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Jerusalem Mill

5,000 Meters Varsity3:00 PM
Womens Races

Jerusalem Mill

5,000 Meters Varsity3:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Jonathan Luckin
16:10.40 SRHereford
2.11Julian Rivera
3.11Kevin Payne
16:25.10 PRHereford
4.9Nick Fransham
16:42.20 SRNorth Harford
5.12Zachary Simmons
16:52.50 PRTowson
6.11Matt Hoerr
16:58.20 SRC. Milton Wright
7.11Kevin Collins
8.11Gabriel Rivera
17:05.70 SRHereford
9.11Dylan Poremski
17:11.60 PRParkville
10.12Ramon Brown
17:11.90 PRDigital Harbor
11.10Hudson Thomas
17:14.80 SRTowson
12.11Dan Fleming
17:16.10 PRC. Milton Wright
13.10Noah Konkus
17:18.10 PRHereford
14.12Matthew Bender
17:29.10 PRTowson
15.10Max Anderson
17:32.50 SRC. Milton Wright
16.11Chris Banko
17:37.50 SRAberdeen
17.12Sterling Hardy
17:40.90 PRFranklin
18.12Alaric Coker
17:43.10 PRMilford Mill
19.9Patrick O'leary
17:46.60 PRNorth Harford
20.12Michael Merkle
21.12Dan Sweetser
17:49.10 SRC. Milton Wright
22.12Graham Williams
23.12Michael Gentle
17:54.90 PREastern Tech
24.9Eric Ingram
17:55.70 PRBel Air
25.11Corey Blanton
17:56.20 SRC. Milton Wright
26.11Noah Maghsadi
17:56.90 PRTowson
27.10Alexander Negron
17:57.90 SRTowson
28.12Alex Tenne
29.11Mike Capozzoli
18:10.90 SRC. Milton Wright
30.11Aaron Leininger
18:13.10 SRHereford
31.10Justin Asch
18:17.70 SRNorth Harford
32.11David Roloff
18:18.40 PRNorth Harford
33.11Mike Neal
18:19.50 SRC. Milton Wright
34.9Chris Busick
18:20.60 SRNorth Harford
35.11Roberto Ascenzi
18:21.80 SRBel Air
36.11Daniel Bowley
18:22.20 PRBel Air
37.10Daniel Quimby
18:24.80 PRBel Air
38.9Casey Sims
18:31.30 SRBel Air
39.12Drew Lovell
18:32.30 PRBel Air
40.11Quick Stukes
18:33.90 PRDigital Harbor
41.12Adam Jenkins
18:40.30 PRParkville
42.9Dylan Foote
18:41.10 PRNorth Harford
43.11Jonathan Cook
18:47.90 PRDigital Harbor
44.9Oscar Merchan
18:53.80 SRFranklin
45.11Tasmine Prater
18:55.20 SRParkville
46.9Ian Fiser
18:55.90 SRNorth Harford
47.12Scott Roman
18:57.20 PRFranklin
48.11Marquez Sloan
19:00.40 SRAberdeen
49.10Derek Little
19:05.50 PRParkville
50.10Sam Guo
19:13.80 PRBel Air
51.11Keenan Albee
19:14.40 SRFranklin
52.9Collin Burns
19:22.90 PRFranklin
53.11Francis Tagala
19:24.60 PREastern Tech
54.9Jordan Leon
19:32.80 PRBaltimore City College
55.12Wesley Hall
19:36.40 PRDigital Harbor
56.12Alexander Collins
19:40.60 PRParkville
57.11Marlon Jacobs
19:40.90 SRDigital Harbor
58.11Michael Shirer
19:46.40 SREastern Tech
59.11Brad Angst
19:51.60 PRPatapsco
60.12Brian Valcarenghi
20:00.90 SRAberdeen
61.11Jeff Claggett
62.11Andrew Bourckel
20:32.50 SRParkville
63.11Roman Sandroni
20:34.90 SRParkville
64.12Shivam Patel
20:39.60 PREastern Tech
65.12Jake Presley
20:40.20 PREastern Tech
66.12Robert Joyce
20:45.30 PRPatterson
67.11Keon Smith
21:33.70 PRPatterson
68.11Ryan Dennis
21:36.80 SRAberdeen
69.11Steven Molina
21:45.30Eastern Tech
70.11Jamil Sales
21:46.40 PRAberdeen
71.10Miles Slentz
21:55.70 SRAberdeen
72.11Tyler Vyskocil
22:16.20 SREastern Tech
73.10Dominick Price
74.9Thomas Quiq
