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Mens Races

McAlpine Greenway Park

5,000 Meters 3A Championships
5,000 Meters 2A Championships
5,000 Meters 1A Championships
Womens Races

McAlpine Greenway Park

5,000 Meters 3A Championships
5,000 Meters 2A Championships
5,000 Meters 1A championships

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9:00 AM – Course Walk, 3A Coaches’ Meeting
9:30 AM– 3A Girls
10:10 AM – 3A Boys
11:00 AM – Awards
12:00 PM– Course Walk, 1A/2A Coaches' Meeting
12:30 PM – 2A Girls
1:10 PM – 2A Boys
 (2:00 PM 2A awards are planned)
1:50 PM -  1A Girls
2:30 PM – 1A Boys
3:20 PM – 1A awards

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 3A Championships

1.12Thomas Graham
15:09.1Cary Academy
2.11Ben Fiedler
3.11Clayton Wilson
15:59.9 SRGreensboro Day
4.12Reed Payne
16:03.4 PRProvidence Day
5.10Ben Huffman
16:04.0Providence Day
6.11David Bradley
16:04.7 PRDurham Academy
7.12Brian Gottwalt
16:05.5 PRWesleyan Christian A...
8.11Colin Godwin
16:07.3Cary Academy
9.12Rob Saunders
16:13.0 PRCharlotte Country Day
10.11Paul Jordan
16:18.0 SRAsheville
11.12Zach Hostetler
16:25.6 PRWesleyan Christian A...
12.9Nick Linder
16:26.1 SRProvidence Day
13.9Jack Paddison
16:28.6 SRProvidence Day
14.12Chase Shermer
16:28.9 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
15.9Josh Mitchell
16:32.7 SRCary Academy
16.11Mark McAlister
16:46.5Charlotte Latin
17.12John Good
16:53.0 SRCharlotte Christian
18.12Alex Coeytaux
16:54.1 PRCary Academy
19.10Grant Rodgers
16:58.3North Raleigh Christ...
20.9Ryan Speer
17:01.6North Raleigh Christ...
21.11Tyler Hatton
17:02.1North Raleigh Christ...
22.10Evan Gray
17:03.7Providence Day
23.11Connor Flater
17:05.3 SRHigh Point Christian...
24.11Alec Bross
17:09.1 SRMetrolina Christian ...
25.9Brett Somogye
17:10.3 SRAsheville
26.12Tim Gruber
27.11Robert Cook
17:14.3 SRAsheville
28.11Caleb Breeden
17:15.0 SRMetrolina Christian ...
29.10Tommy Monson
17:17.0 SRDurham Academy
30.10Andrew Garcia
17:18.0 SRHickory Grove Christ...
31.10Sam Russell
17:18.4Cary Academy
32.11Thomas Sigmon
17:19.5 PRRavenscroft
33.10Kyle Husslein
17:23.2 PRChrist School
34.10David Loy
17:24.0 SRHigh Point Christian...
35.10Will Cliff
17:26.0 PRHigh Point Christian...
36.11Matt Hodgin
17:27.5 PRDurham Academy
37.11Jimmy Mosca
17:28.1 PRDurham Academy
38.9William Glenn
17:28.9Charlotte Country Day
39.9Patrick Hunter
40.11Patrick Shearer
17:34.5 PRProvidence Day
41.12Gabe O'Friel
42.12Drew Thompson
17:36.8 SRWesleyan Christian A...
43.9James Miller
17:39.1Charlotte Country Day
44.12Travis Hutchinson
17:43.0 PRCovenant Day
45.10Jordan Pierce
17:43.8 SRDurham Academy
46.9Adam Chase
17:45.4 SRForsyth Country Day
47.10Otto Putzrath
17:46.6 SRAsheville
48.12Connor Choka
17:48.6 SRCharlotte Country Day
49.9Tyler Somogye
17:49.0 SRAsheville
50.12Connor Riser
17:50.6Cary Academy
51.10Garrett Lunking
17:52.0Providence Day
52.11Will Melton
17:53.9 SRMetrolina Christian ...
53.12Andrew Troyer
17:54.2 PRMetrolina Christian ...
54.10Hunter Zeisman
17:54.5 PRVillage Christian Ac...
55.11Andy Neiswender
17:54.9Cary Academy
56.9David Shaw
17:56.3 SRCannon
57.10Steven Jernigan
17:56.5 PRVillage Christian Ac...
58.12Michael Kontos
17:57.3 PRDurham Academy
59.10AJ Doherty
17:58.4 SRForsyth Country Day
60.10Joe Bryant
18:01.2SouthLake Christian ...
61.10Bradley Davis
18:02.2 SRWesleyan Christian A...
62.12Davis Pack
18:03.9High Point Christian...
63.10John Gaebe
18:05.8 SRCovenant Day
64.12Sean Flanigan
18:07.8 PRWesleyan Christian A...
65.12Eddie Lee
18:08.4 PRCharlotte Latin
66.12Peter Bowman
18:12.8 PRCharlotte Latin
67.10Jordan Budd
18:17.6 PRForsyth Country Day
68.9Arthur Kimbro
18:18.2 SRForsyth Country Day
69.9Bryan Christ
18:20.9 PRForsyth Country Day
70.9Ben Hostetler
18:22.9 SRWesleyan Christian A...
71.10Max Haensel
72.9William Anthony
18:28.7 SRGaston Christian
73.11Addy Bollerslev
18:30.1 PRDurham Academy
74.11Nick Wilson
18:31.4 PRSouthLake Christian ...
75.10Tanner Cindric
18:31.8 PRCannon
76.12John O'Keefe
18:32.3 PRCharlotte Latin
77.9Steven Bennett
18:32.8 SRCannon
78.8Joel Schneider
18:33.0 SRForsyth Country Day
79.10Lawson Stancil
18:33.3 SRCalvary Day School
80.9Aaron Cliff
18:35.3 PRHigh Point Christian...
