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Settlers Park

5,000 Meters Men's5:15 PM
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Settlers Park

5,000 Meters Women's4:30 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Men's

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jake Meeker
16:29.4Mountain View (ID)
2.12Dylan Refaey
16:46.9Meridian (ID)
3.12Parker Hawkins
16:57.2Mountain View (ID)
4.9Dwain Stucker
16:58.1Meridian (ID)
5.12Dan Heikkila
16:59.4Meridian (ID)
6.12Curtis Capell
17:04.09Mountain View (ID)
7.11Nick Moore
17:15.2Meridian (ID)
8.11Andrew Follett
17:21.2Mountain View (ID)
9.10Jared Capell
17:24.3Mountain View (ID)
10.12Ejide Muvange
17:26.4Mountain View (ID)
11.12Ryan Brown
17:42.3Meridian (ID)
12.11Brandon Deshazer
17:55.7Mountain View (ID)
13.12Devon Selleck
17:56.09Mountain View (ID)
14.10Zach Davlin
15.11Taylor Bakow
18:14.09Meridian (ID)
16.12Jacob Davlin
18:18 SRSkyview
17.11Austin Murphy
18:33.09Meridian (ID)
18.11David Mitchell
18:49.8Mountain View (ID)
19.9Colton Ray
19:04.4Mountain View (ID)
20.12Hugh Ellsworth
21.10Chayse Carson
19:12Mountain View (ID)
22.11Tim Ankenman
19:18.59Mountain View (ID)
23.12Myles Simon
19:26.3Mountain View (ID)
24.9Tyler Hyslop
19:27.5 PRSkyview
25.11Connor Hewitt
19:28.2Meridian (ID)
26.9Karston Pease
19:33.3Mountain View (ID)
27.9Ammon Christensen
28.9Justin Higgins
29.10Forrest Nolan
19:40.59Mountain View (ID)
30.12Jon Kim
31.12Troy Snyder
32.9Jared Keller
33.10Stephen Berkheiser
19:53.4Meridian (ID)
34.9Asher Wheelock
19:57.7Mountain View (ID)
35.12Ryan Banner
36.9Collin Pattan
20:04.9Mountain View (ID)
37.10Ben Smith
20:16.4 SRMountain View (ID)
38.10Michael Rodriguez
20:26.4 PRMountain View (ID)
39.11Nathan Philipps
20:33.59Meridian (ID)
40.11Caden Hammer
20:36.4Mountain View (ID)
41.10Josh Eastman
20:39.3Mountain View (ID)
42.10Cutler Christensen
20:48.5Mountain View (ID)
43.12Bradon Chandler
20:48.9Mountain View (ID)
44.11Dan Donnelly
20:50.4Mountain View (ID)
45.10Russ Dent
20:52.8Mountain View (ID)
46.12Brady Matthews
20:53.3Meridian (ID)
47.11Chaz Branstetter
20:53.7Mountain View (ID)
48.11Taylor Topham
20:56.59Mountain View (ID)
49.10Justin Nesbitt
21:04.5Meridian (ID)
50.11Austin Wrem
21:06.59Meridian (ID)
51.12Brad Tinney
52.11David Black
21:16.8Mountain View (ID)
53.11Justin Yuen
21:30.9Canyon Springs
54.9Carter Cook
21:47.9Mountain View (ID)
55.10Christian Larsen
21:48.3Mountain View (ID)
56.11Carson Roskelley
21:49.8Mountain View (ID)
57.10Mitch Lambert
21:50Mountain View (ID)
58.12Porter Henze
21:50.4Mountain View (ID)
59.11Jaren Walker
21:59.59Mountain View (ID)
60.9Stephan Wasser
22:04.79Mountain View (ID)
61.9Ethan Hewitt
22:08.7Meridian (ID)
62.11Jayden Weaver
63.10Jared Petrie
23:20.5Mountain View (ID)
64.12Cameron Owens
23:23.5Mountain View (ID)
65.12Shawn Emmen
23:24.09Meridian (ID)
66.11Serhiy Frolov
23:44.4Meridian (ID)
67.9Aaron Capell
23:45.4Mountain View (ID)
68.10Jesse Donohue
69.10Bryson Pike
24:51.8Meridian (ID)
70.9Michael Chase
25:05Mountain View (ID)
71.10Ismael Gonzalez
26:27.2Canyon Springs
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women's

