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Mens Races

Horseshoe Bend

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity6:00 PM
Womens Races

Horseshoe Bend

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:15 PM

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Race times will be Middle school at 4:00 Girls and Boys, 4:30 for JV Girls and Boys, 5:15 for Varsity Girls, 6:00 for Varsity Boys.

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Horseshoe Bend
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11Collin Goelz
20:00.22 SRNampa Christian
2.9Christian Sedrick
20:10.88Liberty Charter
3.12Andrew Housego
20:42.15 PRNew Plymouth
4.9A.J. Crooks
20:56.78Nampa Christian
5.10Derek Deblieck
21:00.59Cole Valley Christian
6.12Sam Read
21:26.06 PRNampa Christian
7.9Derric Jensen
21:28.34Liberty Charter
8.10Benjamin Hengst
21:31.78Cole Valley Christian
9.10Stephen Zeyer
21:37.15Liberty Charter
10.11Jace Langley
21:45.38Cole Valley Christian
11.9Merritt Graham
21:49.78Victory Charter
12.11Cameron Copeland
21:54.41 PRLiberty Charter
13.9Hunter Martin
21:55.34 SRVictory Charter
14.9Riley Baxter
22:04.44New Plymouth
15.10Clancy Johnston
22:13.66New Plymouth
16.9Nate Ramsey
22:14.78New Plymouth
17.11Dalton Bowman
22:19.22Nampa Christian
18.12Justin Gulleff
22:24.25New Plymouth
19.11McHale Page
22:56.91 PRLiberty Charter
20.11Andy Yue
22:57.65Nampa Christian
21.10Nik Morales
23:06.72New Plymouth
22.12Anthony Graham
23:10.28New Plymouth
23.12Armstrong Jay
23:12.06Cole Valley Christian
24.12Jacob Miller
23:14.56Nampa Christian
25.9Jerob Moon
23:16.09Nampa Christian
26.10Brandon Christianson
23:17.81Cole Valley Christian
27.9Evans Brent
23:27.81New Plymouth
28.9Zach Arnold
23:35.78 SRVictory Charter
29.10Cameron Bauman
23:45.15 SRLiberty Charter
30.9Benjamin Gozart
23:49.25Victory Charter
31.9Ben Knapp
23:53.06New Plymouth
32.12Tyler Christianson
23:53.84 PRNampa Christian
33.10Seth Austin
24:16.72 SRNew Plymouth
34.9Christopher Duggan
24:22.06Liberty Charter
35.10Scott Hartley
24:34.06Liberty Charter
36.10Jacob Sisk
25:12.56Cole Valley Christian
37.9Jackson McKenzie
25:27.88Liberty Charter
38.9John Skinner
39.11Bailey Calhoun
29:32.78Victory Charter
40.12Stephen Bryant
31:10.00 PRLiberty Charter
41.10Spencer Asay
33:43.00 PRLiberty Charter
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Dylan Crevelt
2.11Conrad Larson
17:14.25Victory Charter
3.12Taylor Leavitt
4.11JB Bermudez-Koch
17:51.00 SRGreenleaf Friends
5.12Bryan Leon
17:56.31 SRMelba
6.11Beau Beesley
18:01.84Nampa Christian
7.11Drake Hungate
18:16.38Greenleaf Friends
8.12Nathan Pool
18:19.81 SRGreenleaf Friends
9.12Jacob Bottles
18:22.41 PRCole Valley Christian
10.12Landen Kelly
18:23.37Greenleaf Friends
11.11Sam Antosh
18:24.00Nampa Christian
12.10Gabe Fisher
18:24.56Victory Charter
13.9Cole Hungate
18:25.34Greenleaf Friends
14.12Grant Moore
18:26.02Nampa Christian
15.10Taylor Spence
18:28.91 SRGarden Valley
16.12Clint Thomas
17.12Nick Russell
18:32.56Nampa Christian
18.10Gabe Housh
18:33.28Liberty Charter
19.10Liam Cilley
18:35.41Liberty Charter
20.10Jeff Borner
21.11Cameron Arnzen
18:51.38New Plymouth
22.10Jack Verbance
18:59.84 SRNew Plymouth
23.10Reed Jeppe
19:09.84Nampa Christian
24.12Noah Hills
19:11.91Liberty Charter
25.11Connor James
19:12.59 SRCole Valley Christian
26.12Garth Cline
19:14.34New Plymouth
27.12Josh Kelly
19:28.22Greenleaf Friends
