18:58.44 PRMooresville
72.8Cynde Pennington
19:03.88 PRCharlotte Latin
73.7Chloe Carter
19:07.50 PRCharlotte Latin
74.7Nicole DeGeorge
19:09.84 PRCharlotte Latin
75.7Carley McGarty
19:11.20 PRMooresville
76.8Madison Teeter
19:11.56 PRMooresville
77.7Kelsey Lynch
19:12.42 PRMooresville
78.8Lauren Russ
19:13.23 PRMooresville
79.8Savannah Lewis
19:14.46 PRMooresville
80.8Rene Touma
20:31.43 PRCharlotte Country Day
81.8Maddi Iverson
21:05.62Providence Day
82.8Sarah Bailey Wilson
21:40.11 PRCharlotte Latin
83.8Allie Wilson
21:41.40 PRKannapolis
84.8Tarin Summerford
22:37.52 PRKannapolis
85.7Sara Patterson
22:54.56 PRHoly Trinity
86.7Tessa Olson
22:58.77 PRProvidence Day
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