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Legion Memorial Golf Course

8,000 Meters Men4:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women5:00 PM

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

1.SoBryton Reim
25:49Everett Community Co...
2.SoJustin Yoke
26:01Community Colleges o...
3.FrJustin Holden
26:03 PRCommunity Colleges o...
4.FrHabtamu Rubio
26:03Everett Community Co...
5.FrNic Lawrence
26:13 SREverett Community Co...
6.Justin Culver
7.FrBereket Piatt
26:20Everett Community Co...
8.FrJon Smith
26:21Community Colleges o...
9.FrNate Starr
26:24Everett Community Co...
10.FrAaron Campbell
26:29Everett Community Co...
11.FrChristian Bucko
26:36Community Colleges o...
12.SoJames Currell
26:45Community Colleges o...
13.FrKeefe Hanson
26:45Everett Community Co...
14.SoRudy Spencer
26:46 SRCommunity Colleges o...
15.SoJuan Castillo
26:47Everett Community Co...
16.FrJon Bennett
26:49Community Colleges o...
17.-Zack Weber
26:55 PROlympic College
18.FrTim Colliton
26:56Community Colleges o...
19.SoLuke Martin
20.SoChris Newell
27:07Mt Hood
21.SoTaylor Guske
27:08Everett Community Co...
22.JrJason Sams
27:09Community Colleges o...
23.FrJohnny Bywater
27:10Everett Community Co...
24.-Kasey Meyers
27:10Community Colleges o...
25.FrAaron Brenton
27:12Community Colleges o...
26.SoNick Lipinski
27.SoDan Lantz
27:23Everett Community Co...
28.FrBenjamin Rongu
29.FrJeff Cottrell
27:35Community Colleges o...
30.FrTrevor Taylor
27:39 SRSeattle Pacific
31.FrDarion Cherberg
27:44Skagit Valley
32.-Jorge Juarez
33.-Colton Snook
34.FrAbiel Tekle
28:09Everett Community Co...
35.SoRyan Pawloski
28:10Green River
36.FrZakariya Omar
37.-Keith Fechner
28:12Community Colleges o...
38.SoDonnie Coulson
28:13Mt Hood
39.FrKyle Williams
28:16Mt Hood
40.JrGavin Brand
28:21Seattle Pacific
41.JrKyle Vuksich
28:22 PRClackamas
42.FrJared Shorten
28:24Everett Community Co...
43.SoRyan Alcantara
28:26 SRSeattle Pacific
44.SoCJ Timm
45.SoKramer Fry
28:39Everett Community Co...
46.FrJacob Fure
28:39 PRSkagit Valley
47.FrJordan Grimes
48.SoFandy Cendrajaya
29:07Green River
49.JrWes Hughes
29:08Mt Hood
50.RSGary Davis
29:11 SREverett Community Co...
51.FrBrandon Thornton
52.FrChris Stash
53.SoJonathan Butcher
29:26Mt Hood
54.FrLuke Blok
29:44Everett Community Co...
55.FrJoey Chirillo
56.FrGrant Baird
29:55Everett Community Co...
57.-Logan Sychtysz
30:00Green River
58.SoJonathan Geman
30:02Green River
59.FrWilson Schubert
30:02Everett Community Co...
60.SoAnthony Bertolucci
61.SoKyle Rasor
30:20Everett Community Co...
62.FrDevonte Green
30:24Everett Community Co...
63.RSSean Wilson
30:25Everett Community Co...
64.FrBruk Tafere
30:38Everett Community Co...
65.-Sean Bonato
30:59Skagit Valley
66.FrNick Larson
31:04Everett Community Co...
67.-Troy Bunker
31:16Green River
68.RSRobert Larribas
31:18 PREverett Community Co...
69.FrBonginkosi Hlatshw...
70.FrRobert Hanke
31:30Mt Hood
71.FrKevin McCullough
31:32Green River
72.FrRobert Burkett
31:32 PREverett Community Co...
73.SoBrenden Schruhl
31:40Olympic College
74.FrRaymond Burt
31:42Skagit Valley
75.-Dan Price
31:55Green River
76.-Sam Hendren
32:11 PRSeattle Pacific
77.FrBrian Hoglund
32:40Mt Hood
78.SoJacob Feiring
32:51Olympic College
79.-Zhenya Kimball
33:02Green River
80.FrZach Kilburn
33:10Everett Community Co...
81.SoBoden Vanderloop
33:21Olympic College
82.FrDaniel Sosa
33:24Skagit Valley
83.FrNigel Lindsey
33:59Skagit Valley
84.-Corum Szathmary
34:06 PROlympic College
85.SoKameron Harvey-Tam...
35:15Olympic College
86.FrTrae Harrison
87.-Wayne Steffens
35:47 SROlympic College
88.-Maury Webber
36:40 PREastside Runners
89.Bradly Knox
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

