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Mens Races

Oakland Community College- Orchard Ridge campus

5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:00 PM
Womens Races

Oakland Community College- Orchard Ridge campus

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:30 PM

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Team Summary Report - Girls

girls varsity

                                          Top  5             ------- Finishers -------
 Place  Team                              Places              1   2   3   4   5  6*  7*        

    1 Farmington Hills North Farmington      60               5   9  12  16  18  19  21         
        Top  5 Times: 1:46:04.8

    2 Bloomfield Hills Andover               64               4   7   8  13  32  37  38         
        Top  5 Times: 1:46:09.3

    3 Farmington                             66               3  10  11  15  27  30  31         
        Top  5 Times: 1:47:01.1

    4 Bloomfield Hills Lahser                73               2   6  20  22  23  25  33         
        Top  5 Times: 1:45:49.0

    5 Troy Athens                           114              14  17  26  28  29  34  35         
        Top  5 Times: 1:52:38.7

    6 West Bloomfield                       140               1  24  36  39  40  41  42

Boys Varsity

                                          Top  5             ------- Finishers -------
 Place  Team                              Places              1   2   3   4   5  6*  7*        

    1 Farmington                             41               2   6   8   9  16  22  25         
        Top  5 Times: 1:29:01.4

    2 West Bloomfield                        69               3   5  10  12  39  41  42         
        Top  5 Times: 1:31:43.9

    3 Bloomfield Hills Lahser                79               7  13  17  19  23  30  40         
        Top  5 Times: 1:32:11.7

    4 Troy Athens                            99              11  14  18  27  29  34  35         
        Top  5 Times: 1:34:57.2

    5 Bloomfield Hills Andover              101               1   4  28  32  36  37  38         
        Top  5 Times: 1:34:48.3

    6 Farmington Hills North Farmington     106              15  20  21  24  26  31  33         
        Top  5 Times: 1:35:47.6


