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Mens Races

Ocean County Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
3,200 Meters Freshman
Womens Races

Ocean County Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
3,200 Meters Freshman

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Mike Mazzaccaro
15:01.62 PRChristian Brothers A...
2.12Michael O'Dowd
15:12.06 PRColts Neck
3.12Kevin Byrne
15:24.49 PRRed Bank Catholic
4.12Keenan Huggins-Fil...
15:25.32 PRFreehold Township
5.11Eric Dragonetti
15:27.86 PRSouthern Regional
6.11George Kelly
15:28.73 SRChristian Brothers A...
7.12Brandon Skeie
15:32.20 PRSouthern Regional
8.12Dan Mykityshyn
15:36.91 PRChristian Brothers A...
9.10Rob Napolitano
15:37.34 SRRed Bank Catholic
10.12Colin Richmond
15:39.72 PRSt Rose
11.10Kevin Summonte
15:40.75 SRFreehold Township
12.11Noah Jacobs
15:40.98 SRLacey Township
13.11Andrew Goelz
15:42.41 PRBrick Memorial
14.10William Bragg
15:44.12 SRChristian Brothers A...
15.11Graham Huggins-Fil...
15:47.17 SRFreehold Township
16.12Jarred Iacovelli
15:47.35 PRSouthern Regional
17.11Conrad Lippert
15:49.03 SRChristian Brothers A...
18.10Matthew Nelson
15:50.12 SRBarnegat
19.12Chris Billaba
15:50.71 PRToms River North
20.10Jack Boyle
15:52.73 SRChristian Brothers A...
21.12Anthony Silvestri
15:53.00 PRManalapan
22.12Greg Caldwell
15:53.87 PRJackson Memorial
23.10Riley Leder
15:59.74 SRColts Neck
24.12Anthony Colasurdo
16:04.66 PRLacey Township
25.10Sean Wheat
16:05.12 SRSt Rose
26.10Aaron Libertore
16:05.52 SRChristian Brothers A...
27.12Evan Cornell
16:05.90 PRToms River East
28.-Raymond Newman
16:06.36 PRToms River South
29.10Joseph Mandara
16:11.82 PRBarnegat
30.10John Ward
16:12.04 PRColts Neck
31.12Connor Delaney
16:12.33 PRMonsignor Donovan
32.12Charles Williams
16:13.20 PRRed Bank Regional
33.12Anthony Romano
16:13.74 PRToms River North
34.11Keith Charette
16:17.53 PRLacey Township
35.12Mitchell Biler
16:17.92 PRMarlboro
36.9Mike Evans
16:18.30 PRSouthern Regional
37.11Edward Stone
16:18.89 SRMonsignor Donovan
38.10Scott Davern
16:20.26 PRManchester Township
39.10Chris Marco
16:21.42 SRToms River South
40.11Travis Fodor
41.9Dylan Tarpey
16:22.16 SRFreehold Township
42.11Jason McMullen
16:22.54 SRHolmdel
43.12James Faith
16:22.98 PRFreehold Township
44.12Nick Mardirosian
16:23.97 PRSouthern Regional
45.12Amad Walajahi
16:24.38 PRToms River North
46.12Daniel Polanco
16:24.97 PRMater Dei
47.11Bryan Broderick
16:25.91Red Bank Regional
48.10Rocco Nannarello
16:27.06 PRShore Regional
49.11Ryan Flannery
16:27.55 SRLacey Township
50.12Joe McMahon
16:27.80 PRLacey Township
51.10Evan Megill
16:28.09 PRBarnegat
52.11Brandon Eldershaw
16:28.95 SRJackson Memorial
53.11Craig Cohen
16:29.40 SRManalapan
54.10Kevan Chu
16:29.67 SRToms River North
55.11Brian George
16:29.99 SRMiddletown South
56.10Jack Baisley
16:30.28 SRHolmdel
57.11Paul Juelis
16:30.77 SRMater Dei
58.12Tyler Gillies
16:31.80 PRHowell
59.12Dominic Cifelli
16:33.32 PRToms River North
60.12Alex Lustig
16:36.54 PRSt Rose
61.11Mike Meltzer
16:37.76 SRFreehold Township
62.12Dylan Cole
16:38.44 PRShore Regional
63.10Tristan Geiger
16:38.99 SRToms River East
64.12Kevin Voelkel
16:39.31 PRToms River North
65.12Arthur Eng
16:39.87 PRHolmdel
66.11John Stouber
16:41.69 SRColts Neck
67.10Vincent Scardilli
16:42.01 PRBrick Memorial
68.11Jonathan Goldfarb
16:42.55 PROcean Township
69.11Joe Moore
16:42.91 PRMater Dei
70.11Ryan Denver
16:44.45 PRRed Bank Catholic
71.12Terrance Koar
16:45.29 PRRed Bank Catholic
72.12Evan Martin
16:46.32 PRMarlboro
73.12Matt Motto
16:46.89 PRHowell
74.12Jacob Yang
16:48.20 PRHolmdel
75.11Charley Rooney
16:50.49 SRRed Bank Catholic
76.11Christopher Myles
16:51.72 SRSt Rose
77.11James Coulter
16:52.35 SRMiddletown South
78.12Ryan Bressman
16:52.78 PRToms River South
79.9Kyle Kroon
16:52.99 SRToms River South
80.12Billy Donahue
16:53.77 PRHowell
81.11Troy Gifford
16:55.20 PRSouthern Regional
82.10Eric Williams
16:56.23 SRHolmdel
83.12Nick Younger
16:58.54 PRToms River North
84.12Alex Jones
16:59.77 PRShore Regional
85.12Marc Varvaro
17:00.16 PRToms River East
86.12Chintav Shah
17:00.67 PRManalapan
87.12Daniel Koppa
17:01.52 PRSouthern Regional
88.10Greg Lowing
17:03.15 SROcean Township
89.12Patrick Waite
17:03.64 PRRed Bank Regional
90.12John Wright
17:04.03 PRShore Regional
91.11Michael Scala
17:04.29 PRBrick Memorial
92.12MAC Norman
17:04.98 PRMiddletown South
