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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

3.11Connor James
15:07 PRCole Valley Christian
11Beau Beesley
15:08 PRNampa Christian
12Nick Russell
15:09 PRNampa Christian
12Grant Moore
15:10 PRNampa Christian
12Jacob Bottles
15:39 PRCole Valley Christian
12Garth Cline
15:46 PRNew Plymouth
10Parker McCoy
15:47 PRCole Valley Christian
10Austin Greenleaf
15:56 PRCole Valley Christian
11Sam Antosh
16:01 PRNampa Christian
12Derik Jardine
16:05 SRCole Valley Christian
10Reed Jeppe
16:09 PRNampa Christian
10Torrey Wiebe
16:10 PRCole Valley Christian
10Nate Woods
16:11 PRNew Plymouth
10Josh Jardine
16:15 PRCole Valley Christian
10Benjamin Hengst
16:22 PRCole Valley Christian
10Jack Verbance
16:25 PRNew Plymouth
11Jace Langley
16:34 PRCole Valley Christian
12Jake Holloway
16:43 PRNampa Christian
10Derek Deblieck
16:45 PRCole Valley Christian
10Brandon Christianson
16:54 PRCole Valley Christian
10Tanner Buuck
17:06 PRNampa Christian
11Cameron Arnzen
17:09 SRNew Plymouth
9John Burton
17:11 PRNew Plymouth
10Bronson Johnson
17:19 PRNew Plymouth
11Jake Henggeler
17:31 PRNew Plymouth
9A.J. Crooks
18:01 PRNampa Christian
9Riley Baxter
18:06 PRNew Plymouth
9Nate Ramsey
18:07 PRNew Plymouth
11Collin Goelz
18:34 PRNampa Christian
11Dalton Bowman
18:42 PRNampa Christian
12Justin Gulleff
19:00 SRNew Plymouth
12Anthony Graham
19:01 PRNew Plymouth
9Ben Knapp
19:13 PRNew Plymouth
10Seth Austin
19:34 PRNew Plymouth
12Sam Read
19:45 PRNampa Christian
12Armstrong Jay
19:51 PRCole Valley Christian
12Tyler Christianson
20:25 PRNampa Christian
12Jacob Miller
20:46 PRNampa Christian
9Jerob Moon
21:09 PRNampa Christian
11Andy Yue
22:03 PRNampa Christian
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