22:35.60 PRAberdeen
75.11Karar Hashim
23:00.80 PRPatterson
76.11Jeremiah Parker
23:02.10 SRWoodlawn
77.12Antonio Hart
23:02.70 PRPatterson
78.12Nicholas Wynn
23:03.70 PRWoodlawn
79.9Brandon Harrington
23:53.20 PRBaltimore City College
80.9Clifford Ward
81.11Devin Swinton
25:11.80 PRWoodlawn
82.10Malik Lee
25:12.30 PRBaltimore City College
83.9Adam Todd
25:24.90 PRBaltimore City College
84.10Stephon Moore
25:37.10 PRBaltimore City College
85.11Vin Tran
25:59.20 PRPatterson
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Sara Carter
19:00.30 PRHereford
2.10Erin Causey
19:15.10 SRHereford
3.12Emily Vandewater
19:46.90 SRHereford
4.9Meghan Anderson
19:49.40 SRHereford
5.10Miriam Silton
20:09.70 PRC. Milton Wright
6.10Kelly O'Neill
20:11.70 PRC. Milton Wright
7.9Regan Davis
20:14.70 PRNorth Harford
8.12Bailey Wilhelm
20:19.60 PRHereford
9.12Lauren Kennedy
20:21.40 SRHereford
10.10Alaina McCleary
20:37.60 SRHereford
11.11Annie Scott
20:52.70 SRNorth Harford
12.12Caitie Ellenby
20:54.80 SRBel Air
13.10Megan Coughlin
20:58.60 PRC. Milton Wright
14.11Ashley Bogert
20:59.10 PRFranklin
15.12Kaitlin McCabe
20:59.90 SRC. Milton Wright
16.12Amanda English
21:03.20Bel Air
17.10Kelsea Hilditch
21:05.80 PRBel Air
18.11Sydney Steinmiller
21:07.30 PRC. Milton Wright
19.11Laura Gede
21:11.10 PRFranklin
20.10Maddi Macechko
21:14.80 PRTowson
21.11Grayson Slencak
21:15.80 SRBel Air
22.9Marissa Abbey
21:18.80 PRBel Air
23.10Merritt Dermer
24.12Samantha Lucas
21:24.40 PREastern Tech
25.12Hannah Stambaugh
21:28.20 SRBel Air
26.9Esther Cross
21:39.20Bel Air
27.9Taylor Walker
21:42.80 SRC. Milton Wright
28.9Becca Palmer
21:43.90 SRC. Milton Wright
29.10Ellen Shephard
21:48.80 SRNorth Harford
30.12Elizabeth Peper
31.12Sarah Cullum
21:57.90 PRNorth Harford
32.12Emily Zeller
22:03.40 SRNorth Harford
33.12Dorothy Goebel
34.12Erika Glendenning
22:30.90 SRFranklin
35.9Laura Drapinski
22:36.60 SRNorth Harford
36.10Asia Luna Patlis
37.11Elizabeth Campbell
38.11Lydia Hubbard
39.10Laura Eller
22:48.90 PRNorth Harford
40.11Olivia Webster
23:02.50 SRAberdeen
41.9Brianna Murphy
23:10.90 PRAberdeen
42.12Haley Rykiel
23:27.50 SRTowson
43.9Renee Summerville
23:28.30 PRDigital Harbor
44.9Miracle Rivera
23:31.50 PREastern Tech
45.11Amani Medlock
23:44.10 PRBaltimore City College
46.9Celine Shanosky
23:45.10 PRBaltimore City College
47.12Averie Thomas
48.11Cheyenne May
49.11Rachel Dolle
24:12.60 SRFranklin
50.12Shelby Thies
24:54.60 PRAberdeen
51.12Katie Crane
25:06.60 PRParkville
52.11Pauline Pearcy
25:23.50 PRBaltimore City College
53.9Nevillia Cole
54.12Tonya Smith
25:45.30 SRDigital Harbor
55.12Gennifer Popek
56.10Mercedes Myrick
57.9Nina Regenold
26:15.90 PRBaltimore City College
58.9Dylan Balter
26:27.60 PRBaltimore City College
59.12Summer Stone
26:40.10 PREastern Tech
60.9Anastasia Dosch
61.9Raegon Lyons
27:10.90 PRParkville
62.11Luchia Kawaja
27:30.70 PRPatterson
63.10Sarina Smith
28:09.70 PRAberdeen
64.12Rachel Bour
65.9Sophie Peet
29:34.30 PRParkville
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