1.SoMikel Elliott
18:25Community Colleges o...
2.-Teresa Lawson
3.FrLacey Wagner
18:50Everett Community Co...
4.FrKristina Cordy
18:54Everett Community Co...
5.FrCia Bywater
6.FrKatie Strong
19:18Everett Community Co...
7.SoShayle Dezellem
19:20Community Colleges o...
8.SoGabriella Diaz
19:29 SRMt Hood
9.FrCatie Arrigoni
19:42Everett Community Co...
10.SoStephanie Jones
19:48Community Colleges o...
11.FrGrace Viuhkola
19:57 PRClackamas
12.FrVeronica Hall
19:58Everett Community Co...
13.FrChrista Collmer
20:00 SRMt Hood
14.FrIrene Lotspeich
20:05 PREverett Community Co...
15.FrDanielle Friend
20:09 SREverett Community Co...
16.FrBrenna Eldredge
20:13 PREverett Community Co...
17.SoKate Gebhardt
20:28Everett Community Co...
18.FrJessica Beam
20:31Everett Community Co...
19.FrQuincie Clark
20:36Community Colleges o...
20.FrMegan McCabe
20:39Everett Community Co...
21.-Caitlyn Lewis
20:39 PRClackamas
22.FrIvy Meadows
23.SoRachel Feiring
20:42 PROlympic College
24.SoJessika Hardgrove
20:42Community Colleges o...
25.SoWhitney Janicki
20:42 PRGreen River
26.-Alana Langdon
20:46 PROlympic College
27.SoJennifer Tina
20:54Mt Hood
28.FrRachel Botsford
29.SrKathryne Schaefer
21:02 PRTrinity Lutheran Col...
30.FrMackenzie Wren
21:13 PREverett Community Co...
31.FrAnahi Vicencio
21:23 PREverett Community Co...
32.-Grace Libby
21:27 PRGreen River
33.FrSharayah Blair Nel...
21:28 PRSkagit Valley
34.SoJessica Dilley
35.SoAndrea Beseda
21:54Mt Hood
36.FrNicole Helm
21:57Community Colleges o...
37.SoAshlee Giesman
21:59 SRCommunity Colleges o...
38.JrIrene Moore
22:03 PROlympic College
39.-Mackinlie Maynard
22:10Community Colleges o...
40.-Jocelyn Pease
22:15 PROlympic College
41.FrApril Bute
22:17 PRSkagit Valley
42.FrAshley Scully
22:21 PREverett Community Co...
43.FrSkyler Hardy
22:23 PRSkagit Valley
44.FrKalen Korta
22:46 PRCommunity Colleges o...
45.SoDiana Evans
22:50 SRGreen River
46.FrElani Hanson
22:58 PRHighline
47.FrMikki Urbano
23:11 PRSkagit Valley
48.FrMolly Scoles
23:17Mt Hood
49.FrMariah Crumpler
23:35 PRMt Hood
50.FrPaige Hayghe
23:37 PREverett Community Co...
51.FrPhung Vuong
23:40Everett Community Co...
52.FrJeanna Daninger
23:58 PRHighline
53.FrBecca Lindgren
24:39 PROlympic College
54.FrMcAlister Buchanan
24:43Community Colleges o...
55.SoKelly Lam
24:49 SRSkagit Valley
56.-Annie Lundgren
24:56 PROlympic College
57.SoDannielle Whitcomb
25:02 SRHighline
58.FrKatie Brokaw
25:09Mt Hood
59.FrBianca Jimenez
25:09Mt Hood
60.FrLaura Knudson
25:17Mt Hood
61.SoAshley Woods
25:24 PRGreen River
62.SoErin Collins
27:32 SRGreen River
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