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3 Mile Varsity2:30 PM
3 Mile Junior Varsity3:30 PM
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City Conference CC Course

3 Mile Junior Varsity
3 Mile Varsity3:00 PM

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Patrick Henry37
2.Point Loma40
3.Scripps Ranch63
4.Mira Mesa90
1.11Jorge Matt-Navarro
15:47.99 SRPatrick Henry
2.12Brad Littooy
15:51.08Scripps Ranch
3.11Ricky Sweet
15:57.46 PRPoint Loma
4.12Taylor Boswell
16:09.77 PRPoint Loma
5.12Albert Gamez
16:10.9 PRMira Mesa
6.11Eric Cota
16:22.96Patrick Henry
7.12Miguel Angel Sauceda
16:24.42 SRPoint Loma
8.10Neil Saddler
16:25.11 SRScripps Ranch
9.12Jeff Dixon
16:25.42 PRPatrick Henry
10.12Adam O'Regan
16:25.67Patrick Henry
11.11Jonathan Gonzalez
16:38.96Patrick Henry
12.12David Flores
16:39.99 PRPoint Loma
13.11Chris Tammadge
16:45.62Patrick Henry
14.9Cooper Bates
16:47.05Point Loma
15.10Gabriel Ditto
16:47.52 PRMira Mesa
16.9Kevin McKay
16:48.08 SRScripps Ranch
17.12Brandon Mercer
16:49.17Scripps Ranch
18.10Tate Graham
16:49.62 SRPatrick Henry
19.11Brenden Zounes
16:57.4 PRPoint Loma
20.10Austin Mouradian
16:59.58 PRScripps Ranch
21.12Bernard Mariano
17:02.74 PRMira Mesa
22.12Jonathan Young
17:05.49Patrick Henry
23.12Matthew Dumesnil
17:13.78 SRPoint Loma
24.12Jihui Jin
17:15.24 SRMira Mesa
25.11Trenton Saunders
17:16.49Point Loma
26.11Fabian Boemer
17:26.14Scripps Ranch
27.12Scott Glass
17:26.93Scripps Ranch
28.12Carlos Castillo
17:29.96Mira Mesa
29.10Nathan Salas
17:32.96Patrick Henry
30.11Alix Thoi
17:35.78Mira Mesa
31.12Shayan Rastegarpour
18:12.99Patrick Henry
32.12Jesus Meza
33.11Nhixxel Basa
18:46.93Mira Mesa
34.11Manuel Lemus
35.11Eduardo Meza Ponce
36.11Alec Hernando
20:47.43 PRMorse
37.10Denzel Dizon-Agsaoay
20:47.9 PRMorse
38.11Rodrigo Cedeno
21:02.4 SRMorse
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3 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Point Loma16
2.Patrick Henry49
3.Scripps Ranch78
4.Mira Mesa106
1.12William Rapp
16:55.37 PRPoint Loma
2.10Andrew Sedensky
17:04.46 SRPoint Loma
3.10Matthew Duke
17:05.68 SRPoint Loma
4.11Cecil Horton
17:11.27 PRPoint Loma
5.9Joseph Coulter
17:24.1 SRScripps Ranch
6.11Gavin Goff
17:26.83 PRPoint Loma
7.11Jack Studley
17:31.83 SRPatrick Henry
8.11Nathan Jacoby
17:36.18 PRPoint Loma
9.10Reid Gilbertson
17:37.96 SRPatrick Henry
10.12Nick Ruiz
17:38.4 PRPatrick Henry
11.12Paul Senelick
17:44.9Patrick Henry
12.9Nick Atchison
17:51.99 SRPatrick Henry
13.9William Hang
17:53.21Scripps Ranch
14.10Collin Pullum
17:53.55 SRPoint Loma
15.11Paul Meredith
17:55.8Patrick Henry
16.12Ryan Stall
17:57.14 PRPatrick Henry
