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Mens Races

Hedges Boyer Park

5,000 Meters Div III-B10:05 AM
5,000 Meters Div III-A Varsity11:00 AM
5,000 Meters Div III Open11:25 AM
5,000 Meters Div II Open11:55 AM
5,000 Meters Div II Varsity12:20 PM
3,200 Meters JH Div III Varsity12:45 PM
3,200 Meters JH Div I/II Varsity1:05 PM
3,200 Meters JH Open2:15 PM

Hedges Boyer Park

5,000 Meters Div I-B Varsity3:35 PM
5,000 Meters Div I-A Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Div I Open5:25 PM
Womens Races

Hedges Boyer Park

5,000 Meters Div II/III Open8:30 AM
5,000 Meters Div II-B Varsity9:05 AM
5,000 Meters Div III Varsity9:35 AM
5,000 Meters Div II-A Varsity10:35 AM
3,200 Meters JH Div III Varsity1:25 PM
3,200 Meters JH Div I/II Varsity1:50 PM
3,200 Meters JH Open2:40 PM

Hedges Boyer Park

5,000 Meters Div I-B Varsity3:05 PM
5,000 Meters Div I-A Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Div I Open4:55 PM

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To have Meet Information sent to you please email
Nathan Lynch

You must enter your team into either the HS or MS races in the system. It does not matter what division you want to run as we just want the entries and then we will put you into the races once you cross the finishline for your race.

8:30 am Girls Div II/III Open
9:05 am Girls Div II-B Varsity
9:35 am Girls Div III Varsity
10:05 am Boys Div III-B
10:35 am Girls Div II-A Varsity
11:00 am Boys Div III-A Varsity
11:25 am Boys Div III Open
11:55 am Boys Div II Open
12:20 pm Boys Div II Varsity
12:45 pm Boys JH Div III Varsity
1:05 pm Boys JH Div I/II Varsity
1:25 pm Girls JH Div III Varsity
1:50 pm Girls JH Div I/II Varsity
2:15 pm Boys JH Open
2:40 pm Girls JH Open
3:05 pm Girls Div I-B Varsity
3:35 pm Boys Div I-B Varsity
4:00 pm Girls Div I-A Varsity
4:30 pm Boys Div I-A Varsity
4:55 pm Girls Div I Open
5:25 pm Boys Div I Open
5:55 pm Girls Elementary
6:10 pm Boys Elementary


1. Thank you for entering the Tiffin Cross Country Carnival to be held Saturday, September 11, 2010. The course is run at Hedges-Boyer Park, 491 Coe Street. The start and finish are located in the upper oval.

2. In all team races, you must enter between five and seven runners. Those with less than five runners must enter an open race. If you have more than seven runners, those extra runners must enter an open race. One team per school per varsity race. 

3. You will pick up your race packet at the tent (near the finish line) ? all information is there.


5. Results will be made available as soon as possible after each varsity race. Coaches will have a ticket in their packet to get results for their respective race. Open races will be displayed. Results will also be available by internet at

6. Individual awards will be handed out in a specially designed chute as the runners finish their race. All other runners will be directed to the bullpen area. All runners will need to turn in their computer chip before leaving the bullpen area. No exceptions! Names can be engraved on individual trophies at the barn.

7. Team trophies will be presented at the barn as soon as possible after each race. This year you will have to use your own picture. 

8. Apparel will be available to purchase. Prices range from $10 - $35. Cash and checks will be accepted.

9. We will have water available for the runners at the finish line.

10. Keep team tents and athletes away from the residential side of the park oval.

11. Runners will follow white lines on the course. PLEASE AVOID PARKING ON OR NEAR THE COURSE!

12. There is a special area for drop off of athletes. Only coaches may leave the bus at the top of the oval! Traffic control will let you know where you may drop athletes off (area near porta-johns/pool or in bus parking area). PLEASE NOTE: There may be a delay between junior high races due to traffic in the oval.

13. We have a medical tent but a doctor may not be present at all times. If an athlete is transported to a hospital it will be at your cost.


NATE LYNCH AT 419-619-1477


ENTRY FEES: Prices include entries in any ?open? or ?B? races

Boys? High School $ 90.00
Girls? High School $ 90.00
Boys? Jr. High $ 50.00
Girls? Jr. High $ 50.00

Maximum entry fee - $ 250.00


Tiffin Columbian High School ? XC Carnival
Attn: Patty Davis, Athletic Secretary
300 S. Monroe Street
Tiffin, OH 44883

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Div III-B

1.11Trevor Durnwald
17:19.02 SRSt Mary Central Cath...
2.11Sam Lehman
17:26.30 SRTinora
3.11Brayden Leist
4.11Kaleb Perez
5.11Tony Rodriguez
17:50.83St Mary Central Cath...
6.11Cameron Rusnak
17:52.73 SROpen Door Christian
7.12Travis Klingler
17:59.79Crestview (Ashland)
8.11John Tarchick
18:06.16 SRLordstown
9.11Jorden Nye
18:08.26St Wendelin
10.10Tony Torres
18:12.13 SRSt Mary Central Cath...
11.11Paysen Bramblett
18:14.11Crestview (Ashland)
12.11Karl Burgderfer
18:15.63Seneca East
13.11Mitch Brown
18:17.33 SRMohawk
14.11Alex Hoerig
18:20.29 SRMohawk
15.10Nick Dudenhoefer
18:21.37 SRSt Mary Central Cath...
16.9Alex Rowe
18:21.55Crestview (Ashland)
17.11Zac Baker
18:24.53Lakota (Kansas)
18.12Jeremy Squire
18:30.11Open Door Christian
19.11Tommy Rudolph
18:31.02Ottawa Hills
20.7Brennen Nalley
18:31.97 SRCrestview (Ashland)
21.10Louis Liming
18:32.58 PRLordstown
22.11Jake Lynn
18:34.73 SRCardinal Stritch
23.10Sean Stockmaster
18:35.37St Peters
24.10Nick Millet
25.11Matt Costello
18:45.25St Mary Central Cath...
26.11Dylan Buckley
27.9Ryan Avers
28.9Eli Sauder
18:48.26 SRCrestview (Ashland)
29.9Tim Lynn
18:50.95Cardinal Stritch
30.9Michael Szabo
18:55.89 SRSeneca East
31.11Chris Hines
32.10Ben Kromer
33.11Jacob Merryfield
34.11Dylan Evans
35.9Andrew Cook
19:02.38 PRBerkshire
36.10Randy McCarty
19:12.47 SRRussia
37.10Robby Schaffer
19:13.66 SRSeneca East
38.11Matt Subler
39.11Mike Lasky
19:15.00 SRMohawk
40.10Tomas Arredondo
19:15.22 SRCarey
41.9Zachary Logsdon
42.11Jarred Shellhouse
19:16.71 SRMohawk
43.12Jake Mahnke
19:17.38 PRTinora
44.10Kyle Poling
45.11Dean Wasil
19:22.75 SROpen Door Christian
46.12Robert Wernert
19:24.03Cardinal Stritch
47.11Michael Patton
48.12Zach Zavela
19:26.05St Joseph Central Cath
49.10Luke Baker
19:26.16 SRLakota (Kansas)
50.11Josh Meyer
51.11Kevin Herman
19:28.68 SROttawa Hills
52.12Matt Thomas
53.9Bryce Yoder
19:29.88 SRWest Liberty Salem
54.9Bryce Watson
19:31.32 SRSeneca East
55.11Matt Robleski
56.9Ethan Schlarb
19:32.03 PRGaraway
57.12Jacob Fultz
58.12Wyatt Nelson
19:33.05 SRDanbury
59.9Aaron Mohr
19:33.07Crestview (Ashland)
60.12Alex Timmerman
61.12Nathan Valentine
19:35.89 PROpen Door Christian
62.9Collin Vollmar
19:37.19 SRLiberty Center
63.11Cameron Harris
19:38.11 PRTinora
64.11Robbie Hole
19:38.52 PRVersailles
65.12Ben Ysasi
19:40.14 SRSt Joseph Central Cath
66.12Darren Daulton
19:40.60West Liberty Salem
67.10Ryan Watren
19:41.51 SRVersailles
68.10Jordan Buck
19:43.28 SRWoodmore
69.10Anthony Tiber
70.9Matt Baker
19:43.95 SRLiberty Center
71.11Austin Gariety
19:44.30 SRRussia
72.12Scott Snodgrass
19:44.43St Joseph Central Cath
73.10Cole Albers
19:44.67 SRVersailles
74.12Aaron Foss
19:45.42St Wendelin
75.10Conner Karg
19:48.03West Liberty Salem
76.12Nathan Epperson
19:48.37 SRRussia
77.11Josh Bryan
78.11Gareth Price
19:51.17 PRWoodmore
79.9Zeke Misko
80.9Tristen Ferguson
81.10Ben Frankart
19:55.29 SRSeneca East
82.11Clayton Brickner
83.9Preston Michalski
19:58.04 SRLordstown
84.10Derek Mohr
20:04.60 SRTinora
85.12Derek Foos
20:06.37 PRLakota (Kansas)
86.11Robie Mitchell
20:14.44 SROttawa Hills
87.11Tyler Aldrich
20:14.70 SRLakota (Kansas)
88.9David Stotlar
20:17.35 SRBerkshire
89.12Josh Newman
90.9Steven Stotlar
20:18.48 PRBerkshire
91.11Dillon Bogner
92.11Ben Braun
20:21.26 PRGaraway
93.12Josh Digby
20:21.60St Wendelin
94.12Alex Partyka
20:22.56St Joseph Central Cath
95.9Brady McWilliams
20:24.58 SRSeneca East
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5,000 Meters Div III-A Varsity

1.11Samuel Prakel
2.12Mike Seas
3.12Ryan Polman
4.12Matt Pelletier
5.11Logan Kettlewell
16:15.90 SRGaraway
6.11Wyatt Hartman
7.11Kyle Polman
8.11Nate Dornback
9.12Josh Schleappi
16:39.10East Canton
10.11Jonothan Albaugh
16:39.40New London
11.11Jake Graham
16:41.40 SRColumbus Grove
12.10Jason Willman
16:44.70Seneca East
13.12Colin Wilson
16:46.80 PRWest Liberty Salem
14.12Zach Muhlenkamp
16:47.40 PRColdwater
15.11Riley Kuess
16:48.00 PRColdwater
16.12Joe Brodman
16:52.70Tiffin Calvert
17.10Luke Evans
16:53.80Grandview Heights
18.12Kyle Klingler
16:55.50Troy Christian
19.12Hoang Tuan
17:00.50 PRMaplewood
20.11Kyle Thomas
17:01.90Fairview (Sherwood)
21.10Jonathan Niswonger
22.9Jon Wenning
23.11Eric Dahlinghaus
17:08.00 SRMinster
24.12Matt Oram
17:10.90Toledo Christian
25.11Brady Yoder
26.12Zachary Alexander
17:14.00 SROld Fort
27.10Noah Cook
28.12Joseph Sherrieb
17:15.40 PRLiberty-Benton
29.12Ryan Meister
17:16.90West Liberty Salem
30.11Alex Shafer
17:17.10Columbus Grove
31.11Jeff Hanson
17:18.30Liberty Union
32.11Aaron Scott
17:19.10West Liberty Salem
33.10Alex Ho
17:20.30 SRColumbus Academy
34.12William Crosby
17:21.20St Paul
35.11Eric Duvall
36.11Mike Dahmen
37.11Chase Gage
17:24.00Grandview Heights
38.9Wes Pipher
17:25.10Seneca East
39.12Ben Barhost
17:25.40 PRFort Loramie
40.9Jared Stockmaster
17:25.70 SRSeneca East
41.11Trey Elchert
17:27.40 PRJackson Center
42.10Cameron Weaks
17:30.80 SRLiberty Center
43.11Marcus Meyers
17:30.90Old Fort
44.11Alex Adams
17:31.70West Liberty Salem
45.12Ben Stuckey
17:32.50 SRWynford
46.10Nathan Lane
17:33.90Toledo Christian
47.9Derek Morrison
48.9Carson Pipher
17:34.80Seneca East
49.9Andrew Fausey
17:36.00 SRMinster
50.11Jacob Amburgy
17:37.20 SRNew London
51.9Ty Gleason
17:37.50 SRLiberty-Benton
51.10Andrew Albers
53.11Joe Seedorf
17:37.70Liberty Center
54.9Tanner Harding
55.12Jake Atkinson
17:41.70 SRLiberty Center
56.10Colton Roth
17:42.10Liberty Union
57.9Colton Grothaus
17:43.50Columbus Grove
58.12Michael Wenig
59.11Sam Subler
60.10Neil Goetze
17:46.30 SRNew London
61.11Grant Schroeder
17:47.50Columbus Grove
62.11Jacob Siegel
17:47.60Fort Loramie
63.9John Brown
64.10Brandon Altiers
17:49.80 SRLiberty Union
65.9Jordan Obringer
17:50.20 SRColdwater
66.11Ryan Kuzilla
67.9Casey Kropka
17:50.90 SRNew London
68.10Steven Stickel
69.9Adam Alexander
17:54.70 PROld Fort
70.10Dominic Frey
71.10Solomon Yoder
72.10Jacob Motts
17:58.10Liberty Union
73.9Mason Moore
17:59.50Summit Country Day
74.11Tanner Rufenacht
75.12Jeff Briggs
18:00.10Seneca East
76.11Austin Schultz
18:00.80 SRTiffin Calvert
77.9Jordan Gariety
78.9David Pelletier
79.10Jeremy Mann
18:01.90 SRPettisville
80.12Jeremy Rohr
18:02.10 SRMapleton
81.12Nathan Alexander
18:03.50Old Fort
82.12Austin Schaffer
18:05.00Seneca East
83.11Austin Wolford
84.10Alex Shrock
85.9Chase Lyle
18:05.90Summit Country Day
85.10Nick Falbo
18:05.90 SRWestern Reserve (Col...
87.10Bryan Drees
88.12Aaron Lucius
89.9Austin Graham
18:08.80Fairview (Sherwood)
90.9Jonathan Fausey
91.9Caleb Morehart
18:11.10 SRGaraway
92.10Tyler Rose
93.12Jerrod Yoder
18:12.40West Liberty Salem
94.10Ronnie Simpson
95.11Trey Crase
18:18.20Colonel Crawford
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5,000 Meters Div III Open

