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Mens Races

McAlpine Greenway Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

McAlpine Greenway Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11William Noblett
18:37.00Westminster Catawba ...
2.10Joe Bryant
18:40.00SouthLake Christian ...
3.12Andrew Troyer
18:54.00Metrolina Christian ...
4.11Will Melton
19:21.00Metrolina Christian ...
5.11Caleb Breeden
19:25.00Metrolina Christian ...
6.10Andrew Garcia
19:27.00Hickory Grove Christ...
7.11Alec Bross
19:38.00Metrolina Christian ...
8.11Sam Orr
19:47.00SouthLake Christian ...
9.10John Gaebe
20:07.00Covenant Day
10.10Cole Matolka
20:09.00Gaston Christian
11.9William Anthony
20:10.00Gaston Christian
12.10Jonathan Dabbs
20:28.00Covenant Day
13.12Travis Hutchinson
20:28.00Covenant Day
14.12Spencer Livengood
20:37.00cfa Academy
15.11James Dillon
20:43.00Covenant Day
16.11Kurt Stelzig
20:48.00Westminster Catawba ...
17.12Tyer O'Connor
20:49.00Hickory Grove Christ...
18.9Jack Cogdill
20:50.00Covenant Day
19.11Andrew Rikard
20:51.00SouthLake Christian ...
20.11Justin Kenley
20:52.00Metrolina Christian ...
21.11Nick Wilson
20:55.00SouthLake Christian ...
22.12Nick Dabbs
21:16.00Covenant Day
23.11Michael McLamb
21:40.00cfa Academy
24.11Joseph Phillips
21:41.00Hickory Grove Christ...
25.11Alex Nolan
21:51.00Metrolina Christian ...
26.11Scott Martin
21:58.00Metrolina Christian ...
27.12Graham Collins
22:07.00Covenant Day
28.11Lucas Godley
22:13.00Covenant Day
29.10Payton Weakley
22:24.00SouthLake Christian ...
30.12Will Johnson
22:26.00Covenant Day
31.11Josh Breeden
22:32.00Metrolina Christian ...
32.10Dylan McCoy
22:36.00Gaston Christian
33.9Jamison Brown
22:42.00Gaston Christian
34.11Hunter Davis
22:44.00Gaston Christian
35.9John Robertson
22:57.00SouthLake Christian ...
36.7Jonathan Setzer
23:37.00Westminster Catawba ...
37.9Taylor Brown
23:51.00Hickory Grove Christ...
38.12Jared Stewart
23:53.00Hickory Grove Christ...
39.12Andrew Fowler
24:02.00Covenant Day
40.12Cody Poplin
24:17.00Metrolina Christian ...
41.11Drew Matthews
24:23.00Metrolina Christian ...
42.12Rion Caughman
24:28.00Westminster Catawba ...
43.10Ethan Tison
24:31.00Hickory Grove Christ...
44.10Daniel DeBord
24:40.00cfa Academy
45.9Grady Pearson
24:58.00 PRGaston Christian
46.9Nathan Foxx
25:04.00Gaston Christian
47.9Zach Livingston
25:13.00Hickory Grove Christ...
48.9Nicholas Revels
25:29.00Gaston Christian
49.12Jason Williams
25:32.00cfa Academy
50.10Ian Fletcher
25:43.00Metrolina Christian ...
51.8Austin Call
25:50.00 PRWestminster Catawba ...
52.10Grayson Cole
25:56.00 SRCovenant Day
53.10Matthew Hendrix
26:15.00cfa Academy
54.11Jake Riggs
26:16.00Hickory Grove Christ...
55.9Drew Faulk
26:17.00Hickory Grove Christ...
56.9Drew Clark
28:06.00Westminster Catawba ...
57.11Zach Brupbacher
29:00.00Covenant Day
58.12Matthew Reid
29:03.00cfa Academy
59.11Alan Nash
29:12.00Westminster Catawba ...
