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2.97 Mile Varsity
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Mens Results

2.97 Mile Varsity

1.12Brendan Adams
16:40 PRPembroke
2.12Ryan Kelley
16:40 PRPembroke
3.12Ryan Moran
16:44 PRPembroke
4.11Mike McConville
17:08 PRHingham
5.12Mike Baccari
17:12 PRHingham
6.12James Coner
17:14 PRPembroke
7.9Christian Stafford
17:23 PRPembroke
9.12Eric Karstunen
17:35 PRPembroke
10.11Steven Lamonde
17:43 PRHingham
11.11Chris Nevins
17:51 PRHingham
12.10Patrick Cunningham
18:01 PRPembrokeDNS
13.11Will Donovan
18:09 PRHingham
14.12Drew Noble
18:11 PRHingham
15.10Chris Warren
18:13 PRPembroke
16.12Jared Stack
18:17 PRPembroke
17.10Collin Wilkinson
18:18 PRHingham
18.12Mike DiTocco
18:22 PRPembroke
19.12Colin McPhillips
18:26 PRHingham
22.12Kevin Kell
18:33 PRPembroke
24.12Henry Eckerson
18:42 PRHingham
25.9Mike Parks
18:43 PRPembroke
26.12Alec Nee
18:43 PRPembroke
28.12Matthew Rindinni
18:47 PRPembroke
32.12Trevor Berry
18:53 PRPembroke
33.12Greg Johnson
18:56 PRPembroke
35.9William Stafford
19:06 PRPembroke
41.12Ethan Anderson
19:41 PRPembroke
42.12Jacob Schissel
20:19 PRPembroke
43.10Evan Hurley
21:28 PRPembroke
44.12Tim Cahill
21:41 PRPembroke
11Wesley Gallagher
11Joe Vercollone
11Jesse Fine
9John Valeri
12Robert LaMarre
12Jake Sullivan
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1.96 Mile Junior Varsity

5.10Peter Graceffa
12:26 PRPembroke
7.10Mike McMahon
12:29 PRPembroke
10.10James Walsh
12:49 PRPembroke
12.9Lucas Tocher
12:56 PRPembroke
22.10Alex Lyons
13:35 PRPembroke
25.10Stephen Perry
13:47 PRPembroke
31.10Pierce Scroggins
14:01 PRPembroke
32.11Brian Lambiase
14:03 PRPembroke
33.10Earl Turnbull
14:08 PRPembroke
35.9Neil Shea
14:30 PRPembroke
37.10Mason Petkus
14:41 PRPembroke
45.10John Karol
15:17 PRPembroke
46.10Charlie Meyer
15:19 PRPembroke
47.9Josh Mattie
16:00 PRPembroke
48.9Phillip Martin
16:01 PRPembroke
57.10Steve Myer
18:34 PRPembroke
9Grant Royek
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