1.11Jonathan Nisly
2.12Dominic King
18:30.83 SRBettsville (closed 2...
3.11Jacob Welly
18:52.55New Riegel
4.12Ryan Schalk
18:58.66 SRNew Riegel
5.10Hayden Reinhart
6.12Josh Stephens
19:21.26Columbus Grove
7.10Bret Sanderson
19:25.04 SRFairview (Sherwood)
8.10Alan Childs
9.9Miklos White
19:34.93 SRNew London
10.10Jacob Pippert
19:38.32 SRNew London
11.9Elliot Kowalski
19:38.63 SRPut-in-Bay
12.9T.C. Grandey
19:38.96 SRFairview (Sherwood)
13.12Brian Kramer
19:41.36 SRVersailles
14.12Andrew Lommerse
19:53.69 SRHopewell-Loudon
15.9Grant Lugibihl
19:53.74 SRPandora-Gilboa
16.11Gabe Lilly
19:59.32 SRNew London
17.12Drew Schroeder
19:59.99Columbus Grove
18.11Christian Boehnlein
20:01.80 SRMinster
19.9Patric Gase
20.9Nate Walker
21.9Alex Tabler
20:09.98 SRColumbus Grove
22.12Damion Clauson
20:18.15 SRTinora
23.9Neil Lane
20:19.33 SRNew London
24.9Alex Crawford
20:22.89 SRNew London
25.10Max Gilliland
26.10Will Vorhees
20:27.71Columbus Grove
27.10Cody Reynolds
20:29.14 SRColumbus Grove
28.9Tim Springer
20:30.27Liberty Union
29.11Tregg Keysor
20:30.92 PRColumbus Grove
30.9Gabe Goodwin
20:31.46 SRMinster
31.11Darrion Gant
20:36.45Columbus Grove
32.9Tyler Frelin
33.9Ty Frilling
20:42.75Fort Loramie
34.9Clay Long
20:45.18 SRColonel Crawford
35.10Daniel Sheppard
20:48.78 SRNew London
36.9Seth Koenig
37.10Alex Winner
38.11Adam Dircksen
20:58.29 SRMinster
39.10Alex Buckley
20:59.72 SRSeneca East
40.7Brennen Nalley
21:01.46Crestview (Ashland)
41.12Alex Elkins
21:02.04 SRTinora
42.12Trevor Risner
43.11Michael Herman
21:07.35 SROttawa Hills
44.11Nick Kemper
21:08.64 SRMinster
45.10Dylan Napier
21:09.43 SRHopewell-Loudon
46.9Jaden Edwards
21:13.50 SRLiberty-Benton
47.10Jon Fahl
21:15.85 SRCarey
48.9Konnor Masell
21:17.93 PRToledo Christian
49.9Jacob Miller
21:20.72 SRPandora-Gilboa
50.9Dylan Allison
21:20.88 SRColonel Crawford
51.12Tyler Chaffee
21:21.68 SRSeneca East
52.10Xavior Rios
21:21.78 SRTinora
53.10David Terrano
21:25.31 SRIndependence
54.9Corey Schroeder
21:26.05 SRColumbus Grove
55.9Slade Stubbs
21:27.63 PRLiberty Union
56.12Jacob Caprara
21:28.32 PRSt Paul
57.11Jacob Whitman
21:28.47 SRFairview (Sherwood)
58.9Cassie Higbea
21:29.50 PRTinora
59.9Thomas Meyer
21:34.93 PRFort Loramie
60.10Evan Hyatt
21:36.58 SRCarey
61.11Ty Tekelenburg
21:38.79 PRFairview (Sherwood)
62.9Isaac Ritter
21:42.70 SRLakota (Kansas)
63.10Casey Pippert-Ladd
21:43.17 SRPut-in-Bay
64.10Pierce Burris
21:45.54 SRLiberty Union
65.12Dillon Reinhart
21:47.40 SRLakota (Kansas)
66.10Caleb Smith
21:49.92 SRColonel Crawford
67.10Angel Rivera
21:58.11 SRWestern Reserve (Col...
68.11Subler Darren
22:01.67 PRVersailles
69.9Grady Stuckman
22:01.79 SRSummit Country Day
70.10Adam Hyatt
22:03.56 SRCarey
71.11Joel Humberson
22:04.39 SRColonel Crawford
72.9Riley Jenkins
22:04.86 PRLiberty Union
73.10Corey Johnson
22:05.19 SRColonel Crawford
74.9Zach Thomas
22:05.50 SRFairview (Sherwood)
75.9Graham Schaffner
22:05.93 PRLiberty Union
76.9Cody Wischmeyer
22:07.69 SRColumbus Grove
77.12Kendel Scheid
22:13.38 SRSt Paul
78.10Clay Braden
22:14.34 SRSt Paul
79.11Kevin O'Donnell
80.10Curtis Hatcher
22:19.03 PRColonel Crawford
81.10Bailey Griffin
82.10Mitch Robson
22:25.12Western Reserve (Col...
83.9Zach Mahnke
22:28.22 SRTinora
84.12Bruce Hawthorn
22:29.85Liberty Union
85.10Ben Ahrens
22:30.31 SRVersailles
86.11Greg Davis
22:36.71 PRWestern Reserve (Col...
87.9Ryley Cook
22:38.42 PRColonel Crawford
88.9John Barga
22:40.01 SRVersailles
89.11Philip Jongebloed
22:54.16 PRHopewell-Loudon
90.12Cameron Keough
22:54.80 PRBethel
91.12Jill Hemmelgarn
22:57.07 SRVersailles
92.9Isiah Carpenter
23:02.91 SRLiberty-Benton
93.10Michael Frank
23:04.89 SRSt Paul
94.9Alex Haynes
23:17.60 SRSt Paul
95.11Kevin Stockmaster
23:18.28St Peters
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5,000 Meters Div II Open

1.9Dakota Brunsman
2.10Dean Ohde
3.9Nick Reyes
18:27.53 SRPerkins
4.12Paul Harding
18:34.77 SRClear Fork
5.9Conner Shaffer
18:35.07Van Wert
6.10Jack Hurley
18:39.88St Vincent-St Mary
7.9Jordan Butler
18:40.94Van Wert
8.10Sean Gaffney
18:41.82St Vincent-St Mary
9.11Seth Dorsey
18:49.93 SRShelby Senior
10.9Grant Ingram
18:59.27 SRCarroll
11.10Matt Bastock
19:02.53 PRKeystone
12.11Austin Sexton
19:06.19 SRShelby Senior
13.10Corey Large
19:06.28St Vincent-St Mary
14.10Eric Easley
19:08.50 SRVan Wert
15.11Gabe Valencia
19:12.95 SRRocky River
16.11Matt Alexander
19:13.14 PRMarlington
17.12Matt Keating
18.12Katsuya Handa
19.10Nathaniel Wickman
20.10Sean Green
19:20.60 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
21.9Austin Patrick
19:23.12St Vincent-St Mary
22.9Bryce Patrick
19:23.92St Vincent-St Mary
23.10David Ahner
19:27.50 SRPerkins
24.12Luke Shanle
19:28.40 PRPerkins
25.11Nick Sheehan
19:28.88Buckeye Valley
26.11Nick Mayes
19:31.11 PRMarlington
27.11David Proulx
28.11Nick Kieffer
29.9Daniel Perry
19:31.82 SRVan Wert
30.9Christopher Hoffman
19:32.92 SREdison (Milan)
31.9Nick Fiedler
19:32.93St Vincent-St Mary
32.11Spencer Prichard
19:34.13Van Wert
33.9Dakotah Cereghin
34.10Blake Kochensparger
19:42.02 SRPerkins
35.10Nick Dawson
19:43.50 SRRocky River
36.9Ryan Rice
19:46.31 SRVan Wert
37.11Josh Haisley
19:48.78 SRBellefontaine
38.12Nick Vargo
19:49.44 SRLexington
39.9Michael Plent
19:50.98Notre Dame Cathedral...
40.9Kyle Frey
41.10Zach Myracle
19:54.98 SRVermilion
42.10Forrest Stoddard
19:59.70 SRRocky River
43.9John St. Pierre
19:59.95 SRRocky River
44.11Aaron Macklin
45.11Brady Wolf
20:03.52 PRClyde
46.9Jake Momany
20:03.53 PRLake (Millbury)
47.10Dustin Lumadue
48.9Ryan Singler
20:05.70 SRPerkins
49.12Brad Shook
20:06.29 SRBuckeye
50.9Brant Henry
20:06.96 PRVan Wert
51.12Johann Schrof
20:07.21 PREastwood
52.10Chris McKenzie
20:08.61 PRKeystone
53.12Daniel Oberer
20:09.29 PRPerkins
54.9Brent Wilson
20:09.90 SRWest Holmes
55.9Jared Bottger
20:13.36Notre Dame Cathedral...
56.9David Plent
20:13.52Notre Dame Cathedral...
57.9Triston Hornbeck
20:15.64 SRBlack River
58.12Bryon Trainer
20:17.21 PRLexington
59.9Stephen Ward
20:17.65 SRLexington
60.11Adam Ralston
61.9Tudor Sandu
20:19.83 SRRocky River
62.12Johnny Kinsley
20:20.93 PRRocky River
63.9Jacob Pugh
20:21.15 SROntario
64.9Andrew Norton
65.10Alex Drummond
20:26.66 SRBellevue
66.12Ricky Bowers
20:28.08 PRNotre Dame Cathedral...
67.12Nick Mellon
68.12Alex Nieto
20:29.40 PRShelby Senior
69.11Matt Miller
20:29.62 SRWest Holmes
70.10Bill Neugebauer
20:30.36St Vincent-St Mary
71.11Derek Silkwood
20:32.68 SREdison (Milan)
72.11Patrick Roden
20:32.81 SRBuckeye Valley
73.10Austin O'Diam
74.10Mitchel Gerken
75.9Justin Widman
20:35.98 PRBellevue
76.9Alex Sheehan
20:36.29 SRBuckeye Valley
77.9David Guajardo
78.9Matt Winners
79.11Sean Oak
80.10Jacob Kowalczyk
20:47.22Notre Dame Cathedral...
81.11Kenny Steinbauer
20:48.78 SRClyde
82.10Ken Fuller
20:49.04 SRBuckeye Valley
83.9Hayden Whitmyer
20:50.12St Vincent-St Mary
84.11Danny Jarvis
20:50.62 SRBuckeye Valley
85.9Cale Sterling
20:53.50 SRBellefontaine
86.10Kyle Wright
87.9Joe Emerson
20:54.34 SRShelby Senior
88.12Benjam Faggionato
20:56.55 SREdison (Milan)
89.9Ian Leblanc
20:57.43 SRVermilion
90.9Daniel Sheppard
20:58.38 SRTrinity
91.12Ryan Schindler
20:58.48 SREdison (Milan)
92.12Duke Dutcher
20:59.13 PRBuckeye Valley
93.10Quinn Kennedy
21:01.62 SRBuckeye
94.10Ben Troy
21:03.79Notre Dame Cathedral...
95.10Addison Snyder
21:03.92 SRBellevue
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5,000 Meters Div II Varsity

