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McAlpine Greenway Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Charlotte Country Day
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Jacob Dordick
16:56.55Providence Day
2.11Reed Payne
17:03.86Providence Day
3.9Ben Huffman
17:12.21Providence Day
4.12Steven Starr
17:44.62Providence Day
5.10Mark McAlister
17:46.80Charlotte Latin
6.12Luke Robinson
17:48.81Charlotte Christian
7.11John Good
17:50.96Charlotte Christian
8.11Ryan Nole
17:56.93Providence Day
9.12David Stern
18:11.30Providence Day
10.12Robert Miller
18:24.98Charlotte Latin
11.11Andrew Kral
18:31.56 SRProvidence Day
12.9Evan Gray
18:36.05Providence Day
13.11Max Rudisser
18:37.82Providence Day
14.12Evan Rodbell
18:42.38Providence Day
15.10Patrick Shearer
19:05.12Providence Day
16.11Charlie Sowers
19:18.84Providence Day
17.9Peter Hetzel
19:34.54Grace Academy
18.12Harry Murrell
19:36.11Providence Day
19.9Ryan Love
19:47.43Charlotte Latin
20.12Nathan Bruns
19:48.00Providence Day
21.10Connor Vorhoff
19:48.53Charlotte Latin
22.10Marco Ricci
19:49.08Charlotte Latin
23.11Mitch Brown
19:56.32Providence Day
24.10Patrick White
20:10.68Providence Day
25.12Zach Hart
20:14.44Charlotte Christian
26.12Zach Gilbert
20:22.34Providence Day
27.10Matthew McCorkle
20:23.43Providence Day
28.10Austin Gray
20:38.73Providence Day
29.10Carter Wiles
20:43.21Charlotte Latin
30.11Eddie Lee
20:44.93Charlotte Latin
31.9Garrett Lunking
20:55.69Providence Day
32.11Tyler Mott
20:58.60Charlotte Latin
33.12Evan Marcey
20:59.33Charlotte Christian
34.10Alex Julian
21:09.25Charlotte Latin
35.10Amit Naik
21:22.11Providence Day
36.11Roman Berens
21:30.41Charlotte Latin
37.9Jacob Davis
21:43.89 PRCarolina Christian
38.10Bennett Marcotte
21:45.53Providence Day
39.10Ryan Acks
21:50.36 PRCharlotte Latin
40.11John O'Keefe
21:56.01Charlotte Latin
41.11Justus Dygowski
22:06.43Grace Academy
42.9Matthew Bacon
22:13.34Providence Day
43.9Evan Ector
22:20.90Charlotte Christian
44.12Matt Feld
22:21.98Charlotte Latin
45.12Henry Wilson
22:24.04Providence Day
46.9Alex Kellog
22:26.70Charlotte Christian
47.9Jordan Banks
22:34.41Charlotte Christian
48.9Adam Windham
22:40.23Charlotte Latin
49.12Jake Younts
22:53.03Charlotte Christian
50.9Arthur Linne
23:15.03Providence Day
51.10Greg McDonagh
23:37.18Providence Day
52.10Andrew Mumau
24:32.56Carolina Christian
53.10Ellis Glasco
24:41.24Providence Day
54.11Christoph O'Brien
25:02.11Charlotte Latin
55.9Austin Buben
25:04.64Providence Day
56.9Timothy Moran
25:30.32 PRCarolina Christian
57.11Brandon Ho
25:42.01Charlotte Latin
58.12John Grainger
26:08.80Providence Day
59.11Christian Spence
26:22.28Grace Academy
60.11Piedro Nelson
26:45.07Grace Academy
61.9Jimmy Messmer
27:04.04Providence Day
62.10Conner Hartis
28:30.33Charlotte Christian
63.9Brad Hamilton
28:35.62Charlotte Latin
64.9Eli Barr
35:38.98Providence Day
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Haylee Dawe
18:58.03Charlotte Latin
2.12Ally Finical
19:35.49Charlotte Latin
3.12Kameron Spence
20:06.38Charlotte Latin
4.9Tricia Murphy
21:11.24Charlotte Latin
5.9Katie McDowell
21:23.62Charlotte Latin
6.12Emily Holway
21:48.26Providence Day
7.10Laura Gill
21:54.19Charlotte Latin
8.11Hannah Wilson
22:10.31Providence Day
9.10Amanda McFeeley
22:12.75Providence Day
10.10Meredith Lindblom
22:55.79Providence Day
11.12Morgan Kirk
23:10.77Charlotte Christian
12.11Molly Yandle
23:22.66Providence Day
13.11Kate Oliver
23:42.91Providence Day
14.10Hannah Smith
24:06.40Charlotte Latin
15.11Sarah Bailey Wilson
24:09.47Charlotte Latin
16.12Lena Skalaban
24:10.91Providence Day
17.10Tinsley Berry
24:27.54Providence Day
18.10Natalie Gaines
24:39.02Charlotte Latin
19.11Emily Lewis
24:45.98Charlotte Latin
20.11Kirsten Dyer
24:51.62Charlotte Latin
21.11Neha Kukreja
24:53.33Providence Day
22.12Rebecca Cofield
25:24.39Charlotte Christian
23.12Natalie Burke
25:41.02Providence Day
24.12Amy Kemp
25:51.87Charlotte Christian
25.10Sarah Tousigant
26:00.00Grace Academy
26.12Maggie Gardner
26:00.91Charlotte Latin
27.9Chloe Burris
26:09.95Carolina Christian
28.11Meron Fessehaye
26:22.22Charlotte Latin
29.9Lea Kokenes
26:22.84Charlotte Latin
30.9Kimmy Baudhuin
26:34.14Providence Day
31.12Maggie Ferris
27:02.69Grace Academy
32.11Emily Stewart
27:11.49Providence Day
33.11Emma Grant
27:20.37Charlotte Christian
34.11Katie Richardson
27:36.16Grace Academy
35.9Chelsea Burris
27:40.80Carolina Christian
36.12Catherine Jarrett
27:43.07Charlotte Christian
37.9Kristen Schumacher
28:30.48Charlotte Latin
38.-Siri Norris
29:56.93Carolina Christian
39.12Genny Ward
30:36.75Charlotte Latin
40.9Josephine Grimmer
30:37.23Providence Day
41.9Emily Couillard
31:05.62Providence Day
42.10Pamela Sanchez
31:56.53Grace Academy
43.9Katie Craven
33:10.34Carolina Christian
44.9Anna Garwood
33:34.85Charlotte Latin
45.9Tricia Belk
33:47.05Charlotte Latin
46.-Yassi Tousigant
35:43.01 PRGrace Academy
47.12Averi Gale
36:17.03 PRGrace Academy
48.9Katie Mumua
37:46.56Carolina Christian
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