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Mens Races

Wilson Park (3.0 mile course)

3 Miles Fresh/ Soph9:00 AM
3 Miles Varsity10:00 AM
3 Miles Open10:30 AM
Womens Races

Wilson Park (3.0 mile course)

3 Miles Junior Varsity8:30 AM
3 Miles Varsity9:30 AM
3 Miles Open10:30 AM

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     Thank you for attending the Granite City Cross Country Invitational.  We are glad to have your team(s) here to compete.

PRIOR TO 8:00 am

Enclosed in your packets are bib numbers, pins, roster, maps and instructions.  Check your rosters for spelling errors, and report them to the scorer's table to have corrected.  Also, check to make sure the gender (M or F) is correct for each athlete, as this hinders the scoring for each event if incorrect.  Also, check the printed label on the tear off tags for corrections. 

Race numbers are to be pinned high on the singlet for finish line results to be checked by hand as a back up.  Remind athletes to only pin using the small holes, and leave the tear off tag free of pins.

There is no need to make any scratches.  However, if you wish to subsitute another athlete that is not on the current roster, then notify the scorer's table of the subsitution.  Do not worry about moving an athelete from one race to another (ie: JV to varsity), as the race number will get tabulated in the event/race the athlete runs.

There are no race numbers for the athletes in the Open race at 10:30.  Keep your own times for your team for this race.  Athletes who previously competed may use this race as a cool down.  The race is open to coaches as well, if you so desire.



Each event will start as close to the posted time as allowed.  Subsequent races will not start until after the last runner has finished, times uploaded into the computer, and the timing system returned to the head timer.

Boxes are assigned by random draw and written on the meet packet.

The starter will be the Athletic Director, Mr. Brian Harshany.  The meet referee is Richard Skirball (IHSA #33914).  Illinois coaches are required to post a rating at web site.  The Head Timer is Harold Dix (USATF Certified official).

An Athletic Trainer will be on site near the gazebo.  If you require the assistance of the trainer, find an official with a radio to call for assistance.


Results for each race will be posted on the wall of the gazebo.  Do not disturb the officials at the scorer's table during the races, as they want to tabulate and post the results in a timely manner.

Each team will receive another envelope with each race's results and team scores that may be picked up by the scorer's table after the awards are given.  Included in this packet is a team summary for each athlete as well, to assist the coaches in checking individual performances.  Everything will be ready for coaches to pick up at the conclusion of th awards ceremony.

If you have any questions, please see one of the meet officials, or Coach Tom Miller or Assistant Coach Richard Skirball

Have a good meet.

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Mens Results

3 Miles Fresh/ Soph

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Hypothetical Scores

9Matthew VonNida
18:38Granite City
49.9Matt Von Nida
18:38.63Granite City
135.9Christian Alvarez
23:03.39Granite City
131.9Jacob Kaiser
23:48.73Granite City
140.10Tyler Petrillo
24:59.46Granite City
141.10Ryan Rozycki
25:23.90Granite City
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3 Miles Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

