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Beazell Memorial Forest in Kings Valley

3 Miles Varsity12:00 PM
3 Miles Junior Varsity1:00 PM
3 Miles Open1:00 PM
Womens Races

Beazell Memorial Forest in Kings Valley

3 Miles Junior Varsity12:30 PM
3 Miles Varsity12:30 PM
3 Miles Open1:00 PM

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Welcome to the first Beazell Memorial Forest Run in Kings Valley, Oregon hosted by Philomath High School Cross-Country. Our field is now full. Participating teams will be Crescent Valley (5A), Sisters, Sweet Home and Philomath (4A) and Jefferson, Monroe and Amity (3A/2A/1A). This will be a very difficult course with a long, grinding hill comparable to "The Monster" at Silver Creek Falls. It will be a low-key event with NO entry fee. Awards will be live conifer trees to plant on your home cross-country course.

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

1.11Mark Bozarth-Dreher
18:17 PRCrescent Valley
2.11Louis Donadio
18:49 PRPhilomath
3.12Jess Keys
18:50 PRSweet Home
4.12Jose Rubio
19:16 PRMonroe
5.11David Weiner
19:20 PRPhilomath
6.12Peter Vanderlip
19:26 PRSweet Home
7.10Noah Wade
19:28 PRCrescent Valley
8.12Jake Smith
19:32 PRSweet Home
9.12Kyle Thorsness
19:38 PRPhilomath
10.11Erik Bateham
19:39 PRCrescent Valley
11.10Robert Callagan
19:40 PRSweet Home
12.12John Kish
19:49 PRPhilomath
10Daniel Magana
19:51 PRAmity
14.11Adam Schreiner-McG...
19:54 PRPhilomath
15.11Dallin Holden
20:02 PRSweet Home
16.10Nic Miles
20:15 PRAmity
18.10Alex Huddleston
20:52 PRCrescent Valley
19.12Pierre Orlans
20:55 PRAmity
20.10Jon Villasenor
21:00 PRAmity
21.9Lindon Powell
21:21 SRCrescent Valley
22.12Alex Lindblom
21:45 PRCrescent Valley
23.11Alex Nobiletti
22:40 PRAmity
24.10Enrique Velazques
23:04 PRMonroe
25.9Leslie Riley
23:30 PRAmity
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

1.11Land Florek
20:11 PRSweet Home
17.11Spencer Witter
20:19 PRPhilomath
2.9Byron Sanders
21:04 PRSweet Home
3.10Tyler Thomas
21:05 SRPhilomath
4.11Andy Harvey
21:14 PRPhilomath
5.10Dallas Hanthorn
21:55 SRPhilomath
6.10Nikki Smith
22:11 PRSweet Home
7.9Dustin Collman
22:22 PRSweet Home
8.9Brian Alaman
22:23 PRPhilomath
9.11Chris Morrell
22:30 PRCrescent Valley
10.11Weiyi Li
22:38 PRCrescent Valley
11.9Matt Galvin
22:47 PRCrescent Valley
13.10Conor McCoy
23:43 SRPhilomath
14.9Andrew Kent
23:55 PRCrescent Valley
15.10Andrew Skaar
24:03 SRPhilomath
16.12Matt McDowell
24:15 PRCrescent Valley
17.10Tom Keenan-Tasker
25:01 PRPhilomath
18.10Conlin Skaar
26:37 SRPhilomath
19.9David Rinehart
26:50 PRSweet Home
20.9Mark Loika
26:51 PRCrescent Valley
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Womens Results


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