93.10William Joyce
17:05.63 PRFreehold Township
94.12Alex Spence
17:06.17 PRMiddletown South
95.-Ronnie Huegel
17:07.73 PRToms River South
96.11Shane Beyer
17:08.32 SRBrick Memorial
97.11Alberto Masonious
17:08.71 PRMatawan Regional
98.12Chris Higgins
17:09.03 PRRed Bank Catholic
99.12Brian Ruane
17:09.26 PRMiddletown South
100.11Ryan Gordan
17:09.97 PRToms River East
101.10Ryan Newman
17:10.20 PRToms River South
102.11Chris Clauss
17:11.73 PRToms River East
103.11Timothy Birch
17:12.01 PRMatawan Regional
104.11Hakan Yuksei
17:12.63 PRMatawan Regional
105.10Brian Litt
17:13.88 PRRed Bank Regional
106.12Robert Renna
17:14.01 PRMarlboro
107.12Sam Cesario
17:14.45 PRRed Bank Catholic
108.11Jack McCabe
17:15.00 PRHowell
109.11Dmitri Scott
17:15.50 PRJackson Memorial
110.12Kevin Barresi
17:15.83 PRRed Bank Regional
111.9Thomas O'Brien
17:16.10 SRJackson Memorial
112.9Nick Ferraro
17:17.34 SRHowell
113.11Patrick Cleary
17:19.81 SRSt Rose
114.12Michael Harris
17:20.38 PRMatawan Regional
115.12Tom Puglisi
17:20.59 PRManalapan
116.9Colin Chehanske
17:22.60 SRColts Neck
117.11Tyler Sanzone
17:23.10 SRToms River East
118.11Nick Twibill
17:24.24 PRToms River East
119.11Joe Strbo
17:24.89 PRMater Dei
120.12Chris Banach
17:26.80 PRMiddletown South
121.10Jason Laio
17:27.10 SRHolmdel
122.12Aless Mastrandrea
17:27.57 PROcean Township
123.12Chris Errichiello
17:29.72 PRHowell
124.10Paul Santolla
17:30.94 PRBarnegat
125.10Jeremy James
17:31.23 SRHowell
126.11Joe Chanik
17:33.38 PRMater Dei
127.12Brandon Forman
17:34.33 PRColts Neck
128.12Dylan Spadaccini
17:35.32 PRMatawan Regional
129.11Adam Simon
17:42.49 PRColts Neck
130.12Andrew Brathovde
17:43.55 PROcean Township
131.9Jason Chick
17:44.78 SRRed Bank Regional
132.9Trevor Johnson
17:45.00 SRJackson Memorial
133.12Phil Ellsworth
17:45.29 PRMiddletown South
134.9Connor Ross
17:46.55 PRBarnegat
135.12Alex Abadiotakis
17:50.45 PRMarlboro
136.9Tom Lynch
17:50.68 SRSt Rose
137.11Robert Kremler
17:52.06 PROcean Township
138.11Edward Schembor
17:54.51Red Bank Regional
139.9Tom Phillips
17:57.96 SRLacey Township
140.12David Resnick
18:02.30 PROcean Township
141.11Matt Bruno
18:06.72 PRBarnegat
142.12Brent Knabe
18:08.90 PRManalapan
143.10Brendan Mautone
18:10.97 SRJackson Memorial
144.11Michael Williamson
18:12.69 PRMater Dei
145.-Rob Newman
18:15.00 PRToms River South
146.10John Alston
18:16.22 PRMatawan Regional
147.10Jared Cittadino
18:17.41 PRBarnegat
148.11Matt Goldman
18:20.42 SRMarlboro
149.12John Maragiello
18:21.37 PRMarlboro
150.10David Corsentino
18:22.23 SRBrick Memorial
151.11Nathan Rosenwald
18:40.34 PRMarlboro
152.9Sean Corbley
18:44.36 SRLacey Township
153.9Jeff Diament
18:47.95 SROcean Township
154.11John Affriol
18:53.62 PRMatawan Regional
155.10William McTighe
18:59.11 PRSt Rose
156.12Steve Ronaldson
19:11.00 PRManalapan
157.10Neil Lakdawala
19:17.00 SRManalapan
158.10Andrew Smith
19:21.86Shore Regional
159.12Jake Weiss
19:32.36 PRBrick Memorial
160.12Pat Brow
19:34.99 PRBrick Memorial
161.12Gregory Ericksin
20:03.33 PRMater Dei
162.11Clark Halpern
20:16.81 PRShore Regional
163.9Michael Sweeney
20:38.86 SRShore Regional
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11TJ Mullen
16:07.97 PRChristian Brothers A...
2.11Tim Gorman
16:08.33 SRChristian Brothers A...
3.11Scott Zapcic
16:17.84 SRChristian Brothers A...
4.12JD Mitchell
16:44.17 PRChristian Brothers A...
5.10Jonathan Mugavero
16:45.71 SRChristian Brothers A...
6.11Michael Walker
16:59.16 PRToms River North
7.12Jason Huey
17:01.48 PRToms River North
8.10Christian Manning
17:13.78 SRRed Bank Regional
9.9David Marino
17:18.03 SRSouthern Regional
10.12Ryan Doyle
17:19.42 PRRed Bank Catholic
11.10Nick Landolfi
17:23.22 SRRed Bank Catholic
12.10Jake Kupferberg
17:24.02 SRToms River North
13.11James Harrigfeld
17:24.66 PRMonsignor Donovan
14.-Brandon Cooper
17:26.37 PRToms River East
15.10Jason Orciuolo
17:29.68 PRChristian Brothers A...
16.11Michael Choie
17:33.09 PRHolmdel
17.11Allen Chang
17:33.61 PRHolmdel
18.12Chris Keghlian
17:34.57 PRToms River East
19.11Scott Bender
17:35.66 PRHolmdel
20.10Donovan FiField
17:35.96 SRMonsignor Donovan
21.12Andrew DeRogatis
17:37.72 PRToms River South
22.12Danny Rodriguez
17:38.03 PRToms River North
23.11George Papamakariou
17:38.36 PRToms River North
24.10Dylan Wolverton
17:38.69 PRToms River North
25.10Jeremy Nelson
17:40.02 SRToms River East
26.10James Kelly
17:40.70 SRChristian Brothers A...