2.11Aaron Werths
15:38.69Granite City
3.12Chris Frank
15:47.43 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
4.12Neal Anderson
15:49.59 PRChatham (Glenwood)
5.12Victor Palacios
15:55.46 PRBelleville (West)
7.11Devon Dudding
16:03.85 SREdwardsville
9.11Brad Walwer
16:09.14 SRSpringfield
10.11Campbell Walters
16:11.85 SRMt. Vernon
11.12Danny McMahon
16:15.77 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
13.12Kenny Szakacsi
16:32.96 PRCollinsville
14.10Brett Conway
16:37.82 SRTroy (Triad)
15.12Jon Cripe
16:38.74 PRBelleville (West)
17.12Darren Hooks
18.12Adam Aydt
16:41.18 PRChatham (Glenwood)
20.12Jacob Nelson
16:47.98 PREdwardsville
21.11Adam Buskirk
16:50.58 SRTroy (Triad)
22.12Evan Bordewick
16:51.44 PRQuincy
23.11Matt Coon
16:53.52 SRO'Fallon
24.11Sam Morse
16:54.29 PRSpringfield
25.12Greg Staley
16:54.95Chatham (Glenwood)
27.12Patrick Ryan
16:55.91 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
28.11Caleb Cross
16:56.96 PRMt. Vernon
29.11Lee Wise
17:02.53 SRO'Fallon
31.12James Mclendon
17:03.77 PRSpringfield
33.10Sean Ryan
17:05.59 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
34.12Nick Zahn
17:09.75 PRBelleville (West)
35.12Jordan Rozycki
17:10.16Granite City
36.12Kevin Lucas
17:10.80 PRO'Fallon
37.12Tyler Stierwalt
17:11.44 PRO'Fallon
40.10Jordan Lewis
17:13.72 SRBelleville (West)
41.11Trent Ross
17:14.19 SRTroy (Triad)
43.11Perry Borah
17:14.83 PRMt. Vernon
44.11Connor Brown
17:17.47 SRSpringfield
45.10Nathan Armes
17:17.79 SRTroy (Triad)
46.10Chris Taglieri
17:18.78 SREdwardsville
47.12Ryan Durham
17:21.05 PRBelleville (East)
49.11Drew McLean
17:23.09 PRO'Fallon
51.12Jeremy Williams
17:24.43 PRMt. Vernon
52.12Ryan Schmidt
17:25.43 PRMt. Vernon
53.11Luke Sanchez
17:27.29 PRO'Fallon
54.11Joshua Lewis
17:29.03 SRCollinsville
57.12Max Wichmer
17:34.41 PRWaterloo
60.11Kyle Reed
17:39.67 SRTroy (Triad)
61.12Connor Eling
17:40.14 PRQuincy
62.12Robert Erhardt
17:40.58 PRBelleville (West)
66.11Aaron Buskirk
17:43.49 PRTroy (Triad)
67.12Zac Walter
68.11Eric Stoff
69.9Ryan Anderson
17:47.27 SRChatham (Glenwood)
70.12Josh Williams
17:50.97 PRMt. Vernon
71.12Forrest Feicho
17:51.46Granite City
72.12Tim Doonan
17:52.67 PRBelleville (East)
77.12Stanley Calvin
18:02.99 PRTroy (Triad)
78.12Matt Wolfson
18:05.18 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
79.12Cameron Williams
18:05.67 PRBelleville (East)
80.12Chris Gray
18:06.13 PRChatham (Glenwood)
82.11Eli Sweatt
18:07.70 SREdwardsville
83.11Andrew Lancaster
18:08.66Granite City
84.11Tyler Cann
18:09.82 PREdwardsville
85.11Max Downen
18:14.12 SRBelleville (East)
87.12Brian Stockett
18:15.89Granite City
88.11James Rick
18:16.66 SRWaterloo
90.12Riley Atwood
18:18.06 PREdwardsville
91.10Patrick Heuer
18:19.49 PRBelleville (East)
92.12Austin Mudd
18:20.21 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
93.12Kevin Vysoky
18:20.90 PREdwardsville
94.9Trevor Wood
18:21.88 SRColumbia
99.10Ben Riggins
18:27.92 PRColumbia
101.10Kip Kuldell
18:29.31 SRBelleville (East)
102.11Ryan Wendell
18:31.34 SRChatham (Glenwood)
104.11Scotty Deaton
18:42.22 PRMt. Vernon
106.11Chris Clarkson
18:45.47 PRQuincy
108.10AJ Alberter
18:50.92 SRBelleville (West)
109.11Dominic Cipicchio
110.12Ryan Curry
18:54.17 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
113.11Brenton Kastelein
19:04.03 SRHighland
114.12Zach DeVore
19:05.91 PRBelleville (East)
116.12Jamarr Henaifesh
117.11John Wetzig
19:12.33 PRBelleville (West)
121.11Joshua Jefferson
19:24.16 SRCollinsville
126.12Jordan Wright
19:38.73 PRCollinsville
127.12Brandon Johnson
19:39.26 PRChatham (Glenwood)
12Thomas Clark
19:40Granite City
128.12Tom Clark
19:40.25 SRGranite City
129.11Alex Dunker
19:59.86 SRWaterloo
130.12Nippert Andrew
20:00.70 PRAlton
133.12Grant Truccano
135.12Tom Jamison
20:31.02 PRSpringfield
140.12Lind Aaron
20:39.59 PRAlton
142.12Kyle Doherty
21:05.42 PRCollinsville
143.11John Edwards
21:09.16 SRSpringfield
144.11Tyler Rogers
21:10.28Granite City
148.11Tyler Doyle
22:04.62 SRCollinsville
156.10Sam Pellock
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3 Miles Open

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Hypothetical Scores

12Derick Winkle
23:17Granite City
12Matt Sautman
26:11Granite City
12Bailey VonNida
27:49Granite City
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Womens Results