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.West Bloomfield69
3.Bloomfield Hills Lahser (clo...79
4.Troy Athens99
5.Bloomfield Hills Andover (cl...101
6.North Farmington106
1.12Jarred Bratley
16:33.7Bloomfield Hills And...
2.11Drew Lindman
3.11Bjorn Kempf
17:19.0West Bloomfield
4.11Joey Kemeny
17:25.1Bloomfield Hills And...
5.12Ben Griessmann
17:25.8West Bloomfield
6.12Andrew Brown
7.11Michael Gawlik
17:28.6Bloomfield Hills Lah...
8.12Nimantha Herath
9.11Paolo Guarano
10.10Brandon Burton
17:57.0West Bloomfield
11.12JD Sterba
17:57.7Troy Athens
12.12Luke Bersche
17:58.3West Bloomfield
13.11Zahir Allarakhia
17:58.4Bloomfield Hills Lah...
14.12Vlad Jdanov
18:28.5Troy Athens
15.10Max Bradley
18:33.3North Farmington
16.12Shawn-Michael Fields
17.10Bryce McClelland
18:41.1Bloomfield Hills Lah...
18.9Ryan Mooney
18:42.2Troy Athens
19.11Nick Graves
18:43.8Bloomfield Hills Lah...
20.12Ben Katz
18:48.3North Farmington
21.12Gerald Rivkin
19:10.1North Farmington
22.10Brian Hanley
23.10Ben Koehler
19:19.7Bloomfield Hills Lah...
24.10Tony Lim
19:33.9North Farmington
25.10Mitchell Modzel
26.12Sorley MacDonald
19:41.9North Farmington
27.12Dan Lindow
28.12Kevin Lalko
19:45.1Troy Athens
29.11Charlie Ailsworth
19:57.8Bloomfield Hills And...
30.12Adnan Jackupovic
20:03.5Troy Athens
31.12Alex Gaggino
20:12.7Bloomfield Hills Lah...
32.11Jacob Lockledge
20:13.1North Farmington
33.12Harrison Kenum
20:16.7Bloomfield Hills And...
34.11Daniel Rothenberg
20:20.9North Farmington
35.11Mihir Bhatnager
20:24.2Troy Athens
36.10David Mittelbrun
20:24.9North Farmington
37.10Christian McCalister
20:30.7Troy Athens
38.10Joseph Burger
20:31.1North Farmington
39.9Josh Thelen
20:34.7Bloomfield Hills And...
40.9Ritsuma Inaba
20:35.1Bloomfield Hills And...
41.11Alan Park
20:38.5Bloomfield Hills And...
42.12Dylan Tramel
20:46.9Troy Athens
43.12David Commarford
20:48.1Troy Athens
44.10Joel Maguire
21:01.7Bloomfield Hills And...
45.11Jalen Hatcher
21:03.5West Bloomfield
46.10Paul Pal
21:03.9Bloomfield Hills Lah...
47.11Sankeerth Garapati
21:05.0West Bloomfield
48.11Neil Mackiln-Camel
49.12Murtaza Hussain
21:14.0West Bloomfield
50.10Kevin Allen
21:14.7Bloomfield Hills Lah...
51.11Ryan Simmons
21:20.8West Bloomfield
52.12Gerrit Chota
21:34.7Bloomfield Hills Lah...
53.10Nick Clark
21:43.0West Bloomfield
54.9Kyle Lough
22:10.9Bloomfield Hills And...
55.9Danny Finn
22:46.3West Bloomfield
56.11Stephen Boyd
22:52.5Bloomfield Hills And...
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Bloomfield Hills Andover (cl...25
2.West Bloomfield67
4.North Farmington70
1.12Cooper Patterson
20:59.8Bloomfield Hills And...
2.11Avery Morgenstein
21:17.1Bloomfield Hills And...
3.10Jacob Groden
21:20.2Bloomfield Hills And...
4.10Jonathan Huang
21:20.9North Farmington
5.11Yoshua Mathai
6.12Zach Wloch
7.11Balaji Veluswarny
21:43.8North Farmington
8.11Clark Robinson
21:55.4 PRBloomfield Hills Lah...
9.10Jacob Baxter
10.9Brock Appleby
22:07.1Bloomfield Hills And...
11.9Josh Richter
22:08.1Bloomfield Hills And...
12.11Skylar Freeman
22:10.4West Bloomfield
13.11Dale Kowalik
22:16.8Troy Athens
14.11Albert Yerman
22:22.4West Bloomfield
15.10Matt Gilmour
22:23.9Bloomfield Hills Lah...
16.12Chris Ribaudo
22:44.9West Bloomfield
17.11Tyler Kieft
22:46.7Bloomfield Hills And...
18.12Matthew Mutnick
22:51.8West Bloomfield
19.10Huzaifa Hussain
22:59.2West Bloomfield
20.10Kintaro Yamashiro
23:03.0Bloomfield Hills And...
21.11William Georges
23:09.0Bloomfield Hills Lah...
22.10Louis Senia-Grant
23:13.7North Farmington
23.11Andrew Jacob
23:16.9West Bloomfield
24.9Phil Reynolds
23:17.5Troy Athens
25.12Matt Dibartolomeo
23:22.0Troy Athens
26.9Alex Lambert
23:29.1Troy Athens
27.9Eric Jutila
23:52.9North Farmington
28.10Mathew Hughes
24:02.0Bloomfield Hills And...
29.11Steven Andrews
24:07.5Bloomfield Hills And...
30.11Reid Muscio
24:29.4North Farmington
31.11Kenny Manoj
24:43.5North Farmington
32.12Connor Ferguson
33.11Ari Kirscher
25:03.7North Farmington
34.11Stefan Klier
25:05.3Bloomfield Hills And...
35.11Zach Star
25:31.1North Farmington
36.11Johnathan Zhu
25:31.3North Farmington
37.10Kosuke Tanimoto
38.10Morgan Flynn
25:55.8West Bloomfield
39.10Sreekant Oak
26:36.9West Bloomfield
40.12Aaron Pan
26:51.3Bloomfield Hills And...
41.9Scott Wirthlin
27:32.1Bloomfield Hills Lah...
42.10Luca Cristodero
28:24.3Bloomfield Hills And...
43.9Mark Rasak
44.10Andrew Ruby
28:45.3West Bloomfield
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.North Farmington60
2.Bloomfield Hills Andover (cl...64