1.12Adrian Ross
2.12Nate Orndorf
16:00.96 PRBellefontaine
3.12Patrick O'Brien
16:11.70St Vincent-St Mary
4.11Jared Fleming
16:19.90Van Wert
5.11Ryan Gallagher
6.12Ric Roe
7.11Steven Frandanisa
16:37.77Notre Dame Cathedral...
8.9Connor Holliday
16:46.59Van Wert
9.11Michael Decker
10.12David Thorne
16:47.54 PRLake Catholic
11.11Cully Gordon
16:48.37 SRWest Holmes
12.12Mike Hurley
17:01.19St Vincent-St Mary
13.12Josh Runion
14.11Bill Minshall
17:08.74 SRPerkins
15.12Evan Boucher
16.9Wade Hodges
17.12Jake Shramko
17:13.43 SRLexington
18.12Phillip Scheanon
17:14.43 PREdgewood (Ashtabula)
19.12Jeremy Sandusky
17:14.50 SRUnioto
20.11Matt Oswald
17:14.93 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
21.11Colin Eggleston
22.12Brent Jennewine
23.10Kase Schalois
17:19.33 SRVan Wert
24.11Augustine Kazek
17:22.60 SRBlack River
25.9Michael Beebe
17:25.99Notre Dame Cathedral...
26.11Mick Iacofano
17:26.59St Vincent-St Mary
27.11Dylan Hall-Farmbro...
28.11Anthony Edwards
29.12Sean Poholski
17:28.31St Vincent-St Mary
30.10Kevin Tomczyk
31.12Isaac Bouyack
17:32.63 SRClyde
32.11Nick Molnar
33.12Dan Asbury
34.9Brandon Avers
35.10Garrett Miller
17:35.59 SRUpper Sandusky
36.10Brian King
17:36.68 SRNotre Dame Cathedral...
37.11Ryan Dull
38.12Michael Hasselbach
17:40.51 PROak Harbor
39.11Devin Wheeler
17:40.75 SRUnioto
40.11JJ Grzincic
17:41.15 SRBuckeye
41.11Alec Nash
42.10Ethan Richter
43.12Nathan Adkins
17:46.41Lake (Millbury)
44.10Scott Brittenham
17:46.59Lake (Millbury)
45.12Kevin KJ Abair
46.10Gabe Fredericks
17:48.10 SREastwood
47.12David Skursha
17:48.73Notre Dame Cathedral...
48.10James Nedrich
49.12Josh Fourhman
50.12Brandon McNeil
51.12Sam Heavner
52.11Blake Willaims
17:54.57Rocky River
53.11Derryn Tomsic
17:55.72 SREdgewood (Ashtabula)
54.11Clay Parlette
17:55.96 SRGenoa Area
55.11Tim Young
17:56.78 SRWest Holmes
56.10Thomas Mason
57.12Adam Chase
17:58.10Jefferson Area
58.12Chris Hillis
59.11Chris Johnson
17:59.62 SRPerkins
60.11Brenson Zambarrano
18:00.11 SRUnioto
61.11Matt Leis
18:03.97 SRWillard
62.11Austin Fraley
63.12Joshua McReynolds
18:05.91 SRGreenon
64.11Matt Wallace
65.12Jordan Knieper
18:06.43Buckeye Valley
66.11Brady Newcomer
18:06.56 SRGraham Local
67.11Matthew Stewart
18:06.93Buckeye Valley
68.10David Chase
18:08.32Jefferson Area
69.11Eddie Stolarz
18:09.47 SRCircleville
70.9Orion Belmont
18:10.81St Vincent-St Mary
71.12Drew Alexander
18:10.83West Holmes
72.10Cody Priebe
73.12Johnny Shumay
74.11Andrew Beier
18:13.90 SRBellevue
75.11Grant Knierim
76.10Sam Boyd
18:15.20West Holmes
77.9Nick Keber
18:15.48Van Wert
78.12Dahren Phillips-Bey
79.12Garrett Dunlap
80.12Tom Ziebro
18:16.91 SRBlack River
81.11Bob Auber
18:17.74 SRBuckeye
82.12Nathan Stevens
18:17.93Van Wert
83.12Daniel Pritchard
18:17.95 PRRocky River
84.11Adam Corral
85.11Ben Rath
86.11Alex Schrag
87.11John Hoffman
18:23.54 SREdison (Milan)
88.9Paul Bete
89.11Salvador Cantero
90.12Estlin Haiss
91.12Luke Brubaker
18:26.98Van Wert
92.12Garrett Arnold
18:28.90 SRShelby Senior
93.12Alex Wynn
94.12Steven Dull
95.9Nick Campbell
18:29.10St Vincent-St Mary
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3,200 Meters JH Div III Varsity

1.8Ben Butler
11:24.25 PRMinster
2.7Brad Bauer
11:31.43 PRColonel Crawford
3.7Tyler Polman
11:47.89 PRIndependence
4.8Zach Baugh
11:52.70 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
5.7Brad Crandall
11:59.98 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
6.8Casen Burkholder
12:11.59 PRGorham-Fayette
7.8Matt Terrano
12:11.78 PRIndependence
8.8Elliot Hoepf
12:21.28Seneca East
9.8Trent Croci
12:21.55 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
10.7Kevin Clymer
12:24.07 PRIndependence
11.7Austin Lopez
12:26.04 PRGorham-Fayette
12.8Dave Wisniewski
12:27.31 PRIndependence
13.8Austin Mathias
12:32.62 PRNew Riegel
14.8Travis Williams
12:33.07 PRNew Riegel
15.8Bailey Dauterman
12:34.01 PRSt. Peters-Mansfield
16.7Benton Parmiter
12:37.25 PRCaldwell
17.7Tom Ballas
12:38.35 PRFort Loramie
18.8Nathan Schumm
12:46.16 PRSt. Paul Lutheran Na...
19.7Boone Brubaker
12:55.30 PRColumbus Grove
20.8Colt Veres
12:56.70Seneca East
21.8Caleb Welly
12:58.40 PRNew Riegel
22.8Jason Cadieux
12:59.85 PRRiver Valley (Caledo...
23.7Caiden Grothaus
13:00.89 PRColumbus Grove
24.8Danny Tracy
13:01.47 PROttawa Hills
25.8Jacob Roesch
13:02.66 PRColonel Crawford
26.7Alec Kasza
13:03.43 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
27.7Jacob Skidmore
13:05.97 PRSeneca East
28.8Drew Haynes
13:07.45 PRSt. Paul
29.8Matthew Steiner
13:08.14 PRLakota
30.7Alex Jaramillo
13:08.54 PRGorham-Fayette
31.8Joel Studer
13:10.33 PRLiberty Center
32.8Andrew Weadock
33.7Daniel Patton
13:12.35 PRCarey
34.8Matt Mroczynski
13:13.52 PRIndependence
35.8Ethan Monnin
13:14.96 PRMinster
36.7Christian Suarez
13:14.97 PRGorham-Fayette
37.8Jimmy Karban
13:16.72 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
38.8Ben Brewster
13:17.49St. Paul
39.7Drew Kurtz
40.7Aiden Albaugh
13:21.59New London
41.8Tate Given
13:24.43New London
42.8Brandon Sauppe
13:25.31 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
43.8Riley Holland
13:25.43Fort Loramie
44.8John Chaney
13:26.59 PRFort Loramie
45.8Trevor Reed
13:27.18 PRNew London
46.7Dillon Trafzer
13:27.62 PRRiver Valley (Caledo...
47.8Dylan Alvarado
13:27.77 PRHopewell-Loudon
48.7Alex Morrison
13:30.26 PROttawa Hills
49.7Joshua Smith
13:30.78 PROld Fort
50.7Braxton Funk
13:31.48 PRIndependence
51.7Bryce Conklin
13:33.38 PRGorham-Fayette
52.8Phillip Vance
13:33.60 PRColumbus Grove
53.8Chase Heck
13:33.83 PRBethel Junior
54.7Cole Manasian
13:34.75 PROld Fort
55.7Denver Daniel
13:35.04 PROpen Door Christian
56.7Brendon Oswalt
13:35.17 PRWestern Reserve (Col...
57.8Clay Wright
13:35.33 PROpen Door Christian
58.7Brad Gottemoeller
13:42.00 PRFort Loramie
59.8Joel Smith
13:42.34 PRGorham-Fayette
60.8Brett Geise
13:42.49 PRLiberty-Benton
61.7Jared Kaiser
13:43.88 PRSeneca East
62.8Adam Orians
13:44.12 PRLiberty-Benton
63.8Jerad Seiler
13:47.85 PRGorham-Fayette
64.7Noah Ebling
13:48.35Columbus Grove
65.8Brad Zoeller
13:49.10 PRNew Riegel
66.7Nolan Greeley
13:49.28 SROttawa Hills
67.8Thomas Koizumi
13:49.95 PRLiberty-Benton
68.7Johnny Bernsdorff
13:52.27 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
69.8Mitch Wolfrum
13:53.72 SRSt. Paul Lutheran Na...
70.7Joel Edwards
13:55.88 PRLiberty-Benton
71.7Drew Randall
13:56.34 PRSt. Peters-Mansfield
72.7Gunner Wilson
13:57.18 PRSeneca East
73.8Griffin Cooley
14:00.53Western Reserve (Col...
74.7Erik Liebal
14:04.31 PRIndependence
75.8Dalton Moyer
14:05.03 SRSt. Paul Lutheran Na...
76.8Jon Harris
14:05.27 PRMargaretta
77.7Nick Studer
14:05.42Colonel Crawford
78.7Josh Stanley
14:05.44 PRMargaretta
79.7Mason Maginn
14:05.89 PRGorham-Fayette
80.7Luke Stager
14:15.26 PRFort Loramie
81.8Benton Wright
14:15.50 PRBethel Junior
82.7Brant Shank
14:16.01 PRLakota
83.7Connor Small
14:16.21 PRSt. Paul Lutheran Na...
84.7Thomas Spieth
14:17.19 PRLiberty Center
85.8Anthony Mulherin
14:18.90 PRSt. Peters-Mansfield
86.8Charlie Maxwell
14:18.97 PRSt. Peters-Mansfield
87.8Uriel Garcia
14:19.03 PRCarey
88.8Logan Archer
89.7Justin Coleman
14:20.76 PRHopewell-Loudon
90.8Cameron Hunter
14:24.77 SRSt. Wendelin
91.8Max Pelletier
14:27.31 SRMinster
92.7Cole Stuckey
14:27.70 PRGorham-Fayette
93.7Mateo Muniz
14:28.47 PRHopewell-Loudon
94.7Isaac Baker
14:30.57 PRLakota
95.7Will Cecolli
14:33.65 PRSt. Paul
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3,200 Meters JH Div I/II Varsity

