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Hooker Oak Park Varsity Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
2 Mile Junior Varsity

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Welcome to the 2011 EAL North Championships at Hooker Oak Park in Chico hosted by Chico High School

Team Results

JV Girls                                                                                       JV Boys      

1.  Enterprise 20                                                                     1.  Chico 20

2.  Chico 35                                                                              2.  Enterprise 37

3.  Pleasant Valley 77                                                            3.  Pleasant Valley 88

                                                                                                    4.  Shasta 102

                                                                                                    5.  Foothill 134


Varsity Girls                                                                             Varsity Boys

1.  Chico 25                                                                              1.  Chico 32

2.  Pleasant Valley 44                                                            2.  Shasta 45

3.  Shasta 55                                                                            3.  Pleasant Valley 78

                                                                                                    4.  Foothill 82

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Tony Meredith
16:12.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
2.11Chris Midkiff
3.10Landon Woollard
16:29.90 SRShasta
4.12John Collins
16:33.80 PREnterprise
5.11Nimai Buroz
6.11Blake Zufall
7.11Hunter Jensen
8.12Samuel Bransky
17:11.70 SRChico
9.12Mark Jaradeh
17:15.20 PRPleasant Valley
10.10Andris Molina
11.11Gary Thornton
12.11Jordan Moran
17:22.30Foothill (Palo Cedro)
13.11Danny Phelan
17:34.80 PRChico
14.10Sean Thomas
17:42.50 PRPleasant Valley
15.11Wesley Jackman
17:45.20 SRShasta
16.11Noah Heinemann
17:46.20Pleasant Valley
17.11Brandon Reddish
17:50.50 SRChico
18.12Jared Wilding
19.12Tyler Parker
17:54.80 PRShasta
20.10Nathan Schillen
17:56.90 SRShasta
21.9Tony Hubbell
18:07.00 SRPleasant Valley
22.11Brandon Wall
18:08.10Foothill (Palo Cedro)
23.11Josef Grundy
18:09.50 SRChico
24.11Jonathan Schneringer
18:18.60 PRShasta
25.10Daniel Romero
18:20.30Pleasant Valley
26.12Dallas Thorpe
18:21.30 PRChico
27.12Sterling Fabbri
18:23.80Foothill (Palo Cedro)
28.10Josh Barnhart
18:31.60Pleasant Valley
29.11Malcolm Hinz
30.10Chase Pipkin
18:52.00Pleasant Valley
31.11Austin Pearce
19:08.20Foothill (Palo Cedro)
32.10Trevor Bustamante
19:17.20Pleasant Valley
33.11Justin Rose
19:29.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
34.11Tyler Kraft
19:36.90 PREnterprise
35.12Colby Hanna
36.11Adam Zufall
19:48.30 SRShasta
37.11Anthony Scatena
20:17.50 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
38.11Anthony Newman
20:20.50 PRChico
39.12Erik Deadmond
20:23.80 SRPleasant Valley
40.12Mitch Alexander
20:31.20Foothill (Palo Cedro)
41.11Stephen Lyter
21:02.70 PREnterprise
42.11Jason Williams
21:11.60 PRPleasant Valley
43.11Lucas Pico
21:33.50 PRPleasant Valley
44.12Brett Michum
21:54.00Pleasant Valley
45.12Tyler Kittle
26:21.60Pleasant Valley
46.9Doug Breteney
30:25.90 PRPleasant Valley
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2 Mile Junior Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Tyler Caseltine
2.10Daniel Farmer
11:43.80 PRChico
3.9Liam Hays
11:53.60 SRChico
4.10Owen Thomas
11:56.30 PRChico
5.9Hector Damian-Sior...
6.9Zachary Nussdorfer
12:05.60 PRChico
7.10Brandon Stark
8.10Colton Deaver
12:16.80 SREnterprise