17.10John-Mark Rodeheaver
17:58.68Point Loma
18.12Randy Tran
18:01.71 PRMira Mesa
19.11John Lopp
18:02.65Point Loma
20.9Axel Kent
18:05.71 SRPatrick Henry
21.12Jonathan Magno
18:07.49 PRMira Mesa
22.9James Jacoby
18:11.14 SRPoint Loma
23.11Armin Vaziri
18:11.74 SRScripps Ranch
24.10Brian Nosler
18:12.14 PRScripps Ranch
25.12Ryan Gilbertson
18:14.93 SRPatrick Henry
26.10Eduardo Magana
18:20.55Point Loma
27.10Colin Smith
18:21.61Scripps Ranch
28.9Turner Brown
18:22.49 PRPoint Loma
29.10Marcus Barker
18:22.8Mira Mesa
30.11Kalvin Morales
18:23.99 PRMira Mesa
31.10Zachary Barnes
18:24.57Scripps Ranch
32.9Hunter Howell
18:25.1 PRScripps Ranch
33.9RJ Van Wart
18:28.14Scripps Ranch
34.9Spencer Katz
18:30.9 SRPatrick Henry
35.10Cole Anderson
18:31.1 SRPatrick Henry
36.10Justin Philips
18:35.18 SRPatrick Henry
37.9Jonathan Inacio
18:35.43Point Loma
38.12Daniel Chit
18:37.4Mira Mesa
39.12Richard Bibbs
18:37.61 PRMira Mesa
40.9Brady Warren
18:39.1 SRScripps Ranch
41.12Austin Green
18:40.05 PRPoint Loma
42.12Ty Gammiere
18:40.55 PRScripps Ranch
43.11Mark Saddler
18:42.61Scripps Ranch
44.9Colin Davis
18:43.18Scripps Ranch
45.9Eugine Dimalanta
18:44.74 SRMira Mesa
46.11Christian Nagano
18:48.14Scripps Ranch
47.10Carter Couron
18:48.55 SRPatrick Henry
48.9Eric Su
18:50.14 SRScripps Ranch
48.9Austin Su
18:50.14 PRScripps Ranch
49.10Stephen Garrova
18:53.8Scripps Ranch
50.9Michael Running
18:54.68 SRPatrick Henry
51.10Nick Echegaray
18:55.14 SRMira Mesa
52.9Theodore Duldulao
18:55.74 SRMira Mesa
53.9Shane Mitchel
19:00.61 PRScripps Ranch
54.9Ian Dryer
19:02.01 SRScripps Ranch
55.12Thomas Ryan
19:03.51 SRScripps Ranch
56.10Christian Hight
19:07.4 PRMira Mesa
57.11Jonathan Pinko
19:08.99Scripps Ranch
58.11Zach Hammond
19:09.24 SRMira Mesa
59.9Uriel Ramirez
19:09.49Point Loma
60.10Dylan Schreck
19:10.8Mira Mesa
61.10Bradley Estes
19:12.07Scripps Ranch
62.9Brian Hoeger
19:12.71 PRScripps Ranch
63.12Kevin Stock
19:14.61 PRScripps Ranch
64.9Nick Barcia
19:15.3 PRScripps Ranch
65.10Ethan Payson
19:17.65 PRPatrick Henry
66.9Gabriel Cutri
19:19.57 SRPoint Loma
67.10Daniel Mariano
19:21.65 SRMira Mesa
68.11Mark Viana
19:23.36Mira Mesa
69.11Rusty Huber
19:24.71 SRMira Mesa
70.12Josh Garratt
19:26.83 PRMira Mesa
71.9James Poirier
19:27.3Scripps Ranch
72.9Cole Heramb
19:30.4 PRPoint Loma
73.10Jack Selleck
19:31.49Patrick Henry
74.9Mason Verhees
19:37.52 PRPoint Loma
75.11Zabiullah Popal
19:37.8 PRScripps Ranch
76.11Alex Abeyta
19:38.52 PRScripps Ranch
77.9Tom Martinson
19:39.36Scripps Ranch
78.10David Lopez
19:43.99Point Loma
79.10Daniel Wheeler
19:44.21Point Loma
80.9Omar Piekarczyk
19:45.14 PRMira Mesa
81.9David Stewart