1.8Nate Mallue
11:05.13 PRJackson Memorial
2.8Colin Theis
11:11.23Buckeye Junior (Medi...
3.8Logan Hepp
11:29.29 PRPort Clinton
4.8Isaiah Gaines
11:30.06 PRCentral (Findlay)
5.8Ivan Dye
11:33.93 PRWashington (Toledo)
6.8Luke Widdig
11:38.43 PRKings
7.8Dimitri Djuric
11:38.82 PRJackson Memorial
8.8Jack Hautz
11:40.37 PRBay
9.8Alex Cruz
11:42.26 PRPort Clinton
10.8Sam Hickey
11:42.90 PRWashington (Toledo)
11.8Joshua Kneisel
11:44.67 PRWashington (Toledo)
12.8Seth Vipperman
11:49.41 PRWillard
13.8Ryan Broerman
11:52.55 PRKings
14.8Dylan Plaugher
11:53.74 PRWapakoneta
15.8Logan Giesige
11:54.62 PRPerrysburg
16.8Rylie Miller
11:55.74 PRVermilion
17.8Daryl Titsworth
11:56.60 PRDelta
18.8Nick Stricklen
12:02.87 PRLexington Junior
19.8Zak Miller
12:04.68 PRPerrysburg
20.7Brett Lauf
12:04.70 PRNapoleon
21.8Nick Huffman
12:05.33 PRJackson Memorial
22.8Darien Payne
12:06.37 PRShelby
23.8David Russell
12:07.77 PRBay
24.8Austin Myers
12:08.47 PRUpper Sandusky
25.8Jacob Lutz
12:10.28 PRAmherst Junior
26.8Jonathan Wilburn
12:10.81 PRWashington (Toledo)
27.8Cade Fleming
12:12.62 PRVan Wert
28.8Ryan Flanagan
12:15.54 PRJackson Memorial
29.8Kyle Wardrope
12:18.38 PRAvon
30.8Michael Leone
12:19.78 PRPort Clinton
31.8Michael Young
12:23.31 PRAvon
32.8Matt Sepeda
12:23.79 PRClyde
33.8Joey Thomas
12:24.15 PRNorwalk
34.8Samuel Church
12:26.04Eastwood (Pemberville)
35.8Brock Bunting
12:27.40 PRFremont
36.8Justin Hopkins
12:27.48 PRCentral (Findlay)
37.8Trevor Bartlett
12:28.76 SRKings
38.8Stephen Engh
12:30.39 PROntario
39.7Zach Barr
12:30.89 PRPort Clinton
40.7Nick Hrivnak
12:30.94 PRBerlin-Milan
41.8Andrew Bosworth
12:31.11 SRPerrysburg
42.8Kyle Rudolph
12:31.34 PRPerrysburg
43.7Scott Lewis
12:31.93 PRUpper Sandusky
44.8Jared Kitinoja
12:32.64 PRAvon
44.8Jalen Bowersock
12:32.64 PRWapakoneta
46.8Forest Ledrick
12:33.13 PRMcCord
47.8Vincent King
12:34.92 PRBuckeye Junior (Medi...
48.8Dan Reichenbach
12:35.08 PRWapakoneta
49.7Ryan Sturgeon
12:35.88 PRAmherst Junior
50.7Dylan Lautzenheiser
12:37.33 PRVan Wert
51.8Collin Rider
12:38.24 PRPort Clinton
52.8Charlie Nash
12:39.10 PRNorwalk
53.8Trent Damschroder
12:41.54 PRFremont
54.8Frank Rizzo
12:41.62 PRAvon
55.7Joey Gutbrod
12:43.46 PRBay
56.8William Hastings
12:43.91 PRClaggett
57.9Adam Forrest
12:44.41 PRTiffin Columbian
58.8Drew Nitschke
12:45.42 PRPerrysburg
59.8Lucas Burkard
12:46.19 PROtsego
60.8Kyle Moss
12:46.59 PRHighland (Medina)
61.8Maison Dewalt
12:46.65 PRHighland (Medina)
62.8Dane Johnson
12:47.19 PRAmherst Junior
63.7Thomas Yoder
12:47.50 PRKings
64.8Johnny Smith
12:47.83 PRPerrysburg
65.8Matt Bryant
12:48.24 PRCentral (Findlay)
66.8Nick Corso
12:48.33Perkins (Sandusky)
67.8Nick Stevens
12:49.55 PRAvon
68.8Robert Moore
12:49.77 PRShelby
69.8Patrick Breen
12:50.83 PRCentral (Findlay)
70.7Brendan Burns
12:52.28Temperance Bedford
71.8Austin Gale
12:52.65 PRClyde
72.7Matt Stump
12:54.26 PRClaggett
73.8Christian Gerding
12:55.21 PRHighland (Medina)
74.8Seth Whitehead
12:55.30 PRJackson Memorial
75.8Matthew Torres
12:55.57 PRWashington (Toledo)
76.8Eli Kentner
12:56.02 PRWapakoneta
77.8Travis Fisher
12:56.78 PRWapakoneta
78.7Jared Galat
12:57.06 PRLexington Junior
79.8Erik Klimczynski
80.8Michael Stoffiere
13:00.85 PRAvon
81.8Kevin Minds
13:00.98 PRKings
82.8David Burgett
13:02.17 PRAmherst Junior
83.8Andrew Smith
13:02.30 PRClaggett
84.7Drew Hoffman
13:03.03 PRTiffin Columbian
85.8Avery Dackermann
13:03.82 PRPort Clinton
86.7Sam Easley
13:04.47Van Wert
87.8William Schalk
13:04.81 PRBellevue Junior
88.8Nick Diekman
13:05.01 PRClaggett
89.8Vince Zitiello
13:05.10 PRBay
90.9Oliver Stevens
13:05.43 PRTiffin Columbian
91.8Torsten Sjostedt
13:06.93 PROntario
92.8Clay Cooper
13:07.33 PRKings
93.7Jake Fellers
13:07.56 PRNapoleon
94.7Derek Walker
13:08.22 PRClaggett
95.8Logan Glenwright
13:09.61 PROntario
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3,200 Meters JH Open

1.7Andrew Stump
12:13.58 PRSt. Edward
2.8Grant Matwiejczyk
12:16.24 PRWoodmore
3.7Chris Dudenhoefer
12:33.07 PRSt. Mary Central Cat...
4.8Nathan Cox
12:41.55 PRCircleville
5.8Adam Benway
12:46.38 PRAshland
6.8Ethan Gruber
13:00.69 PRAshland
7.7Vinny DeFelice
13:04.95West Holmes
8.7Wyatt Smith
13:05.43 PRAshland
9.7Tyler King
13:09.89 PRPut-In-Bay
10.8Logan Willoughby
13:10.04 PRPort Clinton
11.8Matt Jones
13:10.18 PRKings
12.7Joey Yanoska
13:14.78 PRAvon
13.8Sam Grine
13:16.11 PRFostoria
14.7Max Weber
13:16.88 PRAshland
15.8Alex Davenport
13:18.68 PRSylvania Arbor Hills...
16.8Michael Behm
13:24.39 PRPerkins (Sandusky)
17.8Isaac Price
13:26.20 PRAshland
18.8Stephen Speck
13:28.90 PRKeystone
19.7Kaden Ware
13:34.61 PRWapakoneta
20.8Michael Braun
13:35.51 PRKings
21.8Kyle Boyd
13:36.24 PRAshland
22.8Matt Hall
13:36.42 PRWynford
23.7Nick Armanini
13:37.33 PRBay
24.8Chase Walker
13:38.04 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
25.7Noah Perales
13:41.73 PRPerrysburg
26.8Pedro Garcia
13:42.07 PRKings
27.8Colin Printy
13:42.75 PRSt. Mary Central Cat...
28.7Nathan Gullette
13:42.88 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
29.7Nick Gutierrez
13:44.32 PRVan Wert
30.7Matthew Lefelhoc
13:47.43 PRAshland
31.8Matt Gardner
13:50.47 PRWest Holmes
32.6Matthew Martin
13:50.83 PRSt. Edward
33.7Ryan Keber
13:50.85Van Wert
34.8Joe Goetz
13:52.25 PRAvon
35.7Tylor Shenego
13:52.84 PRFostoria
36.7Zac Jenkins
13:52.86 SRTrinity Lutheran (Mo...
37.8Chris Jantzen
13:53.66 PRKings
38.8Joe Fox
13:53.68 PRNorthwood
39.8Robert Shank
13:55.08 PRPerrysburg
40.8Jarred Utt
13:55.34 PRCircleville
41.7Cole Guerra
13:55.98 PRWest Holmes
42.7Matthew Macdonald
13:56.93 PRAshland
43.7Ethan Stuckey
13:57.35 PRWynford
44.7Ben Scheidt
14:00.14 PRVan Wert
45.7Dominic Sanchez
14:00.16 PRAmherst Junior
46.7Jacob Amstutz
14:05.01 SRWoodmore
47.8Ethan Silva
14:05.55 PRKings
48.7George McCray
14:05.66 PRSylvania Arbor Hills...
49.7James Cundari
14:06.46 PRSt. Mary Central Cat...
50.8Sam Sulewski
14:07.89 PRPerrysburg
51.7Ericson Booker
14:08.87 PRPut-In-Bay
52.7Braden VanCleave
14:09.27 PRVan Wert
53.7Johanan Arimi
14:09.31 PRAshland
54.8Zach Albrecht
14:10.02 PRToledo Bowsher
55.7Daniel Freas
14:11.33 PRKings
56.7Adam Broadbent
14:12.89 PRAvon
57.8Jack Beatty
14:15.09 PRAvon
58.8R.J. McKee
14:15.25 PRPerrysburg
59.7Cameron Watkins
14:15.73 PRClaggett
60.8Steven Kast
14:16.08 PRPort Clinton
61.7Tyler Nygren
14:16.19 PRVan Wert
62.7Nick Langenderfer
14:18.98 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
63.8Tommy Solis
14:20.16 PRSeneca East
64.8Andrew Coe
14:22.61 PRBay
65.8Nicolaus White
14:22.63Van Wert
66.7Jack Kamper
14:22.73 PRAvon
67.7Noah Caster
14:23.23 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
68.7Nick Lehmkuhl
14:24.10 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
69.7Mark Liebenguth
14:25.30 PRHighland (Medina)
70.8Collin Purcell
14:26.09 PRAvon
71.8Wade Hill
14:27.92 PRBay
72.8Derek Gupta
14:28.73 PRLiberty-Benton
73.8Sean Bower
14:29.48 PRPerkins (Sandusky)
74.7David Gibson
14:30.03 PRAvon
75.7Garrett Baumgardner
14:30.59 PRPerkins (Sandusky)
76.7Riki Tanaka
14:31.10McCormick (Huron)
77.7Bobby Vidika
78.8Patrick Randolph
14:33.40 PRGibsonburg
79.8Dobber Gottschling
14:33.48 PRLexington Junior
80.7Matthew Trame
14:35.70 PRAmherst Junior
81.8Brenton Green
14:36.52 PRPerkins (Sandusky)
82.8Ryan McRowe
14:36.60 PRAvon
83.7Nolan Benny
14:37.10 PRWapakoneta
84.7Carter Pugh
14:37.17 PRPut-In-Bay
85.8Brandon Morrow
14:37.26 PROlentangy Orange
86.8Trent Mader
14:38.65 PRKings
87.8Bryan Lee
14:39.67 PRAvon
88.8Lucas LaCourse
14:41.42 PRWashington (Toledo)
89.7Connor Kubitz
14:41.90 PRPerkins (Sandusky)
90.8Luke Andrassy
14:42.20 PRBay
91.7Jacob Kerber
14:42.69 PRBay
92.7Luke Cseh
14:43.62 PRBay
93.7Ben Rife
14:44.16 PRHighland (Medina)
94.9AJ Trent
14:45.21 PRCrestview (Ashland)
95.7Kyle Dabbieri
14:45.99 PRClaggett
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5,000 Meters Div I-B Varsity

1.12D'Angelo Sharpley
16:25.83 PRToledo Bowsher
2.11Matt Waaland
16:33.26 SRFindlay
3.10Shadd Risser
16:39.46 SRFindlay
4.10Tyler Lewis
16:47.70 SRColumbian
5.12Marshall Kobylski
16:54.34Bowling Green
6.12Mark Matos
17:00.63 SRAmherst Steele
7.12Steven Stoffel
17:05.59Glen Este
8.11Austin Fry
17:08.43 SRSt Xavier (OH)
9.12Jimmy Roche
10.11Joe Arquillo
17:09.86St Ignatius
11.12Chris Amaya
17:12.51 PRSt Xavier (OH)
12.11Michael Momper
17:13.29St Xavier (OH)
13.12Samuel Howard
14.11Jacob Maier
17:17.75St Ignatius
15.12John Coill
17:18.45 PRSt Ignatius
16.11Brian Seymour
17:19.84Bowling Green
17.12John Whitmore
17:20.60St Ignatius
18.9Josh Park
17:20.78Amherst Steele
19.10David Meler
17:24.17St Ignatius
20.12John Gruenbacher
17:26.02 PRSt Xavier (OH)
21.12John Sullivan
17:29.53St Ignatius
22.12Mark Gruenbacher
17:31.67St Xavier (OH)
23.12Greg Davisson
17:33.71 SRColumbian
24.10Andrew Milburn
17:35.01 SRLouisville
25.11Chris Schenk
17:36.83St Francis De Sales
26.11Isaiah Gilmer
17:38.91 PRColumbian
27.11Jesse Rudolph
17:39.04 SRMedina
28.11Reed Ehrman
17:39.60 SRSt Xavier (OH)
29.12Brian Keaton
17:42.32St Ignatius
30.10Ben Hyde
17:43.21Jackson (Massillon)
31.10Ian Mariner
17:47.15 PRMedina
32.12Greg Ornella
17:48.23 PRFindlay
33.9Brett Miller
17:49.87 SRJackson (Massillon)
34.12Billy Roe
17:49.97 PRColumbian
35.12Connor Horvath
17:49.99 PRToledo Bowsher
36.11Luke Hickey
37.11Phillip Jewett
17:53.08 SRFindlay
38.12Ryan Shahan
17:54.42 PRJackson (Massillon)
39.12Zach Brown
40.9Mark Dickerhoof
17:56.02 SRJackson (Massillon)
41.10Kohl Taberner
17:57.28Springfield Local (H...
42.11Patrick Davis
17:58.93 SRSt Francis De Sales
43.11Tony Kall
44.11Dakota Koscick
18:02.38 PRNormandy
45.11Kevin Burgett
18:02.69 SRAmherst Steele
46.9Kyler Lange
18:02.86 SRColumbian
47.11James Leach
18:05.50St Xavier (OH)
48.12Sam Reihs
18:09.10 PRMedina
49.12Anthony Stevens
50.11Braden Soss
18:13.01Temperance Bedford
51.12Jason Young
18:13.30 SRNormandy
52.12Caleb Hennon
18:13.45 SRWapakoneta
53.11Andrew Kurtz
18:13.57St. Johns Jesuit
54.11Reid Wolin
55.12Alex Mccurdy
18:15.19Bowling Green
56.12Michael Stamper
18:15.27Glen Este
57.10Chris Gates
18:15.79 SRColumbian
58.10Sam Gaddis
59.9Owen Smith
60.11Billy Mainwaring
18:19.00 SRMedina
61.9Casey Johnson
18:20.06St Francis De Sales
62.11Brett Pinson
18:21.28 PRJackson (Massillon)
63.11Greg Snier
18:21.67 SRJackson (Massillon)
64.10Justin Palmer
18:22.04 SRNorth Royalton
65.9Luke Johnston
18:22.56 SRLakota West
66.11Jonathon Simon
18:23.61 PRWestlake
67.11Chris Kelly
18:23.88 SRWhitmer
68.12Tim O'Hearn
18:24.85 SRNorth Royalton
69.9Jason White
18:26.40St Francis De Sales
70.11Grant Goff
18:27.27 SRJackson (Massillon)
71.9Alec Benny
18:27.46 SRWapakoneta
72.11Andre Del Valle
18:28.18 SRAmherst Steele
73.11Jason Ryan
18:29.26 SRMadison
74.9Luke Landis
18:29.46 SRNorwalk
75.12Jonathan Kitts
18:32.00 PRKings
76.10Dylan Dombi
76.10Charlie Kettinger
18:32.82St. Johns Jesuit
78.10Elliott Zech
79.10Ryan Maraldo
18:34.88St Francis De Sales
80.10Nick Farnsworth
18:35.79 SRMadison
81.10Daniel Squeri
18:35.83 PRWestlake
82.9Andy Elderbrock
18:36.12 SRAshland
83.11Sebastian Swartz
84.10Ben Matheus
85.10Sam Harrod
86.12Jacob Hanson
18:40.61St. Johns Jesuit
87.11Austin Miller
18:41.17 SRAmherst Steele
88.12Eric Stephens
18:41.65Temperance Bedford
89.12Matt Kretschmer
18:43.39 SRNorth Ridgeville
90.10Tom Heckman
18:43.55 SRToledo Bowsher
91.9Samuel Rush
18:44.63St. Johns Jesuit
92.11Kyle Lang
18:46.07 SRNorwalk
93.11Dakota Walker
18:46.70 SRAmherst Steele
95.11Jon Pollock
18:48.56 SRMadison
96.11Shawn Seymour
18:49.01Bowling Green
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5,000 Meters Div I-A Varsity