81.11Marco Ricci
18:35.9Charlotte Latin
82.10Michael Brienza
18:36.6 PRCharlotte Country Day
83.9Andrew Zelina
18:36.9 PRCannon
84.11Justin Kenley
18:39.7 SRMetrolina Christian ...
85.10Ryan Love
18:41.6 PRCharlotte Latin
86.11Kerne Coriel
18:42.1 PRGreensboro Day
87.10Tyler Sudbrink
18:42.7 SRGreensboro Day
88.12Grahm Wrenn
18:42.9 PRGreensboro Day
89.9Justin Schmitt
18:44.1 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
90.11John Rishel
18:45.4Wesleyan Christian A...
91.9Stephen Nymberg
18:53.2 SRCannon
92.11Sam Orr
18:56.6 PRSouthLake Christian ...
93.12Ray Yang
18:59.8 PRChrist School
94.10Jonathan Dabbs
19:04.0 SRCovenant Day
95.9Jack Cogdill
19:04.4 SRCovenant Day
96.9Keeton Glenn
19:08.3 SRRavenscroft
97.9David Murray
19:08.6 PRForsyth Country Day
98.11Lucas Godley
19:09.9 PRCovenant Day
99.11Chase Duncan
19:11.0 SRRavenscroft
100.11James Dillon
19:15.5 SRCovenant Day
101.9Beau Burns
19:18.0 SRGreensboro Day
102.12Tyler Mott
19:19.5Charlotte Latin
103.9Paul Connor
19:21.5 PRCharlotte Country Day
104.11Dean Graham
19:27.6 PRCalvary Day School
105.11Andrew Rikard
19:34.9 PRSouthLake Christian ...
106.12Vincent Chen
19:36.5 PRChrist School
107.12Jensie Teague
19:38.4 SRCharlotte Country Day
108.9Brenden Flickinger
19:40.8 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
109.9Davy Babson
110.11Jesse Stone
19:43.4 SRVillage Christian Ac...
111.12Nick Dabbs
19:44.7Covenant Day
112.11Alex Nolan
19:50.5 PRMetrolina Christian ...
113.11Josh Breeden
19:56.0 SRMetrolina Christian ...
114.11Andrew Smith
115.12Nathan Elsner
20:03.5 PRGreensboro Day
116.11Colton Pittman
20:05.1 PRGreensboro Day
117.12Tyer O'Connor
20:07.1 PRHickory Grove Christ...
118.11Josh Silver
20:14.1 SRRavenscroft
119.11Hunter Davis
20:15.8 PRGaston Christian
120.9Hayes Laporte
20:20.8 PRChrist School
121.9Ben Hamsho
20:26.1 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
122.7Garrett Foster
20:28.7High Point Christian...
123.9Luke Kunkel
20:29.7 SRCalvary Day School
124.9Russal Chen
20:32.8 SRChrist School
125.9John Robertson
20:34.5 SRSouthLake Christian ...
126.11Lee Cliff
20:37.2 PRHigh Point Christian...
127.10Cole Matolka
20:37.4Gaston Christian
128.11Sam Falcon
20:39.5 SRRabun Gap Nacoochee
129.9Christian Taylor
20:40.1 SRCharlotte Christian
130.12Charles Dickey
20:41.1 PRChrist School
131.9Will McDonough
20:43.6 SRRabun Gap Nacoochee
132.10Payton Weakley
20:46.9 SRSouthLake Christian ...
133.10Jordan Banks
20:50.5 PRCharlotte Christian
134.8Paul VanWingerden
20:53.5 SRSouthLake Christian ...
135.9Noah Downman
21:01.0 PRChrist School
136.10Ethan Tison
21:06.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
137.11Chase Howard
21:09.5 PRCharlotte Christian
138.11Everette Davis
21:14.1 PRCalvary Day School
139.9Daniel Henry
21:41.7 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
140.9Drew Faulk
21:54.2 PRHickory Grove Christ...
141.9Nicholas Revels
22:12.9Gaston Christian
142.11Jake Riggs
22:14.7 PRHickory Grove Christ...
143.12Jared Stewart
22:18.0 SRHickory Grove Christ...
144.10Nick Howarth
22:32.0 SRGaston Christian
145.12Ryan Gajda
22:40.1 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
146.9Nathan Foxx
22:52.3 SRGaston Christian
147.10Alex Kellog
22:56.0 SRCharlotte Christian
148.9Taylor Brown
22:56.9Hickory Grove Christ...
149.12Tyler Elrod
23:17.3Village Christian Ac...
150.9Zach Livingston
23:21.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
151.9Michael Tan
23:28.7Charlotte Christian
152.7Jarrett Thomas
24:32.5 PRVillage Christian Ac...
153.9Zach Mauney
25:29.4Gaston Christian
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5,000 Meters 2A Championships

1.11Trevor Sleight
15:22.7 PRCarolina Day
2.11Josh Thornburg
16:01.6 PRAsheville Christian ...
3.12Daniel Jezioranski
16:03.0 PRCary Christian
4.10John Rohr
16:21.6 PRSt Davids
5.12Chris Anderson
16:31.6 PRWestchester Country ...
6.11Sully Pierce
17:01.0 PRAsheville Christian ...
7.11Ian MacPherson
17:04.5 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
8.10Regent Perez
17:21.8 SRFayetteville Christian
9.11Sam Doyle
17:28.0 PRSt Davids
10.-Mike Bauman
17:37.3 PRWestchester Country ...
