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Mens Races

Riley Creek

5,000 Meters Varsity10:45 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Citizen Race12:40 PM
Womens Races

Riley Creek

5,000 Meters Varsity10:15 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity11:15 AM
5,000 Meters Citizen Race12:40 PM

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Thanks to all who Attended: Team Scores

Boys Varsity

1 Coeur d'alene 27
2 Lake City 73
3 Bonners Ferry 76
4 Sandpoint 107
5 Timberlake 119
6 CDA Charter 150
7 Lakeland 166
8 Priest River 240
9 Kootenai 252

Girls Varsity

1 Coeur d'Alene 20
2 Timberlake 49
3 Lake City 110
4 Lakeland 111
5 Sandpoint 121
6 Priest River 174
7 Bonners Ferry 201
8 Kootenai 210
9 CDA Charter 217

Boys JV

1 Coeur d'Alene 24
2 Lakeland 73
3 Sandpoint 82
4 Timberlake 90
5 Lake CIty 115
6 CDA Charter 136

Girls JV

1 Coeur d'Alene 15
2 Timberlake 64
3 Sandpoint 71
4 Lakeland 79

Welcome to the 2011 William Johnson Sandpoint Invitational

Course: Flat 5k on grass, loose gravel and asphalt along the Pend Oreille River.  Great spectator viewing, course is open at 8:00 for walk through.

Race Times:

9:00 AM - Kid’s Fun 400 meter race (open to all kids through the 6th grade).  Ribbons for all participants.
9:15 Jr. High Girls (1.5 miles)
9:45 Jr. High Boys (1.5 miles)
10:15 Varsity Girls
10:45 Varsity Boys
11:15 JV Girls
12:00 JV Boys
12:40 Citizens Race (open to all ages)

Awards: Medals will be awards to top 10 runners in each Varsity, JV and Junior High race.  Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 teams in each Varsity race and the top team in each of the JV and Jr. High races.  Awards ceremony for Jr. High will be during the Varsity races, and the High School awards will be at 1:30 PM after the Citizen’s Race.

Scoring: Standard scoring will be used

Results: Results will be posted at the meet and posted online at Athletic.Net in the evening.