1.12Tsehaye Hiluf
15:19.58 PRReynoldsburg
2.12Steven Weaver
3.12William Fink
15:50.52 PRMaumee
4.11Lou Styles
15:53.38 PRMidpark (CLOSED - Me...
5.11Jacob Dumford
15:58.01Westerville North
6.12Mitch Baum
16:02.35St Ignatius
7.11Dan Zupan
8.11Kyle Brooks
16:09.81Sylvania Northview
9.11Jared Keipert
16:09.97 PRMentor
10.12Brady Holmer
16:12.46 PRLakota West
11.12Trevor Norris
16:13.14Avon Lake
12.12Michael Melko
16:13.98 SRMiamisburg
13.12khalid Omar
16:15.91 SRReynoldsburg
14.10Adam Wise
16:16.08 SRLancaster
15.11Kyle Lach
16:16.13 SRSt Francis De Sales
16.12Francesco Maiorca
16:18.08 PRAvon Lake
17.11Jake Grabowski
16:18.95 SRSt Xavier (OH)
18.12Nathan Seidell
16:20.87 PRJackson (Massillon)
19.11Kent Ford
16:21.67Westerville North
20.12Bryan Warden
21.11Jack Miller
16:25.33St Ignatius
22.12Jacob Mills
16:27.75St. Johns Jesuit
23.12Robert Robinson
24.10Daniel Siebenaller
16:29.62 SRSt Francis De Sales
25.10Austin Fasciana
26.12Jack Kelly
16:32.45St Edward
27.12Nathan Geiss
16:32.92Brunswick Senior
28.12J.T. Ward
16:33.17 PRKenston
29.10Evan Stifel
16:33.38St Xavier (OH)
30.11Quentin Mullen
16:34.57 SRMiamisburg
31.11Alex Wind
16:34.96Jackson (Massillon)
32.12Ryan Shields
16:36.67 SRSt. Johns Jesuit
33.11Matt Koval
16:38.41St Edward
34.12Kevin Carroll
16:39.80 PRSt Edward
35.12Matt Disher
16:41.27Sylvania Northview
36.11Tommy Menyes
37.9Tevin Brown
16:41.62 SRSt. Johns Jesuit
38.12Connor Musial
16:43.65Avon Lake
39.12Jonah Laursen
16:44.13Traverse City West
40.12Patrick Winebar
16:45.38 SRKings
41.11Vince Bartram
16:45.44St Ignatius
42.10Nick Thomas
16:45.79 SRLouisville
43.12Brad Palocko
44.12Kyle Muenker
16:46.28 SRMentor
45.12Joel Edwards
46.11Logan Indre
16:48.52Brunswick Senior
47.11Andy Harden
16:48.86Butler Senior
48.10Jake Brumfield
16:48.97Butler Senior
49.12Adam Horace
16:49.03Temperance Bedford
50.11Joe Shaker
16:49.68 PRMentor
51.12Jared Wentz
52.11Tyler Menear
16:53.29Brunswick Senior
53.12Sean Hogan
16:53.38St Xavier (OH)
54.10Rhys Robbins
16:55.03 SRKenston
55.11Drew Savage
16:55.47St. Johns Jesuit
56.11Zach Hoffman
16:55.58 SRArchbishop Moeller
57.11Daniel Lenart
16:56.66St Francis De Sales
58.11Alex Kuvin
16:57.05St Xavier (OH)
59.12Spencer Howell
16:57.23 PRNorwalk
60.11Bryant Byrd
61.11Patrick Drumm
16:58.17 SRSt Xavier (OH)
62.11Zach Kozik
16:58.29 SRNorth Olmsted
63.11Andrew Gardner
16:58.91St Xavier (OH)
64.12Thomas Gibbons
16:59.40Clay (Oregon)
65.10Andrew Bayes
16:59.48 SRPerrysburg
66.11Aaron Matheus
67.11James Nelson
16:59.98Temperance Bedford
68.12Matt Olinger
17:00.49 PRJackson (Massillon)
69.9David St. John
17:01.40St Francis De Sales
70.11Nick Koczwara
71.11Jack Fitzgerald
17:02.27St Ignatius
72.12Colin Mccloskey
17:02.31Sylvania Northview
73.12Max Ostrowski
74.12Drew Galang
17:03.71 SRSt Ignatius
75.12Will Cutler
17:03.78Jackson (Massillon)
76.12Ronnie Fox
17:04.06North Olmsted
77.11Alex Mallue
17:04.44 SRJackson (Massillon)
78.12Connor Mcknight
79.10Louis Guardiola
17:04.87Ross (Fremont)
80.11Aaron Rhodes
17:05.11 PRAshland
81.10Nick Marquard
17:06.71St Edward
82.11Mike Navratil
17:07.44St Edward
83.11Dominik Seitzer
84.11Kieran Hall
17:08.48Traverse City West
85.10Dan Schweindler
86.11Blake Pecoraro
17:10.43 SRAvon
87.12Dan Grover
88.11Tommy Kozlovich
89.12Anthony Maraldo
17:12.40St Francis De Sales
90.12Dan Hollo
17:12.69 PRNorth Olmsted
91.12Zach Dombi
92.10Sean Gronow
17:13.97 SRLouisville
93.12Ben Crane
17:16.34Temperance Bedford
94.12Blake Bossart
17:17.00 PRJackson (Massillon)
95.11Tommy Parsons
17:17.02Avon Lake
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Div II/III Open

1.11Julia Daniel
2.10Jackie Breier
22:19.87 SRNotre Dame Cathedral...
3.10Allie Wank
22:21.71 SRWoodmore
4.9Erika Farst
22:25.42Clear Fork
5.11Elizabeth Volz
6.12Kelsey Landberg
22:25.91 SRMapleton
7.12Riley Fortman
22:28.91 PRShelby Senior
8.11Ashlyn Roberts
22:40.92 SRFostoria
9.12Claire Chandler
22:46.20 SRColonel Crawford
10.10Rosa Mondragon
22:50.03Cardinal Stritch
11.9Mallary Lynch
22:54.61 SRShelby Senior
12.9Devony Miller
13.10Monica Gupta
22:55.10 SRLiberty-Benton
14.10Olivia Vanderhoof
22:56.40 SRNotre Dame Cathedral...
15.10Kaitlyn Rayl
22:57.51 SRNotre Dame Cathedral...
16.10Olivia Carbet
17.11Abby Cassidy
23:06.24 SRNew Riegel
18.10Courtney Smith
23:07.25 SRVan Wert
19.10Leah Brubaker
23:17.33 PRVan Wert
20.9Erin Stewart
23:19.30Notre Dame Cathedral...
21.11Jessie Babcock
22.10Megan Peplinski
23.12Hannah Cebull
24.9Caroline Prakel
23:38.95 PRVersailles
25.11Bailey Slone
23:39.39 SRShelby Senior
26.11Susie Sorah
27.10Karlyn Koontz
23:42.73Van Wert
28.10Tamora Kern
29.10Katy Evers
23:59.28 SRHuron
30.10Neve Detmer
23:59.63 SRDefiance
31.10McKala Moore
24:00.24 SRLexington
32.12Trisha Smith
24:02.91New Riegel
33.12Rochelle Joseph
24:03.95 PREastwood
34.10Taylor Miller
24:04.70 SROld Fort
35.11Angelica Quintero
36.10Brooke Pothast
37.11Andra Johns
24:11.67 SREdison (Milan)
38.10Kayleigh Householder
24:11.70 SRPort Clinton
39.11Jade Werner
24:12.41 PRBellevue
40.10Mary Oyster
24:12.98 SRSt Thomas Aquinas
41.9Alyssa Mills
24:21.04 SRSt Peters
42.10Brianna Lewis-Grif...
24:24.59 SRHuron
43.12Sara Mason
24:25.04 PRLexington
44.11Elizabeth Beaire
24:25.33 PRLexington
45.12Molly Mooney
24:25.54 SRPort Clinton
46.12Andrea Schroeder
24:26.23 SRSwanton
47.10Sophie Nichols
24:26.65 PRWestern Reserve Acad...
48.12Erika Coldiron
49.11Hope Jordan
24:29.18 PRLexington
50.10Mia Medicus
24:30.92 SRWestern Reserve Acad...
51.11Daisy Ogede
24:31.94 PRWestern Reserve Acad...
52.9Jordyn Gray
24:32.72Crestview (Ashland)
53.9Allie Hunter
54.10Ashley Vogt
24:37.95 SRShelby Senior
55.9Katie Brickner
24:38.35 SRColumbian
56.12Chels Romelfanger
24:40.24 SRNew London
57.9Ashley Frankhart
58.10Emily Zielinski
59.11Haley Culler
24:43.34 SRClear Fork
60.11Olivia Wolph
24:47.31 SRHopewell-Loudon
61.10Gia Faetanini
24:47.89 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
62.9Shelby Zemenski
24:51.99 PRLake (Millbury)
63.10Loretta Vogt
24:53.09 SRShelby Senior
64.10Meghan Gorbach
24:53.52St Vincent-St Mary
65.9Molly Rhodes
24:56.84St Mary Central Cath...
66.12Leah Tomazic
25:03.26St Vincent-St Mary
67.9Cailyn Horna
25:03.92Cardinal Stritch
68.12Courtney Smith
25:08.16Open Door Christian
69.12Tori Hunter
70.10Miranda Shaffer
25:12.72 SRShelby Senior
71.9Valerie Francis
25:14.40 PRVersailles
72.11Alex Wisehart
25:17.62 SRHuron
73.11Kayla Bierley
25:18.25 SREastwood
74.11Allyson Grilliot
25:19.95 SRVersailles
75.10Morgan Nye
25:20.26New Riegel
76.10Allison Arnold
25:20.65 SRHopewell-Loudon
77.10Macy Drees
25:21.53 PRVersailles
78.12Erin Nelson
79.12Vanessa Reese
25:27.90 SRShelby Senior
80.12Abbie Gerbich
25:31.71 SRGibsonburg
81.10Rachel Pinchot
25:42.32 SRRussia
82.9Sophia Long
25:49.75 PRBeaumont
83.12Julia O'Grady
25:51.71 SRNew London
84.11Kristina Hlinovsky
25:52.30 SRGaraway
85.9Natalie Howard
86.10Sydney McIntyre
25:56.84St Vincent-St Mary
87.10Taylor Cheek
25:57.73 SRBellevue
88.10Emily Stewart
25:59.01 SRBellevue
89.12Hannah Loper
90.12Ines Tijera
26:03.34 PRHuron
91.10Christine Russell
92.12Paula Zeren
26:06.62 SRSt Thomas Aquinas
93.11Alyssa Russell
26:07.39 PRWest Holmes
94.10Jaclynn Hohman
95.10Sam Steagall
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5,000 Meters Div II-B Varsity