11.12Austin Puleo
17:38.0 PRO'Neal
12.9Dolwick Alex
17:45.4 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
13.11Isaac Stroud
17:48.7 SRSt Davids
14.10Stephen Wilson
17:56.3 PRCoastal Christian
15.10Jimmy Finley
18:02.7 PRCoastal Christian
16.12John Sullivan
18:06.2 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
17.12Derek Long
18:17.2Asheville Christian ...
18.11Mike Taylor
18:23.4 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
19.11Worth Mercer
18:23.9 PRCape Fear Academy
20.10Joshua Watson
18:27.1 SRCary Christian
21.9Hudson Harris
18:28.7 PRDavidson Day
22.11Will Harris
18:30.3Gaston Day
23.10Jake Bringewatt
18:31.2 PRDavidson Day
24.12Jacob O'Connor
18:34.0 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
25.11Kevin Clark
18:35.4 SRFayetteville Christian
26.10Harrison Huntley
18:36.8 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
27.9Matt Barclay
18:39.7 SRDavidson Day
28.12Bob Hauser
18:41.9 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
29.9Kaleb Schimmel
18:43.0 SRCaldwell Academy
30.11Even Schmidt
18:51.9 PRAsheville Christian ...
31.9Thomas McNichols
18:52.6 SRCarolina Day
32.10Pierce Tooley
18:54.0 PRKerr-Vance Academy
33.11Patrick Williford
18:56.9 SRWestchester Country ...
34.10Ben Jackson
18:59.0Cape Fear Academy
35.9Abraham Hernandez
18:59.2 SRWestchester Country ...
36.12Alexander Waddell
19:08.3 PRO'Neal
37.10Luke Putnam
19:12.0 SRGaston Day
38.9Dillard McMichael
19:17.9 SRCaldwell Academy
39.9Hunter Jackson
19:18.1 PRAsheville Christian ...
40.12Jordan Brock
19:29.6 SRFayetteville Academy
41.11Kenny Nawotniak
19:30.2 SRFayetteville Christian
42.-Mark Watson
19:30.7 SRCary Christian
43.9Mac Schilder
19:31.2 SRCarolina Friends
44.11Matthew Newcomer
19:35.1 PRCarolina Day
45.11Ryan Leighton
19:40.0 SRCape Fear Academy
46.10Carson Gray
19:46.5 SRCary Christian
47.11Daniel Bowden
19:50.4 PRFayetteville Christian
48.11Jonathan Bell
19:52.8 SRCaldwell Academy
49.11Kurt Stelzig
19:53.4 PRWestminster Catawba ...
50.10John Jagt
19:56.9 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
51.-John Watson
19:57.8 SRCary Christian
52.11Jeff Green
19:58.1 PRWestchester Country ...
53.8Josh Russell
19:58.6 SRO'Neal
54.11Bhargav Earla
20:02.7 PRFayetteville Academy
55.12Spencer Livengood
20:04.4cfa Academy
56.9Jack Kolls
20:07.0 PRDavidson Day
57.10Micah Monticello
20:08.0 PRDavidson Day
58.12Eric Schopler
20:09.2 PRCarolina Friends
59.12Luke Vandeplancke
20:12.5 PRWestchester Country ...
60.9Bradley Ledford
20:12.8 PRAsheville Christian ...
61.12Austin Perkins
20:19.1 SRFayetteville Christian
62.7Garrid Dixon
20:22.4 SRNorthside Christian
63.9James Rees
20:28.9 PRDavidson Day
64.10Hayden White
20:32.1 PRCary Christian
65.11Spencer Jones
20:34.4Gaston Day
66.11Grayden Prince
20:38.8 PRFayetteville Academy
67.12Michael Keenan
20:39.9 PRRocky Mount Academy
68.9Jeff Takahashi
20:42.8 PRCarolina Friends
69.10Ross Abramson
20:43.6 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
70.9Josh Hager
20:45.7 PRO'Neal
71.10Garrett Walker
20:46.4 PRCary Christian
72.-Blake O'Beirne
20:52.4 PRCaldwell Academy
73.11Dan Peraza-Rudesill
20:52.9 SRCarolina Friends
74.11Michael McLamb
20:53.9cfa Academy
75.10Jacob Carlsen
20:55.2 SRCoastal Christian
76.11Emil Tomosunas
20:57.5 PRCape Fear Academy
77.9Thomas Waldrop
20:58.9 PRSt Davids
78.12Sean Ormond
20:59.2 PRWestchester Country ...
79.12Dylan Haske
20:59.6 PRCarolina Day
80.8Matt Hutchens
21:00.4 PRO'Neal
81.9Matthew Moore
21:01.0 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
82.10Lucas Brookshire
21:05.6 PRCarolina Day
83.10Kyle Flechsig
21:07.5 SRO'Neal
84.10Alex Hahn
21:09.3 PRCoastal Christian
85.11Chase Lewis
21:16.9 SRCoastal Christian
86.7Colton Tucker
21:19.3Westminster Catawba ...
87.12Austin Lancaster
21:21.7 PRFayetteville Christian
88.10Matthew Hendrix
21:23.8 PRcfa Academy
89.8James Kirk
21:24.9 PRFayetteville Academy
90.10Daniel DeBord
21:28.1 SRcfa Academy
91.9Jack Harris
21:33.3 SRGaston Day
92.11D.J. Brunk
21:36.4 PRNorthside Christian
93.11Tet Hughes
21:37.1 SRRocky Mount Academy
94.12Cody Huber
21:37.8 PRKerr-Vance Academy
95.10Jay Hixson
21:48.3 SRGaston Day
96.9Robby Keck
21:51.1Asheville Christian ...
