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Mens Races
1.8 Mile Middle School4:30 PM
Womens Races
1.8 Mile Middle School4:30 PM

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Mens Results

1.8 Mile Middle School

8Tyler Peterson
9:43 PRCoronado (C)
2.6Mathew McLeod
10:00 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
5.8Victor Bustamante
10:26 PRFlowing Wells
8Brett Willman
10:38 PRCoronado (C)
8Justin Alvarez
10:46 PRCoronado (C)
9.8Daniel Macdonald
10:48 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
8Collin Dylla
10:52 PRCoronado (C)
11.8Frankie Jaquez
10:57 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
7Jack Russell
11:01 PRCoronado (C)
14.8Michael McLeod
11:12 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
8Austin Reinhold
11:13 PRCoronado (C)
18.7Aries Reynoso
11:21 PRFlowing Wells
20.7Robert Kelly
11:25 PRFlowing Wells
22.8Kaileb Robinson
11:27.49 PRMarana
23.8Ben Cajero
11:29 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
7Giovanni Macias-Ro...
11:35 PRCoronado (C)
26.7Anthony Korb
11:35 PRFlowing Wells
8Clayton Whiteside
11:36 PRCoronado (C)
38.7John Emery
12:19 PRFlowing Wells
6Adrian Valenzuela
12:29 PRCoronado (C)
42.7Stephen Kazmierczak
12:29.71 PRMarana
46.8Colton Henze
12:33 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
47.7Cameron Frye
12:34 PROrange Grove
48.7Ruben Lopez
12:37 PRFlowing Wells
49.8Michael Jurado
12:37 PRFlowing Wells
52.7Enrique Carpio
12:41 PRFlowing Wells
56.7Daniel Lohrman
12:45 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
58.7Brooks Carrion
12:56 PROrange Grove
60.8James Moore
13:00 PROrange Grove
6Luke Brown
13:07 PRCoronado (C)
68.7Ethan Audetat
13:09 PRFlowing Wells
69.8Bobby Brashier
13:14 PRFlowing Wells
71.6Clay Storie
13:14 PROrange Grove
72.7Trevor Fleming
13:17.37 PRMarana
7Colin Grogan
13:25 PRCoronado (C)
74.8Tim Flemming
13:30.40 PRMarana
8Drake Sheber
13:56 PRCoronado (C)
8Ben Lind
14:03 PRCoronado (C)
84.8Spencer French
14:03 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
6Vincent Shane
14:05 PROrange Grove
8Mason Russell
14:12 PRCoronado (C)
87.8Henry Nguyen
14:12.07 PRMarana
8KC Charlson
14:13 PRCoronado (C)
6Tanner Honomichl
14:13 PRCoronado (C)
7Jacob Chavez
14:18 PRCoronado (C)
92.7Alex Saldivar
14:21 SRFlowing Wells
93.8Cory McCarty
14:26 PRFlowing Wells
95.7Mason Brown
14:33.51 PRMarana
7Wesley Smith
14:40 PRCoronado (C)
99.8Brandon Coverdale
14:43 PROrange Grove
101.7Raiden Forgach
14:47 PRFlowing Wells
6Annican Flores
14:54 PRCoronado (C)
109.7Jackson Burgess
15:09 PRFlowing Wells
6Jonathan Corral
15:20 PRCoronado (C)
6Shallcross Ryan
15:27 PROrange Grove
114.7Isaiah Feight
15:29 PRFlowing Wells
8Zach Snyder
15:40 PRCoronado (C)
119.7Bryce Taylor
15:47.24 PRMarana
6Mark Cai
15:48 PROrange Grove
6Richard Lu
15:51 PROrange Grove
125.7Quinn Choffin
16:39.40 PRMarana
7Robert Matsuk
16:55 PROrange Grove
130.8A.Z. Martinez
17:22.71 PRMarana
133.7Isaac Schultz
18:00.00 PRMaranaApproximate Time
134.8Robert Chambliss
18:01.00 PRMaranaApproximate Time
6Joey Banner
18:33 PRCoronado (C)
135.7Steven Nguyen
19:06 PRFlowing Wells
137.7Rory Jones
19:41.73 PRMarana
142.8Brandon Dusek
22:11.00 PRMarana
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Womens Results

1.8 Mile Middle School

1.8Cayley Hensley
10:54 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
3.7Karena Garcia
12:21 PRFlowing Wells
17.8Tatiana Coffmann
13:20 PRFlowing Wells
22.8Bridget Norman
13:54 PROrange Grove
23.7Anna Vekony
13:54 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
8Emily Salazar
13:57 PRCoronado (C)
27.7Mele Hala'ufia
13:58.56 PRMarana
29.7Madelin Medina
14:03.30 PRMarana
34.8Areceli Molina
14:14 PRFlowing Wells
38.7Mikayla Lietz
14:21 PRFlowing Wells
39.7Victoria Gutierrez
14:24.62 PRMarana
44.8Julia Bombarier
14:37 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
45.6Zoe Johnson
14:39 PROrange Grove
7Izzy Whiteside
14:44 PRCoronado (C)
48.7Kaylee Moore
14:48.03 PRMarana
52.8Ari Cuevas
14:55 PRFlowing Wells
6Suzy Duggan
15:08 PRCoronado (C)
57.6Ameesia Marold
15:18 PROrange Grove
37.6Mara Hawrin
15:22 PROrange Grove
59.6Elaina Ryan
15:25 PROrange Grove
60.8Audrey Cohen
15:38 SROrange Grove
64.7Jade Murcia
16:03 PRFlowing Wells
63.6Faith Lybeck
16:09 PROrange Grove
67.6Victoria Zeb
16:21 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
69.8Lexi Frithsen
16:23 PRPusch Ridge Christia...
7Grace Moioli
16:24 PRCoronado (C)
73.8Kelly Faddis
16:56.28 PRMarana
77.8Bailey French
17:40 PRFlowing Wells
79.6Kristen Steiner
17:52 PROrange Grove
82.7Kali Clark
18:41 PRFlowing Wells
8Karlyn Lantz
18:43 PRCoronado (C)
6Leah Stucki
18:57 PRCoronado (C)
86.7Kaitlyn Cooper
18:58 PRFlowing Wells
87.7Kaitlyn Roberts
19:04.24 PRMarana
89.7IsaMaria Baker
19:09.76 PRMarana
91.7Laura Collins
19:32.02 PRMarana
96.7Reese Elder
20:07.75 PRMarana
99.6Victoria Brandhuber
20:27 PROrange Grove
7Emma Calabrese
20:43 PRCoronado (C)
7Serena Junior
21:03 PRCoronado (C)
6Victoria Watts
21:32 PRCoronado (C)
104.6Trillian Burk
26:17 PROrange Grove
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