Have a great day and enjoy the meet,

Matt Brass & Jim Barton
Sandpoint High School Cross Country

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Cody Curtis
15:53 PRCoeur D'Alene
2.9Jake Finney
16:15 SRLake City
3.12Jacob Callister
16:17 PRBonners Ferry
4.10Sam Levora
16:18 SRSandpoint
5.12Ben Woolley
16:27 PRCoeur D'Alene
6.11Michael Dunton
16:27 SRCoeur D'Alene
7.11Andrew Regan
16:29 PRCoeur D'Alene
8.10Kenny Colbert
16:53 SRCoeur D'Alene
9.12Micah Krmpotich
17:05Bonners Ferry
10.10W. Leif Fredericks
17:09Coeur d'Alene Charter
11.9Kyler Little
17:09 SRLake City
12.12Jake Stadley
17:20 PRCoeur D'Alene
13.10Scott Knapp
17:21 SRLake City
14.10Ryan Richardson
15.10Sam St.Mars
16.10Marcus Ross
17:46 SRLake City
17.10Brad Thompson
17:47Bonners Ferry
18.11Jonathan Deak
18:01 SRCoeur D'Alene
19.10David Conway
18:01Coeur d'Alene Charter
20.12Matt Pfeifer
18:03 PRSandpoint
21.12Chris Jones
18:04 PRSandpoint
22.10Josh Waldram
23.9Jacob Perkins
18:08Bonners Ferry
24.10Luke Reoch
18:11Bonners Ferry
25.12Robbie McMillian
18:16 PRLakeland
26.12James Cartwright
27.10Diamond Robinson
18:23Priest River Lamanna
28.11Tyson Boorman
18:26Bonners Ferry
29.10Austin Anderson
30.10Payton Sanders
18:43 SRLakeland
31.10Tye Smith
18:45Lake City
32.11Ry Butler
33.9Joey Peters
18:46 SRLakeland
34.12Charles Johnson
18:50 PRLakeland
35.12Zach LaBenne
18:54Coeur d'Alene Charter
36.12Spencer Marks
18:56 PRSandpoint
37.9Reilly Cherry
18:59 PRLake City
38.11Tim Prummer
39.10Richard Mervin
40.11John Graves
19:10Coeur d'Alene Charter
41.11Spencer St.Mars
42.12Jordan Trapp
19:15Lake City
43.11Alec Perkins
19:16Bonners Ferry
44.9Garrett Johnson
45.11Dustin Hannawalt
46.12Parker Matthews
19:45Coeur d'Alene Charter
47.10Hadley McInturff
48.12Bryce Woempner
49.10Hunter Tonkin
50.11Tyler Popkin
20:02Priest River Lamanna
51.10Josh Malakowsky
20:03Priest River Lamanna
52.12Mitch Shellman
20:25Coeur d'Alene Charter
53.10Brandon Ratcliff
20:26Coeur d'Alene Charter
54.9Josh Marks
21:13Priest River Lamanna
55.11Tim Redford
56.11Ben Whipple
21:27 SRKootenai
57.11Matthew Speelman
58.11Ricky Ulrich
21:43Priest River Lamanna
59.10Cameron Murdock
23:26Priest River Lamanna
60.9Christian Speelman
61.12Levi Hass
23:36 PRPriest River Lamanna
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Riley Estes
17:43 SRCoeur D'Alene
2.11Cody Peters
18:26 SRLakeland
3.11Adam Crandall
18:33 PRCoeur D'Alene
4.11Matt Robb
18:49 SRCoeur D'Alene
5.10Keegan Lawler
18:52 PRTimberlake
6.11Kendrick Nagel
19:09 SRCoeur D'Alene
7.10Garett Johnson
19:21Lake City
8.9Casey Noye
9.9Ryan Gibson
19:33 PRLake City
10.9Tristan Scoffield
19:35Coeur D'Alene
11.10Jeremy Ashenbrenner
12.9Andy McGinnis
19:49 SRSandpoint
13.10Tony Rodriguez
14.11John Nicolich
20:01 SRSandpoint
15.10Sam Lee
20:02 SRCoeur D'Alene
16.9Cole Dewitt
20:02 SRCoeur D'Alene
17.9Sam Powell
20:03 SRSandpoint
18.10Mason Patzer
20:08 SRCoeur D'Alene
19.11Sam Silberman
20.11Derek Surber
20:14 PRLakeland
21.11Roger Moyer
22.9Caleb Weeks
20:17 PRCoeur D'Alene
23.12Chris Mann
20:18 PRSandpoint
24.12Kevin Woodruff
20:20 SRSandpoint
25.9Brady Foil
20:21Coeur d'Alene Charter
26.10Matt Gonser
27.10Grant Kennaly
20:36 SRSandpoint
28.9Chris Cordova
29.11Dylan Potter
20:45 SRSandpoint
30.9Cooper Spalding
20:45 PRSandpoint
31.12Jonah Grubb
20:45Coeur d'Alene Charter
32.9Matthew Cloud
33.10Kyle Roth
20:46Coeur d'Alene Charter
34.9Keith Murdock
35.10Jake Jermyn
20:52 PRCoeur D'Alene
36.11Josh Dufrene
20:55Bonners Ferry
37.10Hayden Shapiro
20:56Coeur d'Alene Charter
38.10Logan Hammons
20:56Lake City
39.11Ryan Meech
20:58 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
40.10Adam Bourn
20:58 SRSandpoint
41.11Brian Evans
21:04 PRLake City
42.11Dylan Kalar
21:05 PRTimberlake
43.11David Bethke
21:08 SRLakeland
44.10Jesse Howard
45.11Mosiah Belden
46.9Keithen Laganse
21:26 PRLake City
47.9Garett Smith
21:32 SRTimberlake
48.12Jack Carleton
49.9Brady Lux
21:35 PRSandpoint
50.11Orion Levine
21:36Bonners Ferry
51.10Camden Felton
21:38 SRLakeland
52.12Alexander DiMarco
21:48 PRBonners Ferry
53.11Johnathon Madrid
21:48Coeur D'Alene
54.9Matt Fremgen
21:50Lake City
55.10Talon Lunsford
21:51 SRLakeland
56.9Justin Dansereau
21:55 SRLakeland
57.10Zach Cook