97.10Nick Canovai
21:58.6 SRCaldwell Academy
98.12Jamie Ammons
22:02.8 SRFayetteville Academy
99.9Andrew Caldwell
22:06.0 SRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
100.-Ronnie Uszenski
22:07.0 PRDavidson Day
101.-Jared Lowell
22:11.2 PRCape Fear Academy
102.7Jake Meyers
22:12.6 SRCape Fear Academy
103.9David Rodriguez
22:55.1 PRCoastal Christian
104.10Gordon Ellison
23:01.4 PRGaston Day
105.11Andrew Weaver
23:01.7 SRCape Fear Academy
106.11Harper Turek
23:05.1 PRCoastal Christian
107.-Pearce Landry
23:09.3 PRCaldwell Academy
108.12Drew Burchard
23:24.9 PRCaldwell Academy
109.12Rion Caughman
23:43.6Westminster Catawba ...
110.9Zachary Richard
24:01.6 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
111.12Dakota Merritt
24:06.1 PRO'Neal
112.-Luka Djindjic
24:16.9 PRFayetteville Academy
113.9Spencer Pendleton
24:23.0 PRGaston Day
114.12Jason Williams
24:33.9cfa Academy
115.9Spencer Bulluck
24:41.1 SRRocky Mount Academy
116.9Drew Clark
25:07.3Westminster Catawba ...
117.11Alan Nash
25:27.6 SRWestminster Catawba ...
118.11James Hurst
25:29.6 SRSt Davids
119.11Wesley Murray
25:55.9 PRCarolina Friends
120.11YoungChan Jang
26:10.9Northside Christian
121.11James Branch
26:33.7 PRNorthside Christian
122.-Anthony Montone
28:22.8 SRKerr-Vance Academy
123.11Brandon Pearce
29:41.2Westminster Catawba ...
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5,000 Meters 1A Championships

1.10Connor Jones
17:17.5 SRWayne Christian
2.10McKinley Gray
17:39.0 SREpiphany
3.12Ben Lowry
18:12.6Hickory Christian Ac...
4.11BJ Harrison
18:35.5 PRGrace Christian (San...
5.9Luke Lowry
18:38.6 SRHickory Christian Ac...
6.10Andrew Tysinger
18:52.1 SRHickory Christian Ac...
7.12Mark Sawyer
19:09.7 PRWayne Christian
8.8Luke Horne
19:11.3 SRShannon Forest Chris...
9.10Spencer Foster
19:20.3 SRWayne Christian
10.-Jake Oros
19:24.8 SREpiphany
11.10Mitchell Hartman
19:26.0 SRHickory Christian Ac...
12.12Drew Bost
19:29.2 PRThe Burlington School
13.11Hunter Still
19:38.9 PRBurlington Christian...
14.9Jay Kowalski
19:43.3 SRTrinity School of Du...
15.10Tristan Woods
19:48.0 SRUnited Faith Christi...
16.-Jake Ladd
19:52.0 PRCresset Christian
17.11Austin Ferreira
19:59.1 PREpiphany
18.10Davis Budd
20:00.0 SRThe Burlington School
19.10Ian Troutman
20:00.6 SRHickory Christian Ac...
20.12Micah Weaver
20:06.4 PRShannon Forest Chris...
21.10Luke Roberson
20:09.3 PRFaith Christian Rock...
22.10Evan Norfleet
20:31.3 PRTrinity School of Du...
23.10Kyle Bradley
20:32.7 SRShannon Forest Chris...
24.-Jack Leland
20:33.2 PRFaith Christian Rock...
25.-Davis Brown
20:34.0 PRFaith Christian Rock...
26.7Daniel Belton
20:36.1 SRFaith Christian Rock...
27.11Bennett Bridgman
20:37.6 PREpiphany
28.11Matthew Wells
20:37.8 PRWayne Christian
29.10Jay Irwin
20:43.7 PRTrinity School of Du...
30.12Parker Johnson
20:48.0 PRShannon Forest Chris...
31.9David Swets
20:48.7 PRWayne Christian
32.10Drake Johncock
21:00.5 SRHickory Christian Ac...
33.9Ryan Davis
34.10Ben Sawyer
21:21.5 SRWayne Christian
35.9Charlie Tracy
21:25.7 PRHickory Christian Ac...
36.11Parker Ross
21:26.9 PRShannon Forest Chris...
37.11Christian Kowalski
21:32.0 PRTrinity School of Du...
38.11Michael Wagner
21:32.8 PRGrace Christian (San...
39.9Matthew Bolen
21:33.2 SRGrace Christian (San...
40.-Burke Whaley
21:37.0 SREpiphany
41.10Adam Nelson
42.9Craig Beckner
21:38.8 PRThe Burlington School
43.10Robert Glass
21:40.3Wayne Country Day
44.9Jackson Warren
21:41.9Wayne Country Day
45.9John Paul Garner
21:54.3 PRShannon Forest Chris...
46.9Luke Adams
21:56.1 SRBurlington Christian...
47.9Adam Hudson
21:58.8 PRWayne Christian
48.-Christopher Lindbeck
49.10Dayton Kasey
22:22.2 SRBurlington Christian...
50.12David Moon
22:22.5 PRTrinity School of Du...
51.9Rivers Stone
22:28.5 SRShannon Forest Chris...
52.11Garrett Frazier
22:46.4 PRBurlington Christian...
53.12Ethan Townsend
22:58.2 PRFlora Macdonald Acad...
54.-Arick Grootveld
23:06.3 PROakwood
55.10Nick Davenport
23:22.8 PRThe Burlington School
56.10Colin Keiper
57.9Tanner Slaughter
24:08.7 SRThe Burlington School
58.9John Meyers
24:40.3 PRFlora Macdonald Acad...
59.-Conner Shaw
24:42.2Wayne Country Day
60.-Jonathan Bryan
24:43.7Wayne Country Day
61.9Matthew Cavalcante
24:56.4 PRBurlington Christian...
62.11Chap Sripaew
25:31.5 PRBurlington Christian...
