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Mens Races
1 Mile Middle School 4x1 Mile Splits7:30 PM
Womens Races
1 Mile Middle School 4x1 Mile Splits6:30 PM

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Womens Results

1 Mile Middle School 4x1 Mile Splits

1.8Hannah Pineault
10:21.4 PRSuncrest
2.8Skyler Brooks
10:29.8 PRSuncrest
3.7Victoria Carr
10:51.6 PRCentral Preston
4.7Cassandra Triplett
10:55.3 PRKasson
5.8Emma Hagerty
10:57.9 PRSouth (Morgantown)
6.7Lavania Lemasters
11:00.2 PRWashington Irving
7.8Missoury Lytle
11:00.5 PRSuncrest
8.8Savannah Blythe
11:00.9 PRBridgeport
9.8Lindsey Deardorff
11:01.7 PRBruceton
10.8Lindsay Scheffel
11:03.8 PRBruceton
11.8Madison Verbosky
11:04.8 PRSuncrest
12.7Madison Shultz
11:06.2 PRCentral Preston
13.8Lindsay Malenich
11:09.1 PRBridgeport
14.7Olivia Lin
11:10.4 PRSuncrest
15.7Jenna Lenhart
11:12.5 PRCentral Preston
16.6Aleena McDaniel
11:12.8 PRSuncrest
17.7Abby Vavrick
11:14.4 PRWashington Irving
18.8Mateah Kittle
11:14.6 PRBridgeport
19.8Savanna Sparks
11:16.1 PRSouth (Morgantown)
20.7Robin Altman
11:34.5 PRSt. Francis Central ...
21.8Kaleigh Hause
11:37.0 PRSuncrest
22.6Maya Dalton
11:38.7 PRFairmont Catholic
23.8Brooke Wotring
11:39.1 PRBruceton
24.8Kaylee Freeman
11:44.9 PRKasson
25.7Jillian Frist
11:47.3 SRSouth (Morgantown)
26.8Autumn Barnhart
11:51.5 PRWashington Irving
27.8Leeza Morris
11:51.9 PRSuncrest
28.6Gianna DeVincent
11:53.3 PRSt. Francis Central ...
29.7Cara Kirk
11:53.4 PRKasson
30.7Courtney Quinn
11:53.4 PRSuncrest
31.8Jennifer Gerst
11:56.5 PRBridgeport
32.7Malina Judd
11:57.0 PRWashington Irving
33.-Hannah Coulson
11:57.3 PRCentral Preston
34.7Abigail Martin
12:02.1 SRSouth (Morgantown)
35.6Peyton Kukura
12:05.2 PRSt. Francis Central ...
36.8Hannah Bernatowicz
12:06.8 PRCentral Preston
37.7Fallon Nicholson
12:07.1 SRSouth (Morgantown)
38.6Jessica Melvin
12:09.2 PRKasson
39.8Alexa Harris
12:12.1 PRSuncrest
40.8Christina Hastings
12:17.5 PRSouth (Morgantown)
41.8Avery Thrush
12:19.3 PRWashington Irving
42.6Alese Photoisdis
12:20.8 PRSuncrest
43.8Emily Estanich
12:21.2 PRBridgeport
44.6Alli Phillips
12:25.9 PRKasson
45.7Sarah Bravo
12:26.3 PRSuncrest
46.6Avigail Radabaugh
12:26.6 SRSouth (Morgantown)
47.6Amber Dombrowski
12:29.3 PRSuncrest
48.7Kaitlyn Foltz
12:29.5 PRWest Preston
60.7Sarah Anderson
12:53 SRSouth (Morgantown)
68.6Nicole Hatton
13:04 SRSouth (Morgantown)
75.7Chanya Elkins
13:19 SRSouth (Morgantown)
76.7Phoebe Harms
13:19 SRSouth (Morgantown)
78.8Kaylee Knaggs
13:21 PRSouth (Morgantown)
91.7Addison Posey
13:37 SRSouth (Morgantown)
94.6Lexy Evanto
13:40 SRSouth (Morgantown)
98.8Ekaterina (Katya) ...
13:47 PRSouth (Morgantown)
102.6Madalyn Sparks
13:58 SRSouth (Morgantown)
110.6Grace Hagerty
14:20 SRSouth (Morgantown)
112.6Mikhaela Lichvar
14:37 PRSouth (Morgantown)
132.7Megan Jepson
15:44 SRSouth (Morgantown)
134.6Sara Nantz
15:56 SRSouth (Morgantown)
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