3 Miles Junior Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Justin Lee
16:23.58 SRSpringfield
2.9Michael Scolarici
16:24.85 SRO'Fallon
4.10Jose Mendez
16:42.46 SRO'Fallon
6.10Matt Havey
16:56.37 SRSpringfield
7.10Brian Dixon
17:07.61 SRChatham (Glenwood)
8.10Brian McMahon
17:08.00 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
9.9Tyler Pence
17:13.28 SRSpringfield
10.10Connor Fanning
17:17.76 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
12.10Dominique Manley
17:22.59 SRCollinsville
13.10Pat Gray
17:23.83 SRChatham (Glenwood)
15.10Tyler Hambidge
17:33.24 SRO'Fallon
17.9Michael Upperman
17:34.83 SRSpringfield
18.10Adam Brookman
17:37.99 PRMt. Vernon
20.9Craig Munie
17:46.68 SRO'Fallon
21.10Jared Wilemon
17:49.03 SRMt. Vernon
22.9Jake Slaughter
17:53.02 SRO'Fallon
23.9Michael Ralph
17:53.55 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
26.10Aaron Enteman
18:00.11 SRChatham (Glenwood)
27.9Eric Delvo
18:08.29 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
30.9Connor Ryan
18:18.55 SRO'Fallon
36.9Cameron Stuva
18:26.76 SRSpringfield
38.10Alex McCloud
40.10Greg Dunn
18:28.72 SREdwardsville
42.10Luke Harness
18:29.86 SRChatham (Glenwood)
43.10Tim Johnson
44.9Shane Blick
18:32.13 SRBelleville (West)
48.10Victor Durham
18:38.23 SRMt. Vernon
51.9Adam Hurst
18:40.18 SRMt. Vernon
53.10Chris Wiedner
18:44.15 SRHighland
54.9Tyler Gill
18:46.27 SRSpringfield
55.9Michael Zink
18:52.22 SRChatham (Glenwood)
56.9Connor Jones
18:52.95 SRChatham (Glenwood)
58.10Harold Osborn
19:08.78 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
60.9Cody Adams
19:11.01 PRBelleville (West)
61.9Chris Shaw
19:15.34 SREdwardsville
63.9Eli Seidman
19:28.82 SRSpringfield
64.9Aaron Dunn
19:30.77 PRMt. Vernon
65.9Brandon Wise
19:33.60 SRBelleville (West)
66.10Chris Blankenship
19:34.16 SRWaterloo
67.10Tony Thompson
19:40.04 SREdwardsville
71.9Jared Schmitz
19:47.66 SRHighland
72.10Colley Daniel
19:49.26 PRAlton
76.10Logan Strittmatter
20:10.86 PRCollinsville
79.10Jouett Matt
20:14.53 PRAlton
80.10Jordan Strittmatter
20:15.33 PRCollinsville
81.10Donovan Baltzell
20:17.37 PRMt. Vernon
82.10Challen Bauguss
83.9Evan Lloyd
20:18.84 SRCollinsville
84.10Tommy Jackson
20:22.17 SRAlton
89.10Greg Garrett
20:39.52 PRChatham (Glenwood)
91.9Zach Bertschi
20:45.74 SRAlton
92.9Sam Edwards
20:46.29 SRBelleville (West)
93.10Patrick Brennan
20:54.55 PREdwardsville
94.10Daniel Schorfheide
20:55.24 PRCollinsville
95.9Brandon Romans
20:57.31 SRQuincy
96.9Aaron Wilson
21:00.69 PRCollinsville
97.9Mitch Boehm
21:02.32 SRWaterloo
100.10Jon Palka
21:26.17 PRTroy (Triad)
101.10Ernest Smith
21:28.00 SRAlton
102.9Aaron Holt
21:29.49 PRMt. Vernon
105.9Greg Stahlman
21:36.25 SRQuincy
107.9Josh Boyd
21:37.43 SRAlton
108.10Jack Holthaus
21:37.83 SRHighland
109.9Matt Merriss
21:45.65 PRQuincy
112.9Nick Enno
21:56.87 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
117.10Luke Bertels
22:31.71 PREdwardsville
119.9Christian Zwick
22:41.57 PRQuincy
125.9Josiah Aberli
23:00.44 SRQuincy
126.9Alex Brown
23:01.25 PRWaterloo
127.10Ben Kreitner
23:11.22 PRBelleville (East)
130.10Jerrett Marcuson
23:44.76 SRWaterloo
132.9Philip Crouse
23:55.30 SRColumbia
133.9Chris Palace
23:57.90 PRBelleville (West)
134.9Ian Nugent
24:00.19 SRWaterloo
136.9Michael Lutostanski
142.9Jamen Helton
25:36.26 SRWaterloo
143.9Daniel Miller
26:27.58 PRBelleville (East)
144.10Alex McClinton
26:40.89 PRBelleville (East)
145.9Steven Hanna
26:47.20 SRColumbia
146.10Aaron Wellman
26:57.74 PRColumbia
149.9Nick Huebner
28:52.96 PRColumbia
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3 Miles Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Liz Speicher
19:01.88 PREdwardsville