63.9Rodney Nantz
26:51.0 SRFlora Macdonald Acad...
64.12Scott Durkey
27:40.3 PRFlora Macdonald Acad...
65.9Dallas Faulk
27:59.0 PRGrace Christian (San...
66.-Nicholas French
28:46.2 PRWayne Country Day
67.-Erik Overton
29:00.1 PRFaith Christian Rock...
68.11Jared Taylor
30:31.1 PRCape Fear Christian ...
69.9Jacob Lucas
34:09.0 SRCape Fear Christian ...
70.-Kevin Schmitt
35:57.7 PRCape Fear Christian ...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 3A Championships

1.9Eliza Dekker
17:50.3Durham Academy
2.8Jennifer Stephenson
19:10.7 SRVillage Christian Ac...
3.10Spencer Rossa
19:13.7 PRCary Academy
4.12Brennan Harlan
19:24.6 PRAsheville
5.11Gabby Merritt
19:26.0 SRGreensboro Day
6.11Elisabeth Schricker
19:31.3 PRRavenscroft
7.10Lauren Smir
19:34.2 PRGreensboro Day
8.10Claire Fuscoe
19:35.1 PRRavenscroft
9.9Emma Brown
19:39.0Providence Day
10.10Tricia Murphy
19:45.2 SRCharlotte Latin
11.11Laura Gill
19:48.5 PRCharlotte Latin
12.10Toni Dunn
19:53.6 PRMetrolina Christian ...
13.12Lexy Bader
19:57.2 SRRavenscroft
14.10Allyson Quillin
20:00.4Charlotte Country Day
15.10Katie McDowell
20:03.8 SRCharlotte Latin
16.12Claire Pace
20:05.9 PRCharlotte Latin
17.10Emma Astrike-Davis
20:07.0Cary Academy
18.11Hannah Goetz
20:09.6Cary Academy
19.11Hannah Smith
20:10.0 SRCharlotte Latin
20.9Kaitlyn Lingard
20:13.0Greensboro Day
21.9Lizzy Micyus
20:18.6 PRRavenscroft
22.11Emily Bedsole
20:21.1 PRRavenscroft
23.11Anna Mukamal
20:26.6 SRCary Academy
24.10Vanessa Bateson
20:28.4 PRForsyth Country Day
25.11Gabi Wilberding
20:34.9 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
26.11Meredith Lindblom
20:36.6 SRProvidence Day
27.10Sophie Lovett
20:43.7 SRCharlotte Latin
28.12Sarah Bankhead
20:44.5 SRGreensboro Day
29.9Kaylee Pierson
20:54.8 PRAsheville
30.12Sarah Bailey Wilson
20:57.6 PRCharlotte Latin
31.11Haley Doherty
20:57.9 PRForsyth Country Day
32.12Anna Hamilton
20:59.6Cary Academy
33.12Anna Landis
21:02.4SouthLake Christian ...
34.9Lauren Hunt
21:09.6 PRDurham Academy
35.12Carole Verdru
36.11Amanda McFeeley
21:12.2 SRProvidence Day
37.11Shannon Strong
21:14.3 PRRavenscroft
38.7Clara Ellington
21:17.3Gaston Christian
39.9Rachel Snider
21:17.9 PRSaint Mary's
40.9Darby West
21:18.6 PRCannon
41.10Caroline Spurr
21:20.1 PRGreensboro Day
42.12Hannah Wilson
21:28.8Providence Day
43.12Madison Miller
21:30.1 PRCannon
44.12Gwendolyn Lloyd
21:31.2 PRDurham Academy
45.12Sarah Keiser
21:31.7 SRForsyth Country Day
46.10Sydney Browder
21:32.2 PRForsyth Country Day
47.10Chie Mushayamunda
21:40.3 PRSalem Academy
48.9Allie Tice
21:41.1 PRGreensboro Day
49.9Allison Puryear
21:42.5 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
50.10Cami Goray
21:45.4Cary Academy
51.12Katherine Coric
21:46.3 PRCharlotte Country Day
52.12Christa Combs
21:47.4 PRSalem Academy
53.11Ashley Bohle
21:50.1 PRForsyth Country Day
54.11Courtney Davis
21:51.8 PRCharlotte Country Day
55.12Katelyn Galloway
21:58.3 PRHickory Grove Christ...
56.12Marissa Bane
21:58.8 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
57.10Kimmy Baudhuin
22:04.4 SRProvidence Day
58.-Natalie Plonk
22:08.1 PRDurham Academy
59.9Ton Sermchaiwong
22:13.5 PRAsheville
60.10Hannah Broughton
22:14.1 SRAsheville
61.10Emily Borrello
22:14.5 PRCharlotte Country Day
62.12Cassie Calvert
63.12Kathryn Kennedy
22:18.8 PRCharlotte Country Day
64.7Caitlyn Logan
22:20.3 PRMetrolina Christian ...
65.8Julianna Rose
22:21.9 PRGaston Christian
66.7Avery Powers
22:23.3 SRVillage Christian Ac...
67.11Brynlee Parker
22:24.2 SRForsyth Country Day
68.12Austin Lynch
22:25.1 PRCharlotte Country Day
69.12Olive Wilbur
22:26.9 SRSalem Academy
70.-McKenna Reed
22:31.2 PRDurham Academy
71.9Dani Brown
22:34.3Providence Day
72.10Vanessa Dane
22:37.5 PRCannon
73.8Gracie Thompson
22:42.1 PRForsyth Country Day
74.-Mattis Collier
22:44.4 PRDurham Academy
75.10Julia Faulkner
22:47.5 PRCovenant Day
76.9Kate McDonough
22:49.3 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
77.10Lauren Hart
22:50.2 SRSalem Academy
78.12Morian Consigny
79.12Hannah Roe
22:52.9 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
80.12MacKenzie Moyer
81.9Isabelle Smith
22:56.0 PRAsheville
82.9Jackie Love
22:56.9 PRHigh Point Christian...