27.11O'Connell Brian
17:44.59 PRSouthern Regional
28.10James Rimmele
17:45.10 SRMiddletown South
29.12Eddie Pajus
17:45.57 PRToms River North
30.11Ryan Gray
17:45.83 SRToms River East
31.10Billy McGuire
17:48.83 PRToms River North
32.12Matthew Verde
17:49.66 PRToms River North
33.11John Sperduto
17:50.62 SRMiddletown South
34.12James Ting
17:53.23 PRHolmdel
35.12Andre Misdary
17:54.54 SRJackson Memorial
36.10Scott Figueroa
17:55.87 PRColts Neck
37.10Andrew Tsai
17:56.73 SRHolmdel
38.10Steve Mershon
18:01.25 SRSouthern Regional
39.10James Marzano
18:05.47 SRHolmdel
40.-Matt Coleman
18:06.33 PRToms River South
41.10Liam Reilly
18:08.43 SRSt Rose
42.10Chris Burrows
18:10.52 SRToms River North
43.11Aaron Heinicke
18:11.84 SRToms River North
44.11Tyler Pinto
18:13.08 SRToms River North
45.11Kyle Oskowsky
18:14.82 PRMarlboro
46.10Alex Mollicone
18:18.98 PRMonsignor Donovan
47.11Ruben Carvalho
18:19.44 PRJackson Memorial
48.11Nicholas Wilk
18:19.73 SRToms River North
49.12Billy Herchakowski
18:21.16 PRRed Bank Catholic
50.10Alex Morris
18:21.63 PRRed Bank Regional
51.11Richard Chang
18:22.54 SRHolmdel
52.12Justin Maranan
18:23.40 PRToms River North
53.12Andrew Wright
18:23.72 PRMonsignor Donovan
54.-Brandon Leonard
18:24.04 PRToms River South
55.11Matt Lipnick
18:24.55 SRToms River North
56.11Rich Kraemer
18:25.16 PRMonsignor Donovan
57.12Brandon Pizzaia
18:25.48 PRJackson Memorial
58.11Alex Johnson
18:28.30 SRSouthern Regional
59.12Raghaz Malhotra
60.11Kyle Clarke
18:29.05 SRSouthern Regional
61.9Adam Gradl
18:30.62 PRRed Bank Regional
62.11Daniel King
18:30.97 SRColts Neck
63.11Kevin Fischer
18:31.85 PRToms River East
64.11Dennis Ward
18:32.94 PRSouthern Regional
65.-Justin Makin
18:35.25 PRColts Neck
66.11Wyatt Scott
18:35.66 PRPinelands Regional
67.11Kurt Deixler
18:36.70 PRSouthern Regional
68.11Grant Geary
18:37.07 PRSouthern Regional
69.11George Lidlow
18:37.39 SRToms River North
70.11Chris Lopresti
18:37.78 PRColts Neck
71.-Adam Baugh
18:38.26 PRToms River North
72.9Zach Sylvester
18:38.86 SRToms River East
73.10Andrew VanWagoner
18:39.41 SRMiddletown South
74.10Dan Rosenblatt
18:39.77 SROcean Township
75.11Mike Carrara
18:40.13 SROcean Township
76.11Timothy Morris
18:40.93 PRRed Bank Regional
77.-Brendan McDonnell
18:43.57 PRToms River North
78.12Gabriel Pontipiedra
18:44.23 PRToms River North
79.10Kevin Chiou
18:45.88 SRHolmdel
80.12Brandon Mauss
18:47.22 PRMarlboro
81.11Dan Russo
18:47.78 SRMiddletown South
82.9Ryan Heffernan
18:48.44 PRSt Rose
83.12Daniel Gonzalez
18:51.28 PRSouthern Regional
84.12Cooper Ley
18:52.60 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
85.11Connor Mcdade
18:53.92 SRToms River East
86.-Justin Wagner
18:54.18 SRToms River South
87.9Joe Martin
18:54.51 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
88.9Joe Di Filippo
18:54.89 SRSouthern Regional
89.10Austin Cruz
18:55.22 SRToms River North
90.12James Pyle
18:55.61 PRMiddletown South
91.11Sean Jones
18:56.16 SRHolmdel
92.-Alec Urbano
18:56.69 PRMatawan Regional
93.12Geoffrey George
18:57.94Point Pleasant Boro
94.-Dan Boyle
18:58.49 PRToms River South
95.10Rupak Mehta
18:59.45 SRHowell
96.10Jake Nagy
19:07.71 PRToms River North
97.10Arthur Johnsen
19:14.19 SRMiddletown North
98.-Jonathan Riley
19:15.24 PRMatawan Regional
99.12Nick Evangelista
19:16.31 PRToms River North
100.9Devon Miller
19:16.60 SRHowell
101.12Alex Pentland
19:17.91 PRMarlboro
102.10Dan Ballou
19:18.20St Rose
103.10Jacob Burgout
19:19.63 PRToms River East
104.10Alex Lin
19:20.28 SRHolmdel
105.9John Varrelmann
19:20.83 SRJackson Memorial
106.11Liam Boyle
19:22.18 SRToms River South
107.9Conner Walsh
19:22.47 SROcean Township
108.12Michae Granatelli
19:22.47Toms River North
109.11Richard Bellemare
19:22.99 PRMarlboro
110.10Matt Schanck
19:24.32 PRManalapan
111.11Mike Kaba
19:27.19 PRJackson Memorial
112.11Danny Regad
19:27.51 SRHowell
113.10Mike Simon
19:28.11 SRManalapan
114.10Jonathan Eng
115.10Paul McCartney
19:29.32 SRMiddletown North
116.9Anirudh Goyal
19:34.16 PRHolmdel
117.-Scott Lomet
19:37.10 SROcean Township
118.12Frank Livia
19:38.27 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
119.10Eric Borrero
19:39.91 PRManchester Township
120.11Jon Jones
19:40.98Jackson Memorial
121.-Stafford Christopher
19:41.63 PRManchester Township
122.12Josh Gruspier
19:42.59 PRMiddletown North
123.12Joe Sabol
19:43.35 PRMarlboro
124.11Sumeet Jain
19:43.76 PRToms River North
125.11Matt Goldman
19:44.17 PRMiddletown North
126.11Riley Flanagan
19:44.77 SRRed Bank Catholic
127.12Jonathan Keusch
19:45.36 PRColts Neck
128.12Zack Newman
19:47.08 PRMater Dei
129.12Gabe Sloan
19:49.03 PRToms River North
130.12Patrick Manfredi
19:50.11Point Pleasant Boro
131.10Austin Hicks
19:50.33 SRToms River North
132.-Joe Mascia
19:52.58 PRManalapan
133.11Alex Solomon
19:53.34 SRMarlboro
134.10Jake Albers
19:55.85 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
135.11Gautam Ponnapalli
19:57.23 SRHolmdel
136.9Eric Doran
19:58.93 SRToms River East
137.12Matt Harper
20:03.40 PRJackson Liberty
138.9Thomas Fenton
20:10.08 SRJackson Memorial
139.-Zachary Rackett
20:13.66 PRMatawan Regional
140.10Conor McCoy
20:14.28 SRMatawan Regional