1.12Kylee Bernthisel
2.12Kali Fittro
20:05.82 PRColumbian
3.10Andrea Foster
20:08.02Van Wert
4.9Cynthia Haas
20:26.78St Vincent-St Mary
5.10Emily Molnar
20:42.36West Holmes
6.9Grace Davis
20:46.27St Vincent-St Mary
7.9Shea O'Brien
20:50.49St Vincent-St Mary
8.11Merrideth Cabe
20:54.62St Vincent-St Mary
9.10Irene Presper
20:58.26St Vincent-St Mary
10.9Meagan Kaminski
11.11Hanna Musil
12.12Madi Renollet
13.12Lydia Presper
21:14.02 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
14.10Dayna Fackler
21:14.03 SROtsego
15.9Victoria Stallkamp
21:15.80 SREdison (Milan)
16.9Schealissa Williams
21:27.25Van Wert
17.12Nicole Hablitzel
21:29.86 SRPort Clinton
18.11Samantha Graf
19.9Rachel Graf
20.10Maddie Jackson
21.11Allie Dombrowsky
21:39.07 PROak Harbor
22.11Cheyenne Meek
21:39.09 SRPort Clinton
23.10Alexis Eliot
21:41.24 SRWest Holmes
24.10Trinity Gephart
21:44.32 SROak Harbor
25.12Sara Chura
21:48.30 SRPort Clinton
26.9Nikki Borgerding
21:55.05 PRMinster
27.12Jenna Periandri
21:57.20 PRBlack River
28.11Allison May
29.10Claire Zielinski
21:57.69 SRPort Clinton
30.12Caitlin Clapacs
21:59.06 SRHathaway Brown
31.11Jacey Eikenbary
22:01.75Van Wert
32.12Cassie Reinhart
33.12Morgan Vallery
34.9Hannah Weaver
22:03.21 SRPort Clinton
35.12Megan Wistinghausen
22:04.63 PROak Harbor
36.11Erin Reinhart-Anez
37.10Olivia Winner
22:10.97 SRMinster
38.9Alana Poeppelman
22:12.30 SRMinster
39.10Kristin McCarthy
22:12.80 SREdison (Milan)
40.10Jaclyn Troiano
41.12Jenna Jesko
22:14.88 SRCarey
42.11Kelsey Wagner
22:15.23Van Wert
43.11Allie Dresser
22:15.53Oak Harbor
44.10Marisa Stephens
45.10Alexis Kandel
22:18.67West Holmes
46.11Alivia Stephan
22:23.70 SRCarey
47.12Lauren Dunnavant
22:24.27 PREdison (Milan)
48.11Koebel Tori
22:25.44 PRPort Clinton
49.12Nicole Peterman
22:25.71 SRWest Holmes
50.11Sarah Walter
51.9Becky Anderson
22:28.80 PRVan Wert
52.11Shelby Radabaugh
22:29.41 SRHopewell-Loudon
53.9Leah Reinhart
54.11Danielle Dejak
22:32.38 PRBeaumont
55.9Annie Rose
22:33.64Summit Country Day
56.10Carly Woodruff
22:36.98 SRWest Holmes
57.9Anna Anthony
22:38.20 PRBeaumont
58.10Annie Graff
22:38.69 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
59.11Gina Bing
22:40.75 SRPerkins
60.12Alexa Corteletti
22:47.20 PROntario
61.10Casey Twining
22:48.35 SREastwood
62.10Marisa DiBartolomeo
22:51.05 SROtsego
63.9Adeline Smith
64.9Logan Arnold
65.11Courtney Ksenich
66.12Halee Stief
22:53.62Upper Sandusky
67.9Sarah Cantley
22:54.52 SREdison (Milan)
68.11Haley Pittman
22:59.85 SROntario
69.11Rachael Scheidt
23:00.68 SRVan Wert
70.11Taylor Arnold
23:00.78 SRMinster
71.9Ashlyn Brandt
23:03.35 PRVersailles
72.12Samantha Gehret
73.12Kerry Drew
74.11Kaitlyn Gorsuch
23:07.22 SREdison (Milan)
75.11Lainie Radigan
23:08.94Hathaway Brown
76.11Chandler Carley
77.10Sadie VanHorn
78.9Whitney Meyers
23:15.62Van Wert
79.11Cassidy Kasischke
80.11Haley Schreiner
81.10Sarah Licata-Porte...
23:18.62 SRBellevue
82.11Kailey Coleman
83.9Michaela Hermes
23:20.95 SRPerkins
84.10Lauren Gehret
23:22.34 SRVersailles
85.9Anna Tanaka
23:22.91 SRPerkins
86.12Caitlin Brookhart
23:26.61 PRVersailles
87.9Sierra Corns
88.10Jenna Gasser
23:35.77 SRMargaretta
89.10Emily Hansen
23:40.51 SREdison (Milan)
90.9Abrie Smith
91.11Maggie Thomas
23:43.04 SRBeaumont
92.10Morgan Brant
93.12Chelsie Smith
23:46.29 PRBellevue
94.10Kaitlin Rowe
23:46.63 SRUpper Sandusky
95.9Emily Ashley
23:46.82 PRPort Clinton
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5,000 Meters Div III Varsity

1.12Tammy Berger
18:26.46 SRVersailles
2.9Brittany Atkinson
18:26.83 SRLiberty Center
3.12Hannah Chappell-Dick
4.11Victoria Laubacher
19:25.54St Thomas Aquinas
5.11Lauren Francis
6.10Meg Westerheide
19:37.92Fort Loramie
7.11Meghan Vogel
19:40.50West Liberty Salem
8.11Delainey Phelps
19:45.26 SRToledo Christian
9.11Shawnda Henault
19:50.27West Liberty Salem
10.11Jasmine Smith
19:51.09West Liberty Salem
11.10Jenna Furr
12.9Kenzie Widder
13.10Olivia Smith
20:00.67Tiffin Calvert
14.11Emily Trent
20:01.57Crestview (Ashland)
15.9Amanda Miller
20:04.64Western Reserve (Col...
16.11Alanna Shamrock
17.10Cariss Reese
20:15.34Lakota (Kansas)
18.12Michelle Wright
20:15.51 PRToledo Christian
19.12Natalie Grillot
20.11Erin Pavick
21.9Abby Wilson
20:20.49 SRColumbus Academy
22.11Hannah Butler
23.11Selene Waters
20:23.85Fort Loramie
24.12Chelsea Knapp
20:24.74Liberty Center
25.10Halli Bair
20:24.76 SRGrandview Heights
26.10Chloe Warvel
27.12Amber Herron
20:30.02 PRColumbus Grove
28.10Olivia Enneking
20:33.31 SRMinster
29.12Lindsay Kaatz
20:34.71St Mary Central Cath...
30.12Kirsten Fruchey
20:35.25 SRPike-Delta-York
31.11Kelly Haubert
20:37.25Liberty Center
32.10Gabriell Neubauer
20:43.65Open Door Christian
33.9Gabrielle Barga
34.11Gretchen Sauder
20:45.07Crestview (Ashland)
35.9Emily Borchers
36.12Carey Fulk
20:47.80Crestview (Ashland)
37.9Christin Dornback
38.9Kirsten Camp
20:50.89 PRSeneca East
39.10Tara Luebke
20:51.97Fort Loramie
40.9Hannah Wenig
41.10Alyssa Strickland
20:54.78West Liberty Salem
42.12Audra Schroeder
43.10Anna Havronek
20:58.00 SRGaraway
44.11Natalie Fausey
45.10Vaness McCullough
21:02.69 SRPandora-Gilboa
46.9Jocelyn Reinhart
21:03.90St Wendelin
47.12Jacquie Moorman
21:05.18 SRVersailles
48.9Madi Greiner
49.9Jennilyn Krumpe
21:06.23 SRBadger
50.12Tanner Hostetler
21:06.53 SRPettisville
51.10Leann Penn
21:07.69 PRMaplewood
52.11Becca Meyer
53.9Jillian Dietrich
21:13.33 SRTinora
54.9Asia Michael
21:13.51 SREastern Local
55.9Emma Bowden
21:14.35 SRTinora
56.10McKenzie Briggs
57.10Kirstin Voisard
58.10Anna Willman
21:15.90 SRSeneca East
59.9Samantha Greathouse
60.9Miranda Sloan
61.12Krista Wood
21:17.62Toledo Christian
62.12Nicole Frantz
21:19.33 SRVersailles
63.10Molly Pusateri
21:22.60 SRSt Thomas Aquinas
64.11Amanda Sherman
65.10Leah Niekamp
66.11Sarah Hoff
21:27.62Open Door Christian
67.11Melani Seiler
68.9Katie Saling
69.10Kylie VonHandorf
21:29.82Summit Country Day
70.12Haley Gatrell
71.12Hannah Eyer
21:32.95Summit Country Day
72.10Paige Chamberlain
21:34.24Liberty Center
73.9Taylor Palmer
21:37.85Eastern Local
74.10Jill Stuckey
75.12Kylie Drees
21:40.80Fort Loramie
76.9Sara Goddard
21:41.67St Wendelin
77.11Jordan Smith
21:42.39West Liberty Salem
78.11Julie Althaus
21:42.40 SRBluffton
79.9Melissa Koziol
80.10Tiffany Wampler
21:45.08Western Reserve (Col...
81.12Courtney Beatty
21:45.41 SRLordstown
82.9Hannah Bornhorst
21:53.82 PRRussia
83.11Megan Saums
84.11Emily Hogya
22:02.40 SRSummit Country Day
85.9Claudia Monnin
86.10Linda Adams
22:06.09 SRWestern Reserve Acad...
87.9Danielle Holthaus
22:07.10Fort Loramie
88.12Krista Sandercock
22:09.23 SRWestern Reserve Acad...
89.12Rhianna Durrett
90.11Rhetta Maynard
22:10.60Summit Country Day
91.9Kavanaugh Phelps
22:11.37Toledo Christian
92.9Emily Fulk
22:11.92Crestview (Ashland)
93.11Sarah Williams
22:12.04 SRWest Liberty Salem
94.11Jordan Sidel
22:12.32Liberty Center
95.9Malin Adams
22:12.50Fairview (Sherwood)
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5,000 Meters Div II-A Varsity

1.9Sarah Kanney
18:47.37 SRColdwater
2.11Jill Kanney
19:09.49 PRColdwater
3.12MacKenzie McMillin
19:13.13 PRGreenon
4.11Marissa Rosetti
19:14.33St Vincent-St Mary
5.10Sarra Taylor
6.10Christina Seas
7.9Taylor Vernot
8.10Julia Mendiola
19:35.67St Vincent-St Mary
9.9Jenna Liston
19:38.94 SRCircleville
10.12Tessa Weigand
19:51.01St Vincent-St Mary
11.10Jessica Stewart
19:52.24 SRLondon
12.12Kelsey Cogan
13.12Ellen Kuerbitz
20:09.36 PRLaurel
14.12Kristen Fett
15.11Amanda Sollenberger
20:15.70St Vincent-St Mary
16.12Samantha Kirk
20:21.76St Vincent-St Mary
17.10Lianne Masquelier
18.11Kierstin Lathrop
20:32.12 SRRiver Valley (Caledo...
19.11Madison Buzek
20:39.42 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
20.11Amy Dalpiaz
20:43.44Lake Catholic
21.10Leah Neroni
20:49.86 SRLaurel
22.11Ericka Hosang
23.10Tori Reeves
20:51.89 SRMarlington
24.12Erica Bettac
20:53.45Shelby Senior
25.12Haley Lykins
20:53.59 SRShelby Senior
26.10Taylor Shaw
27.9Olivia Fett
28.10Lillian Freundlich
29.10Samantha Stevens
20:59.41 SRCircleville
30.9Lauren Seas
31.12Erica Miller
32.10Madison Scagnetti
33.9Ashley Schoenherr
34.12Molly Ream
21:14.60 SRShelby Senior
35.12Tessa Herring
36.12Chloe Lattimer
21:16.30 PRShelby Senior
37.12Harron Young
21:18.95 SRLaurel
38.12Colleen Valko
21:23.85 SRBellevue
39.9Kayla Radcliff
21:26.67 SRRiver Valley (Caledo...
40.12Mary Wenzell
41.12Annie Davis
21:28.03St Vincent-St Mary
42.11Morgan Mize
21:29.80 SRHuron
43.11Breanna Mosley
21:30.66 SRWillard
44.10Hannah Campbell
21:37.29River Valley (Caledo...
45.9Madison Copley
46.11Elizabeth Martin
21:39.11 SRWapakoneta
47.12Sarah Jones
48.12Kelly Sheedy
49.12Grace Robbins
21:41.01 SRLaurel
50.9Aleea Volkman
51.12Brittney Holmes
52.10Jordie Garrett
21:43.94Shelby Senior
53.9Breanne Bakan
21:47.41 SRMarlington
54.12Chloe Mercier
21:49.20 SRBuckeye Valley
55.9Isabelle Petek
21:54.98 PRBuckeye
56.10Amy Cox
21:56.69 PRLexington
57.9Aneesa Volkman
58.10Maria Hogya
59.10Whitney Schalk
22:01.08 SRBellevue
60.9Summer Griner
22:02.12 PRWapakoneta
61.11Cheyenne Emery
22:02.44 SRBuckeye Valley
62.12Candice Lawson
63.11Devin Hilt
22:10.25 SRBuckeye Valley
64.10Susan Fain
65.9Rachel Jones
66.9Sarah Bedell
22:13.37 PRBellevue
67.11Kierra Lathrop
22:13.64 SRRiver Valley (Caledo...
68.9Karrie Ballard
69.12Anna Orlando
22:15.10 SRLaurel
70.12Miranda Dailey
22:17.70 PRGraham Local
71.11Kayla Hamilton
22:19.59 PRHuron
72.10Summer Bobak
22:23.16 PRTrinity
73.9Emily Sagasser
74.10Alaina Lucius
22:24.64Shelby Senior
75.11Kaitlyn Poole
22:24.91 SRWillard
76.12Kaitlyn Kennedy
22:25.04 PRBuckeye
77.12Jessie Newcomer
22:28.13 SRGraham Local
78.9Brittany Kozak
79.11Rebekah Mcie
22:31.10 SRWillard
80.11Jordan Walker
81.11Julia Grabill
22:31.89 SRGraham Local
82.9Michaela Fox
22:32.26 SRBellevue
83.11Julie Manuszak
22:32.68 SRLaurel
84.9Janesa Bell
22:33.12 SRCarrollton
85.9Courtney Mosgrove
22:34.65 PRWapakoneta
86.11Brandy Sifferlin
22:34.82Shelby Senior
87.12Katie Koester
88.9Valaria Acuna
22:37.33 SRRiver Valley (Caledo...
89.11Marissa Davis
22:38.29 SRLondon
90.11Saira Brown
22:41.53 SRWapakoneta
91.9Katie Umstead
22:42.72 SRColdwater
92.12Sydney Lewis
93.10Leah Catania
22:51.07 SRTrinity
94.9Kayla Thien
95.10Megan Kinninger
22:52.43 SRColdwater
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3,200 Meters JH Div III Varsity

