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William Jewell College

5,000 Meters Varsity8:45 AM
2,000 Meters 1st year runners9:20 AM
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity9:20 AM
Womens Races

William Jewell College

5,000 Meters Varsity8:00 AM
2,000 Meters 1st year runners8:00 AM

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St. Mary's 39th CC Invitational

Coaches Final reminders for Saturday !!!  Restrooms at Baseball complex are still a question mark on availability.  Plan on using restrooms at Mabee Gym ( there are also around 6 portable ones outside by track/football field).  Note, there are  NO  College trainers available, so do not go looking for one.  Parking:  Drop off runners and tents and park your BUSES over at Mabee Gym.  The small lot between soccer and baseball fields should be for our older spectators.  Please tell your spectators not to park on roadway from entrance to racing area.  Remember to print off your course maps ( use the small regular type to click on not the large print )  FIRST RACE STARTS AT 8AM.  IF YOUR BUS BREAKS DOWN AND YOU CALL,  WE WILL STILL BEGIN AT 8AM.  I WILL BE THERE ON SITE BY 7AM. You can get on the course before 7am.  The course will be totally ready.  Check here for any updates.  Remember, you can make changes to which race your runners will be in by just clicking on registering runners and make your change.  Talk to you all later.  Tom Bates

Entry Fees need to be sent to: St. Mary's High School, 622 N. Main, Independence, Mo. 64050    

Or you can bring to the meet on 9-3.

You can print off a course map by going to the following address;       <  < Click on this SMALL address for map   LARGE ONE ABOVE WILL NOT GO TO SITE

Note: This is different from previous years !!!   Last years map will not do you any good.  You GET To print off NEW COURSE MAP for 2011.  The change takes place around the soccer field and where you cross the road twice.

SCHOOLS INVITED: O'Hara, St. Pius, Hardin-Central , Marshall, Rockport, Lawson, Holden, West Platte, Penney, Oak Grove, Lees Summit Community Christian, Excelsior Springs, North Kansas City, Bishop Miege, and Princeton.  All schools are entered !! 

Entry Fee :  $85.00 per school or $15.00 per individual runner / Make checks out to St. Mary's High School, 622 N. Main, Independence, Mo. 64050   Send before or bring the day of meet.

Race Divisions:

8:00am  Girls Varsity ( unlimited )  5000 meters / Top Seven will count towards team scoring. 8th runner and up will count only as individuals and not affect team scoring.  The top 35 will receive medals.  The top 3 teams will receive team medals.  Runners who finish 11th - 35th will receive their medals as they exit the chute with their place cards.

8:00am  Girls 1st Year runners ( unlimited ) 2000 meters / Top 15 will receive medals. No Team Scores kept.  1st year girls who place 11th - 15th will receive medals as they exit the finish chute and receive their place cards.  Note !!!  This is only for girls who will be running their first CC race.  If you have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year girl who is not ready to run 5000meters have them watch and cheer on the girls running the 5K

8:45am  Boys Varsity ( 7 maximum ) 5000 meters / Top 35 medal / Runners who finish 11th-35th will receive their medals as they exit the chute with their place cards.  Top three teams will receive team medals.

9:15am JV Boys ( unlimited ) 4000 meters / Top 20 medal / Runners who place 11th-20th will receive medals as they exit the chute with their place cards.  No team scores kept.

9:15am  1st Year boy runners ( unlimited ) 2000meters / Runners who place in the top 15 will medal and those who finish 11th-15th will receive their medals as they exit the chute with their place cards.  No team scores kept.  This is only for boys who have never ran a CC race ( same as the girls 1st yr runners )

Instruct your runners not to leave the chute without their place cards.  They are to give you or your stat/manager the card as soon as possible.  Fill out the race result envelope with runners name, place,  and time in the order they finished.  Leave the pull off name tags alone ( only fill in place and time on the tags )  Return the envelope with place cards and tags in envelope to scores table as soon as possible.

Coaches meeting at 7:30am by the scorers table.

We use for entry into the Invitational.  Please have your 2011 CC schedule posted and your rosters on by August 22nd.  This will let me know who will return this year.  I have schools calling to see if they can get into the meet but I keep this meet scaled down to accomodate the course and the running of 3 races.  You then only need to click your runners into the race they will be running by August 31st.  You can make changes at the coaches meeting if necessary.