141.10Sean Cantlon
20:17.32St Rose
142.10John Dodaro
20:22.69 PRMater Dei
143.12Arthur Schneider
20:24.15 PRSt Rose
144.12Greg Magelnicki
20:24.70 PRToms River East
145.10Rudy Tresvalles
20:26.24 SRToms River North
146.11Nicholas Greenquist
20:27.33 SRSt Rose
147.10Bobby Chan
20:27.98 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
148.12Matt Koeppel
20:33.38 PRToms River North
149.10Russell Risden
20:34.55 SRSouthern Regional
150.12Charles Arnold
20:37.62 PRJackson Liberty
151.9Randy Ostrander
20:39.95Toms River East
152.-Carlos Batista
20:41.62 PRPinelands Regional
153.12Kevin Poretti
20:42.86Jackson Memorial
154.-Hersch Bendre
20:45.38 PRManalapan
155.11Peter Lyden
20:45.76 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
156.10Jesse Wohlberg
20:47.01 SRToms River North
157.12Anthony Pacheco
20:49.75 PRMiddletown North
158.11Sean Foerschl
20:53.71 PRJackson Memorial
159.-Michael Evanowski
20:56.02 PRToms River South
160.12Jonathan Brichkin
20:57.43 PRMarlboro
161.-Matt Ruddy
20:58.59 PRToms River North
162.9Nico Lastella
21:01.76 SRToms River East
163.-Kyle Wolkwitz
21:10.57 PRToms River South
164.9Alex Limosnero
21:16.18 PRSouthern Regional
165.10Justin Harnett
21:17.86 PRMatawan Regional
166.-Nicholas Grillo
21:23.16 SRMatawan Regional
167.11Michael Hill
21:24.85 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
168.12Nicholas Mazzeo
21:25.40 PRToms River North
169.11Ben Rajhel
21:26.22 SRJackson Liberty
170.12Mark Jackson
21:27.33 PRHolmdel
171.11Jon Goddard
21:30.68 PRSouthern Regional
172.11Troy Prata
21:31.36 PRMiddletown North
173.11Michael Coccaro
21:35.16 SRMater Dei
174.11James Liu
21:35.44 SRHolmdel
175.10Iman Hall
21:40.20 SRAsbury Park
176.12Tom Lawler
21:41.11 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
177.12Tom Durborrow
21:41.77 PRSouthern Regional
178.12Daniel Tartaglia
21:45.38 PRMater Dei
179.10Anthony Coughlin
21:46.91 SRHolmdel
180.-Jordan Leon
21:47.23 PRMarlboro
181.9Lucas Ackerman
21:49.32 PRJackson Memorial
182.12Scott Maggitti
21:49.65 PRPinelands Regional
183.10Brian Duddy
21:54.48Rumson-Fair Haven Re...
184.12Matt Horgan
22:01.18 PRToms River East
185.-Max Drago
22:05.61 PRManalapan
186.10Abhishek Gupta
22:06.24 SRToms River North
187.10Matthew Graziano
22:07.61 PRMiddletown North
188.-Tom Welch
22:08.80 PRRed Bank Catholic
189.10Alex Milano
22:10.83 SRMater Dei
190.11Kyle Prata
22:20.62 PRMiddletown North
191.10Mike Sabol
22:24.91 SRToms River North
192.10Robert Drobish
22:27.09 SRMiddletown North
193.10Kyle Lackay
22:31.85 SRJackson Liberty
194.10Mike Marley
22:33.33 PRRed Bank Catholic
195.9Josh Greiner
22:34.10Toms River East
196.10Patrick Meehan
22:34.79 SRMiddletown North
197.11Thurgood Kilper
22:36.52 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
198.10Noel Alberto
22:44.07 SRToms River North
199.12Dave Jannarone
22:51.17 PRToms River East
200.10Pat Boero
22:57.20 SRSouthern Regional
201.-Ethan Berroa
23:33.94Toms River North
202.9Theodore Apostle
23:53.72 PRColts Neck
203.-John Yostpille
23:56.61 PRJackson Liberty
204.9AJ Gant
25:20.24 SRToms River East
205.11Ziad Yousef
26:22.21 SRToms River East
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3,200 Meters Freshman

1.9Mike McClemens
10:11 PRChristian Brothers A...
2.9Samuel Haber
10:26 SRPoint Pleasant Boro
3.9Michael Sudyka
10:41 PRMiddletown North
4.9Steve Ham
10:43 PRChristian Brothers A...
5.9Francis Bogan
10:44 PRChristian Brothers A...
6.9Colin Brennan
10:47 PRToms River North
7.9Tom Rooney
10:50 PRChristian Brothers A...
8.9George Roditis
10:51 PRMiddletown North
9.9Trent Stone
10:51 PRMonsignor Donovan
10.9Kyle Bogart
10:52 PRRed Bank Catholic
11.9Evan O'Leary
10:52 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
12.9Liam Shaughnessy
11:00 PRChristian Brothers A...
13.-Paul Ciesmelewski
11:05 PRMiddletown South
14.9Jake Meli
11:09 PRSt Rose
15.9Stephan Olmo
11:11 PRColts Neck
16.9Connor Schembor
11:12 PRRed Bank Regional
17.9Mike Cassidy
11:12 PRChristian Brothers A...
18.9David Liu
11:15 PRHolmdel
19.9Tim Keizer
11:20 PRSouthern Regional
20.9Austin Eng
11:21 PRHolmdel
21.9Brian Wozniak
11:22 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
22.9Raymond Morgan
11:24 PRHolmdel
23.-John Whalen
11:24 PRMiddletown South
24.9Chris Piatkowski
11:24 PRChristian Brothers A...
25.-Jevon Everett
11:25 PRToms River South
26.9William Ramsey
11:28 PRManasquan
27.9Zachary Bradley
11:29 PRRed Bank Regional
28.9Daniel Giacumbo
11:31 PRHolmdel
29.9Drew Reda
11:31 PRChristian Brothers A...
30.9Tyler MacDonald
11:34 PRToms River North
31.9Rajeev Erramilli
11:34 PRHolmdel
32.9John Gibney
11:35 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
33.9Brian McDevitt
11:38 PRColts Neck
34.9James Ball
11:40 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
35.9Carlos Santory
11:41 PRSouthern Regional
36.9Michael Pinnola
11:42 SRColts Neck
37.9Chris Bafeuf
11:45 PRChristian Brothers A...
38.9Nicolas Gural
11:45 PRToms River South
39.9Dominick Umbro
11:48 PRColts Neck
40.9Stephen Kalinowski
11:49 PRMiddletown South
41.9Travis Dunham
11:50 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
42.9Judson Barrett
11:52 PRChristian Brothers A...