2.11Courtney Smith
19:22.18 PREdwardsville
3.10Lauren Fyalka
19:31.44 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
4.10Jessica Megginson
19:43.29 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
5.10Taylor Byrd
19:43.74 PRColumbia
6.10Sammie Grove
19:45.46 SRBelleville (West)
7.10Sara Ubbens
19:47.22 PRO'Fallon
8.12Ivy Vaughn
19:51.58 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
9.12Kaci Smith
19:55.70 PREdwardsville
10.9Mackenzie Otten
19:56.93 SRBelleville (East)
12.12Lia Saunders
19:59.34 PREdwardsville
13.11Ciera Landolt
20:00.10 PRTroy (Triad)
14.11Julia Wykoff
20:02.36 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
15.12Jenny Bealmear
20:03.38 PRBelleville (East)
16.12Karissa Johnson
20:04.25 PRMt. Vernon
17.11Hannah Skavdal
20:05.36 SRO'Fallon
18.11Kelsey Van Housen
20:13.41 PRO'Fallon
19.12Kayla Reeves
20:15.82 PRMt. Vernon
20.9Maria Effinger
20:19.62 SRBelleville (East)
21.10Sarah Rautio
20:25.25 PRO'Fallon
23.12Brandy Liddell
20:27.40 PRBelleville (West)
25.11Kristin Hodge
20:31.73 PREdwardsville
26.11Courtney Orange
20:32.41 PRBelleville (West)
29.9Chelsea Hendrix
20:33.72 SRO'Fallon
30.10Stephanie Dalla Riva
20:40.00 SREdwardsville
31.10Stevee Nolan
20:40.65 PRQuincy
32.9Leora Reyhan
33.10Ellen Atwood
20:43.81 PREdwardsville
34.10Lauren Ewart
20:46.38 SRTroy (Triad)
35.11Kristine Kerr
20:46.95 PRChatham (Glenwood)
36.9Elena Yoch
20:47.74 SRO'Fallon
37.11Abby Ernst
20:48.38 PRBelleville (West)
38.10Toni Huff
20:51.17 SRMt. Vernon
39.11Milena Pisani
20:53.15 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
40.12Chelsea Besalke
20:53.65 PRSpringfield
41.12Kirsten Fujitani
20:54.05 PRBelleville (West)
42.9Torey Byrd
21:03.07 SRColumbia
44.12Jordin Dowling
21:08.96 PRChatham (Glenwood)
45.12Rachel Blisset
21:09.97 PRChatham (Glenwood)
46.10Lyndsey Koch
21:10.85 PRChatham (Glenwood)
48.12Melissa Gay
21:15.42 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
49.11Ashley Hrdlicka
21:17.78 PRColumbia
51.10Carley Evans
21:26.70 PRColumbia
57.9Chelsea Hagan
21:36.32 PRColumbia
58.10Betty Tonui
21:37.76 PRSpringfield
59.9Hannah Fornero
21:38.86 PRCollinsville
61.10Eryn Sullivan
21:43.99 PRChatham (Glenwood)
64.12Kelsey Frank
21:50.27 PRBelleville (West)
66.10Rebecca Skrabacz
21:50.97 PRTroy (Triad)
67.9Erin Shultz
21:54.12 SRSpringfield
69.11Allison Zink
21:57.43 PRChatham (Glenwood)
70.9Christine Cunningham
21:58.86 SRTroy (Triad)
72.10Crystal Chatfield
22:04.29 PRTroy (Triad)
73.12Brittany Ezell
22:06.46 PRMt. Vernon
74.12Kelly Short
22:09.90Chatham (Glenwood)
75.10Sara Harrier
22:18.23 SRO'Fallon
76.12Kelli Atkins
22:24.58Granite City
82.12Katie Ullman
83.12Baker Allison
22:34.55 PRAlton
85.9Julia McClure
22:46.08 SRSpringfield
86.11Anna DisMang
22:48.02 PRMt. Vernon
87.10Sarah Collins
22:49.50 SRBelleville (East)
89.10Bekah Schlemer
22:56.34 SRTroy (Triad)
90.9Danielle Mertzke
23:01.89 PRTroy (Triad)
91.10Giuliana Bailey
94.10Hannah Inyart
23:16.73 SRBelleville (East)
99.11Ellen Ruppert
23:33.57 PRAlton
100.11Abby Hrdlicka
23:35.84 PRColumbia
103.10Missy Walter
104.12Dresden Whitehead
23:58.53Granite City
106.12Emily Beyer
24:02.83 PRBelleville (East)
108.10Allie Rother
24:16.22Granite City
110.10Kelli Stephens
24:21.04 PRCollinsville
112.11Katherine O'Truk
24:30.61 SRBelleville (West)
113.10Gabby Szymcek
24:31.28Granite City
114.10Lucia Zanti
24:33.46 SRColumbia
116.10Mary Komeshak
24:43.24 SRHighland
117.10Tene' Brink
24:44.90 SRQuincy
119.11Brittany Hammel
125.10Marlena Holmes
26:22.72Granite City
126.12Kate Baumgartner
127.11Ellen Rull
26:46.58 SRAlton
130.9Sarah Ladd
27:09.11Granite City
132.12Brittney McCubbins
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3 Miles Open