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Sam Mckinnon
19:15.8Mountain View (ID)
2.12Jordan Mathes
19:27.9Mountain View (ID)
3.12Natalie Blodgett
4.11Angie McGraw
20:36.7Mountain View (ID)
5.11Savannah Combe
20:51.9Meridian (ID)
6.10Jocelyn Barber
7.11Lila Klopfenstein
20:58.8Meridian (ID)
8.12MacKenzie Bennett
21:10.3Mountain View (ID)
9.9Erin Hagen
21:30.59Mountain View (ID)
10.9Allison Ellingson
21:33.09Mountain View (ID)
11.9Holly Ellingson
21:48.9Mountain View (ID)
12.11Elaina Gillespie
13.12Sarah Walsh
21:51.8Meridian (ID)
14.11Bailee Kern
22:03.5Mountain View (ID)
15.11Becca Williamson
22:05.5Mountain View (ID)
16.12Emily Blake
22:06.09Mountain View (ID)
17.11Kylee Hale
18.11Emily Stafford
19.12Rhea Gillespie
20.9Krista Montierth
21.12Mikayla Grigg
22:34.9Meridian (ID)
22.10London Howell
22:38.9Mountain View (ID)
23.11Molly Nesbitt
22:39.5Meridian (ID)
24.11Bella Colson
22:42.5Mountain View (ID)
25.10Holly Hayes
26.12Kourtnee Nelson
22:44.5Mountain View (ID)
27.10Rachel Brown
22:46.9Meridian (ID)
28.9Mariah Simpson
22:47.9Mountain View (ID)
29.10Madison Wilson
30.12Kara Wayment
23:13.3Mountain View (ID)
31.9Abby Alexander
23:44.7Mountain View (ID)
32.12Kaity Clements
33.12Leanne Miller
24:03.2Mountain View (ID)
34.9Grace Jamison
24:10.09Mountain View (ID)
35.9Jesse Alexander
24:20.5Mountain View (ID)
36.10Hannah Uhlenkott
24:37.7Meridian (ID)
37.10Sam Johnston
24:37.9Mountain View (ID)
38.11Kylan Nanney
24:45.9Mountain View (ID)
39.10Lisa Kendall
24:46.09Mountain View (ID)
40.12Page King
41.11Haley Berg
24:54Mountain View (ID)
42.12Brittany Anderson
24:54.3 SRMountain View (ID)
43.10Caycee Bailey
25:30.59Mountain View (ID)
44.9Jordan Bateman
25:31.9Mountain View (ID)
45.11Morgan Holbrook
25:32.59Mountain View (ID)
46.10Kayla Tourville
25:38.4Meridian (ID)
47.12Lindsey Spiker
25:50.4Mountain View (ID)
48.10Ciara Wilmer
25:51.59 PRMeridian (ID)
49.11Megan Breshears
50.10Casey Palomares
51.10T'Kayah Bell
26:48.7Mountain View (ID)
52.11Courtney Donaca
53.9Hannah Ray
54.12Kayla Dildine
27:49.4Mountain View (ID)
55.12Chelsea Montierth
56.11Dani Carmack
28:07.29Meridian (ID)
57.12Katie Ronspies
29:47.7Mountain View (ID)
58.11Marissa Chase
30:14.59Mountain View (ID)
59.11Kaitlyn Lange
30:41.8Mountain View (ID)
60.12Azalea Ellis
31:40.7 PRSkyview
61.9Kristen` Gruendel
37:32Mountain View (ID)
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