Remember to ENTER YOUR SCHEDULE AND ROSTERS BY AUGUST 22ND ON WWW.ATHLETIC.NET  I WILL ADD MORE INFORMATION LATER AS NECESSARY.  YOU CAN CONTACT ME BY E-MAIL  or  my cell #  816-547-6429  or home  795-8987.  The best time to call me during the day is from 11:00am - Noon.  Please leave a voice mail if I am unable to answer my cell and I will contact you later.  Thanks  Tom Bates      


                                                    2.NKC 37

                                                   3.MIEGE 63

                                                   4.St. Mary's 82


 INC. TEAMS:  EX. SPR, PENNEY, MARSHALL, ROCK PORT, LAWSON, OAK GROVE, O'HARA, HARDIN-CENTRAL, HOLDEN, NKC, PRINCETON,WEST PLATTE,                                                                  


1.ST. PIUS  73

2.MIEGE  79



5.NKC 132

6.PENNEY 166

7.LAWSON 201

8.ST. MARY'S 203


10.0'HARA 232



INC. TEAMS MARSHALL, PRINCETON, ROCK PORT, OAK GROVE                                                                             

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Blake Goodin
2.12Tucker Seise
18:09North Kansas City
3.11Spencer Hudson
18:12West Platte
4.12Wes Morrison
5.12Blake Hudon
18:17O'Hara (Closed)
6.12James Winkler
18:30St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
7.10Michael Needham
18:37Bishop MiegePB; 2nd/12 teams
8.11Shawn Conrad
9.12Michael Anderson
18:52St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
10.11A.J. Gearhart
11.11Gage Lemmon
19:13Rock Port
12.11Christian Stodden
19:27St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
13.11Lasse Fuss
19:31North Kansas City
14.10Jack Cogan
19:34West Platte
15.10Eric Andrews
19:38St. Mary's (Independ...
16.11Christian Holzer
17.10Adam Brown
19:40.1Bishop MiegePB
18.9Joe Ibarra
19:40.4St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
19.12Brian Owara
19:44.1Bishop Miege
20.10Nathan Wilson
19:44.4West Platte
21.11Austin Clancy
19:46Excelsior Springs
22.12Chris Sitek
19:49Bishop Miege83 runners total
23.11Colton Blackston
19:52Oak Grove
24.11Corey Martin
19:54Oak Grove
25.10Andy Ritz
19:56.1Bishop MiegePB
26.10Matthew Conaghan
19:56.9Bishop MiegePB
27.10Lantz Morrow
28.11Colt Whitt
29.10Branden Clark
30.12Brett Rothaus
20:07Summit Christian Aca...
31.10Brett Leonard
32.12Steven Fausett
20:08.8Excelsior Springs
33.12Kevin Hopkins
20:09St. Mary's (Independ...
34.12Grant Wheeler
35.10Tim Nitz
20:15Summit Christian Aca...
36.10Keaton Johnson
20:16West Platte
37.11Dakota Defreece
20:24O'Hara (Closed)
38.11John McCoy
20:25St. Pius X (Kansas C...
39.11Michael Maloney
40.11Jacob Cogan
20:29.2West Platte
41.11Billy Drake
20:29.5St. Pius X (Kansas C...
42.10Colin Graham
43.12Sam Riley
20:34 PRNorth Kansas City
44.10Francisco Juarez
20:37 SRNorth Kansas City
45.10Dylan West
20:44North Kansas City
46.11Robert Saunders
20:51Excelsior Springs
47.10Tyler Flashpohler
48.11Andy Wilson
49.11Skyler Aldrich
50.12Justin Bethel
51.10Corbett McKinney
21:06O'Hara (Closed)
52.11Zeb Duncan
53.9Morgan Knoch
54.9Trevor Holmes
21:21Rock Port
55.10Nicholas Periman
56.11Jonathon Becker
21:26 PRNorth Kansas City
57.11Aaron Banuelos
21:35St. Mary's (Independ...
58.10Corbin Minter
21:41Rock Port
59.11Chris Thibault
21:43St. Mary's (Independ...
60.12Eli White
21:44 SRNorth Kansas City
61.12Garrett Hagedorn
62.10Steven Gordon
22:07St. Mary's (Independ...
63.10Kyle Sellers
64.10Christian Carter
22:11.9Excelsior Springs
65.12Corey Maloney
66.12David Danner
22:28Summit Christian Aca...
67.11Bryan Evans
22:29Rock Port
68.10Spencer Wheeler
69.12John Ross
22:42St. Pius X (Kansas C...
70.10Clayton Gregg
23:17Summit Christian Aca...
71.10Blake Sellers
72.10Joshua Willoughby
23:26Summit Christian Aca...
73.12Micheal McNelly
74.12Joesph Gorham
75.11Jacob Nall
24:00Excelsior Springs
76.10Owen Chiaventone
24:07West Platte
77.11James Reed
24:49Excelsior Springs
78.12Brandon Arbogast
79.10Samuel Holland
25:07Summit Christian Aca...
80.12Taylor West
26:49St. Mary's (Independ...
81.11Thaddeus Green
27:10O'Hara (Closed)
82.11Jacob Trotter
27:39St. Mary's (Independ...
83.11Ronald Clark
30:56O'Hara (Closed)
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2,000 Meters 1st year runners