1.8Rachel Iacofano
12:35.35 PRSt. Francis Xavier
2.8Katherine Burke
12:42.75 PRMinster
3.8Julia Slonkosky
12:44.18 SRMinster
4.8Stephanie Sherman
12:47.87 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
5.8Jenna Hinds
12:49.23 PRSt. Mary Central Cat...
6.7Amy King
13:05.18 PROttawa Hills
7.8Courtney Burner
13:08.53 PRWoodmore
8.7Meghan Bartel
9.8Rachel Schmitmeyer
13:16.77 PRFort Loramie
10.8Courtney Thebes
13:16.90 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
11.8Allie St. Clair
13:17.06 PRMinster
12.7Ali Borgering
13:20.93 PRMinster
13.8Carly Gose
13:22.43Genoa Area
14.8Taylor Thomas
13:23.32 PRLiberty-Benton
15.8Brooke Servick
13:28.80 PRWoodmore
16.7Jenna Vollmar
13:30.48 PRLiberty Center
17.8Samantha Bensman
13:31.76 PRFort Loramie
18.8Sydney Berlekamp
13:33.17 PRCalvert
19.8Kaela Seiler
13:38.42 PRGorham-Fayette
20.7Haley Perdue
13:39.21 PRGorham-Fayette
21.8Samantha deAnda
13:40.40 PRGibsonburg
22.7Eden Copley
13:46.66New London
23.7Morgan Pohl
13:52.02 PRMinster
24.8Olivia Kundo
13:53.00 PRLiberty Center
25.8Claire Kazmaier
13:54.66 PRFort Loramie
26.8Lisa Barlage
13:58.66 PRMinster
27.7Shauna Leeth
14:00.64 PRMohawk
28.7Kelsey Fruchey
14:05.63 PRGorham-Fayette
29.8Morgan Smith
14:07.21 SRCalvert
30.8Kara Van Gilder
14:07.96New London
31.8Kelleigh Beatty
14:12.04 PRGibsonburg
32.8Karin Goddard
14:13.04 PRSt. Wendelin
33.8Melanie Kremer
14:13.59 PRFort Loramie
34.8Regina Sullivan
14:14.48 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
35.8Taylor Gasson
14:16.52 PRFort Loramie
36.8Pamela Karagiozis
14:18.10 PRSt. Francis Xavier
37.8Kennedy Howell
14:20.57 PRNew London
38.8Andi Garver
39.8Erin Cavenaugh
14:21.49 SRMinster
40.7Morgan Dembowski
14:23.81 SRToledo Christian
41.7Aleah Ramirez
14:25.47 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
42.7Reyan Frey
14:25.61 PRFort Loramie
43.8Corinne Harris
14:30.95 SRCalvert
44.8Alyssa Spears
14:31.44Colonel Crawford
45.7Amanda Lane
14:32.54 PRHopewell-Loudon
46.8Cassie McHugh
14:33.98 SRLiberty Center
47.8Caroline Linden
14:34.64 PRSt. Mary Central Cat...
48.8Sarah Cockie
14:37.48 SRSt. Wendelin
49.7Evelyn Hamady
14:40.57 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
50.7Lilly Rothert
14:42.22 PRWoodmore
51.8Crystal Wampler
14:43.45Western Reserve (Col...
52.7Mckinley Shawver
14:44.33 PRWestern Reserve (Col...
53.7Emily Yockey
14:44.56 PRLiberty-Benton
54.8Alexis Fruchey
14:44.80 SRGorham-Fayette
55.8Allyson Brahler
14:45.04 PRSt. Francis Xavier
56.7Katie Masell
14:45.49 PRToledo Christian
57.8Courtney Taylor
14:47.26 SRLiberty Center
58.8Madisen McGranahan
14:47.28 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
59.8Maddie Tyson
14:50.78 SRGibsonburg
60.7Kaitlyh Luebke
14:51.74 PRFort Loramie
61.8Chloe Wotring
14:52.15 PRToledo Christian
62.7Keara Williams
14:53.20 PRColumbus Grove
63.8Amber Dick
14:53.38 PRLiberty-Benton
64.7Erica Henning
14:53.66 PRSt. Mary Central Cat...
65.7Sarah Pariseau
14:57.47 PRSt. Wendelin
66.7Maddy Roseman
14:59.84 PRLiberty Center
67.8Niki Sullinger
15:01.28 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
68.7Brooke Peplinski
15:02.31 PRLiberty-Benton
69.8Taylor Griffiths
15:05.77 PRGorham-Fayette
70.7Hunter Strahm
15:09.45 PRHopewell-Loudon
71.8Morgan Messer
15:11.31 PRColumbus Grove
72.8Pebbles Simpson
15:12.10 PRNew London
73.8Samantha McCoy
15:15.69 SRWoodmore
74.8Hanna Knapp
15:16.69 PRLiberty Center
75.8Jessica Sotak
15:18.64 PRWoodmore
76.7Camryn Bench
77.8Andrea Bordner
15:20.91 PRLakota
77.8Elissa Knipp
15:20.91 SRWoodmore
79.8Kristina Nusbaum
80.7Magdalana Wallace
15:23.99 PRSt. Francis Xavier
81.8Danielle Kontak
15:25.04 PRCalvert
82.7Lauren Meyers
15:26.33 PRSt. Wendelin
83.7Beth Dundore
15:26.96 PRMohawk
84.8Jamie Fritz
15:27.98 PRSt. Paul
85.7Abby Fitzgerald
15:28.71 PRSt. Paul
86.7Gala Morel
87.7Sydney Allen
15:33.50 PRNew London
88.7Cearrah Norwalk
15:34.29 SRGenoa Area
89.8Krista Simon
90.7Brooke Theis
15:35.16 PRMohawk
91.7Abby Strausbaugh
15:35.57 PRLakota
92.8Lindsey Malsam
15:38.24 SRColumbus Grove
93.7Olivia Frankart
15:40.10 PRMohawk
94.7Lizzie Erlanger
15:40.23 PRHopewell-Loudon
95.7Elaina Dunbar
15:40.50 SROttawa Hills
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3,200 Meters JH Div I/II Varsity

1.8Haley Hess
12:19.76 PRClay (Oregon)
2.7Allie Zofkie
12:23.05 PRWapakoneta
3.8Katie Menke
12:36.50 PRPerrysburg
4.8Carlee Rhoads
12:46.90 PRHighland (Medina)
5.8Erin Laird
12:48.60 PRAvon
6.7Tarynn Cullings
12:52.95 PRClaggett
7.7Kimberly Llewellyn
12:54.12 PRPerrysburg
8.7Macy Lynch
13:00.15 PRShelby
9.8Olivia Sirpilla
13:01.18 PRJackson Memorial
10.7Amanda Cusimano
13:02.05 PRBay
11.7Alex Matus
13:05.60Lake (Millbury)
12.7Mackenna Curtis-Co...
13:08.08 PRLexington Junior
13.8Brooke Conner
13:08.80 PRKings
14.8Abby Christel
13:09.36 PRBay
15.8Hannah Hess
13:09.39 SRClay (Oregon)
16.7Bryce DeLong
13:18.89 PRCircleville
17.7Jena Copley
13:19.87 PRKeystone
18.8Sydney Leckie
13:20.55 PRClaggett
19.7Lyndsey Matus
13:20.93Lake (Millbury)
20.8Brooklyn Duewel
13:21.56 PRAshland
21.7Avery DeLong
13:23.93 PRCircleville
22.8Maddie Renie
13:24.30 PRKings
23.8Greta Taylor
13:25.07 PRJackson Memorial
24.8Elena Cornelius
13:27.77 PRJackson Memorial
25.7Natalie Shultz
13:29.25 PRAshland
26.7Sydney Hess
13:30.72 SRClay (Oregon)
27.8Mia Munoz
13:34.31 SRCentral (Findlay)
28.8Claire Middlekamp
13:36.29 PRKings
29.8Ashley Basham
13:36.77 PRLexington Junior
30.8Aliah Keller
13:36.87 PRClaggett
31.8Shannon Wargo
32.8Marissa Ficociello
13:37.38 PRKeystone
33.8Emily Altwies
13:39.30Temperance Bedford
34.8Ally Kamody
13:44.21 SRAmherst Junior
35.8Hannah Chunn
13:45.66 SRKings
36.8Sheylyn Taus
13:46.73 PRPerkins (Sandusky)
37.7Jenna Burrier
13:47.57 PRMcCormick (Huron)
38.8Dominique Clairmonte
13:47.69 PRLexington Junior
39.8Lexi Portner
13:48.42 SRAshland
40.8Skylar Crandell
13:50.46 PRMcCord
41.7Grace Van Fossen
13:52.24 PRHighland (Medina)
42.8Kirsten Gardner
13:52.42 PRUpper Sandusky
43.8Mari Ley
13:52.72 PRHighland (Medina)
44.8Andrea Cecil
13:53.29 SROak Harbor
45.7Grace Lahey
13:53.88 PRPerrysburg
46.8Molly Walton
13:55.43 PRPerrysburg
47.7Hannah Sponaugle
13:56.14 SREastwood (Pemberville)
48.7Haley Parker
13:56.86 PRAvon
49.8Sami Sheppard
13:58.23 PROntario
50.8Abby Miller
51.8Chayton Estle
13:59.45 PRAshland
52.7Claire Jakubowski
13:59.67 PRMcCord
53.7Melissa Laconis
14:02.10 SRClyde
54.7Jillian Danda
14:03.60 PRBerlin-Milan
55.8Hailey Russell
14:04.89 PRBay
56.7Ashley Hill
14:05.71 PRAmherst Junior
57.7Cailyn Prigge
14:07.03 PRNapoleon
58.8Cirrus Robinson
14:07.06 PRAshland
59.8Kathryn Smith
14:07.60 PRClaggett
60.8Alyssa Lowe
14:08.07Temperance Bedford
61.8Ashley Cogdell
14:08.10 PRAmherst Junior
62.8Taylor Keeley
14:09.25 PRFostoria
63.7Olivia Haskins
14:09.77 SRWashington (Toledo)
64.7Mia Johnson
14:11.21 PRCentral (Findlay)
65.7Ashley Wagenhauser
14:11.54Temperance Bedford
66.7Madison Moyer
14:11.79 PRBerlin-Milan
67.8Madalyn Spohler
14:12.12Temperance Bedford
68.8Brionnah Wyse
14:12.53 PRPerrysburg
69.8Calah Bishop
14:12.64Perkins (Sandusky)
70.8Julia Koehler
14:13.87 PRAvon
71.9Lexi Desjardins
14:14.14 PRTiffin Columbian
72.8Vanessa Williams
14:14.26 PRNapoleon
73.8Abbie Dorn
14:15.08 PRWashington (Toledo)
74.8Chloe Parker
14:16.49 SRLexington Junior
75.8Emily Holdheide
14:18.72 PRFort Loramie
76.8Kennedy Northcutt
14:19.02 PRPerrysburg
77.8Raven Rodgers
14:19.17 PRFostoria
78.8Patience Dowden
14:20.14 PRCircleville
79.8Jordyn Baker
14:20.24 PRPerkins (Sandusky)
80.7Alexis Harpel
14:20.37Temperance Bedford
81.8Jillian Koffman
14:20.67 PRMcCord
82.7Marissa Boos
14:21.39 SRLake (Millbury)
83.8Tami Nagahiro
14:22.26 PRCentral (Findlay)
84.8Lesi Keller
14:23.49 PRWashington (Toledo)
85.8Morgan Klepper
14:24.22Perkins (Sandusky)
86.8Madison Clarkson
14:24.24 PROlentangy Orange
87.8Lauren Bailey
14:24.72 PRJackson Memorial
88.8Megan Burnard
14:24.83 PRPerrysburg
89.7Beca Kimmet
14:25.80 PRTiffin Columbian
90.8Samantha Moyers
14:27.57 PRUpper Sandusky
91.8Kelsi Mariner
14:27.99 PRClaggett
92.7McKenz Brittenham
14:28.07 SRLake (Millbury)
93.8Sarah Smarkel
14:28.13 PRCentral (Findlay)
94.8Megan Barnhart
14:28.60Van Wert
95.7Kristen Deal
14:29.29 PRLake (Millbury)
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3,200 Meters JH Open

