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Staley Upper Elementary School

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Staley Upper Elementary School

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12William Reis
16:59.2 PRCooperstown
2.11Sam Anderson
16:59.5South Lewis Central
3.11Connor Butters
17:19.7 SRRome Free Academy
4.11Brandon Trautner
17:39.4 PRRome Free Academy
5.10Desi Gialanella
17:41.0 PRCooperstown
6.12Andy Tupper
17:49.0 SRCanton Central (HC W...
7.11Cody DeBernardis
17:55.0 PRWhitesboro
8.12Sam Brandstadt
18:03.4 PRWhitesboro
9.8Nick Ashton
18:15.1 SRWhitesboro
10.11Garrett Kubinski
18:30.8 PRSouth Lewis Central
11.11Jeff Brown
18:36.3 PRRome Free Academy
12.10Matthew Silver
18:37.9Rome Free Academy
13.12Matt Corbine
18:59.8 SRCanton Central (HC W...
14.11Zachary Fanion
19:00.2 PRCooperstown
15.12Jordan Foster
19:03.6 SRCanton Central (HC W...
16.9Samuel Benzing
19:06.1South Lewis Central
17.11Graham Bronson
19:10.7 PRSouth Lewis Central
18.10Rich Dorsagno
19:12.9 PRThomas R Proctor
19.12Craig Rugari
19:13.3 SRWhitesboro
20.11Josh Tupper
19:13.7Canton Central (HC W...
21.12Dustin Newvine
19:16.0Canton Central (HC W...
22.11Matt Kennedy
19:19.7 PRCooperstown
23.10Jay Kepes
19:21.3Canton Central (HC W...
24.9Connor Marchione
19:24.6Rome Free Academy
25.12Adam Stevens
19:25.1Holland Patent Central
26.12Damien Curreri
19:26.5 PROriskany
27.9Barrett Celecki
19:32.1Holland Patent Central
28.10Gino Velardi
19:38.6 SROriskany
29.12Taylor Bottorff
19:46.1 PRHerkimer
30.10Lee Hight
31.9Ruvem Karpovich
19:46.9 SRThomas R Proctor
32.10Thomas Hawkins
19:49.1 PRRome Free Academy
33.12Brandon Mullen
19:51.4 PRWhitesboro
34.10Kyle Cox
19:51.7 PRWhitesboro
35.9Nicholas Fanion
19:54.0 PRCooperstown
36.10Matt Herringshaw
19:57.3 SRHolland Patent Central
37.10Edward Pugh
19:59.7Adirondack Central
38.12Mitchell Torres
20:00.9Thomas R Proctor
39.12Connor Boyle
20:03.4 PRCooperstown
40.10Jack Siegel
41.10Brandon Baird
20:08.4Holland Patent Central
42.10Sean Turner
20:10.5 SRHerkimer
43.12Markus Sykes
44.9Ed Royal
45.11Matt Tomasik
20:17.5Holland Patent Central
46.11Colin Baldwin
20:24.0 PRHolland Patent Central
47.9Andy Jeselson
20:36.1Rome Free Academy
48.8Dallas Robinson
49.12Kyle Turner
20:47.5 PRHerkimer
50.10Derrick Owens
20:52.9 PRThomas R Proctor
51.10Adam Dunlap
21:16.4Thomas R Proctor
52.11Zack LaBarbera
21:26.5Holland Patent Central
53.9Tristan Hamm
54.12Parker Morris
21:45.1 PRHerkimer
55.9Dustin Dorsino
21:58.6 SROriskany
56.10Cody Carpenter
22:23.9Adirondack Central
57.11Anthony Jones
58.9Garrett Cobb
22:58.3South Lewis Central
59.9Nicholas Netti
22:58.6 SRHerkimer
60.11Spencer Hawes
61.11Damen MacDougall
24:41.6 PRAdirondack Central
62.9Jarred Bonney
24:50.6Adirondack Central
63.-Michael Getti
25:04.3 PRRemsen
64.11Daniel Donohue
25:47.6South Lewis Central
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.9Laura Pierce
19:16.1 SRCanton Central (HC W...
2.10Victoria Camapanian
19:49.2South Lewis Central
3.11Chelsea Huyck
20:05.4Canton Central (HC W...