83.12Molly Yandle
22:57.8Providence Day
84.12Emily Gach
23:02.1 SRCharlotte Country Day
85.10Abena Dinizulu
23:04.4 SRRabun Gap Nacoochee
86.12Emma Zhu
23:06.1 PRSalem Academy
87.10Aubrey Thompson
23:06.8 PRWesleyan Christian A...
88.9Alison Geis
23:08.1SouthLake Christian ...
89.10Allie Gray
23:12.9 SRCannon
90.7Diana Debnam
23:15.7 SRVillage Christian Ac...
91.10Emily Seaborn
23:21.1 PRCharlotte Christian
92.10Mary Margaret Camp...
23:24.2 PRCannon
93.12Kristen Cossaart
23:25.7 PRWesleyan Christian A...
94.8Payton Calvert
23:26.1 PRGaston Christian
95.9Ansley Rikard
23:30.4SouthLake Christian ...
96.11Megan Butts
23:30.7 PRSalem Academy
97.12Sarah Lerner
23:33.8 SRDurham Academy
98.11Blakely Neilson
23:36.5Saint Mary's
99.10Stacy Ransom
23:37.4North Raleigh Christ...
100.10Madeline Pace
23:38.6 PRWesleyan Christian A...
101.10Sydney Harris
23:43.3 PRHigh Point Christian...
102.11Nanna Olsson
103.7Maren Syska
23:44.1Hickory Grove Christ...
104.12Juliette Parks
23:51.1Cary Academy
105.10Anne Fuller
23:53.4 PRCovenant Day
106.10Madison Mathis
23:59.6High Point Christian...
107.11Hannah Sexton
23:59.8SouthLake Christian ...
108.12Jean Turlington
24:07.5 PRSaint Mary's
109.9Tina Vazquez
24:10.5North Raleigh Christ...
110.11Madison Isaac
24:23.2Saint Mary's
111.12Courtney Hale
24:24.9 PRHigh Point Christian...
112.10Hope Johnston
24:26.8Calvary Day School
113.11Megan McDonough
24:27.6 SRRabun Gap Nacoochee
114.11Kelsey Bansek
24:29.3SouthLake Christian ...
115.11Elizabeth Menzel
24:32.9SouthLake Christian ...
116.9Hannah Culbreth
24:34.3SouthLake Christian ...
117.11Ashley Moore
24:41.6Gaston Christian
118.11Page Reynolds
24:51.9Saint Mary's
119.9Alana Kitchen
24:57.5Covenant Day
120.10Maddie Wood
24:58.4Saint Mary's
121.12Madison Hancock
25:00.5 PRWesleyan Christian A...
122.11Dani Hill
25:02.0Salem Academy
123.10Becky Ashburn
25:04.3 PRWesleyan Christian A...
124.7Andie Ervay
25:37.1Gaston Christian
125.10Kayln Kiser
25:39.7Metrolina Christian ...
126.10Mary Kristen McKenny
25:46.5Gaston Christian
127.9Lauren Kenley
25:50.1Metrolina Christian ...
128.12MacKenzie Warnock
26:01.4Metrolina Christian ...
129.11Madison Perkins
26:03.4Metrolina Christian ...
130.9Auman Abby
26:05.5 PRHigh Point Christian...
131.9Anna Ellington
26:05.7Gaston Christian
132.9Hannah Kay
26:08.2 PRCovenant Day
133.10Marissa Reynolds
26:13.4Hickory Grove Christ...
134.11Emily Kendziera
26:25.1 SRVillage Christian Ac...
135.-Madison Smith
26:28.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
136.11Jordyn Edmisten
26:39.4Metrolina Christian ...
137.8Anne Marie Kendziera
26:39.8 PRVillage Christian Ac...
138.11Jayla Joyner
26:45.8Hickory Grove Christ...
139.11Madison Wirt
26:48.9 SRVillage Christian Ac...
140.12Lizzie Denham
26:52.8Hickory Grove Christ...
141.11Ashley Israel
27:19.1 PRCharlotte Christian
142.11Morgan McManus
27:28.8 SRCharlotte Christian
143.10Abby Hinson
27:39.1Wesleyan Christian A...
144.9Leah Wright
27:49.1 SRCovenant Day
145.10Katie Fowler
27:58.2 SRCovenant Day
146.8Jamie Lawrenz
28:01.1 SRVillage Christian Ac...
147.9Kailey Swaim
30:30.9 PRCalvary Day School
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5,000 Meters 2A Championships

1.12Aundrea Holmes
18:52.9 PRCary Christian
2.10Katarina Pibl
19:09.7 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
3.10Caroline Stogner
19:43.1 PRCary Christian
4.7Melissa Zammitti
20:01.7 SRDavidson Day
5.10Maggie O'Hara
20:20.6 SRSt Davids
6.8Angela Delfino
20:24.8St Davids
7.9Elisabeth Heath
20:25.9 PRCary Christian
8.11Savannah Merritt
20:27.3 PRO'Neal
9.10Rachel Bringewatt
20:28.4 PRDavidson Day
10.11Melanie Ng
20:34.5 SRArendell Parrott Aca...
11.8Brittainy Crisp
20:44.3 SRAsheville Christian ...
12.-Max Foster
20:53.0 PRDavidson Day
13.11Laurie Van Deventer
20:56.2 PRCary Christian
14.9Meg Deyton
21:08.3 SRRocky Mount Academy
15.7Marygrace Larsen
21:08.6 PRCarolina Day
16.11Heather West
21:08.8 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
17.11Courtney Shortt
21:23.3 PRFayetteville Christian
18.9Kayla Holder
21:28.1 SRKerr-Vance Academy
19.9Hannah Goyette
21:34.7 PRDavidson Day
20.11Rachel Lensch
21:42.3 PRCape Fear Academy
21.11Avery Goho
21:42.8 PRWestchester Country ...
