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Ocean County Park

5,000 Meters Senior/Junior
5,000 Meters Sophomore
2 Mile Freshman
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Ocean County Park

5,000 Meters Senior/Junior
5,000 Meters Sophomore
2 Mile Freshman

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Senior/Junior

1.12Greg Caldwell
16:03Jackson Memorial
2.11Travis Fodor
16:12 SRHolmdelBig WIN! #4 All-time
3.11Bryan Broderick
16:12 PRRed Bank Regional
4.12Charles Williams
16:17Red Bank Regional
5.11TJ Mullen
16:17Christian Brothers A...
6.12Daniel Polanco
16:37Mater Dei
7.11Paul Juelis
16:40Mater Dei
8.12JD Mitchell
16:46Christian Brothers A...
9.12Arthur Eng
16:50HolmdelGood first race...
10.12Joe Martin
16:56 PRChristian Brothers A...
11.-Nikolai Hladick
17:14 PRNew Egypt
12.12Patrick Waite
17:26Red Bank Regional
13.11Dmitri Scott
17:29Jackson Memorial
14.12Kevin Barresi
17:38Red Bank Regional
15.11Edward Schembor
17:39 PRRed Bank Regional
16.12Pat McNamara
17:43 PRJackson Memorial
17.11Joe Strbo
17:43Mater Dei
18.11Kevin Olsen
17:46 PRChristian Brothers A...
19.11Scott Bender
17:48HolmdelYou are THE key
20.11Ben Meyer
17:51 PRJackson Memorial
21.12Andre Misdary
18:07Jackson Memorial
22.11Gino Cortes
18:09 SRJackson Memorial
23.12Raghaz Malhotra
18:20 PRHolmdelBe consistant in pract
24.11Michael Choie
18:23HolmdelAim for sub 18!
25.10Keith Wright
18:25 PRMonmouth Regional
26.-Andrew Daley
18:29 PRRed Bank Regional
27.11Joe Chanik
18:30Mater Dei
28.11Michael Williamson
18:51Mater Dei
29.11Richard Chang
18:54HolmdelGreat first race.
30.11Allen Chang
18:57Holmdelsub 18:30 at the del!
31.12Kieran Hall
18:58 PRHolmdelBelieve everyday...
32.12Brandon Pizzaia
19:05Jackson Memorial
33.11Jon Jones
19:08 SRJackson Memorial
34.11Joseph Bayona
19:10 PRMonmouth Regional
35.11Zach Danski
19:13 PRJackson Memorial
36.-Alex Witt
19:29New Egypt
37.11Chris Dunkak
19:35 PRMater Dei
38.12Sean Mautone
19:41 PRJackson Memorial
39.11Timothy Morris
19:42Red Bank Regional
40.-Kyle Wilcox
19:48New Egypt
41.-Bryan Donohue
19:53 PRNew Egypt
42.12Kevin Poretti
19:56 PRJackson Memorial
43.11Ryan Longo
20:00 PRHolmdelbe consistant in prac!
44.11Sean Jones
20:05HolmdelGood race!
45.9Adam Gradl
20:06Red Bank Regional
46.11Steve David
20:08 PRMonmouth Regional
47.12Gregory Ericksin
20:50Mater Dei
48.11Gautam Ponnapalli
20:56HolmdelStick with Jones!
49.-Marc Russo
21:04 SRNew Egypt
50.11Michael Coccaro
21:37Mater Dei
51.11James Liu
52.12Tyler McKay
22:33 SRJackson Memorial
53.12Paul Jackson
22:40HolmdelGreat job!
54.12Zack Newman
23:14Mater Dei
55.12Daniel Tartaglia
23:40Mater Dei
56.11Sean Foerschl
23:49Jackson Memorial
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5,000 Meters Sophomore

1.10Jack Boyle
16:17.86Christian Brothers A...
2.10Jack Baisley
16:34.38HolmdelSOPH SR!
3.10Ryan Lunny
16:58.64 PRChristian Brothers A...
4.10Eric Williams
17:02.85Holmdel#4 ALL-Time Soph
5.10Alessandro Orsini
17:37.55 SRRed Bank Regional
6.10Jason Orciuolo
17:40.43Christian Brothers A...
7.10Brian Litt
17:46.58Red Bank Regional
8.9Craig Uplinger
17:47.11 SRMonmouth Regional
9.10Christian Manning
17:47.80Red Bank Regional
10.10Sean Leonard
18:08.72 SRChristian Brothers A...
11.9Jason Chick
18:10.71Red Bank Regional
12.10Jonathan Eng
18:14.45 PRHolmdelAWESOME first 5k!
13.10Alex Morris
18:30.00Red Bank Regional
14.10Andrew Tsai
18:45.78HolmdelFocus on JE!
15.10James Marzano
18:48.82Holmdelvery impressive!
16.10Kevin Chiou
18:51.40HolmdelKeep working!
17.10Kyle Morris
18:51.93 PRRed Bank Regional
18.10Kevin Smith
18:58.34 SRNew Egypt
19.10Brendan Mautone
19:06.14Jackson Memorial
20.9Robert O'Brien
19:18.61 SRMonmouth Regional
21.9George Mwangi
19:35.22 PRMonmouth Regional
22.10Alex Lin
19:55.91Holmdellose the nerves, focus
23.10Thanassi Natsis
21:07.33 PRMonmouth Regional
24.10John Dodaro
21:27.14Mater Dei
25.10Alex Milano
23:34.42Mater Dei
26.9Joe Kun
24:27.33 SRMonmouth Regional
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2 Mile Freshman