1.9Jordan Crawford
7:19 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
2.11Patrick Kirk
7:23 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
3.9Jake Anderson
7:23.9 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
4.10J D Meyers
7:41 PRO'Hara (Closed)
5.9Patrick Keefer
7:51 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
6.9Alex Higginbotham
7:59 PRMarshall
7.9Kenneth Rose
8:06 PRLawson
8.10Aidan Eckart
8:10 PRO'Hara (Closed)
9.9Elliott Vanderford
8:15 PRBishop Miege
10.10Sean Christianson
8:39 PRO'Hara (Closed)
11.9Edgar Flores
8:40 PRBishop Miege
12.9Zack Petzoldt
8:48 PRMarshall
13.11Jeremy Ambrose
8:59 PRO'Hara (Closed)
14.11Roger Choate
9:00 PRMarshall
15.10Nick Glenski
10:08 PRMarshall
16.9Gabe Fedynich
10:16 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
17.10Tommy O'Hara
10:42 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11Anthony Orozco
15:54 PRBishop Miege
2.11Hunter Smith
16:11 PRNorth Kansas City
3.9Dodge Wasinger
16:17 PRNorth Kansas City
4.12Brandon Standley
16:18 PRMarshall
5.11Alex Taylor
16:33 PRBishop Miege
6.10Tazmen Parker
16:40 PRHolden
8.10Brett Skaggs
16:51.2 PROak Grove
7.10Brock Lorenzen
16:57 PRNorth Kansas City
9.11James Kelley
17:08 PRHolden
10.12Tommy Clark
17:20 SRHolden
11.11Jack Kenney
17:24 SRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
12.10McKinley Merrill
17:25 PRBishop Miege
13.10Max Ernst
17:27 PRBishop Miege
14.11Max Irby
17:32 PRNorth Kansas City
15.12Eli Warren
17:36.1 SRNorth Kansas City
16.10Sam Hoebelheinrich
17:36.3 SRBishop Miege
17.9Michael Kelley
17:42 PRHolden
18.10Derik Odil
18:02 PRWest Platte
19.12Phillip Stalling
18:08 PRNorth Kansas City
20.11Logan Moose
18:18 PRWest Platte
21.10Bryce Yount
18:27.1 PRWest Platte
22.10James Elfrink
18:27.2 PRMarshall
23.12Sam Vollbrecht
18:30 SRNorth Kansas City
24.11Justin Schindelbeck
18:31 SRNorth Kansas City
25.10Kyle Kennedy
18:44 PRExcelsior Springs
26.11Daniel Mitchell
18:54 SRBishop Miege- :31 pr
27.11Alex Mejia
19:13 SRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
28.10Stuart Ennis
20:01Bishop Miege
29.11Sean Lohman
20:07 SRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
30.9Nathan Hendrickson
20:09 PRNorth Kansas City
31.10Josh Rife
20:43 PRWest Platte
32.11Victor Garzon
20:47 PRMarshall
33.9Matt Larman
21:20 SRHolden
34.9Louis Vanderlinden
21:37 PRExcelsior Springs
35.10Joe Hague
21:39Bishop Miege
36.12Chris Osborn
22:41 PRMarshall
37.10Chris Stilwell
23:16 SRNorth Kansas City
38.11Aaron Kerksiek
24:35 PRMarshall
39.12Jon Fawkes
25:27 SRMarshall
40.11Nathan Hoppman
27:14 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Hannah DeVries
21:13North Kansas City
2.11Ashley Henry
22:32North Kansas City
3.10Josie Wilkerson
22:45Excelsior Springs
4.12Kathleen Clevenger
5.12Randi Toyne
22:55St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
6.9Katie Lofland
22:59.2St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
7.12Arozo Shahabzada
8.11Lacy Kirkland-Larsen
23:04Rock Port
9.9Elaina Rash
10.11Chelsea Hillyard
11.9Molly Gengler