43.9Brett Michelini
11:54 PRToms River South
44.-Tom Slavin
11:55 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
45.9Victor Desario
11:56 PRHolmdel
46.9Jake Devito
11:57 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
47.9Tom Rossi
11:57 PRHolmdel
48.9John Pavlif
11:58 PRMonsignor Donovan
49.9Evan Martz
11:58 SRPoint Pleasant Boro
50.9John Noon
12:10 SRPoint Pleasant Boro
51.9Ben Moran
12:12 PRSouthern Regional
52.9William O'Connor
12:12 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
53.9Andrew Blaskovich
12:14 PRColts Neck
54.9Isaiah Mayo
12:17 PRSt Rose
55.9Ryan Jacobs
12:18 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
56.9Brandon Yip
12:19 PRHolmdel
57.10Jason Singer
12:23 PRSt John Vianney
58.9Sean McIntyre
12:23 PRRed Bank Regional
59.9Pat Reilly
12:24 PRManasquan
60.9Mike Scocco
12:25 PRHolmdel
61.10Scott Augenstein
12:30 PRHolmdel
62.9Anton Luz
12:33 PRHolmdel
63.9Donald Leadbeater
12:34 PRToms River North
64.-Chris West
12:35 PRToms River South
66.9Ian Roden
12:39 PRManasquan
67.9Sean Guthrie
12:40 PRToms River South
68.9Terrence TJ Harrin...
12:42 PRMiddletown South
69.9Brian Park
12:43 PRHolmdel
70.9Colin Heinly
12:45 PRManasquan
71.9Matthew Lopresti
12:46 PRColts Neck
72.9Stephen Wood
12:50 PRHolmdel
73.9Sean Beinkowski
12:53 PRMiddletown North
74.9Trevor Hembling
12:55 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
75.9Frank Platas
12:58 PRColts Neck
76.9James English
13:04 PRMonsignor Donovan
77.9Anthony Palandro
13:04 PRPinelands Regional
78.9Noah Hynoski
13:07 PRMonsignor Donovan
79.9William King
13:08St Rose
80.9Harold Meyers
13:08 PRSouthern Regional
81.9Joey Erbe
13:18 PRToms River South
82.9Connor Spence
13:19 PRToms River North
83.9Brett Jensen
13:20 PRMiddletown North
84.9Jack Crowley
13:26 PRHolmdel
85.9Matthew D'Aniello
13:26 PRSt John Vianney
86.9Zachary Liu
13:28 PRHolmdel
87.9Joseph Kelley
13:29 PRRed Bank Catholic
88.9Christopher Fusche...
13:38 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
89.9Patrick Crowley
13:38 PRManasquan
90.9Freddie LaBianco
13:47 PRToms River South
91.9Jeffrey Schnoor
13:53 PRMiddletown South
92.9Nolan Jelinski
14:00 PRSt John Vianney
93.9Kevin Kenneally
14:01 PRManasquan
94.9Anthony Pompili
14:15 PRMiddletown North
95.9Gabriel Xue
14:20 PRHolmdel
96.9Kevin Kellaher
14:26 PRSt John Vianney
97.9Charles Hobbie
14:41 PRManasquan
98.12Brandon Heffernan
14:54 PRSt Rose
99.-Alex Bloy
15:05 PRMiddletown South
100.9Darren Zulueta
15:19 PRToms River North
101.9Jacob Rue
17:20 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
102.-Jay Knoetig
17:36 PRToms River South
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Molly McNamara
17:14 PRRed Bank Catholic
2.11Tracy Cambpell
18:15 PRWall
3.11Brianna Feerst
18:17 PRPoint Pleasant Beach
4.10Lennon Cooper
18:18 PRHolmdel
5.12Hannah Eckstein
18:18 PRRed Bank Catholic
6.12Jenna Dubrow
18:26 PRJackson Memorial
7.11Georgiana Honrath
18:35 PRManasquan
8.10Karah O'Halloran
18:40 SRToms River North
9.11Rachel Heussner
18:41 PRSouthern Regional
10.12Shannon Nelson
18:41 PRHolmdel
11.11Liana Marzano
18:51 SRRed Bank Catholic
12.10Brianne Roche
18:51 SRFreehold Township
13.11Aileen Rivell
18:51 PRHowell
14.9Amanda Karabin
18:52 PRWall
15.11Lindsey Bellaran
18:52 PRRed Bank Catholic
16.11Arielle Weiner
18:54 SRColts Neck
17.9Tara Connelly
18:54 SRSt John Vianney
18.11Mary Kate Byrne
18:55 SRRed Bank Catholic
19.10Molly Applegate
19:00 SRToms River South
20.10Jillian Smith
19:00 SRSouthern Regional
21.9Anne Skimmons
19:01 SRPoint Pleasant Boro
22.11Carly Martz
19:03 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
23.10Alexa Squirini
19:06 PRToms River East
24.9Courtney Thompson
19:14 SRSt John Vianney
25.11Jamie Hand
19:15 PRHowell
26.9Ariana Nash
19:16 SRJackson Memorial
27.11Molly Hellman
19:17 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
28.10Allison Baker
19:18 PRToms River North
29.12Elissa Knight
19:20 PRSouthern Regional
30.12Ashley Miller
19:23 PRSouthern Regional
31.12Andrea Mathis
19:26 PRToms River North
32.12Laura Kochenash
19:27 PRHowell
33.12Johanna Petruski
19:30 PRToms River North
34.12Grace Watters
19:30 PRMiddletown South
35.12Erica Colavito
19:32 PRMiddletown South
36.12Taylor Quinn
19:32 PRJackson Memorial
37.10Danielle Smolyn
19:34 PRSouthern Regional
38.12Ashley Kotran
19:38 PRToms River North
39.9Saling Katerina
19:39 PRRed Bank Catholic
40.9Alivia Carlton
19:40 SRJackson Memorial
41.12Lindsey Tallman
19:40 PRPinelands Regional
42.11Katie Little
19:45 SRHolmdel
43.10Grace Nielsen
19:46 SRManasquan
44.11Taylor Landis
19:47 PRMiddletown South
45.9Francesca Dee
19:47 SRHowell
46.9Megan O'Dowd
19:48 SRColts Neck
47.10Danielle Britton
19:49 SRJackson Memorial
48.10Elizabeth Sheprow
19:49 SRSt Rose
49.10Courtney Muraczewski
19:51 SRSouthern Regional
50.11Clara Osmont
19:51 PRRed Bank Regional
51.12Tara Nealon
19:52 PRHowell
52.11Christine McMahon
19:53 PRLacey Township
53.10Maggie Hanlon
19:53 SRToms River North
54.11Felicia D'Alonzo
19:57 PRSt Rose
55.12Dana Vetrano
19:58 PROcean Township
56.11Alexis Conte
19:59 SRBarnegat
57.10Stephanie Sparacino
19:59 PRRaritan
58.10Isabella Maita
20:07 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
59.11Amanda Stabile