1.8Ana Crites
13:15.88 PRBay
2.8Hannah Schlegel
13:24.20 PRWest Holmes
3.7Laura Pullins
13:33.09 PREastern (Reedsville)
4.8Kayla Garza
13:34.32 PROld Fort
5.7Allison Roach
13:54.32 SRNorthwood
6.7Michelle Hostettler
13:59.90West Holmes
7.8Chloe Liebold
14:10.25 PRSt. Joseph Central C...
8.8Brooke Foster
14:12.40 PRSt. Joseph Central C...
9.7Alexandrea Derrer
14:19.33 PRCardinal Stritch
10.7Lindsey Furr
14:20.80 PRCaldwell
11.7Madison Schiefer
14:23.90 PRWynford
12.8Kourtney Lawrence
14:26.50 PREastern (Reedsville)
13.8Devan Lowman
14:27.67 PRMapleton
14.8Rachel White
14:28.90 SRAshland
15.7Sarah Carpenter
14:31.15 PRSt. Paul Lutheran Na...
16.-Faith Salsbury
14:33.03 PRDelta
17.8Christianna Ringler
14:34.67 PRCrestview (Ashland)
18.7Amanda Winner
14:35.00 PRMinster
19.8Vanessa Warton
14:36.29 PRLake (Millbury)
20.8Emily Byrd
14:37.89 PRPerrysburg
21.7Grace Petrie
14:38.15 PRPerrysburg
22.7Katherine Gerber
14:38.36 PRPerrysburg
23.7Sydney Brown
14:44.24 PRLiberty-Benton
24.8Naomi Strickland
14:46.44 SRAshland
25.7Leah Brandewiew
14:48.69 PRMinster
26.8Monica Mann
14:55.99 SRSt. Paul Lutheran Na...
27.8Maddie Schmidt
14:57.31 SRMinster
28.7Taylor Deppert
15:00.64 PRAshland
29.8Allie Thorson
15:03.09 SRAmherst Junior
30.7Maddie Galloway
15:03.96 PRCircleville
31.8Sonia Krolak
15:04.18 PRPerrysburg
32.7Rachel Warner
15:07.60 PRPerrysburg
33.8Alexa Winslow
15:08.61 PRLexington Junior
34.8Brittney Masters
15:09.04West Holmes
35.8Hannah Asselin
15:10.95Temperance Bedford
36.8Becky Peyton
15:12.03 PRCrestview (Ashland)
37.7Tatum Teeple
15:12.52 PRLiberty-Benton
38.8Marlaina Ondrus
15:15.75 PRPerrysburg
39.7Olivia Thomson
15:16.18 PRUpper Sandusky
40.8Kelsea Mcgraw
15:18.80 SRAmherst Junior
41.8Kelsey Richard
15:21.21 PRMinster
42.8Brooke Johnson
15:21.43 SRAshland
43.7Rose Mlakar
15:23.64 PRBay
44.7Annalise O'Lear
15:24.08 PRAshland
45.7Hannah Zemenski
15:24.89 SRLake (Millbury)
46.8Megan Parker
15:27.46 PRAmherst Junior
47.8Taylor Williams
15:30.26 PRLexington Junior
48.7Alyssa Gottschling
15:31.36 PRLexington Junior
49.8Sophie McCourt
15:31.91 PRMansfield
50.7Hannah Kloster
15:33.19 PRPerrysburg
51.8Shelby Kinley
15:33.37 PRUpper Sandusky
52.7Amy Stower
15:36.58 PRLiberty-Benton
53.8Taylor Balcerzak
15:38.61Temperance Bedford
53.7Greta Schuster
15:38.61 PRAvon
55.8Kim Cicila
15:38.65 PRLexington Junior
56.7Mari Vanderkarr
15:38.93 PRBay
57.7Caitlyn Haas
15:40.51 PRLexington Junior
58.8Ashley Lawhorn
15:41.66 SRLexington Junior
59.7Madison Metzger
15:42.15 PRCircleville
60.7Jenny Trazka
15:43.60 PRMinster
61.7Elizebeth Koenig
15:43.64 SRWoodmore
62.8Lauren Schultz
15:45.30 PRBay
63.8Alexis Kemp
15:45.36 PRPerrysburg
64.7Olivia Thornberry
15:45.85 PRPerrysburg
65.7Colleen Jutte
15:46.74 PRMinster
66.8Mattea Wilson
15:46.89 SRUpper Sandusky
67.8Courtney Thien
15:47.64 PRMinster
68.8McKayla Hubbard
15:48.00Temperance Bedford
69.8Libby Munger
15:49.78 PRDelta
70.8Abbie Thomas
15:49.80 PRAvon
71.7Alexis Steinberger
15:51.74 PRSt. Joseph Central C...
72.7Meredith Funderburg
15:53.56 PRAmherst Junior
73.7Sydnie Card
15:55.01 PRAmherst Junior
74.7Madison Sherwood
15:55.75 PRAshland
75.7Shelby Prieto
15:56.66 PRAmherst Junior
76.7Kimberly Hetrick
15:57.10 PRFremont
77.8Gillian Salas
15:58.84 PRAvon
78.7Cora Mccully
16:00.15 PRAvon
79.7Megan Grudzinski
16:01.48 PRPerrysburg
80.8Danielle Tucker
16:01.58Temperance Bedford
81.8Danielle Zoellner
16:02.38 SRBerlin-Milan
82.8Jordan Gregorczyk
16:04.62 PRWoodmore
83.8McKenna Armstrong
16:04.68 PRLexington Junior
84.8Julie Myers
16:04.73Temperance Bedford
85.7Sarah Dewitt
16:05.07 PRPerrysburg
86.8Anne Crotty
16:05.14 PRAvon
87.8Jillian Cleland
16:05.73 PRLexington Junior
88.8Skylar Tavis
16:06.59Open Door Christian
89.7Paige Fisher
16:08.17 PRBay
90.7Samantha Lolo
16:10.88 PRPerrysburg
91.8Maddy Donat
16:12.02 PRAvon
92.8Logan Deloye
16:13.48 PRMinster
93.8Sarah Richardson
16:13.56 PRDelta
94.7Demiya Miller
95.8Maddie Godsey
16:20.43 PRCrestview (Ashland)
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5,000 Meters Div I-B Varsity

1.11Kacy Dunn
2.12Kaele Snapp
3.10Madison Buck
4.9Sarah Pack
5.10Erin Gyurke
20:27.44Clay (Oregon)
6.12Alexandra Selee
20:29.79Clay (Oregon)
7.10Kirsten Harder
8.10Maria Scavuzzo
9.12Megan Freeman
20:44.53 SRMaumee
10.10Cara Thomas
20:53.63 PRKings
11.9Sasha Lanning
20:54.11Bowling Green
12.9Taryn Pavain
20:57.26St Ursula (Toledo)
13.9Mallory Small
20:58.01Sylvania Northview
14.10Katelyn Smithberger
21:04.81 SRKings
15.10Amanda Ramsey
21:05.17 PRAvon
16.12Rita Mayer
17.12Jessica Dearmond
21:09.15 PRMaumee
18.9Mallory Glenn
21:11.21Bowling Green
19.11Madeleine Hamel
20.9Danielle Szczesniak
21:18.64St Ursula (Toledo)
21.10Casey Midlik
21:20.61 SRMedina
22.9Morgan Hansen
21:20.90 SRWestlake
23.11Kels Brebberman
24.10Grace Jenkins
21:24.71 SRWestlake
25.9Elizabeth Wilkie
21:24.98St Ursula (Toledo)
26.12Gwen Gunter
27.10Morgan Cukierski
28.10Kaitlyn Barber
29.12Bridgette Coyne
30.10Sarah Barwig
21:31.56 SRFindlay
31.11Erin Hord
32.12taylor Cline
33.11Monica Bickley
21:36.61 SRAvon
34.11Erin Gallagher
35.9Nicole Tank
21:37.77 SRJackson (Massillon)
36.12Abby Snow
21:41.54Jackson (Massillon)
37.9Lara Aull
21:44.51 PRLakota West
38.12Magan Murphy
39.9Brooke McQuinn
40.10Tessa Dombi
41.11Linda Morales
21:48.01 SRAvon
42.12Sara Plott
21:48.26 SRFindlay
43.10Leah Lindak
21:48.87 SRNorth Ridgeville
44.9Victoria Meyer
45.9Abby Schweitzer
21:53.01 PRSt Ursula (Toledo)
46.9Faye Sloma
21:53.38Ross (Fremont)
47.9Madeline Lee
21:54.39 SRWestlake
48.10Morgan Akenberger
21:56.52 SRBowling Green
49.12Angelina Klucznik
50.9Jane Ketterer
51.10Indrani Chatterjee
21:58.55Lakota West
52.12Nikoleta Mutafova
22:03.42 PRJackson (Massillon)
53.12Maddie Korak
22:06.30Bowling Green
54.11Abri Dubler
22:09.19 SRBowling Green
55.12Elena Bersani
22:09.44 SRKings
56.10Courtney Bensman
22:14.08 SRPiqua
57.10Dana Drage
58.10Lily Boehmer
22:17.87 SRCentral Catholic (To...
59.11Amanda Monarchino
60.11Jaelyn Current
22:19.80 PRJackson (Massillon)
61.9Sabrina Cereceres
62.10Morgan Brebberman
22:20.37 SRMaumee
63.11Madison Shindorf
22:21.32 SRNotre Dame Academy (...
64.11Taylor Lowery
22:23.11 SRNorth Ridgeville
65.12Patience Stockwell
22:23.63 SRBowling Green
66.9Annie Bowen
22:25.34 SRAvon
67.12Emily Starr
22:26.09 SRAvon
68.11Emily Roessler
22:27.58 SRAvon
69.11Annette Brickman
70.9Audrey Funk
22:29.14 PRJackson (Massillon)
71.12Taylor Wickey
72.9Taylor Helmes
22:37.52 SRLakota West
73.9Brianna Masters
22:44.31 SRSylvania Northview
74.10Haylie Toth
22:44.46 SRAvon
75.10Valerie Thigpen
22:45.29Springfield Local (H...
76.9Charlotte Ward
22:50.86 SRAvon Lake
77.10Rachel Wattleworth
22:52.49 SRChardon
78.11Esther Haviland
22:52.52 SRSylvania Northview
79.10Ashley Keith
22:52.96 PRGlen Este
80.9Samantha Hill
22:53.93 SRNotre Dame Academy (...
81.12Paige Trojanowski
22:54.04St Ursula (Toledo)
82.11Kate Lawrence
22:54.77Jackson (Massillon)
83.11Kenleigh Howard
22:56.11 SRGlen Este
84.10Emily Woods
22:57.40Temperance Bedford
85.11Mallory Capestrain
22:58.07Jackson (Massillon)
86.9Sara Thomas
22:59.97 PRButler Senior
87.9Nadia Vovk
88.11Morgan Ziegelhofer
23:02.09St Ursula (Toledo)
89.9Kylie Hays
23:02.97 SRPiqua
90.11Meridith Spohler
23:03.39Temperance Bedford
91.9Hailey Brumfield
23:05.47 SRButler Senior
92.9Camille Bratton
23:05.64Notre Dame Academy (...
93.10Valerie Bixler
23:09.70Ross (Fremont)
94.9Michelle Pressel
95.12Megan Heitkemper
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