22.-Claire Oosterhouse
21:43.1 PRDavidson Day
23.12Caroline Sumner
21:45.4 PRDavidson Day
24.9Maddie Buren
21:47.3 PRCape Fear Academy
25.10Savannah Hightower
21:52.7 PRAsheville Christian ...
26.9Lydia Slaughter
21:57.1 PRCary Christian
27.7Devin Hickman
21:59.5 PRCarolina Day
28.7Yasmine Henneke
22:17.2 PRCape Fear Academy
29.10Adelyn Massey
22:19.0 PRCape Fear Academy
30.8Madeline Rieker
22:21.4 SRSt Davids
31.9Nora Henry
22:27.6 SRFayetteville Academy
32.8Faith Henderson
22:30.0 SRWestminster Catawba ...
33.9Addison Mabry
22:31.4 PRKerr-Vance Academy
34.11Nikki Cotten
22:35.8 PRWestminster Catawba ...
35.-Hannah Wolter
22:36.1 PRDavidson Day
36.-Carrie Catherine G...
22:40.3 PRCaldwell Academy
37.12Susan Hyman
22:42.2 PRCape Fear Academy
38.12Allison Ratcliffe
22:42.9 PRCaldwell Academy
39.10Anna Kenan
22:47.3 SRCarolina Friends
40.12Wesleigh Vick
22:48.9 PRSt Davids
41.11Cam Dengler
22:53.6 PRRocky Mount Academy
42.8Grace Russell
22:58.2 PRGaston Day
43.8Katherine Rhyne
23:01.8 PRGaston Day
44.10Rachel Kenney
23:03.9 PRCary Christian
45.12Amy King
23:05.9 PRCaldwell Academy
46.9Alexa Pibl
23:09.3 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
47.12Kristen Jackson
23:13.4 PRAsheville Christian ...
48.10Erin Pierce
23:17.4 PRCary Christian
49.8Hunter Atkinson
23:19.9 SRO'Neal
50.11Caroline Furman
23:22.0 SRAsheville Christian ...
51.9Kara Shannon
23:23.8 SRWestminster Catawba ...
52.8Kelly Post
23:36.8 SRFayetteville Academy
53.-Elizabeth Brown
23:40.2 PRCaldwell Academy
54.10Henley Guffey
23:41.9cfa Academy
55.9Abigail Ward
23:43.0 PRCarolina Day
56.12Rosemary Dunning
23:44.5 SRGaston Day
57.10Lexi Mislevy
23:50.3 PRcfa Academy
58.12Claire Burlingham
23:54.7Asheville Christian ...
59.10Aleksandra Majka
23:55.8 PRO'Neal
60.9Tori Matthews
23:57.8 SRCoastal Christian
61.11Isabelle Goodwin
23:58.7 PRKerr-Vance Academy
62.9Tiffany Bartholamew
23:59.1 PRSt Davids
63.9Carrie Matias
24:01.0 PRKerr-Vance Academy
64.12Amanda Coats
24:03.0 PRRocky Mount Academy
65.11Jessie Keener
24:05.7 SRFayetteville Academy
66.10Hollan Wills
24:06.4 SRCape Fear Academy
67.12Sarah Lane
24:06.7 PRRocky Mount Academy
68.9Morgan Barbre
24:07.2 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
69.10Jenny Cho
24:10.7 SRArendell Parrott Aca...
70.10Sara Smith
24:12.7 PRCoastal Christian
71.8Allie Dunston
24:13.4St Davids
72.8Serena Singh
24:22.4 SRFayetteville Academy
73.12Grace Modlin
24:25.6 PRGaston Day
74.9Olivia Van Praag
24:29.5 PRCarolina Day
75.12Elana Jaffe
24:31.4 PRCarolina Friends
76.-Saige Avis
24:33.9 PRCaldwell Academy
77.7Zina Bolt
24:37.1 PRcfa Academy
78.-Eliza Fisher
24:39.9 SRWestchester Country ...
79.11Rachel Warren
24:40.7 PRKerr-Vance Academy
80.-Elizabeth Riddle
24:41.6 PRCaldwell Academy
81.10Dalton Hester
24:46.6 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
82.11Ande McCauley
24:46.9 SRFayetteville Academy
83.9Bronti Viskovich
24:52.3 PRO'Neal
84.11Caroline Edmondson
24:56.8 SRRocky Mount Academy
85.9Carly Setzer
24:59.2Westminster Catawba ...
86.10Sarah Hendrix
24:59.9 PRcfa Academy
87.11Hannah Sloan
25:01.8 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
88.9Melanie Miller
25:04.6 PRCarolina Day
89.-Izzie Rommel
25:05.5 SRRocky Mount Academy
90.-Jenny Paul
25:09.4 SRArendell Parrott Aca...
91.12Mallory Sanborn
25:12.1 SRFayetteville Academy
92.12Leah Bishop
25:17.1 PRCarolina Friends
93.9Tali Naibryf
25:18.0 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
94.12Jessica Viole
25:20.9 PRNorthside Christian
95.12Hyojin Park
25:28.1Westminster Catawba ...
96.9Lauren Hollins
25:32.9Northside Christian
97.8Caroline Sink
25:46.5St Davids
98.7Elizabeth Trexler
25:46.7 PRO'Neal
99.12Sydney Ledford
25:51.7 PRAsheville Christian ...
100.9Samantha Mulholland
25:56.2Asheville Christian ...
101.10Bailey Oedewaldt
25:57.1Westminster Catawba ...