24:03St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
12.10Alexandra Stevenson
24:04Oak Grove
13.12Claire Becker
24:06O'Hara (Closed)
14.10Bethany Milligan
15.11Rachel Nowak
24:14 SRBishop Miege3rd/4 teams
16.12Jordan Trumbull
24:35Bishop Miege- :20 pr
17.11Erin Esry
18.12Katy Beyer
24:40St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
19.11Jaymee Fee
20.10Kelsey Robertson
25:08St. Mary's (Independ...
21.12Tiffany Propst
25:13Excelsior Springs
22.11Jillian VanZandt
25:14North Kansas City
23.12Hailey Green
24.11Noella Wehner
25:39North Kansas City
25.12Jessica Korb
26.11Rachel Swanson
27.11Bridget Mohn
25:52Excelsior Springs
28.10Erica Scassellati
25:54St. Mary's (Independ...
29.12Katelyn Gutteridge
25:59O'Hara (Closed)
30.9Rylie Lyon
26:10North Kansas City
31.10Taylor Johnson
26:24 SRExcelsior Springs
32.12Lauren McGrath
33.12Katie Balint
26:41St. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
34.10Megan Heyen
26:56Bishop Miege
35.10Melody Kimbrough
26:56.5St. Mary's (Independ...
36.10Mikayla Andersen
37.10Emily Young
27:02Bishop Miege
38.10Caitie Furlong
27:07Bishop Miege
39.12Amellia Coffey
27:11North Kansas City
40.11Makenzie Mills
27:16Oak Grove
41.12Camilla Sacchetto
42.12Rachael Bontrager
27:27.7Bishop Miege54 runners total
43.12Mary Kimbrough
27:39St. Mary's (Independ...
44.12Maggie Carmichael
27:43St. Pius X (Kansas C...
45.10Natalie Orrick
27:57Bishop Miege
46.10Emily Schultz
28:08Bishop Miege
47.11Brooke Horseman
28:36West Platte
48.12Torie Hagan
49.11Maggie Salisbury
29:20Bishop Miege- :40 pr
50.11Jessica Brossard
30:25Bishop Miege- :51 pr
51.12Jennifer Andrews
38:34St. Mary's (Independ...
52.10Lacie Lee
40:15Rock Port
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2,000 Meters 1st year runners

1.9Morgan Prather
8:04 PRPenney
2.9Molly Ward
8:13 PRPenney
3.9Rachelle Parks
8:46 PRPrinceton
4.9Julia Loehr
8:52 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
6.10Jessica Hennessy
9:17 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
7.10Elisabeth Bateman
9:22 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
8.10Rebecca Daul
9:29 PRPenney
9.11Taylor Keen
9:32 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
10.9Leah Wright
9:34 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
11.10Erin Verstraete
9:35 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
5.9Grace Black
9:40 PRLawson
12.11Elena Ibarra
9:41 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...medal
13.10Jesse Lundervold
9:54 PRMarshall
14.9Maria Leipzig
10:17 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
15.10Grace Miller
10:29 PRBishop Miege
16.9Dezi Lawler
10:32 PRBishop Miege
17.10Elizabeth Borges
10:44 PRMarshall
18.9Mary Egger
10:45 PRBishop Miege
19.11Ashley Yount
11:07 PRWest Platte
20.11Josie Durfee
12:10 PRPenney
21.10Laney Holt
12:31 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
22.9Brianna Wallace
14:19 PRBishop Miege
23.12Sarah Boone
14:30 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
24.11April Barron
16:56 PRExcelsior Springs
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