20:10 PRRaritan
60.12Nicole Donahue
20:10 PRSt Rose
61.10Christina Marsicano
20:11 PRSt Rose
62.11Miranda Marques
20:11 SRRaritan
63.12Andrea Adams
20:12 PRShore Regional
64.10Ellie Ginsberg
20:13 SROcean Township
65.11Rebecca Honrath
66.9Morgan Blusewicz
20:15 SRToms River East
67.10Danielle Brown
20:15 PRToms River East
68.10Emma Clarke
20:19 PRFreehold Township
69.11Danielle Vollaro
20:19 PRMiddletown South
70.12Natasha Saatchi
20:20 PRMiddletown South
71.11Alyson Chwatek
20:20 PRShore Regional
72.9Jami DiFilippo
20:21 SRSouthern Regional
73.12Megan Connelly
20:23 PRSt John Vianney
74.12Maureen MacIntosh
20:24 SRToms River South
75.12Jessica Bekampis
20:28 PROcean Township
76.11Amanda Rosenberg
20:30 PRFreehold Township
77.12Julie Clappsy
20:33 PRMiddletown South
78.11Lauren Keenan
20:34 PRMiddletown South
79.9Kara Molinar
20:35 PRJackson Memorial
80.11Brianna Sanzone
20:38 PRToms River North
81.9Elizabeth Foxall
20:38 PRToms River South
82.10Michaella Irvine
20:38 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
83.10Morgan Harkness
20:39 PRManasquan
84.9Jackie Jones
20:39 SROcean Township
85.12Emily Gaffney
20:40 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
86.11Erin Largey
20:40 PRShore Regional
87.10Jessica Faith
20:41 SRFreehold Township
88.11Victoria Bowers
20:42 PRHowell
89.12Heather Rochford
20:45 PRRed Bank Catholic
90.9Lindsey Conlan
20:46 SRHolmdel
91.11Maria Pesce
20:47 PRSt John Vianney
92.12Katie Alvarez
20:48 SRToms River South
93.11Allison Campbell
94.11Christen Carpenter
20:52 PRFreehold Township
95.11Lauren Staub
20:53 SRRed Bank Regional
96.11Kayla Cullari
20:54 PRRaritan
97.9Melissa Robertson
20:57 SRJackson Liberty
98.9Destiny Neuman
20:59 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
99.9Kerry Mc Donough
21:01 SRColts Neck
100.12Ashlynn Delhagen
21:03 PRJackson Memorial
101.11Molly Henderson
21:04 PROcean Township
102.12Hanna Berghout
21:06 SRToms River East
103.10Alexandr Kavoleff
21:07 SRJackson Liberty
104.9Patricia Holland
21:10 SRColts Neck
105.11Samantha Pace
21:12 PRSt Rose
106.12Erin Byrne
21:13 SRRaritan
107.11Kim Sheckler
21:15 PRShore Regional
108.11Courtney Paciulli
21:17 PRToms River East
109.10Natalie Kalaitzidis
21:17 PRFreehold Township
110.9Anne Werkley
21:18 SRHowell
111.11Kate Kostecky
21:18 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
112.10Brittany Cotta
21:19 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
113.12Alexandra Ivanicki
21:19 PRColts Neck
114.11Sara Mansuri
21:20 PRHolmdel
115.9Alexandra Mass
21:20 SRLacey Township
116.12Emily Hennessy
21:22 PRHolmdel
117.10Rachel Christ
21:24Rumson-Fair Haven Re...
118.11Morgan Madjeski
21:28 SRToms River East
119.10Jessica Mentzel
21:29 SRLacey Township
120.11Ali Graziosi
21:31 PRToms River South
121.9Ashley Clayton
21:33 SROcean Township
122.10Kristin Brown
21:35 PRManasquan
123.10Casey Corley
21:39 PRColts Neck
124.11Alexa Grajo
21:40 SRHolmdel
125.12Olivia Dunzelman
21:41 PRShore Regional
126.10Ashley Napoli
21:45 PRLacey Township
127.12Susan Walsh
21:46 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
128.10Caleigh Farragher
21:46 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
129.11Katherine Holt
21:47 PRManasquan
130.10Jacqueline Culley
21:47St Rose
131.12Megan Lackay
21:47Jackson Liberty
132.10Catherine CC Nagle
21:48 PRRed Bank Regional
133.11Chelsea Chamra
21:52 PRJackson Liberty
134.10Elizabeth Davis
21:52 SRPoint Pleasant Boro
135.11Rakel Dziobek
21:54 SRWall
136.10Stephanie Roddy
22:03 SRSt John Vianney
137.12Katherine Frye
22:04Point Pleasant Boro
138.9Melissa Guida
22:05 SRLacey Township
139.11Emily Brock
22:05 SRRaritan
140.12Kelly Finn
22:07 PRWall
141.11Heather Spadola
22:09 SRFreehold Township
142.10Kelly Byrne
22:10 SRRaritan
143.11Courtney Coleman
22:11 PRSt John Vianney
144.12Kylie O'Brien
22:13 PRSt Rose
145.11Danielle Garley
22:24 PRRed Bank Regional
146.10Anna Powell
22:43 SRColts Neck
147.12Jenny Rich
22:49 PRShore Regional
148.11Frances Massari
22:53 SRSt John Vianney
149.9Samantha Lopez
22:55 SRJackson Liberty
150.11Caitlin Chapski
22:57Shore Regional
151.11Allison Kmetz
22:59 PRManasquan
152.12Christina Petillo
23:03 PROcean Township
153.10Bridge MacCormack
23:21 PRToms River South
154.9Meg Kelly
23:22Red Bank Regional
155.11Geneivieve Mazzella
23:41 PRRed Bank Regional
156.10Paige Fisk
23:49 SRJackson Liberty
157.10Kali Logel
23:49 SRWall
158.9Dominiqu Pangborn
23:53 SRJackson Liberty
159.11Franscesca Jacobus
23:58Toms River East
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Brianna Haspel
20:08 SRMiddletown South
2.9Cassidy Weimer
20:09 SRMiddletown South
3.12Cornelia Szymanski
20:15 PRToms River North
4.10MaryKate Dooley
20:24 SRRed Bank Catholic
5.9Kaitlyn George
20:24 SRToms River North
6.9Christiana Rutkowski
20:29 SRMiddletown South
7.10Elizabeth Kowalski
20:30 SRToms River North
8.11Ashleigh Handchen
20:32 SRRed Bank Catholic
9.11Kelsey Perri
20:34 PRRed Bank Catholic
10.11Kelly McHugh
20:39 PRSouthern Regional
11.9Gina Delio
20:41 SRHolmdel
12.12Jennifer Smolyn
20:46 PRSouthern Regional
13.12Dana Delanoy
20:52 SRToms River North
14.10Alex Alfano
20:52 PRRed Bank Catholic
15.12Jess Bodi
20:55 PRMiddletown South
16.9Kassi Chrysanthopo...