9.9Jacob Graber
12:17.80 SRChico
10.9Shaw Campbell
12:21.70 PREnterprise
11.10Jack Fisher
12:24.10 PREnterprise
12.11Chris Scafani
13.10Jacob Needles
12:30.10 PRPleasant Valley
14.9Sterling Winter
12:32.70 PRChico
15.10Alan Bretney
12:48.90 PRPleasant Valley
16.10Nathan Erickson
12:49.20 PREnterprise
17.9Taylor O'Brien
12:57.90 PRPleasant Valley
18.9Benton Miller
19.11Kyle Keane
13:04.60 PRChico
20.9Jack Breault
13:05.00 PRChico
21.9Ryan Phelan
13:06.80 SRChico
22.10Dylan Anderson
23.9Daniel Mahan
13:13.50 PRPleasant Valley
24.10Harrison Jones
13:14.60Foothill (Palo Cedro)
25.9Balam Tryba-Jones
13:23.20 SRChico
26.11Cyrus Ruiz
13:24.90 PRChico
27.9James Vieira
13:29.20 PREnterprise
28.10Noah Mehr
29.9Tim Alldrin
13:30.60 SRChico
30.9Nikhil Davuluri
31.10Sam Abbott
32.11Josh Peyton
33.10Marcos Lomelli
13:38.50 PRPleasant Valley
34.9Dalen Jones
35.11Joel Garrison
13:41.90Foothill (Palo Cedro)
36.11Tristan Sutter
13:48.10Foothill (Palo Cedro)
37.10Brandon Nelson
13:51.40 PRPleasant Valley
38.9Kade Vantine
14:01.80 SRPleasant Valley
39.9Logan McClain
14:03.10Foothill (Palo Cedro)
40.9Jesse Anberg
41.9Mitchell King
14:05.80 SRPleasant Valley
42.12Joe Simms
14:07.60 PRPleasant Valley
43.9Kyle Ennis
14:16.80 SRPleasant Valley
44.9Austin Witherspoon
14:20.30Foothill (Palo Cedro)
45.10Jeremy Whitmore
14:22.00 PRPleasant Valley
46.11Conner Schmidt
47.9Chandler Dunlap
14:42.10 PRPleasant Valley
48.9Daniel Rubio
14:43.10 PRChico
49.9Paul Moyer
14:44.40 PREnterprise
50.9Seth Kittle
15:01.50 PRPleasant Valley
51.9Sean Deadmond
15:05.10 PRPleasant Valley
52.9Josh Jacobs
15:12.00 SRPleasant Valley
53.9Haresh Kumar
16:55.30 PRPleasant Valley
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kody Atkins
19:14.90 SRChico
2.11Azure Grant
19:33.30 PRChico
3.11Melanie Hickman
19:33.40Pleasant Valley
4.10Francesca Vecere
19:49.70 PRPleasant Valley
5.9Megan James
6.12Lorena Reed
7.11Kelsey DiFillipo
20:52.30Foothill (Palo Cedro)
8.11Kelsey Reed
21:06.90 PRChico
9.10Meagan Burroughs
21:07.40 PRPleasant Valley
10.11Kaila Richardson
21:11.90 PRChico
11.12Kelsey Schroeder
21:16.10 PREnterprise
12.11Nathalie Avalos
21:40.90 SRShasta
13.11Maliah Harper
21:46.90 PREnterprise
14.10Madison Browning
21:49.20 SRShasta
15.10Macy Castaneda
21:59.10Pleasant Valley
16.9Amanda Jensen
22:04.40 PRShasta
17.12Jenna Stansbury
22:11.00 PRChico
18.11Delaney Smith
22:44.90 SRChico
19.11Taylor Barron
20.11Lisa Jostock
21.12Nina Weaskus
22.11Sarah Hill
23.11Carly Mantle
26:55.40Pleasant Valley
24.9Kristiana Zufall
25.12Elanie Tompkins
28:16.40 PRShasta
26.11Shelby Sanders
29:18.20 PRPleasant Valley
27.9Carin Dorghalli
30:41.80 PRPleasant Valley
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2 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Sydney Pruett
13:38.90 PREnterprise
2.9Shalynn Fullerton
13:41.20 PREnterprise
3.10Elizabeth Clarkson
14:03.20 PREnterprise
4.10Luna Retzer
14:21.30 SRChico
5.10Annie Sabourin
14:31.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
6.9Alyson Lacko
14:47.50 SRChico
7.10Deanna White
14:53.60 PREnterprise
8.9Annie Jolliff
14:58.30 SRChico
9.10Sarah Stauffer
15:02.30 PREnterprise
10.9Nile Reed
11.9Molly Steindorf
15:20.70 SRChico
12.11Sonia Pabloff
15:37.80Foothill (Palo Cedro)
13.10Bailey Pederson
15:38.90Foothill (Palo Cedro)
14.9Megan DeLaTorre
15.9Olivia Rios
15:48.10 SRChico
16.9Laretta Johnson
15:52.40 PRPleasant Valley
17.11Michelle Thorpe
18.11Gayle Gilbert
19.12Hanna Mersdorf
16:20.30 PRChico
20.11Bailey O'Hara
21.10Aislin Pickett
16:29.60 PRPleasant Valley
22.9Adriana Long
16:31.80 PRPleasant Valley
23.9Taylor Gardner
17:16.00 SREnterprise
24.9Gillian Brown
17:27.00 PRPleasant Valley
25.9Mattie Madieros
17:29.70 PRPleasant Valley
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