22:05 SRTimberlake
58.12Colin Ruane
22:15 PRCoeur D'Alene
59.9Daniel Durfee
60.9Wyatt Steinebach
61.10Justin Kiehn
23:00Coeur d'Alene Charter
62.9Jackson Widmyer
23:02Coeur d'Alene Charter
63.10Michael Ortman
23:19 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
64.10Michael Durfee
65.9Tucker Cavender
24:32Bonners Ferry
66.9Josh Gardner
24:35 SRLakeland
67.12Markus Ward
26:48 PRTimberlake
68.10Sam Redline
27:33Coeur d'Alene Charter
69.11Tell Sorenson
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5,000 Meters Citizen Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Hunter Kennedy
21:34Coeur d'Alene Charter
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Ashly George
18:39 PRTimberlake
2.9Josie Brown
18:43 SRCoeur D'Alene
3.11Punky Duran
19:30 SRCoeur D'Alene
4.10Noelle Ball
19:39 PRCoeur D'Alene
5.9Victoria Goetz
19:47 PRCoeur D'Alene
6.9Kara Story
19:51Coeur D'Alene
7.10Madison Sumner
20:05 SRCoeur D'Alene
8.9Clare Dumont
20:09 PRCoeur D'Alene
9.11Rachel Ward
10.12Brooke Nowlan
11.11Aimee Crowe
20:18 PRLakeland
12.11Bekah Kastning
20:19 PRLakeland
13.9Natalie Herring
14.11Leanne Asper
20:28 SRLake City
15.11Steffie Pavey
20:57Priest River Lamanna
16.12Dominique Vanderwilt
17.10Sydney Foster
21:03 SRSandpoint
18.12Jenny Van Ooyen
21:10 PRSandpoint
19.9Laramie Coats
21:12 PRLakeland
20.10Chloe Hutter
21:13 PRLake City
21.10Lindsay Richardson
22.12Alia Lacroix
21:22Lake City
23.9Erica McCracken
21:33 PRPriest River Lamanna
24.9Katey Mae McInturff
25.11Rachel Ward
22:07Lake City
26.10Lily York
22:08 PRBonners Ferry
27.10Jacelyn Lawson
22:09 SRSandpoint
28.12Rebecca Cloud
22:09 PRSandpoint
29.10Brooke Erickson
22:26 PRLake City
30.10Abragail Chase
31.11Paula Paños
22:47 PRSandpoint
32.12Miranda Griggs
33.11Kasey Clemons
22:56 SRLake City
34.11Alyssa Dodge
23:04 SRLakeland
35.10Alanna Engle
36.11Aimee Sayers
23:09Bonners Ferry
37.11Becka Collier
23:09Coeur d'Alene Charter
38.10Megan Forster
23:09Coeur d'Alene Charter
39.12Meghan Tiffany
23:23Lake City
40.11Brady Nelson
23:27Priest River Lamanna
41.9Megan Frazier
23:27Clark Fork
42.11Kourtney Aldridge
23:28Priest River Lamanna
43.12Watson Sarah
23:28 PRLakeland
44.12Katy Hiatt
23:51Bonners Ferry
45.9Jordan Merz
24:08Bonners Ferry
46.9Hannah Meyer
24:09Coeur d'Alene Charter
47.9Jordyn Anderson
24:11 SRLakeland
48.11Marisa Rains
49.11Elsa Goodsen
24:25Coeur d'Alene Charter
50.10Melonie Wright
25:02Coeur d'Alene Charter
51.12Rachel Palmiter
52.10Shannon Riley
53.12Brianna Stofiel
25:11Bonners Ferry
54.10Desiree Westphall
25:12Clark Fork
55.10Shaylee Morrow
26:26 PRKootenai
56.9Emma McCormick
26:48Coeur d'Alene Charter
57.9Abigail Tefft
27:28Priest River Lamanna
58.10Cailey Metcalf
28:20Coeur d'Alene Charter
59.12Katrina Svec
28:58Bonners Ferry
60.11Tapanga Ebel
29:14Clark Fork
61.11Cassidy Smith
29:14 PRClark Fork
62.11BreeAnna Marks
30:38Priest River Lamanna
63.10Carly Ferrel
34:54 PRKootenai
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Kaitlyn Gunnerson
21:34Coeur D'Alene
2.10Erin Wineinger
22:00 SRCoeur D'Alene
3.11Carli Williams
22:03 PRCoeur D'Alene
4.9Kayla Zurosky
22:18 SRCoeur D'Alene
5.12Brianna Ball
22:30 PRCoeur D'Alene
6.9Reina Powell
7.12Blaire Nowlan
23:00 PRTimberlake
8.12Audrey Shaw
23:24 PRLakeland
9.10Brenna Ayers
23:46Coeur D'Alene
10.11Elizabeth Kovalchuk
24:02 PRSandpoint
11.9Riley Turner
24:07 PRLakeland
12.11Katie Hall
24:12 SRSandpoint
13.10Kara Bruce
24:14 SRSandpoint
14.11Devan Fitzpatrick
24:28 SRSandpoint
15.11Amanda Murdock
24:49 SRTimberlake
16.9Rebeccah Schumacher
17.9Emily Browning
18.12Kendall Dewitt
24:58 PRCoeur D'Alene
19.10Alicia Chase
25:10 SRTimberlake
20.11Courtney Gunnerson
25:54Coeur D'Alene
21.11Kayla Story
26:30 PRCoeur D'Alene
22.10Samantha Johnson
27:04 SRLakeland
23.9Ciara Mourning
24.9Chrysta Orr
27:07 PRLake City
25.9Xaio Liu
27:32Coeur D'Alene
26.10Jonnie Branning
27.12Marie Chary
29:05Bonners Ferry
28.11Amy Hildebrandt
29:15 SRTimberlake
29.12Tuesday Graff
30.9Lindsy Serbur
29:25 PRLakeland
31.9Katelin Prummer
29:53 PRSandpoint
32.10Amber Hunter
33.12Cindy Gray
30:18 PRLakeland
34.12Elise Couplet
31:42Bonners Ferry
35.9Katie Grover
36.11Shiho Sakata
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