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Last Updated 8:23 PM, Thu, Oct 6


2011 S.C.A.L. Cross Country Championships

Thursday, October 6

Shastice Park, Mt. Shasta


       Boys Team Scores:

1. Jackson Street   20

2. Sisson                56

3. Scott Valley       58

4. Dunsmuir            104


       Girls Team Scores

1. Jackson Street   22

2. Sisson                37

3. Weed                 97

4. Scott Valley       98


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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School

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Hypothetical Scores

1.8Chris Morzenti
8:21.00 PRSisson
2.8Nico Lupacchino
9:16.00 PRJackson Street
3.8Derek West
9:20.00 PRJackson Street
4.7Jacob Gross
9:21.00 SRJackson Street
5.8JJ Kelly
9:24.00 PRJackson Street
6.8Scott Hopper
9:29.00 PRJackson Street
7.8Joe Martin
9:31.00 PRScott Valley
8.7Michael Martin
9:36.00 SRScott Valley
9.8Keshav Kumar
9:43.00 PRSisson
10.5Lennoux Guzman
9:48.00 PRSisson
11.8Morgan Bahen
9:54.00 PRScott Valley
12.8Jacob Jones
10:02.00 PRJackson Street
13.6Isaac Fernandez
10:04.00 SRJackson Street
14.8Emit Randazzo
10:09.00 PRGolden Eagle Charter
15.6Allen Parsons
10:15.00Dunsmuir Elementary
16.5Logan Scholberg
10:25.00 PRWeed
17.6Caleb Morrill
10:31.00 PRScott Valley
18.5Derek Nova
10:37.00 PRSisson
19.6Severin Pindell
10:39.00 SRScott Valley
20.8Payson Collins
10:42.00 PRJackson Street
21.6Michael Spearin
10:43.00 PRJackson Street
22.6Jesse Martin
10:48.00 SRScott Valley
23.8Vivek Prasad
10:55.00 PRWeed
24.6Tristan Branson
11:05.00 PRScott Valley
25.8Thane Forrester
11:27.00 PRScott Valley
26.8Dawson McChensey
11:28.00 PRSisson
27.5Ian Allen
11:34.00 SRDunsmuir Elementary
28.5Jamiel Nicholson
29.5Sean Hidalgo
12:17.00 PRJackson Street
30.6Dalton Carr
12:23.00 PRScott Valley
31.8Colton Bertolucci
12:36.00 PRWeed
32.5Dallas Jones
12:51.00 PRMontague
33.7Rich Vanbaren
12:52.00 PRScott Valley
34.5Caleb Kenaston
12:54.00 PRDunsmuir Elementary
35.6Kevin Clark
13:20.00 PRDunsmuir Elementary
36.5Tripp Rodriguez
13:31.00 PRDunsmuir Elementary
37.5Dave Akkerman
14:08.00 PRJackson Street
38.6Bradley Cummins
14:29.00 PRJackson Street
39.5Brandon Quigley
14:30.00 PRJackson Street
40.8Johnny Iveson
14:38.00 PRWeed
41.5Carter Walsh
14:46.00 PRDunsmuir Elementary
42.6Gregory Randazzo
17:01.30 PRGolden Eagle Charter
43.6James O'Brien
17:01.88 SRDunsmuir Elementary
44.5Gabriel Saldena
17:07.00 PRGolden Eagle Charter
45.6Nick Lattanzio
17:17.00 PRDunsmuir Elementary
46.4Casey Clark
17:45.00 PRDunsmuir Elementary
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Angelic Avery
10:11.00 PRJackson Street
2.8Abby Manley
10:33.00 PRSisson
3.7Jane Collier
10:47.00 PRJackson Street
4.8Trinda Williams
10:51.00 PRJackson Street
5.6Cami Brooks
11:02.00 PRSisson
6.7Alethia Quirmbach
11:08.12 PRJackson Street
7.6Alyssa VanWilgen
11:08.81 PRDunsmuir Elementary
8.6Ira Schlossberg
11:11.00 PRSisson
9.5Courthey Quirmbach
11:13.00 PRJackson Street
10.8Arianna Brooks
11:29.00 SRJackson Street
11.5Erika Salvador
11:31.00 PRJackson Street
12.8Cinthya Castro
11:35.00 PRJackson Street
13.7Emily Dienger
11:37.00 SRJackson Street
14.5Marissa Bonivert
11:42.00 PRSisson
15.5Zoe Malee
11:45.00 PRSisson
16.8Daniella Rendon
11:51.00 PRJackson Street
17.5Sophia Gliatto
12:09.00 PRJackson Street
18.8Hannah Pardee
12:13.00 PRSisson
19.6Samantha Noel
12:19.00 PRSisson
20.6Maria Sandoval
12:21.00 PRDunsmuir Elementary
21.8Adrienne VanSummern
12:36.00 PRSisson
22.8Natalie Collins
12:38.00 PRSisson
23.6Isabella Deal
12:45.00 PRScott Valley
24.8Rachelle Hopkins
12:47.00 PRJackson Street
25.7Chandra Katz
12:50.00 PRWeed
26.5Violet Carter
12:51.00 PRWeed
27.5Lisa Hall
13:20.00 PRJackson Street
28.5Jordan Snure
13:30.00 PRSisson
29.7Grace Chrisman
13:37.00 PRGolden Eagle Charter
30.6Marron Bahen
13:40.00 SRScott Valley
31.5Elicia Avery
14:00.00Jackson Street
32.6Molly Schmidt
14:01.00 PRJackson Street
33.5Lizzie Manley
14:16.00 PRSisson
34.6April Schmidt
14:26.00 PRScott Valley
35.6Rosie Johnson
14:27.00 PRSisson
36.5Jasmine Ochoa
14:50.00 PRJackson Street
37.5Avry Mais
14:55.00 PRSisson
38.6Melanie Estrada
15:11.00 PRSisson
39.5Antoinete Matthews
40.6Amber Anderson
15:17.00 PRWeed
41.7Kayla Sauer
15:49.00 PRDunsmuir Elementary
42.5Sydney Palmer
15:54.00 SRDunsmuir Elementary
43.7Tessa Hamann
16:59.00Scott Valley
44.5Megan Hardin
45.5Emily Wyatt
20:46.00 PRMontague
46.5Libby Phillips
20:52.00 PRMontague
47.6Emmaline Forrester
20:58.00 PRScott Valley
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