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Mens Races

Indian Springs

5,000 Meters 2A Varsity2:00 PM
5,000 Meters 3A Varsity2:30 PM
Womens Races

Indian Springs

5,000 Meters 2A Varsity1:00 PM
5,000 Meters 3A Varsity1:30 PM

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2A Girls Team Scores:  Top Two To State

1.  Soda Springs  15

2.  Malad  62

3.  West Side  64


2A Boys Team Scores:  Top Two To State

1.  Soda  Springs  24

2.  West Side  44

3.  Malad  64


3A Girls Team Scores:  Top Two To State

1.  Snake River  23

2.  Bear Lake  47

3.  American Falls  62


3A Boys Team Scores:  Top Two To State

1.  Snake River  29

2.  Bear Lake  37

3.  American Falls  65

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 2A Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Tyler Olsen
17:16.97West Side
2.12Austin Schmitzer
17:46.95Soda Springs
3.12Cody Moore
17:59.25Soda Springs
4.10Hunter Goodenough
18:03.23Soda Springs
5.12Coby Young
18:13.81Soda Springs
6.9Carlton Baird
18:18.50 SRWest Side
7.12Jess Blaisdell
8.9Zach Hatch
18:37.05West Side
9.12Dan Blaisdell
10.9Josh Bowman
18:46.96Soda Springs
11.12J.D. Bailey
18:47.69Soda Springs
12.10Logan Young
19:17.62Soda Springs
13.12Domini Camptell
19:22.25Soda Springs
14.11Steven Torgesen
19:32.71Soda Springs
15.11Haden Williams
16.9Nick Clawson
19:43.72 SRWest Side
17.12Ammon Baird
19:49.87West Side
18.10Logan Atkinson
19.10Thomas Hornburger
20:03.21West Side
20.12Alex Montes
20:05.56West Side
21.10Beau Poulsen
20:16.23Soda Springs
22.12Jace Keller
20:18.92West Side
23.9Chance Parker
20:20.64Soda Springs
24.11Cody Hoskins
20:25.45 PRMalad
25.9Kalob Ihler
26.9Cameron Walker
20:39.64Soda Springs
27.11Cole Finder
28.9Danny Jacaway
21:11.26 SRMalad
29.9Skyler Bartholomew
21:13.26 SRWest Side
30.10Casey Jensen
21:14.87 SRWest Side
31.9Peter Atkin
21:16.98 SRWest Side
32.9Stephen Medina
21:49.28Soda Springs
33.10Ty Allen
21:51.91Soda Springs
34.11Nels Anderson
22:19.46 SRMalad
35.11Wesley Peterson
36.9Kyle Sims
25:25.55Soda Springs
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5,000 Meters 3A Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11James Withers
16:25.31Snake River
2.11Nathnan Crane
16:57.89Bear Lake
3.10Luke Brogan
17:56.71Bear Lake
4.12Ernie Whitworth
18:04.43Snake River
5.10Tony Peace
18:20.10American Falls
6.12Tyler Hammond
18:39.63Bear Lake
7.12Sam Burt
18:46.42Snake River
8.12Tylo Dawson
18:50.50Snake River
9.11Joseph Fife
18:55.31Snake River
10.11Jackson Stokes
18:59.87Snake River
11.12Jakob Dransfield
19:13.75Bear Lake
12.9Traegan Thomas
19:22.50American Falls
13.9Kayl Williams
19:29.32Snake River
14.12Justin Belk
19:33.50Snake River
15.11Bryson Harper
19:38.37Snake River
16.12Jeff Hansen
19:41.12Snake River
17.11Kai Baldwin
19:48.74Snake River
18.12Jake Andersen
20:34.96Snake River
19.9Garrett Wagoner
21:02.18American Falls
20.11Jonah Taylor
21:19.59Snake River
21.10James Whittier
21:29.38Snake River
22.12Austin Fisher
21:46.50Bear Lake
23.10Jerrik Ostler
22:05.94 SRAmerican Falls
24.12Ben Lake
22:42.73Bear Lake
25.11Daniel Vega
22:49.35 PRAmerican Falls
26.10Caleb Williams
23:19.19Snake River
27.9Braeden Murphy
25:42.70 PRAmerican Falls
28.9Brandon Alderson
26:59.49American Falls
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 2A Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Cierra Simmons
19:49.05Soda Springs
2.10Hannah Farnes
20:13.34Soda Springs
3.10Kelsey Yamauchi
20:15.62Soda Springs
4.10Jamie Nielsen
20:19.21Soda Springs
5.10Anndee Neuman
20:49.88Soda Springs
6.10Hailey Call
20:59.74Soda Springs
7.12Carlie Olson
21:01.26Soda Springs
8.11Sydney Blair
21:05.23West Side
9.10Rachel Bullcreek
10.9Genny Joe McCullough
21:49.79Soda Springs
11.12Dominique Froehlich
22:28.69Soda Springs
12.9Piper Livingston
13.11Natasha Bartholomew
23:43.85 SRWest Side
14.9Chelsey Rasmussen
23:56.62Soda Springs
15.11Regan Timothy
16.9Paige Robbins
17.12Katy Owen
25:42.25West Side
18.12Giada Locatelli
25:42.63 PRWest Side
19.11Hannah Waite
26:10.25 SRWest Side
20.10Willow Kipp
21.12Mikayla Holliday
27:41.58 PRWest Side
22.12Moriah Ihler
23.12Kaitlyn Leatherman
33:20.68Soda Springs
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5,000 Meters 3A Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Quincy Van Orden
20:35.53Snake River
2.12Lea Keidel
20:58.13Snake River
3.12Krystal Pratt
21:02.81Bear Lake
4.12Flor Ibarra
22:30.67American Falls
5.11Kimille Furniss
22:45.11 SRSnake River
6.12Caitlin Stevens
23:08.28Bear Lake
7.10Olivia Anderson
23:32.90Snake River
8.11Jessica Williams
23:35.38Snake River
9.10Tiffany Harris
23:45.98Bear Lake
10.10Susana Oseguera
24:09.89American Falls
11.9Jacy Van Orden
24:13.99Snake River
12.12Cassie Albertson
24:44.12Snake River
13.9Kyra Trahant
25:35.51Snake River
14.9Weslee Wells
26:07.86Bear Lake
15.10Maria Sanchez
26:27.71 PRAmerican Falls
16.12Ashley Palmer
26:35.80 PRAmerican Falls
17.10Paige Timothy
26:57.73Bear Lake
18.11Emily Daines
26:58.55Bear Lake
19.10Kearis Jensen
27:08.85Bear Lake
20.11Nicole Moon
27:17.15Snake River
21.10Jessica Hammond
27:26.07Bear Lake
22.10Annie Albertson
27:30.82Snake River
23.10Jackie Vargas
27:58.79 PRAmerican Falls
24.10Tami Daines
28:14.91Bear Lake
25.9Christina Preston
29:39.40 PRBear Lake
26.11Darcy Spencer
30:34.56Bear Lake
27.11Brooke Bergholme
30:50.17Bear Lake
28.-Sami Neaman
31:07.90American Falls
29.10Cheyenne Pratt
31:55.79Bear Lake
30.10Shantaya Schwab
32:47.94Bear Lake
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