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Madz Negro
19:36.91Springfield (Sacred ...
2.9Emily Delvo
20:10.04Springfield (Sacred ...
3.9Keatyn Kujawa
20:22.05 SRMt. Vernon
4.11Lilli Harmon
20:30.16 SRO'Fallon
5.9Stephanie Modert
20:31.89 SRMt. Vernon
6.10Alyssa Edwards
20:44.51 SRWaterloo
7.10Bre Schuett
20:46.95 PREdwardsville
8.9Diane Frese
21:04.87 SREdwardsville
9.10Lauren Aydt
21:10.02 SRChatham (Glenwood)
11.10Amy Kauffman
21:15.25 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
12.10Emily Firsching
21:17.18 SREdwardsville
13.10Aubree Schreder
21:17.72 SRWaterloo
14.9Maria Lowis
21:18.49 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
15.9Taylor Moore
21:21.60 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
16.9Davianne Kirk
21:26.19 SRMt. Vernon
17.9Laurin Wright
21:27.71 PREdwardsville
18.12Megan Douglas
21:41.38 PRChatham (Glenwood)
19.9Sierra Goldsmith
21:47.40 PREdwardsville
20.9Marissa Stafford
21:58.02 PRChatham (Glenwood)
21.11Keren GoldbergBelle
22:01.50 SRSpringfield
23.10Molly Wood
22:04.05 PRSpringfield
26.10Anne Nikola
22:23.56 SRO'Fallon
27.9Lindsay Talyor
22:25.99 SRTroy (Triad)
28.10Sara Douglas
22:27.27Chatham (Glenwood)
29.10Julianne Reynolds
22:28.02 PRO'Fallon
30.10Rylie Sullivan
22:28.91Chatham (Glenwood)
31.9Nicole Bonfiglio
22:35.34 SRBelleville (West)
32.10Mercedes Orange
22:35.88 SRBelleville (West)
33.9Ashlyn Kershner
22:39.98 PRTroy (Triad)
35.9Melody London
22:44.97 SRWaterloo
36.11Megan Layzell
22:46.93 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
38.12Rachel Foster
22:59.70 PRSpringfield
39.9Anna Talley
23:00.66 SRChatham (Glenwood)
40.9Kelly McMahon
23:01.44 SRChatham (Glenwood)
41.11Abbey Frese
23:02.25 PREdwardsville
43.9Sara Shadid
23:05.63 PRTroy (Triad)
44.9Rylie Bruce
23:13.81 PRMt. Vernon
45.9Sarah Johnson
23:20.20 SRO'Fallon
48.10Caitlin Sutcliffe
23:41.00 SRSpringfield
52.9Brigitte Rooney
23:45.16 PRO'Fallon
54.10Sam Garza
23:48.77 SRWaterloo
55.9Nicole Conway
23:50.17 PRTroy (Triad)
58.12Caitie Flynn
24:32.97 PRSpringfield
59.11Shanita Jelks
24:35.61 PRWaterloo
60.11Elaine Patten
24:42.48 SRO'Fallon
61.9Kailey Ackermann
24:43.19 PRBelleville (West)
64.10Anna Bradley
24:58.34 PRO'Fallon
68.10Katie Burg
25:08.81 PRSpringfield
73.10Laila Francis
26:03.60 PRBelleville (West)
81.11Megan Archer
26:51.68 PRColumbia
84.10Raven Stringer
26:55.89 SRColumbia
85.10Halee Jones
27:22.46 SRAlton
11Elysia Soria
27:27Granite City
86.10Rachel Burns
27:30.14 SRAlton
94.9Sarah Wagner
30:40.00 PRMt. Vernon
12Mary Ryan
39:29 SRGranite City
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