28.12Derik Jardine
19:32.47 SRCole Valley Christian
29.12Ben Alseth
19:34.03 PRIdaho City
30.10Ryan Linford
19:36.56Liberty Charter
31.10Josh Jardine
19:37.78Cole Valley Christian
32.10Nate Woods
19:52.31New Plymouth
33.9John Burton
19:53.97New Plymouth
34.11Joaquin Alvarez
19:54.68 SRMelba
35.10Austin Greenleaf
20:00.06Cole Valley Christian
36.10Parker McCoy
20:06.15Cole Valley Christian
37.9Spencer Brown
20:07.53Victory Charter
38.11Bo Brogan
20:11.53New Plymouth
39.10Kalin Lister
20:21.03 SRLiberty Charter
40.11Jessie Blount
20:23.28 SRMelba
41.12Alex Campbell
20:24.09 SRVictory Charter
42.10Tanner Buuck
20:28.91Nampa Christian
43.12Jake Holloway
20:29.93Nampa Christian
44.10Davis Everton
20:33.25 SRLiberty Charter
45.10Logan Crevelt
46.12Dakota Martin
21:00.06Victory Charter
47.9Caleb Davis
21:00.56Victory Charter
48.10Ben Stoker
21:06.28Victory Charter
49.11Daniel McFarlane
21:08.97 PRIdaho City
50.12Christian Fowler
21:21.31Liberty Charter
51.10Torrey Wiebe
21:21.68Cole Valley Christian
52.12Spencer Zeyer
21:22.06 PRMelba
53.10Bronson Johnson
21:50.12New Plymouth
54.12Gerrit Egnew
55.11Christian Munoz
56.10Keenan Walgren
57.11Wraeith Vinson
22:27.00Horseshoe Bend
58.10Blade Wilkinson
59.10Adam Storkel
23:12.97Horseshoe Bend
60.11Tamas Csaszar
23:38.56 PRGarden Valley
61.9Luke Woodruff
62.12Josiah Heiple
35:07.00Horseshoe Bend
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Emily Howe
25:31.09 SRNew Plymouth
2.9Laurel Howe
26:24.38 SRNew Plymouth
3.9Madeline Slagle
27:09.47 PRNew Plymouth
4.11Tiffany Ruddock
31:49.00Liberty Charter
5.11Julia Browarzik
31:50.00Liberty Charter
6.11Brooklin Burk
33:19.00New Plymouth
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Hailey Alexander
20:34.59New Plymouth
2.10Krystal DeLeon
20:41.81Nampa Christian
3.10Esther Kessler
21:27.18New Plymouth
4.12Kara Soucek
5.10Claire Hamblin
22:03.59 SRLiberty Charter
6.11Molly Verska
22:08.41 SRCole Valley Christian
7.11Christine Smith
22:11.44New Plymouth
8.12Ruth Lewinski
9.12Cassandra Killion
22:18.34Nampa Christian
10.9Baillie Wallace
22:32.91New Plymouth
11.10Katie Trappett
12.9McKelle Leavitt
13.12Jolene Svedin
14.12Alissa Weatherford
22:46.06 PRNampa Christian
15.11Anabell Schulbe
22:56.47 PRVictory Charter
16.12Chloe Tucker
23:09.38Nampa Christian
17.11Abby Knight
23:35.22New Plymouth
18.11Carli Shaul
23:53.09Nampa Christian
19.10Amy Wheeler
23:53.81Victory Charter
20.9KariAnna Kuklinski
24:13.38Cole Valley Christian
21.11Becca Lysinger
24:38.09New Plymouth
22.11Megan Ralston
24:39.47 SRCole Valley Christian
23.11Lexus Cornett
24:40.52New Plymouth
24.12Abby Hambright
24:52.81 SRMcCall-Donnelly
25.12Hunter Howell
26.9Noelle Abe
27.10Kaila Sanders
25:15.72Cole Valley Christian
28.11Bailey Beus
29.12Jade Hamblin
25:29.66Liberty Charter
30.10Jackie Phillips
25:34.25 SRLiberty Charter
31.12Rachel Bryant
25:50.69 PRLiberty Charter
32.12Jessica Huttash
26:07.75 SRMelba
33.10Kiki Rau
26:10.03Horseshoe Bend
34.11Karena Gutierrez
26:14.78 SRLiberty Charter
35.12Jillian Asay
26:16.31Liberty Charter
36.9Naomi Porter
37.10Lauren Groenig
38.12Kara Vinson
27:45.91 SRHorseshoe Bend
39.11Rachel Hengst
29:28.25Cole Valley Christian
40.11Rachel Greiner
30:28.91Horseshoe Bend
41.12Anastasia Flecker
30:47.00 PRHorseshoe Bend
42.11Julianna Sherman
31:15.47 PRCole Valley Christian
43.9Michaela Greiner
32:23.00Horseshoe Bend
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