20:56 SRRed Bank Catholic
17.11Alexandra Srnka
20:57 SRJackson Memorial
18.9Sarah Werkley
20:58 PRHowell
19.11Christina Santarpia
21:07 SRToms River North
20.10Tarah Hadel
21:10 PRHolmdel
21.11Mikaela Kosich
21:14 PRSouthern Regional
22.11Briana Weiss
21:16 SRJackson Memorial
23.10Meghie Weinberger
21:19 SRToms River North
24.-Rachel Marino
21:20 PRSouthern Regional
25.10Jennifer Metzger
21:29 SRHolmdel
26.9Julia Martone
21:31 SRToms River North
27.10Karly McDermott
21:34 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
28.10Tiffany Eberhart
21:37 SRJackson Memorial
29.11Kaitlin Howard
21:38 PRRed Bank Catholic
30.10Julia Cooper
21:39 PRRed Bank Catholic
31.12Lisa Potter
21:39 PRToms River North
32.10Meghan Swan
21:43 PRRed Bank Catholic
33.10Jess Rant
21:45 PROcean Township
34.10Casey Raguseo
21:45 PRMiddletown South
35.10Calla Aniski
21:46 SRSouthern Regional
36.-Natalie Roloff
21:46 PRSouthern Regional
37.11Elisse Jeffries
21:47 SRSouthern Regional
38.11Erika Friend
21:47 SRShore Regional
39.10Morgan Sieg
21:48 PRHolmdel
40.10Katie Frank
21:48 PRToms River East
41.10Arielle Hall
21:49 PRHolmdel
42.12April Savarese
21:50 PRRed Bank Catholic
43.10Katelyn French
21:55 SRRaritan
44.10Jin Yang
21:57 SRHolmdel
45.11Soje Gray
22:00 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
46.12Kristin Kendell
22:00 PRRed Bank Catholic
47.10Tori Brown
22:01 PRRed Bank Catholic
48.12Kelly Kulakowski
22:04 PRJackson Memorial
49.11Cristina Reid
22:05 SRMiddletown South
50.-Samantha Heary
22:06 PRSt John Vianney
51.11Amanda Vuocolo
22:07 PRShore Regional
52.9Erin Fitzgerald
22:09 PRJackson Memorial
53.9Jessica Olson
22:14 PRShore Regional
54.11Kathleen Fabio
22:15 PRSt Rose
55.12Kristin Scarcella
22:18 PRRaritan
56.10Emily Bauer
22:18 PROcean Township
57.12Jennifer Lane
22:24 PRShore Regional
58.11Victoria Dorney
22:24 PROcean Township
59.11Laura Amdur
22:25 PRRed Bank Catholic
60.12Andrea Sanzari
22:28 PRMonsignor Donovan
61.10Devin Dewyngaert
22:29 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
62.10Lianne Donahue
22:32 SRMiddletown South
63.10Alison Walby
22:34 SRSt Rose
64.9Alexandra Becker
22:36 PRShore Regional
65.11Cassia Condello
22:36 PRMiddletown South
66.12Katie Quackenbush
22:36 PRShore Regional
67.12Kayla Racanelli
22:38 PRSouthern Regional
68.10Gianna Galeotafiore
22:41 SRSt Rose
69.12Jordan Necamp
22:42 PRSouthern Regional
70.11Melanie Fishkin
22:44 PRShore Regional
71.11Shannon Sabino
22:47 PRHowell
72.11Tandy Siegle
22:47 PROcean Township
73.11Jacqueline Bliss
22:49 PRJackson Memorial
74.9Lauren Antanucci
22:50 SRRed Bank Catholic
75.11Emily Nevins
22:51 PRRed Bank Catholic
76.12Justine Sha
22:55 PRMiddletown South
77.11Alex Caputo
22:57 SRRed Bank Catholic
78.10Kirsten McLaughlin
22:58 SRMiddletown South
79.10Cathleen Barletta
23:00 PRSt Rose
80.11Gabrielle Jean-Louis
23:02 PRJackson Memorial
81.12Christina Ciulla
23:02 PRRaritan
82.11Katherine Lynch
23:05St Rose
83.10Madison Brown
23:05 SRManasquan
84.-Vickie Felton
23:06 PROcean Township
85.12Kristie Schneider
23:09 PRToms River North
86.11Colleen Signorelli
23:10 SRRed Bank Catholic
87.10Elana Ferrer
23:13 SRRed Bank Catholic
88.11Casey Lavin
23:13 PRJackson Memorial
89.10Tiffany Callanan
23:15 SRToms River North
90.10Kelsey Cerwinski
23:19 SRRed Bank Catholic
91.11Lisa Evans
23:22 PRToms River South
92.12Victoria Bordfeld
23:23 PRSt John Vianney
93.11Katie Foley
23:26 SRToms River East
94.10Gwendolyn Morris
23:26 SRColts Neck
95.10Victoria Grzelak
23:26 PRJackson Memorial
96.12Lily Shebell
23:27 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
97.10Samantha Fallone
23:28 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
98.10Emily O'Brien
23:35 SRSt Rose
99.11Christie Young
23:38 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
100.12Emily Samborski
23:40 PRSouthern Regional
101.12Amanda Matthews
23:42 PRJackson Memorial
102.12Devon McDONNELL
23:46 PRColts Neck
103.10Briann Tomlinson
23:48 PRRaritan
104.10Natal Elharfouche
24:03 PRRaritan
105.11Hannah Houde
24:06Jackson Memorial
106.11Kate Carducci
24:06 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
107.11Emily Trowbridge
24:12 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
108.12Erin Sullivan
24:12 PRMonsignor Donovan
109.12Caitlin Rillo
24:13 PRMonsignor Donovan
110.9Emily Kerekes
24:14 PRRed Bank Catholic
111.12Juli Carbone
24:16 PRToms River North
112.-Liz O'grady
24:21 PROcean Township
113.11Miranda Bonamo
24:23 PRRaritan
114.-Anna Laroche
24:24 PROcean Township
115.-Jackie Burpee
24:28 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
116.11Rachel Mulvaney
24:29 SRToms River East
117.11Emily Grupe
24:47 PRMonsignor Donovan
118.12Carissa Melillo
24:48 PRMiddletown South
119.9Carly Franco
24:48 SRToms River East