19:45.49 PRScripps Ranch
82.9Brandon Ringo
19:46.07 PRPoint Loma
83.10Brady Clements
19:48.46 SRPatrick Henry
84.12Aaron Bagnell
19:48.74 SRPoint Loma
85.11George Ly
19:51.43 PRPatrick Henry
86.9John Ah Sing
19:51.74 SRPoint Loma
87.12Jack Hammang
19:52.21Scripps Ranch
88.9Frank Rodriguez
19:58.9 PRScripps Ranch
89.9Cabot Van Til
20:02.24 PRPatrick Henry
90.9Cole MacCulloch
20:03.1 PRPoint Loma
91.11Kenny Hoang
20:03.71Mira Mesa
92.9Conner Jordan
20:04.07 PRPatrick Henry
93.9Eric Lehmann
20:08.8 PRScripps Ranch
94.9Chris Sclipei
20:10.9Patrick Henry
95.12Joe Biwald
20:12.57Scripps Ranch
96.11Max Crab
20:13.52Mira Mesa
97.9Hans Oropallo
20:14.96 PRMira Mesa
98.11Andrew Covel
20:16.05 PRScripps Ranch
99.12Luan (David) Phan
20:16.27Mira Mesa
100.9Errin Hassett
20:16.43Mira Mesa
101.10Taku Takanami
20:19.57Point Loma
102.11Chris Carrillo
20:19.93 SRMira Mesa
103.9Nathan Florida
20:20.86 SRMira Mesa
104.12Kevin Nguyen
20:21.46Mira Mesa
105.9Benjamin Shawver
20:22.86 PRMira Mesa
106.9Niko Anderson
20:24.07 SRMira Mesa
107.12Brian Nguyen
20:26.96 PRMira Mesa
108.9Corey Kessler
20:28.07 PRPoint Loma
109.9Connor Sheedy
20:28.68 PRPatrick Henry
110.11Tucker Bidleman
20:29.74Point Loma
111.9James Kaufman
20:30.43 SRMira Mesa
112.11Ben Haney
20:36.33 SRPatrick Henry
113.9Zachary Preslar
20:41.78 SRMira Mesa
114.9John Fu
20:42.93Patrick Henry
115.9Angelo Ramirez
20:46.33Mira Mesa
116.11Gerardo Meza Ponce
20:49.43 SRMorse
117.9Ian Rasmuson
21:00.93 SRMira Mesa
118.11Toby Shirts
21:04.57Point Loma
119.11Felipe Cataquiz
21:06.46Scripps Ranch
120.12Emanuel Michel
21:09.99Mira Mesa
121.11Vincent Nguyen
21:10.71Mira Mesa
122.11Paul Arceo
21:10.99 SRMorse
123.9Matthew Bennett
21:11.18 PRPoint Loma
124.9Johannes McElvain
21:13.74 PRPoint Loma
125.9Cole Scadden
21:16.71 PRPoint Loma
126.10Tony Nguyen
21:19.33Patrick Henry
127.10Matthew Dorman
21:19.78Point Loma
128.11Richard Ly
21:21.55 SRPatrick Henry
129.10Michael Obeso
21:23.8 SRMira Mesa
130.9Kevin Tran
21:24.1 SRMira Mesa
131.12Roy Lincke
21:26.65Mira Mesa
132.11Ericson Espino
21:27.14 PRMira Mesa
133.9Sam Schoonmaker
21:28.3 PRPoint Loma
134.9Nicholas Tu
21:28.9 SRMira Mesa
135.11Jason Pulido
21:30.9 SRMira Mesa
136.9Alvin Lang
21:41.14 PRMira Mesa
137.11Andrew Aman
21:42.8Patrick Henry
138.9Tin Nguyen
21:43.55Mira Mesa
139.10Brian Sipe
21:48.1 SRPatrick Henry
140.10Kyle del Valle
21:48.36 PRPoint Loma
141.12Justin Manalo
21:48.57 SRMira Mesa
142.10Eduardo Escoto
21:57.93Mira Mesa
143.9Viet Nguyen
22:00.96 SRMira Mesa
144.11Edward Capparelli
22:03.33Patrick Henry
145.10Andy Bellaart
22:11.68Patrick Henry
146.11Alex Varvil
22:18.83 PRMira Mesa