4.12Laura Szczesniak
20:13.7 PRWhitesboro
5.11Alexandra Doney
21:05.2South Lewis Central
6.9MaKenna Cooley
21:24.7 SRRemsen
7.12Lizzy McGough
8.10Brianna Weir
21:48.0 PRRome Free Academy
9.9Allie Hawkins
21:51.0 SRRome Free Academy
10.10Lauren Orosz
22:12.5Canton Central (HC W...
11.9Anna Roberts
22:17.8 SRRemsen
12.11Taylor Decker
22:32.7 PRWhitesboro
13.11Emily Runninger
14.9Kelsey Stevens
22:43.0 SRHolland Patent Central
15.9Nicole Sergott
22:44.4 PRWhitesboro
16.10Abby Hampson
22:56.1 PRCanton Central (HC W...
17.9Emily Greenberg
23:02.3 PRCooperstown
18.10Christina Murphy
19.10Erin O'Connor
20.11Maria Roberts
21.9Rebecca Royal
22.10Laura Meyer
23:55.0 SRHolland Patent Central
23.10Rita Stein
23:56.6 SRAdirondack Central
24.9Jaime Zoltick
25.10Ashley O'Connor
26.9Jordonna Spina
24:13.5 PRWhitesboro
27.11Paige Johnson
24:14.8 PRWhitesboro
28.8Gaelyn Bronson
24:15.5South Lewis Central
29.11Nicole Latvis
24:16.5Adirondack Central
30.9Jennie Grose
31.9Jesica Swearingen
24:35.8Thomas R Proctor
32.12Skyler Wysocki
24:38.9Adirondack Central
33.10Kelsey White
24:39.7 SRHerkimer
34.12Kailyn Mars
24:41.4 SRWhitesboro
35.10Stephanie Schmidt
24:50.9 SRHolland Patent Central
36.11Katie Lamanna
24:52.7South Lewis Central
37.10Sara Breiten
38.10Christina Moskal
24:59.8 SRWhitesboro
39.11Carlee Sgroi
40.12Claudia Mazzoranna
25:23.0Thomas R Proctor
41.12Linea Hall
25:23.9Holland Patent Central
42.11Diana Sidorevich
25:36.8Thomas R Proctor
43.12Olivia Darou
25:44.6Canton Central (HC W...
44.11Jackie Sirni
25:46.1 SRRome Free Academy
45.10Stephanie Klosek
25:47.8 SRWhitesboro
46.12Marissa Parent
25:53.8 PRRemsen
47.10Summer Wysocki
25:59.0 SRAdirondack Central
48.10Anna Lamendola
26:00.7 SRHolland Patent Central
49.9Sarah Schrantz
50.9Rosemary Creaser
26:07.5 PRWhitesboro
51.10Trixie Wessel
26:07.9 SRAdirondack Central
52.11Alexis Holmer
26:12.7Thomas R Proctor
53.8Peyton Riesel
26:15.0 PRHerkimer
54.9Alyssa Sharpe
26:28.2 PRWhitesboro
55.12Shyah Miller
56.11Brittany Leonard
26:39.9Canton Central (HC W...
57.9Julie Paige
58.-Marina Punko
27:26.5 PRThomas R Proctor
59.-Natasha Brutsky
27:27.9 PRThomas R Proctor
60.11Jordan Fiorini
27:28.4 PRWhitesboro
61.9Cassandra Raynor
27:31.5 SRWhitesboro
62.10Elizabeth Reilly
27:31.9Thomas R Proctor
63.11Julia Robinson
64.12Jennifer Archer
28:00.8 PRHerkimer
65.9Molly Miller
66.-Maya Bergamasco
28:25.5 PRCooperstown
67.12Erin Senior
68.-Kennedy DeBernardis
28:55.9 PRWhitesboro
69.9Jaconna Brown
29:10.1 SRThomas R Proctor
70.10Samantha Pollard
71.9Emily DeVenezia
72.10Cristina Chilelli
73.11Sabrina Tuttle
32:51.3 SRWhitesboro
74.-Lizzie Landon
32:58.2 PRCooperstown
75.-Patty VanKampen
33:25.1 PRCooperstown
76.-Adrianna Gonzalez
33:41.4 PRThomas R Proctor
77.9Deanna Straw
78.-Meghan Wilcox
35:03.0 PRWhitesboro
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