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Mens Races

Apple Valley Golf Course

2 Mile Junior Varsity
2 Mile Middle School8:45 AM
Womens Races

Apple Valley Golf Course

2 Mile Junior Varsity
2 Mile Middle School9:15 AM

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Mens Results

2 Mile Junior Varsity

1.8Max Bridges
14:21 PRMountaineer (Morgant...
2.6Andrew Kerzak
14:26 SRSuncrest
3.8Conner Shaw
14:52 PRWest Fairmont
4.6Nick Summerlin
14:56Mountaineer (Morgant...
5.8Ben Barnett
14:58 SRMountaineer (Morgant...
7.7Samuel Mathers
15:08 SRMountaineer (Morgant...
10.8Jacob Hough
15:24 PRMountaineer (Morgant...
29.6Garrett Demase
17:03South (Morgantown)
39.7Chase Ansell
17:41 SRSouth (Morgantown)
43.7Liam Dennis
18:21 PRSouth (Morgantown)
47.7Will Pentz
18:52 SRMountaineer (Morgant...
49.6Joren Cloutier
19:12 SRWest Fairmont
50.8Tavarius Fleming
19:28 PRWest Fairmont
58.8James Bolystein
59.7Wojck Mazurek
20:58 SRSuncrest
62.8Thomas Portaro
22:38Mountaineer (Morgant...
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2 Mile Middle School

1.7Aaron Samansky
12:09Fairmont Catholic
3.8Alex Minor
12:19 PRMountaineer (Morgant...
5.8Jakeb Van Horn
12:55 PRWest Fairmont
6.8Justin Okel
12:56West Fairmont
7.8Tyler Hart
13:03Mountaineer (Morgant...
8.8Jonah Freeland
13:11West Fairmont
9.7Jeff Shisler
13:12 SRSouth (Morgantown)
10.8Nick Triplett
13:20 PRKasson
12.7Gage Clemens
13:25 SRWest Fairmont
14.7Ben Parrucci
13:34 SRWest Fairmont
15.7John Gullion
13:37 SRSuncrest
21.7Vitaly Cuff
22.8Colin Molnar
13:49 PRMountaineer (Morgant...
23.6Abe Goldsmith
13:51 SRSuncrest
24.8Jack Steketee
13:54 SRSuncrest
25.7Sean Kimble
13:55 SRMountaineer (Morgant...
28.6Brennan Nolan
14:03 SRBruceton
29.8Ryan Hall
14:05 PRMountaineer (Morgant...
30.6Kevin Donnelly
14:09 SRSuncrest
31.8Justin Anselene
14:10 PRFairmont Catholic
32.8Tyler Drennen
14:11 SRWest Fairmont
44.7Braden Wilfong
14:14 SRWest Fairmont
40.6Andrew Jones
14:27 SRSouth (Morgantown)
42.7Chais Shockley
14:32 SRSouth (Morgantown)
46.8Jacob Phillips
14:39 PRSouth Preston
47.8Bill Clarkson
14:39 PRSouth Preston
51.8Liam Sheehan-Dean
14:55South (Morgantown)
72.7Trenton Miller
16:05South (Morgantown)
77.6Lucas Kashon
16:31 SRSouth (Morgantown)
80.6John Weihman
16:38 SRSouth (Morgantown)
92.6Garrett Haller
18:10 SRKasson
101.7Marcus Barro
20:36 SRSouth Preston
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Womens Results

2 Mile Junior Varsity

1.7Hanna Hertzler
2.6Abgail Riggs
16:04 SRSuncrest
3.6Alese Photoisdis
4.7Fallon Nicholson
16:26South (Morgantown)
5.6Anna Sellaro
7.8Alexa Harris
16:37 SRSuncrest
14.6Lexy Evanto
17:13 SRSouth (Morgantown)
18.7Sarah Anderson
17:20 SRSouth (Morgantown)
21.8Kaylee Knaggs
17:35 PRSouth (Morgantown)
30.7Chanya Elkins
18:07 PRSouth (Morgantown)
32.7Phoebe Harms
18:16 SRSouth (Morgantown)
33.8Ekaterina (Katya) ...
18:17 PRSouth (Morgantown)
34.7Christina Davis
18:18South (Morgantown)
38.7Addison Posey
18:52 SRSouth (Morgantown)
43.6Madalyn Sparks
19:07South (Morgantown)
45.6Grace Hagerty
19:10 SRSouth (Morgantown)
67.7Megan Jepson
20:58South (Morgantown)
80.6Sara Nantz
22:18South (Morgantown)
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2 Mile Middle School

3.8Skyler Brooks
13:58 SRSuncrest
4.8Hannah Pineault
5.8Sarah Wills
14:14 SRMountaineer (Morgant...
6.6TaShala Turner
14:15Mountaineer (Morgant...
7.8Emma Hagerty
14:18South (Morgantown)
11.6Aleena McDaniel
14:43 SRSuncrest
16.7Cassandra Triplett
14:53 PRKasson
21.8Madison Verbosky
15:02 PRSuncrest
23.8Missoury Lytle
15:07 PRSuncrest
25.8Savanna Sparks
15:18South (Morgantown)
27.8Lindsey Deardorff
15:21 SRBruceton
28.8Lindsay Scheffel
15:23 SRBruceton
29.7Olivia Lin
15:24 SRSuncrest
36.7Jillian Frist
15:54 PRSouth (Morgantown)
37.8Mallika Vohra
15:56 PRMountaineer (Morgant...
42.7Abigail Martin
16:09 SRSouth (Morgantown)
45.6Maya Dalton
16:15 SRFairmont Catholic
52.6Madeline Wright
16:33 SRMountaineer (Morgant...
51.8Kaylee Freeman
16:35 PRKasson
55.7Cara Kirk
16:37 PRKasson
58.6Avigail Radabaugh
16:40 SRSouth (Morgantown)
59.6Kirsten Brown
16:42 SRSouth Preston
60.8Brooke Wotring
16:43 SRBruceton
63.8Christina Hastings
16:48 SRSouth (Morgantown)
66.6Angelia DeLorenzo
16:49 SRWest Fairmont
67.6Callie Boddy
16:49 PRWest Fairmont
69.6Nicole Hatton
16:56South (Morgantown)
71.7Sinead Tobin
16:59 SRFairmont Catholic
99.8Leah Mason
18:30 PRFairmont Catholic
101.6Carlee Casteel
18:36 PRSouth Preston
106.8Shelby Morris
19:32 PRFairmont Catholic
113.7Shannon McDaniel
21:07 PRKasson
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