147.9Brian Thoi
22:21.14 SRMira Mesa
148.12Michael Mai
22:23.9Mira Mesa
149.9Michael Cao
22:27.83 SRMira Mesa
150.10John Bigalbal
22:29.46 PRMorse
151.12Jeegar Patel
22:37.74Mira Mesa
152.11Kevin Ton
22:48.68Mira Mesa
153.9Rafael Partida
22:48.86Mira Mesa
154.12Mark Nguyen
23:04.71Mira Mesa
155.9Matthew Nguyen
23:33.8Mira Mesa
156.10Aaron Salinas
23:35.61 SRMira Mesa
157.9Alan Ta
23:52.78 SRMira Mesa
158.10Christian Pelayo
23:53.43 PRMorse
159.9Matthew Pham
24:04.54Mira Mesa
160.9Thomas Dean
26:28.57Scripps Ranch
161.11Jimmy Trinh
26:55.4Mira Mesa
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Womens Results

3 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Scripps Ranch21
2.Patrick Henry60
3.Point Loma79
4.Mira Mesa88
1.9Hallie Pullum
21:11.46 PRPoint Loma
2.11McKenna Rudy
21:35.68 SRScripps Ranch
3.11Emily Snider
21:53.93 SRScripps Ranch
4.12Cece Freyre
21:55.27 PRScripps Ranch
5.11Mikayla Rivera
21:58.8 PRScripps Ranch
6.9Greta Hammerstrom
22:01.14 PRPoint Loma
7.11Sarah Shaffer
22:05.65Scripps Ranch
8.12Chelsea Thompson
22:06.96 PRPatrick Henry
9.9Melinda Littooy
22:07.51Scripps Ranch
10.12Allison Neal
22:17.68 SRPatrick Henry
11.12Allison Yang
22:21.57 PRMira Mesa
12.12Breanna Dirkse
22:28.93Scripps Ranch
13.9Lindsay Stall
22:35.96 PRPatrick Henry
14.10Kristiana Davis
22:40.55 PRPatrick Henry
15.10Vida Ordonez
22:40.78 SRPatrick Henry
16.9Haley Fletcher
22:44.43 SRPatrick Henry
17.12Kayla Murphy
22:58.43Mira Mesa
18.10Jenny Tran
22:59.05 SRMira Mesa
19.9Olivia Chaffee
23:02.8 PRPatrick Henry
20.9Natalie Gates
23:05.65 SRPatrick Henry
21.11Diana Banh
23:06.9Mira Mesa
22.11Sabrina Pinckard
23:07.21 SRScripps Ranch
23.10Meredith O'Brien
23:09.24 PRPoint Loma
24.11Maddi Stadtmueller
23:10.21 PRScripps Ranch
25.10Allyssa Blalock
23:17.96Scripps Ranch
26.12Kelsie Klein
23:18.78Mira Mesa
27.12Emily Drake
23:26.61 SRMira Mesa
28.12Krista Hill
23:30.4Mira Mesa
29.9Julia Hirata
23:32.1Scripps Ranch
30.9Karen Olinga
23:44.52 SRPatrick Henry
31.9Taylor Hyland
23:47.43 PRPoint Loma
32.12Allison Devenport
23:47.78Patrick Henry
33.10Stephanie Palafox
23:51.93 PRMira Mesa
34.12Samantha Montiel
23:53.05 PRMira Mesa
35.11Julie Richardson
23:55.33Scripps Ranch
36.9Dylan Gurga
23:55.68 PRPoint Loma
37.9Kaylen Wilson
23:56.49 PRScripps Ranch
38.11Michaela Johnson
24:02.54 PRPatrick Henry
39.9Samantha Sevilla
24:04.33 PRPoint Loma
40.9Hannah Hense
24:06.36 PRPoint Loma
41.10Larissa Lopez
24:07.86 SRPatrick Henry
42.10Claire Eagle
24:08.36 SRPoint Loma
43.10Sam Armstrong
24:21.68Scripps Ranch
44.11Amanda Kries
24:22.27 SRMira Mesa
45.11Savannah Sweeting
24:27.68Patrick Henry
46.10Yosita (Taylor) Ye...