60.9Alec Forney
29:47.00cfa Academy
61.8Jake Pisano
29:50.00 SRHickory Grove Christ...
62.9Zach Mauney
30:05.00Gaston Christian
63.9Brandon Lucas
30:18.00Gaston Christian
64.11Brandon Pearce
31:23.00Westminster Catawba ...
65.9Nicholas Robinson
31:51.00Gaston Christian
66.9Nicklas Larson
33:06.00Hickory Grove Christ...
67.12John Hall
33:31.00 PRcfa Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Toni Dunn
22:06.00Metrolina Christian ...
2.12Anna Landis
22:37.00SouthLake Christian ...
3.12Katelyn Galloway
23:12.00Hickory Grove Christ...
4.8Amber Johnston
23:27.00Westminster Catawba ...
5.7Clara Ellington
23:32.00Gaston Christian
6.9Alison Geis
24:03.00SouthLake Christian ...
7.8Julianna Rose
24:55.00Gaston Christian
8.9Abby Traywick
25:15.00 SRCovenant Day
9.11Nikki Cotten
25:21.00Westminster Catawba ...
10.11Kelsey Bansek
25:25.00SouthLake Christian ...
11.10Henley Guffey
25:29.00cfa Academy
12.10Kayln Kiser
25:40.00Metrolina Christian ...
13.11Ashley Moore
25:47.00Gaston Christian
14.10Julia Faulkner
25:48.00Covenant Day
15.9Hannah Culbreth
25:51.00SouthLake Christian ...
16.9Kara Shannon
25:58.00Westminster Catawba ...
17.7Maren Syska
26:19.00Hickory Grove Christ...
18.11Elizabeth Menzel
26:20.00SouthLake Christian ...
19.9Alana Kitchen
26:29.00Covenant Day
20.11Hannah Sexton
26:36.00SouthLake Christian ...
21.10Mary Kristen McKenny
26:40.00Gaston Christian
22.10Anne Fuller
26:47.00Covenant Day
23.10Alexa Blalock
26:53.00Hickory Grove Christ...
24.8Payton Calvert
26:59.00Gaston Christian
25.11Janie Holland
27:03.00Metrolina Christian ...
26.9Carly Setzer
27:05.00Westminster Catawba ...
27.10Bailey Oedewaldt
27:22.00Westminster Catawba ...
28.10Marissa Reynolds
27:23.00Hickory Grove Christ...
29.12MacKenzie Warnock
27:23.00Metrolina Christian ...
30.11Jordyn Edmisten
27:42.00Metrolina Christian ...
31.12Hyojin Park
27:49.00Westminster Catawba ...
32.9Katie Hensley
27:54.00Westminster Catawba ...
33.9Hannah Kay
27:58.00Covenant Day
34.11Sammi Sharp
28:01.00SouthLake Christian ...
35.7Andie Ervay
28:12.00Gaston Christian
36.10Shelby Clark
28:15.00SouthLake Christian ...
37.11Kelsie Fields
28:19.00Westminster Catawba ...
38.9Anna Ellington
28:20.00Gaston Christian
39.12Lizzie Denham
29:04.00Hickory Grove Christ...
40.11Madison Perkins
29:36.00Metrolina Christian ...
41.10Sarah Hendrix
29:43.00cfa Academy
42.9Elizabeth Jennings
30:46.00Westminster Catawba ...
43.9Leah Wright
31:36.00Covenant Day
44.10Lauren Owens
32:30.00Westminster Catawba ...
45.9Morgan Yandel
32:57.00Westminster Catawba ...
46.10Mallory Bowers
33:12.00cfa Academy
47.9Brandy Pulley
33:46.00cfa Academy
48.10Bekah Fultz
34:54.00 PRCovenant Day
49.11Dita Kupacc
35:23.00 PRcfa Academy
50.10Katie Fowler
36:08.00Covenant Day
51.10Julia Godley
36:08.00Covenant Day
52.9Aleigha Bodine
39:27.00 PRcfa Academy
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