4.Bloomfield Hills Lahser (clo...73
5.Troy Athens114
6.West Bloomfield140
1.11Erin Finn
17:22.5West Bloomfield
2.11Elena Miller
19:32.6Bloomfield Hills Lah...
3.12Gabby DeFlorio
4.12Lexi Sinclair
20:04.2Bloomfield Hills And...
5.10Victoria Irwin
20:26.5North Farmington
6.11Alana O'Mara
20:31.8Bloomfield Hills Lah...
7.10Mackenzie Gammons
20:37.0Bloomfield Hills And...
8.12Lise Devits
20:37.1Bloomfield Hills And...
9.12Angela Wright
20:37.2North Farmington
10.9Joelle Lochrie
11.12Olivia Salinas
12.10Sophia Farquhar
21:21.5North Farmington
13.10Isabella Lackner
21:25.6Bloomfield Hills And...
14.9Claire Nord
21:32.5Troy Athens
15.10Jennifer Rogers
16.11Maria Vicini
21:49.0North Farmington
17.12Melissa Palmer
21:50.0Troy Athens
18.10Alyssa Robert
21:50.3North Farmington
19.12Rachel Rosinski
21:50.7North Farmington
20.9Jacqueline Bredenb...
21:50.8Bloomfield Hills Lah...
21.12Erin Dennis
21:55.6North Farmington
22.12Isabel Fontana
21:56.4Bloomfield Hills Lah...
23.11Lauren Redman
21:57.2Bloomfield Hills Lah...
24.11Megan Eiswerth
22:08.5West Bloomfield
25.12Ana-Lucia Fernandez
22:22.9Bloomfield Hills Lah...
26.11Sharon Shen
22:52.4 SRTroy Athens
27.10Sarah Gallagher
28.11Taylor Tralka
23:11.7Troy Athens
29.12Kate Dickerson
23:12.0Troy Athens
30.12Cara Whinnery
31.12Carleen Linden
23:22.5 PRFarmington
32.10Erin Weingarten
23:25.2Bloomfield Hills And...
33.11Christianne Goodwin
23:31.4North Farmington
34.11Jordan Segasser
23:32.7Bloomfield Hills Lah...
35.10Quinn Bezenah
23:39.6Troy Athens
36.11Bess Pelton
23:53.6Bloomfield Hills Lah...
37.10Esther Yan
23:54.4Troy Athens
38.12Kasey Favier
23:54.6Bloomfield Hills Lah...
39.11Alissa Cravens
24:02.8North Farmington
40.10Jacqueline Katz
24:06.5North Farmington
41.10Zoe Kaufman
24:07.2West Bloomfield
42.10Rebecca Sorgenfrei
24:08.0Bloomfield Hills And...
43.11Aaron Howell
44.10Laura Perry
24:34.0Bloomfield Hills And...
45.10Rheanna Henney
24:35.9Bloomfield Hills And...
46.10Grace Oneill
24:37.7Troy Athens
47.12Jessica Chen
24:38.6Bloomfield Hills And...
48.9Rachel Sabin
25:03.9Bloomfield Hills And...
49.12Alex Steinke
50.10Rebecca Fong
28:12.3West Bloomfield
51.11Leah Desposato
28:13.3West Bloomfield
52.9Brooke Desposato
28:15.5West Bloomfield
53.9Kellie Wujcik
30:32.4West Bloomfield
54.10Rebecca Kaufman
31:38.0West Bloomfield
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Bloomfield Hills Andover (cl...36
2.North Farmington53
3.Bloomfield Hills Lahser (clo...57
4.West Bloomfield96
1.12Paula Moldovan
23:13.4North Farmington
2.11Abby May
23:41.7Bloomfield Hills Lah...
3.10Megan Smith
23:57.2West Bloomfield
4.9Shelby Abbott
24:09.9North Farmington
5.9Sam Babineau
24:23.4Bloomfield Hills And...
6.10Kyla Milberger
24:33.5Bloomfield Hills And...
7.11Eve Sherbin
24:38.7Bloomfield Hills And...
8.10Sara Hastings
25:16.0Bloomfield Hills And...
9.11Tisha DeGiulio
25:16.4Bloomfield Hills Lah...
10.11Jamie Ockner
25:24.4Bloomfield Hills And...
11.11Laura Baenen
25:24.9Bloomfield Hills Lah...
12.12Savannah Herrmann
25:27.5Bloomfield Hills And...
13.11Mallory Woods
25:56.8Bloomfield Hills And...
14.11Lexi Kelter
25:58.4Bloomfield Hills Lah...
15.9Caroline Pale
26:10.3Troy Athens
16.9Haley Nelson
17.11Lesley Merrill
18.9Priyanka Sankaran
26:25.2North Farmington
19.11Sarah Codreanu
26:37.2 SRTroy Athens
20.9Sarah Dalian
26:38.2Bloomfield Hills And...
21.10Emily Reem
26:39.3Bloomfield Hills And...
22.11Lauren Shinske
26:46.1North Farmington
23.10Alanah Bratley
26:55.6Bloomfield Hills And...
24.10Oona Alajarvi
27:20.5Bloomfield Hills And...
25.10Carmen Tobos
27:39.6North Farmington
26.11Hyomin Yi
28:05.3Bloomfield Hills And...
27.11Erin Herner
28:07.1Bloomfield Hills And...
28.9Kathryn Bauman
28:12.1North Farmington
29.9Mercedes Tardella
28:12.6Bloomfield Hills And...
30.11Jamie Sacksner
28:18.3Bloomfield Hills And...
31.10Sam Pierce
28:28.0Bloomfield Hills And...
32.11Morgan Gilliam
29:22.5North Farmington
33.12Guergana Dimitrova
29:50.3North Farmington
34.12Tara Kajawa
30:09.7Troy Athens
35.10Elisabeth Weinfurt...
30:13.0Bloomfield Hills And...
36.11Sarah Poronto
30:14.0West Bloomfield
37.12Colleen Beilman
30:37.4Troy Athens
38.11LaReesia Washington
30:44.1 PRBloomfield Hills Lah...
39.9Molly Lippitt
31:16.6Bloomfield Hills And...
40.10Mille Runfeld
31:36.9West Bloomfield
41.9Sarah Chen
32:37.0Bloomfield Hills Lah...
42.11Lily Paul
35:11.4Bloomfield Hills Lah...
43.10Vivi Bukowsky
35:26.6West Bloomfield
44.10Bianca Greiten
37:03.6West Bloomfield
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