24:29.1 PRMira Mesa
47.9Diane Truong
24:32.93 PRMira Mesa
48.9Claire Jorgensen
24:38.14Patrick Henry
49.10Johanna Matt-Navarro
24:50.33Patrick Henry
50.9Wismmy Lee
24:52.86Scripps Ranch
51.12Monica Sok
25:00.4Mira Mesa
52.11Megan Hayes
25:05.68Scripps Ranch
53.10Maia Moran
25:07.86 PRScripps Ranch
54.9Vi Ly
25:11.07Mira Mesa
55.10Anne Ocampo
25:11.36 PRMira Mesa
56.9Helen Schoonmaker
25:17.61 PRPoint Loma
57.9Taylor Ray
25:17.83Scripps Ranch
58.9Cori Galvan
25:25.27 PRPatrick Henry
59.9Lindsey Haas
25:25.49Point Loma
60.12Ashley Percy
25:32.33Mira Mesa
61.10Lynda Ta
25:33.24 SRMira Mesa
62.12Erin Evora
25:35.36Scripps Ranch
63.9Christine Jackson
25:56.8 PRPoint Loma
64.12Erica Coffey
26:17.4Patrick Henry
65.10Summer Canales
26:27.24Mira Mesa
66.11Grace Lee
26:27.8Scripps Ranch
67.10Monica Bates
26:38.8Mira Mesa
68.9Niki Tran
26:57.46 PRPoint Loma
69.10Vanessa Nguyen
27:03.36 PRMira Mesa
70.10Karina Murguia
27:11.07Mira Mesa
71.10Madelyn Urie
27:31.71Patrick Henry
72.11Lessly Ampudia
27:38.55Mira Mesa
73.10Leiana Barreyro
27:39.57Mira Mesa
74.10Vanessa Perea
27:42.83Mira Mesa
75.10Valeria Arenas
27:43.07 PRMira Mesa
76.11Andrea Loo
27:58.24 SRMorse
77.9Celeste Coratti
27:59.3Point Loma
78.9Sophie Martin
29:23.96Patrick Henry
79.10Wendy Valadez
29:55.71Mira Mesa
80.9Carrina Galang
30:08.01Mira Mesa
81.10Maricris Mateo
31:00.83Mira Mesa
82.9Madalyn Rauh
33:39.55Patrick Henry
83.10Jennifer Saucedo
38:12.11Mira Mesa
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3 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Patrick Henry34
2.Scripps Ranch38
3.Point Loma60
4.Mira Mesa104
1.11Hannah Kay
18:10.4Patrick Henry
2.9Toni Bronars
19:11.4Scripps Ranch
3.11Alex Shade
19:28.33Patrick Henry
4.10Sara Bagnell
19:32.52 PRPoint Loma
5.11Erin Coates
19:33.74Scripps Ranch
6.11Camille Jorgensen
19:45.61Patrick Henry
7.11Emily Erlenbach
19:49.27Scripps Ranch
8.12Kim Melechinsky
20:14.1 PRMira Mesa
9.11Katherine Hardisty
20:14.71 PRPoint Loma
10.11Sylvia Longworth
20:17.52 SRPatrick Henry
11.12Casey Thornton
20:24.61Scripps Ranch
12.10Kiara Breadmore
20:28.86 PRPoint Loma
13.9Calin Caeg
20:29.4 SRScripps Ranch
14.10Natalie Teaze
20:32.46 PRPatrick Henry
15.10Johanna Walker
20:36.3 PRPoint Loma
16.11Kerrianne Stewart
20:41.99Scripps Ranch
17.11Sierra Boek
20:46.21Patrick Henry
18.11Katherine Kurz
20:56.65Patrick Henry
19.11Giovanna Dowell
21:01.68 SRPatrick Henry
20.9Angelina Rodriguez
21:05.07Scripps Ranch
21.11Jewell Roth
21:10.83 PRPoint Loma
22.12Samantha Rutherford
21:11.05 SRPoint Loma
23.9Alana Olson
21:21.93Scripps Ranch
24.11Danise Edra
21:27.9 SRMira Mesa
25.9Annie Semb
21:28.99 SRMira Mesa
26.12Laurel Haas
21:32.71 SRPoint Loma
27.9Kaitlyn Lund
21:46.05Point Loma
28.12Victoria Nguyen
21:59.74 SRPatrick Henry
29.11Melodie Galvan
22:02.74 SRMorse
30.12Erika Phung
22:06.29Mira Mesa
31.11Emily O'Sullivan
22:07.54 SRPatrick Henry
32.9Pamela Segura
22:53.83Mira Mesa
33.11Sherri Samson
34.12Ranielle Cunanan
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