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Mens Races

Marion du Pont Scott Equine Center

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Marion du Pont Scott Equine Center

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Axel Tarnvik
18:13Briar Woods
2.11Samuel Rodgers
3.10Logan Feierbach
4.9Ryan Hughes
18:38Briar Woods
5.10Chris Schopper
18:42Briar Woods
6.10Dylan Newell
18:47Briar Woods
7.12Brian Flowers
18:48Briar Woods
8.12Dylan Hyatt
18:52Briar Woods
9.11Stuart Doss
18:55 PRTuscarora
10.10Tyler Demoss
18:55 SRTuscarora
11.10Brian Presler
19:05Briar Woods
12.12Garrett Thomas
19:17Briar Woods
13.9Michael Hepp
19:27Briar Woods
14.11Matt Worden
19:32Briar Woods
15.9Adam Lewis
19:36Briar Woods
16.11Kurt Spinney
19:39Briar Woods
17.9Garrett Lazorchak
18.9Matthew Mettenheimer
19.11Kris Yorke
19:44 PRTuscarora
20.11Bruce Flowers
19:45 SRBriar Woods
21.9Edgar Resendiz
22.12Rory Cullen
19:51Briar Woods
23.11Caleb Scott
19:51Briar Woods
24.10Forrest Doss
19:56 SRTuscarora
25.12Evan Dibona
20:01 PRBriar Woods
26.9Jeffery Mangold
27.11Patrick Butler
20:09Briar Woods
28.10Joey Monseur
20:09Park View (Sterling)
29.10Kyle Berrier
20:18 SRBriar Woods
30.11Tommy Turpin
20:19Briar Woods
31.11William Horne
20:22 PRTuscarora
32.11Josh Kuhn
20:26Briar Woods
33.9Zackery Hover
34.9Jacob Teves
20:31Briar Woods
35.10Michael Borges
20:32Park View (Sterling)
36.11Daniel Horne
20:33 PRTuscarora
37.10Tommy Royer
20:41 PRPark View (Sterling)
38.9Thomas Crane
20:42Briar Woods
39.9Evan Barnard
40.10Dylan Saunders
41.11Daniel Sedlezak
42.9Kienan Donnelly
43.11Aaron Branch
44.11Ryan Bleull
21:10 PRTuscarora
45.11Ryan Klemm
46.10Oscar Grainger
21:21 SRBriar Woods
47.11Brian Arsenault
21:33Briar Woods
48.9David Caldwell
21:36Briar Woods
49.10Tyler Bowers
21:39 SRPark View (Sterling)
50.11Brad Vandusen
21:42Briar Woods
51.11Elliot Bostelman
21:42Briar Woods
52.9Mitchell Braumann
21:42Briar Woods
53.11Anthony Teves
21:52Briar Woods
54.9Ciaran Salas
21:55Briar Woods
55.10Pablo Rivera
22:07Park View (Sterling)
56.12Felix Grainger
22:12 PRBriar Woods
57.11Jd Codde
58.11Kyle Hayes
22:14Briar Woods
59.9Jason Thomas
60.9Zachary Leonard
23:14 PRTuscarora
61.9Joshua Morrison
62.-Brandon Gruso
24:44 PRTuscarora
63.9Trey Howard
24:55Briar Woods
64.9Joe Farran
65.9Forest Langhorne
66.12Josh Ford
24:58Park View (Sterling)
67.10Kevin Hernandez
27:42Park View (Sterling)
68.10James Castro
27:43Park View (Sterling)
69.11Michael Huynh
32:03Park View (Sterling)
70.10Sam Ford
32:03Park View (Sterling)
71.10Michael Slobodnjak
32:03Park View (Sterling)
72.-Thomas Henkle
32:03 PRTuscarora
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Jackie Deffer
20:21Briar Woods
2.12Giana Leone
20:29 SRBriar Woods
3.11Madi Horner
20:31Briar Woods
4.9Natalie Rosas
20:31 SRTuscarora
5.10Jannen Hermann
20:39 PRTuscarora
6.11Karissa Love
7.12Annaylyse Apodaca
21:43Briar Woods
8.12Amanda Presler
21:51Briar Woods
9.9Courtney Walker
22:04 SRTuscarora
10.10Lana Miller
22:09Briar Woods
11.9Caroline Alford
22:36Briar Woods
12.11Sarah Dwinnell
22:41 SRBriar Woods
13.10Carolyn Gorick
22:46Briar Woods
14.11Lauren Townsend
23:14Briar Woods
15.10Mikhaila Ritz
23:20 PRTuscarora
16.10Savannah Carter
23:21Briar Woods
17.11Katelynn Price
18.10Jeanna Mazaris
19.9Dej Thomas-Kingsbe...
23:36 PRTuscarora
20.9Emily Guessford
23:36Briar Woods
21.10Jenny Klug
23:47 SRTuscarora
22.11Carline Lucernoni
23:48 PRBriar Woods
23.9Haley Vinsik
23:48 PRBriar Woods
24.10Courtney Young
25.9Caitlyn Brown
24:06Briar Woods
26.-Danielle Molinelli
24:11 PRTuscarora
27.9Isabella Chua
24:21 PRTuscarora
28.11Meghan Murray
24:23 SRBriar Woods
29.11Hurleen Veen
24:23 PRBriar Woods
30.9Meaghan Smith
31.10Lexi Zorotrian
24:30 PRTuscarora
32.10Sarah Gillette
24:38 SRBriar Woods
33.9Jacquelynn Fritz
24:39 SRBriar Woods
34.9Carrie Keevey
24:40 PRBriar Woods
35.10Samantha Adas
24:43Briar Woods
36.11Lauren Fortier
24:50Briar Woods
37.11Amanda McDermott
24:51 SRBriar Woods
38.12Nakiia Robeson
24:56 PRBriar Woods
39.10Grace Bowen
25:01 PRTuscarora
40.12Honeida Ayala
25:10Park View (Sterling)
41.10Cesia Villanueva
25:14 SRPark View (Sterling)
42.9Dana Alcantara
25:38Briar Woods
43.9Bethany Mosher
25:49 PRBriar Woods
44.11Chloe Donnelly
45.11Danielle Boris
46.10Julia Birch
26:07Park View (Sterling)
47.11Karoline Macias
26:11 PRTuscarora
48.10Gentry Bowen
26:36 PRTuscarora
49.11Annie Archer
50.10Meghan Kolcum
51.9Natalie Harding
27:53 PRBriar Woods
52.10Faith Vasko
27:57 SRBriar Woods
53.9Brianna Dowd
28:00Briar Woods
54.10Yuna Miyamoto
28:14 PRTuscarora
55.9Madison Dengler
28:27Briar Woods
56.9Shelby Horner
28:28 PRBriar Woods
57.11Shirley Hernandez
29:23Park View (Sterling)
58.10Kelly Herrera
29:24Park View (Sterling)
59.9Jessica Thoppil
60.10Katherine Canedo
30:24Park View (Sterling)
61.12Hayley Kroeger
31:02Park View (Sterling)
62.10Barbara Addo
31:25Park View (Sterling)
63.12Jacquelina Addo
31:26Park View (Sterling)
64.10Christina Barbini
32:12 SRTuscarora
65.11Ifeyinawa Onourah
32:22 PRTuscarora
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