1.9Mike McClemens
10:43.38 PRChristian Brothers A...
2.9Thomas O'Brien
11:03.82 PRJackson Memorial
3.9Francis Bogan
11:07.34 PRChristian Brothers A...
4.9Lucas McCabe
11:11.40 PRChristian Brothers A...
5.9Trevor Johnson
11:16.49 PRJackson Memorial
6.9Steve Ham
11:20.02 PRChristian Brothers A...
7.9Tom Rooney
11:21.60 PRChristian Brothers A...
8.9Liam Shaughnessy
11:34.67 PRChristian Brothers A...
9.9Connor Schembor
11:42.17 PRRed Bank Regional
10.9Michael Whalen
11:48.95 PRMonmouth Regional
11.9Eng Austin
11:54.36 PRHolmdel
11.9Austin Eng
11:55 PRHolmdelGreat leader today!
12.9David Liu
11:57.78 PRHolmdel
12.9David Liu
11:58HolmdelGreat first race
13.9Chris Bafeuf
11:58.29 PRChristian Brothers A...
14.9Tom Rossi
15.9Drew Reda
12:14.57 PRChristian Brothers A...
16.9Zachary Bradley
12:17.23 PRRed Bank Regional
17.9Brendan Molloy
12:25.44 PRChristian Brothers A...
18.9Ralston Hough
12:28.58 PRChristian Brothers A...
19.9Rajeev Erramilli
12:34.27 PRHolmdelAWESOME STUFF
20.9John Varrelmann
12:36.05 PRJackson Memorial
21.9Shawn Salvi
12:43.60 PRJackson Memorial
22.9Judson Barrett
12:44.09 PRChristian Brothers A...
23.9Brandon Yip
12:46.96 PRHolmdelKeep hammering!
24.9Conor O'Brien
12:50.60 PRChristian Brothers A...
25.9Stephen Wetzel
12:51.79 PRNew Egypt
26.9Chris Piatkowski
12:52.44 PRChristian Brothers A...
27.9Carl Lawson
12:58.79 PRMonmouth Regional
28.9Christopher Falk
13:00.75 PRMonmouth Regional
29.9William Wetzel
13:01.70 PRNew Egypt
30.9Raymond Morgan
13:02.26 PRHolmdelKeep improving!
31.9Matt Knigge
13:07.19 PRNew Egypt
32.9Patrick Midgett
13:07.70 PRNew Egypt
33.9Sean McIntyre
13:10.59 PRRed Bank Regional
34.9Joshua Kimberlin
13:11.66 PRChristian Brothers A...
35.9Daniel Giacumbo
13:12.03 PRHolmdelExcellent first race
36.9Eric Smith
13:13.70 PRMater Dei
37.9Gabriel Xue
13:14.24 PRHolmdel
37.9Jack Crowley
13:15 PRHolmdelFocus through the mid!
38.9Mike Scocco
13:17.93 PRHolmdelKeep working hard
39.9Chris Golding
13:23.08 PRChristian Brothers A...
40.9Justin Alicea
13:34.83 PRChristian Brothers A...
41.9Thomas Fenton
13:51.97 PRJackson Memorial
42.9Stephen Wood
13:56.69 PRHolmdelFAMILY BEST/BEAST!
43.9Anton Luz
14:20.75 PRHolmdelGreat job!
44.9Brian Park
14:22.62 PRHolmdelGood first race!
45.9Eyuel Asefa
14:29.01 PRMonmouth Regional
46.9Lucas Ackerman
14:31.32 PRJackson Memorial
47.9Zachary Liu
14:50.49 PRHolmdelAwesome!
48.9Matthew Mark
16:26.84 PRChristian Brothers A...
49.9Anirudh Goyal
22:07.36 PRHolmdelI am proud of you.
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