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Mens Races
2 Mile Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
2 Mile Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

2 Mile Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Mitchell Montgomery
10:09 PRCedarcrest
2.10Logan Orndorf
10:29 PRCedarcrest
3.12Kris Mugrage
10:45 PRLakewood
4.11Dominic Dams
11:03 PRCedarcrest
5.11Cody Wanichek
11:04 PRCedarcrest
6.10Gage Catherman
11:04 PRCedarcrest
7.9Douglas Davis
11:05 SRLakewood
8.11Peter Espinoza
11:06 PRLakewood
9.10Drew Cabales
11:06 SRLakewood
10.11Ryan Nash
11:11 PRGranite Falls
11.12Noah Moeller
11:12 PRSouth Whidbey
12.10Mitchell Darrah
11:12 PRLakewood
13.12Madison Waterman
11:15 PRCedarcrest
14.10Colton Green
11:24 PRCedarcrest
15.12James Nelson
11:24 PRSultan
16.12Keith Griffin
11:29 PRCedarcrest
17.12Will Zink
11:32 SRSouth Whidbey
18.12Preston Buckley
11:33 PRCedarcrest
19.10Quinn Radbourne
11:33 PRCedarcrest
20.9Cole Zink
11:33 SRSouth Whidbey
21.10Jacob Mack
11:35 PRLakewood
22.12Dante Bournique
11:38 SRCedarcrest
23.10Ryan Whitehead
11:42 PRLakewood
24.11Addison Buchholz
11:44 PRGranite Falls
25.11Jhamil Bader-Jarvis
11:44 PRSouth Whidbey
26.10Evan Atwater
11:51 PRCedarcrest
27.9Arthur Emmons
28.9Andrew Ayers
29.9Jake Barnett
30.10Riley Hansen
11:56 PRGranite Falls
31.12Weylin Radbourne
11:57 PRCedarcrest
32.12Eli Gremmert
12:04 PRCedarcrest
33.10Jonathan Gunderson
12:05 PRCedarcrest
34.11Nicholas Ulowetz
12:08 PRArchbishop Murphy
35.11Patrick Hyatt
12:09Archbishop Murphy
36.10Peter Smith
12:10 SRArchbishop Murphy
37.12Robert Filley
12:10 PRArchbishop Murphy
38.9Dustin Miller
12:11 PRArchbishop Murphy
39.10Preston Davis
12:12 PRLakewood
40.10KC Spencer
12:13 PRGranite Falls
41.12Josh Short
12:15 PRGranite Falls
42.12Ben Sheppard
12:18 PRGranite Falls
43.12Jake Howe
12:20 PRLakewood
44.10Andrew Stich
12:26 PRLakewood
45.11Jason Barrus
12:27 PRSultan
46.12Aaron Nech
12:29 PRLakewood
47.9Adam Gibson
12:30 PRGranite Falls
48.9Truman Hood
12:31South Whidbey
49.10Gavin Imes
12:31 SRSouth Whidbey
50.12Jordan DeGroot
12:36 PRLakewood
51.12Christian Harris
12:39 PRLakewood
52.9Jacob Barrus
12:40 SRSultan
53.12Sawyer Almasi
12:40 PRLakewood
54.9Anders Bergquist
12:40 SRSouth Whidbey
55.10Andrew Brodsky
56.10Hunter Bryson
57.9Alex Cooper
12:42 SRLakewood
58.10Aakash Sethi
12:42 PRGranite Falls
59.11Jesse Littlelight
12:42 PRGranite Falls
60.12Connor Dreyer
12:48 SRLakewood
61.11Jarad Olander
12:49 PRGranite Falls
62.12Michael Cavender
12:50 PRSouth Whidbey
63.9Anthony Kovic
12:51 SRSouth Whidbey
64.10Josh Zimmerman
13:00 SRCedarcrest
66.11Timothy Callaghan
13:02 SRArchbishop Murphy
65.10Sam Tomkins
67.10Ryan Mills
68.11Blake Smith
69.10Josh Snel
13:06 PRGranite Falls
70.10Connor Smith
13:06 SRLakewood
71.9Phillip Hofmann
13:07 SRLakewood
73.12Chris Jenkins
13:10 PRGranite Falls
72.9Tyler Ward
74.12He Ma (Matt)
13:16 PRLakewood
75.11Michael McIntosh
13:17Archbishop Murphy
76.9Mitchell Dennis
13:17 SRArchbishop Murphy
77.11Brandon Cole
13:18 PRGranite Falls
78.10Alex Zuvich
13:18 SRCedarcrest
79.12Justin Konersmann
13:19 PRCedarcrest
80.10Tyler Dalton
13:19 PRLakewood
81.11Jacob Shepherd
13:19 PRCedarcrest
82.9David Yao
13:20 PRArchbishop Murphy
83.9Ethan Short
13:20 PRGranite Falls
84.12Cody Cao
13:30 PRLakewood
85.10Aaron Heidlage
13:31 SRSultan
87.12Matt Erickson
13:33 PRCedarcrest
86.11Kyle Ellisen
88.12Dallin Candland
13:36 PRCedarcrest
89.11Carlos Toledano
13:37 PRCedarcrest
90.12Nick Eby
13:40 PRLakewood
91.11Paul McIntosh
13:47 PRArchbishop Murphy
92.12Matthew Kuehhas
13:48 PRArchbishop Murphy
93.10Matt Roebke
13:52 PRLakewood
94.10Jake Ryan
13:52 SRLakewood
95.9Peyton Lantis
96.9Chris Cervarich
14:00 PRGranite Falls
97.11Cory Schalk
14:05 PRCedarcrest
98.12Sean Kustra
14:10 PRLakewood
