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Mens Races
2.27 Mile Junior Varsity3:30 PM
2.95 Mile Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
2.27 Mile Junior Varsity3:30 PM
2.95 Mile Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

2.27 Mile Junior Varsity

1.9Christian Marzan
13:19 PRColusa
2.10Ray Pimley
13:37 PRSutter
3.9Kaden Perkins
13:41 PRWheatland
4.9Keenan Murphy
13:50 PRWheatland
5.10Carson Hunt
13:52 PRDurham
6.9Tyler Eck
14:02 PRSutter
7.10Quinten Gruenthal
14:16 PRSutter
8.10Eric Kraft
14:22 PRColusa
9.10Chris Smith
14:43 PRWheatland
10.10Noah Ocker
15:02 PRWheatland
11.10August Ward
15:06 PRWheatland
12.9Cai Dunham
15:07 PRColusa
13.10Will Gullion
16:02 PRWheatland
14.10Angel Palacio
16:25 PRSutter
15.9Colton Schafer
16:35 PRDurham
16.10Spencer Harrison
16:56 PRSutter
17.9Thomas Critchfield
18:01 PRColusa
18.10David Adrian
18:37 SRWheatland
19.10Brandon Wright
18:54 PRSutter
20.10Francisco Ruiz
19:20 PRSutter
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2.95 Mile Varsity

1.12Dustin Zunino
15:25 PRGridley
2.10Damon Young
15:39 PRDurham
3.11Ryder Pisenti
15:41 PRDurham
4.10Carlos Menchaca
16:06 PRGridley
5.12Nicholas Blake
16:15 PRDurham
6.11Spencer Koski
16:35 PRWheatland
7.10Felipe Granados
16:37 PRColusa
8.12Dillon Allen
16:44 PRDurham
9.11Luke Corriea
16:45 PRColusa
10.12Nathan Davis
16:49 PRDurham
11.12Shane Merriman
17:00 PRWheatland
12.12Derek Soeth
17:05 PRWillows
13.11Gregory Davis
17:11 PRGridley
14.11Alex Luttrell
17:23 PRWheatland
15.10Justin Balcita
17:29 PRGridley
16.11Kyle Rutter
17:52 PRGridley
17.9Fernando Acosta
18.10Tyler Vercruyssen
18:34 PRDurham
19.11Austen Lucena
18:52 PRDurham
20.11Collin Olmstead
18:55 PRSutter
21.10Tanner Dodd
19:14 PRDurham
22.12Will Askea
19:35 PRDurham
23.11Trevor Irwin
24.12AJ Duenas
20:44 PRSutter
25.11Jared Nunes
20:49 PRSutter
26.11John LaBouyer
27.11Alex Gonzalez
22:05 PRWheatland
28.12Trevor Bishop
22:14 PRWheatland
29.11Justin Davis
22:30 PRDurham
30.12Kyle Schuster
22:44 PRSutter
31.11Brent O'Neill
23:13 PRSutter
32.12Thomas Wright
23:53 PRSutter
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