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Mens Races
2 Mile Varsity and JV4:30 PM
Womens Races
2 Mile Varsity and JV4:00 PM

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Mens Results

2 Mile Varsity and JV

1.12Zach Hammond
10:32 PRMarshfield
2.12Sergio Marroquin
10:35 PRMarshfield
3.12Nicholas Cooper
10:35 PRPleasant Hill
4.11Connor Devereux
10:36 PRMarshfield
5.12Jonathan Ferguson
10:42 PRPleasant Hill
6.12Scott Svetal
10:53 PRChurchill
7.9Dakota Pittullo
11:10 PRMarshfield
8.12Michael Schrum
11:11 PRSpringfield
9.10Chase Stowell
11:12 PRPleasant Hill
10.12Eddie Rodriguez
11:13 PRMarshfield
11.11Brandon Chittim
11:15 PRPleasant Hill
12.12Zach Wright
11:20 PRChurchill
13.11Brennan Holmes
11:22 PRSpringfield
14.9Colby Gillett
11:28 PRMarshfield
15.11Tyler Arch
11:32 PRSpringfield
16.10Darin French
11:47 PRElmira
17.11Daniel Buss
11:55 PRChurchill
18.11Aaron Jackson
11:57 PROakridge
19.11Chuck Taylor
12:01 PRChurchill
20.12Tyler Arana
12:02 PRSpringfield
21.12Jason Hernandez
12:03 PRChurchill
22.12Sam Kurtz
12:05 PRSpringfield
23.11Daniel Hovet
12:05 PRSpringfield
24.9John Hampton
12:05 PRMarshfield
25.12Jared Reichenberger
12:10 PRMarshfield
26.10Will Gagnon
12:10 PRMarshfield
27.11Ethan Graham
12:18 PRChurchill
28.11Dylan Beneat
12:18 PRChurchill
29.12Jared Hanson
12:23 PRJunction City
30.10Lukas Kreuzpeinter
12:31 PRChurchill
31.11Sebastian Shanafelt
12:34 PRSpringfield
32.10Carlin Otterstedt
12:34 PRSpringfield
33.11Hunter Gougan
12:43 PRChurchill
34.11Bryan Zimmerman
12:46 PRElmira
35.11Kyle Seaholm
12:49 PRSpringfield
36.10Andrew Reichenberger
12:50 PRMarshfield
37.9Gannon Jones
12:58 PRElmira
38.11Wesley Force
12:59 PRChurchill
39.11Ian Cooper
13:02 PRElmira
40.9Jesse Babcock
13:04 PRSpringfield
41.10Jack Kinser
13:17 PRSpringfield
42.9Zach Moore
13:19 PRChurchill
43.11Jared Ewing
13:45 PRSpringfield
44.10Michael Buss
13:46 PRChurchill
45.9Mason Beebe
13:46 PRElmira
46.9Nick Johnson
13:47 PRChurchill
47.9Jeremy Volner
13:48 PRJunction City
48.9Noah McFadden
13:49 PRJunction City
49.11Taylor Barnhart
13:58 PRSpringfield
50.10Cole Trissell
14:17 PRSpringfield
51.9Andrew Martin
14:26 PRSpringfield
52.11Elliott Ewing
14:29 PRSpringfield
53.11Clayton Dresser
14:36 SRChurchill
54.9David Lura
14:36 PRChurchill
55.12Steven McIntyre
14:43 PRJunction City
56.9Devin Weise
14:54 PRSpringfield
57.9Porter Richins
15:02 PRPleasant Hill
58.12Mason Locke
15:19 PRElmira
59.10Kegan Veltman
15:30 PRPleasant Hill
60.11Justin Scott
15:38 PRSpringfield
61.12Talon Larkin
15:38 PRElmira
62.9Keyshawn Hay
15:55 PRSpringfield
63.9Alejandro Cuadros
16:22 PRSpringfield
64.11Skyler Vanderpool
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Womens Results

2 Mile Varsity and JV

1.10Shaylen Crook
12:26 PRMarshfield
2.9Katelyn Rossback
12:42 PRMarshfield
3.10Olivia Goodheart
12:51 PRChurchill
4.11Jasmine Meline
12:55 PRMarshfield
5.12Rhonda Costin
12:56 PRSpringfield
6.12Avalon Derlacki
13:08 PRChurchill
7.11Larecea Royer
13:43 PRChurchill
8.10Sabrina Boyd
13:46 PRPleasant Hill
9.10Lindsay Devereux
13:48 PRMarshfield
10.12Jessica Martin
13:55 PRPleasant Hill
11.9Sophie Smith
14:00 PRPleasant Hill
12.9Malia Moriguchi
14:06 PRChurchill
13.11Zoe Oldham
14:13 PRChurchill
14.10Danica Stys
14:18 PRMarshfield
15.9Tori Bennett
14:20 PRSpringfield
16.11Alyssa Miller
14:22 PRSpringfield
17.11Rachel Fine
14:24 PROakridge
18.12Natasha Hill
14:25 PRMarshfield
19.9Lauren Tripp
14:33 PRMarshfield
20.12Lauren Gagnon
14:47 PRMarshfield
21.10Danielle Jones
15:11 PRElmira
22.10Jessica Sand
15:19 PRElmira
23.10Alexa Flack
15:21 PROakridge
24.11Kelsey Scott
15:23 PRMarshfield
25.11Alondra Torres
15:26 PRJunction City
26.9Sierra Johnson
15:26 PRPleasant Hill
27.10Ashley Owen
15:29 PRChurchill
28.11Sierra Kohler
15:51 PRElmira
29.12Valita Volkman
15:57 PRJunction City
30.12Brittany Clig
16:07 PRChurchill
31.11Kelsey Inskeep
16:07 PRChurchill
32.9Alysen Barker
16:19 PRMarshfield
33.11Sierra Shaw
16:25 PRElmira
34.11Jane Morgan
16:36 PRChurchill
35.12Sierra Stokes
16:41 PRElmira
36.11Micaela Holt
16:41 PRSpringfield
37.10Sarah Hovet
16:43 PRSpringfield
38.10Emily Renken
16:51 PRChurchill
39.10Emilee Russell
17:31 PRElmira
40.10Grieta King
17:38 PRElmira
41.12Meranda Schaffer
18:03 PRElmira
42.12Angela Schuetz
18:05 PRPleasant Hill
43.10Amanda Aguilar
18:09 PROakridge
44.12Rebecca Dukes
18:11 PRSpringfield
45.12Valerie Ely
18:18 PRChurchill
46.10Jodi Mork
18:26 PRMarshfield
47.11Lexi Smith
18:38 PRSpringfield
48.10Lydia Richins
19:08 PRPleasant Hill
49.9Sarah Zurita
19:10 PRMarshfield
50.11Claire Clements
19:11 PRChurchill
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