102.11Lindsey Zimmer
26:02.8 SRCape Fear Academy
103.10Abby Holdsworth
26:08.4 PRCoastal Christian
104.10Allison Johnson
26:14.2 PRO'Neal
105.-Anna Haldeman
26:17.0 PRCaldwell Academy
106.11Ashtyn Beeler
26:20.0 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
107.9Hayley Sigmon
26:24.3 PRRocky Mount Academy
108.12Hannah Dowell
26:32.8Northside Christian
109.9Sandra Duffie
26:37.3 PRGaston Day
110.11Juliet Furst
26:38.5 PRCoastal Christian
111.11Mikaela Moracco-Sc...
26:39.7 SRCarolina Friends
112.10Cierra Starkey
26:44.1Northside Christian
113.11Brittney Lopez
26:47.2 SRKerr-Vance Academy
114.11Lindsay Elmore
26:50.7 PRCoastal Christian
115.10Lauren Owens
26:51.1 SRWestminster Catawba ...
116.11Hally Searles-Bohs
26:52.5Carolina Friends
117.10Hailey Truitt
26:58.9 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
118.8Megan Bloom
27:00.0 SRO'Neal
119.10Anna Hood
27:04.9 SRWestchester Country ...
120.9Devon Tabbert
27:38.9 PRKerr-Vance Academy
121.11Elisha Andrews
27:51.2Northside Christian
122.10Kristin Caddick
27:51.9 PRGaston Day
123.11Mikaela Bailey
27:54.1 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
124.11Megan Saunders
28:14.6 PRCoastal Christian
125.10Natalie Granberry
28:16.0 PRGaston Day
126.11Leigh Tyson
28:49.9 SRWestchester Country ...
127.10Mallory Bowers
28:53.3 PRcfa Academy
128.10Cecily Brown
29:35.9 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
129.11Thekla Meli
30:33.0Northside Christian
130.12Emily Howard
31:05.7 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
131.10Ashley Campbell
31:44.5 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
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5,000 Meters 1A championships

1.9Anna Cheek
19:59.8 PRBurlington Christian...
2.-Jordan Black
20:06.5 PRCresset Christian
3.7Lake Hoard
4.9Sokolovic Casey
21:26.2 PROakwood
5.-Mary McCall Leland
21:34.7 PRFaith Christian Rock...
6.-Libby Dondero
21:41.7 PRTrinity School of Du...
7.10Ella Rose
21:54.6 PRTrinity School of Du...
8.7Madison Bolen
22:02.9 SRGrace Christian (San...
9.9Garrison Bethany
22:03.4 PROakwood
10.11Madison Moore
22:09.3 SRFaith Christian Rock...
11.9Leah Sykes
22:10.9 PRTrinity School of Du...
12.-Anna Liles
22:28.7 PRTrinity School of Du...
13.-Ashley Low
22:34.3 PRTrinity School of Du...
14.11Dana McLaughlin
22:38.9 PREpiphany
15.-Anna Evans
22:39.4 PRFaith Christian Rock...
16.12Katherine Roach
22:42.2 SRShannon Forest Chris...
17.-Hannah Dixon
18.8Amber Meadows
23:08.3 SRHickory Christian Ac...
19.12Arden Thompson
23:09.2 PRHickory Christian Ac...
20.11Hannah Corder
23:10.1 SRHickory Christian Ac...
21.-Maci Burress
23:10.3 SRShannon Forest Chris...
22.12Emily Pyhala
23:15.0 PRShannon Forest Chris...
23.8Delayne Nickles
23:22.7 SRShannon Forest Chris...
24.10Stephanie Stallings
23:28.7 SRFaith Christian Rock...
25.-Breonna Harris
23:28.9 SRCape Fear Christian ...
26.10Sarah Allen
23:36.0 PRWayne Christian
27.11Anna Hunsucker
23:38.8 SRHickory Christian Ac...
28.11Erika Liljeberg
23:40.0 SRHickory Christian Ac...
29.12Sarah Lowry
23:43.2 PRHickory Christian Ac...
30.9Abbey Crosten
24:22.8 SRCape Fear Christian ...
31.12Catherine Ford
24:33.0 PRWayne Country Day
32.12Richelle Roithner
24:37.2 PRHickory Christian Ac...
33.11Sarah Spencer
24:43.4 PRTrinity School of Du...
34.10Rebecca Schellenberg
24:43.6 PRFaith Christian Rock...
35.9Natalie Hayes
24:58.0 PRBurlington Christian...
36.9Alanie Welch
25:05.6 SRBurlington Christian...
37.9Morgan Ivey
25:10.4 PRBurlington Christian...
38.12Warren Emily
25:18.0Wayne Country Day
39.10Elisa Carver
25:57.6 PRGrace Christian (San...
40.12Jaimee Council
25:58.8 PRFaith Christian Rock...
41.12Gabby Lance
26:05.0 PRShannon Forest Chris...
42.11Lisa Peacock
26:14.7 SRWayne Country Day
43.-Hannah Lucas
26:15.9 SRCape Fear Christian ...
44.9Laurie Howard
26:16.8 SREpiphany
45.7Jane Blackerby
26:20.7 SREpiphany
46.11Janie Leland
26:39.7 PRFaith Christian Rock...
47.11Kaycee Murr
26:45.9 SRGrace Christian (San...
48.12Brooke Wilner
27:37.8 PREpiphany
49.-Hailey Andrews
27:56.1 PREpiphany
50.12Amanda Norris
28:03.2 PRGrace Christian (San...
51.9Elizabeth Livers
28:15.0 PRBurlington Christian...
52.11Ami Hodges
30:02.0 SRWayne Country Day
53.7Karson Holder
30:43.8 PRGrace Christian (San...
54.11Arwen LaDine
31:24.5 PRTrinity School of Du...
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