99.11Paul McGoorty
14:11 SRArchbishop Murphy
100.10Spencer Baugh
14:13 SRLakewood
101.11Stryder Elverum
14:14 PRSouth Whidbey
102.12Ian Elie
14:14 PRSultan
103.9Andrew Dunn
14:18 PRLakewood
104.12Nolan Bingaman
14:21 PRLakewood
105.12Zach Wynakos
14:21 PRCedarcrest
106.9Austin Hays
107.9Jake Perrow
108.11Sean Kelleher
14:42Archbishop Murphy
109.10Ezra Alem
14:42 PRCedarcrest
110.11Mateus Bocalini
14:49 PRLakewood
111.10Devin Pierce
14:58 PRGranite Falls
112.11Nathaniel Keyes
14:58 SRArchbishop Murphy
113.11Jace Pavelcik
15:03 SRArchbishop Murphy
114.12Matthew Adams
15:19Archbishop Murphy
115.12Timothy Dobson
15:19 PRArchbishop Murphy
116.9Jesse Read
15:31 SRLakewood
117.10Elijah Elliott
118.11Patrick Mogg
119.12Nick Fuller
120.9Josh Bentler
15:53 PRLakewood
121.10George Treml
15:54 PRLakewood
122.10Caleb Judd
123.9Nate Richards
124.9Justin Mendoza
17:02 PRCedarcrest
125.9Nick Ji
17:03 PRCedarcrest
126.10Joey Roberts
17:16 PRLakewood
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Womens Results

2 Mile Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Rachel Cundy
12:10 PRLakewood
2.11Lillianna Stelling
12:14 PRSouth Whidbey
3.10Diana Carr
12:47 PRCedarcrest
4.10Amelia Anderson
12:57 PRCedarcrest
5.10Olivia Waterman
13:01 PRCedarcrest
6.10Rachel Sowards
13:02 PRLakewood
7.11Molly Hammontree
13:02 PRCedarcrest
8.9Darby Throndsen
13:03 PRLakewood
9.11Rachel Mow
13:03 PRGranite Falls
10.12Tasha Hartwig
13:04 PRCedarcrest
11.12Michaela Bartz
13:28Archbishop Murphy
12.12Mikaela Skiles
13:32 PRLakewood
13.12Annie Dang
13:38 PRArchbishop Murphy
14.10Megan Brimley
13:41 SRCedarcrest
15.12Jessica Cary
13:45 PRSouth Whidbey
16.11Bonnie Klamm
13:50 PRSouth Whidbey
17.11Nora Felt
14:03 SRSouth Whidbey
18.9McKenna Smith
19.10Sophia Thomas
20.9Robin Loch
14:19 PRSultan
21.9Emma Lungren
14:23South Whidbey
22.11Anna Hood
14:27 PRSouth Whidbey
23.11Allison Bawden
14:32 PRCedarcrest
24.10Kristen Maggs
25.10Kacey Kemper
26.10Celine Espinoza
14:35 SRLakewood
27.11Madison Smith
14:36 SRCedarcrest
28.10Sara Newman
14:39 SRLakewood
29.10Miranda Vergillo
14:39 SRCedarcrest
30.12Katy McClintic
14:41 PRCedarcrest
31.11Molly McDade
14:45 SRArchbishop Murphy
32.12Marina Kovic
14:46 SRSouth Whidbey
33.10Alisa Smith
14:48 SRLakewood
34.11Cassidy Krawiec
14:50 PRCedarcrest
35.10Melissa Brown
14:52 PRArchbishop Murphy
36.12Courtney Conaway
14:55 PRGranite Falls
37.10Laena Skiles
15:10 PRLakewood
38.10Alondra Meza
15:15 PRLakewood
39.12Andrea Sadowski
15:35 PRArchbishop Murphy
40.10Leah Knott
15:38 PRCedarcrest
41.11Charlotte Mack
15:41 PRLakewood
42.9Emily Rice
15:42 PRGranite Falls
43.12Kristen Turner
15:43 SRArchbishop Murphy
44.11Kelsey Hardaway
15:56 PRSouth Whidbey
45.11Abigail Stringer
15:59 SRArchbishop Murphy
46.9Ellen Knowles
16:00 SRLakewood
47.11Joleen Gouette
16:00 SRLakewood
48.12Andrea Clark
16:13 PRArchbishop Murphy
49.12Sami McDevitt
50.11Carli Scheevel
51.12Nellie Soptich
16:25 PRCedarcrest
52.12Paige Barger
16:26 PRGranite Falls
53.10Alison Kuehas
16:53Archbishop Murphy
54.11Allison Corrigan
16:53 PRArchbishop Murphy
55.11Kayla Nelson
16:55 PRCedarcrest
56.10Sadie Woolman-Morgan
16:59 SRGranite Falls
87.10Heather Hirschi
17:02 PRGranite Falls
58.10Dana Arenz
17:15 PRLakewood
59.9Samantha Staab
17:35 PRLakewood
60.9Kyra Sather
61.12Emma Barr
62.12Olivia Richey
18:04 PRCedarcrest
63.11Kelsey Crispeno
18:16 PRKing's
64.10Kennedy Hagen
18:36 PRArchbishop Murphy
65.10McKenzie Hagen
18:37 PRArchbishop Murphy
66.11Kiera Daigle
18:41 SRArchbishop Murphy
67.9De'Asia Seegars
18:50 SRLakewood
68.10Michaela Boyd
19:11 PRLakewood
69.11Kailey Denning
19:25 PRLakewood
70.9Diana Cortes
19:38 PRGranite Falls
71.9Nicol Mugrage
20:20 PRLakewood
72.10Christina Englehardt
20:44 SRLakewood
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