120.10Lyon Abigail
24:57 SRJackson Liberty
121.11Masie Carr
25:01 SRMonsignor Donovan
122.-Lexi Dietrich
25:03 PROcean Township
123.11Nicolette Canale
25:05 PROcean Township
124.-Merideth Defazio
25:06 PROcean Township
125.10Jane Clark
25:07 PRManasquan
126.12Asdrid Vasquez
25:12 SRRaritan
127.-Kasey Ronan
25:15 PRShore Regional
128.11Lois Mains
25:17 PRManasquan
129.12Emily Motola
25:20 PRMonsignor Donovan
130.10Lindsey VanZile
25:25 SRToms River South
131.12Laura Aguirre
25:26 PRToms River North
132.10Theresa Meily
25:27 PRMonsignor Donovan
133.12Colleen McAndrews
25:30 SRToms River North
134.11Jane Cooney
25:31 PRManasquan
135.11Katie Rue
25:33 PRRed Bank Catholic
136.11Courtney Keville
25:35 SRJackson Memorial
137.-Katelyn Palombo
25:37 PROcean Township
138.10Mary Bentley
25:39 SRRaritan
139.12Blaire Szymczak
25:43 PRJackson Memorial
140.12Jocelyn Marx
25:45 PRMiddletown South
141.11Emily Berner
25:46 SRRed Bank Catholic
142.11Natalie Ehret
25:50 SRRed Bank Catholic
143.12Tori LaPorta
25:53 PRShore Regional
144.12Lauren Mosely
25:53 PRMonsignor Donovan
145.10Cailyn McGrath
25:54 SRShore Regional
146.11Briana Turner
25:57 SRToms River North
147.11Abby Cooner
26:06Rumson-Fair Haven Re...
148.10Taylor France
26:14 PRJackson Liberty
149.10Francesca Ciervo
26:20 PRHolmdel
150.11Colleen Flynn
26:21 SRSouthern Regional
151.9Linette Ramsay
26:24 SRToms River East
152.10Claudia Bennett
26:28 SRPoint Pleasant Boro
153.10Josephin Lattimer
26:37 SRPoint Pleasant Boro
154.10Corinne Casey
26:50 PRMiddletown North
155.11Elizabeth Bellin
26:52 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
156.10Maya Harb
26:57 PRMiddletown North
157.12Anne Marie Hendrick
27:14 SRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
158.10Alana Bremner
27:20 PRRed Bank Catholic
159.11Laura Biala
28:32 PRJackson Memorial
160.11Shannon Gundel
28:48 SRToms River East
161.11Amanda Peters
29:02 SRToms River East
162.12Carly Cole
30:01Middletown South
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3,200 Meters Freshman

1.9Courtney Howley
12:27 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
2.9Rachel Zacharczyk
12:32 PROcean Township
3.9Alexandra Juzwiak
12:36 PRMiddletown North
65.9Jenny Cate
12:37 PRJackson Liberty
4.9Jacqueline Gottusso
12:40 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
5.9Megan Hellman
12:42 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
6.9Lexi Clayton
12:50 PROcean Township
7.9Nicola Dragonetti
12:57 PRSouthern Regional
8.9Gina Marino
13:07 PRJackson Memorial
9.9Christina Wood
13:08 PRMonsignor Donovan
10.9Eileen Byrne
13:09 PRRed Bank Catholic
11.9kelly Mulvaney
13:12 PRRed Bank Catholic
12.9Bridgette Laurence
13:16 PRMiddletown South
13.9Heather Green
13:18 PRMiddletown South
14.9Jill Doyle
13:19 PRMiddletown South
15.9Kiley Heleim
13:30 PRRed Bank Catholic
16.9Sarah Cannon
13:36 PRManasquan
17.9Clare Rochford
13:37 PRRed Bank Catholic
18.9Katie Burpee
13:39 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
19.9Christin DiUbaldi
13:40 PRManasquan
20.9Alex Villane
13:46 PRRumson-Fair Haven Re...
21.9Samantha Pagliarulo
13:53 PRRaritan
22.-Mona Patel
13:54 PROcean Township
23.9Kelsey Fiorentino
13:58 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
24.9Bridget Carr
14:00 PRMonsignor Donovan
25.9Marissa Graham
14:00 PRMonsignor Donovan
26.9Nicole Valente
14:01 PRMiddletown South
27.9Christina Caccamo
14:02 PRMiddletown South
28.9Laura Pede
14:05 PRRaritan
29.9Kamy Reyes
14:07 PRHolmdel
29.9Reyes Kristen
14:07 PRHolmdel
30.9Tiffany Castillo
14:07 PRSt John Vianney
31.9Alix Couglin
14:08 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
32.9Dana Harriman
14:08 PRManasquan
33.9Catie Herod
14:13 PROcean Township
34.9Alyssa Gillin
14:25 PRMonsignor Donovan
35.9MaryKate Hardiman
14:26 PRManasquan
36.9Natalie Ostrowski
14:43 PRRed Bank Catholic
37.9Addison Jaffe
14:51 PRSouthern Regional
38.9Tara Dugan
14:56 PRManasquan
39.9Lillian Gradl
15:14 PRRed Bank Regional
40.9Kelly Povetti
15:20 PRJackson Memorial
41.9Marissa Stiuso
15:23 PRJackson Memorial
42.9Michelle Dorantes
15:24 PRSouthern Regional
43.9Madison Akins
15:37 PRToms River South
44.9Felicia Califano
15:38 PRSt John Vianney
45.9Ally Maxwell
15:40Monsignor Donovan
46.9Stephanie Ramirez
15:45 PRMonsignor Donovan
47.9Courtney Cavallo
15:50 PRToms River South
48.-Allison Cronin
15:55 PROcean Township
49.9Sarah Houde
16:03 PRJackson Memorial
50.9Mikaela Grande
16:34 PRRaritan
51.-Maddi Scanlan
16:38 PRSt John Vianney
52.9Sydney Barton
16:48 PRMonsignor Donovan
53.9Julianne Caprisi
17:29 PRPoint Pleasant Boro
103.10Maytal Merhav
17:58 PRHolmdel
54.9Katie Higgins
18:19 PRRaritan
55.-Stephanie Grzelak
19:01 PRSt John Vianney
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