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Mens Races
3 Mile Junior Varsity3:45 PM
3 Mile Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
3 Mile Varsity4:15 PM
3 Mile Junior Varsity4:15 PM

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Mens Results

3 Mile Junior Varsity

1.12Jacob Stemler
18:23Lake Stevens
2.9Andrew Christianson
18:24 PRShorewood
3.9Omar Abdulla
18:33 PRShorewood
4.9Henry Follis
18:46 PRShorewood
5.10Logan Johnson
19:18Lake Stevens
6.12Brian Lewis
19:21 PRMonroe
7.9Austin Haynes
19:32Lake Stevens
8.9Isaiah Britt
19:38Lake Stevens
8.11Andrew McDaniel
19:39 PRLake Stevens
10.9Shane Peterson
19:41 PRShorewood
11.11Kyle Myers
19:48 SRMonroe
12.9Tim Angelos
19:52 PRMariner
13.10Thomas Miller
19:52 PRShorewood
14.10Gabe Hunt
20:03Lake Stevens
15.12Jonathan Fikru
20:16 PRShorewood
16.11Jon Hofford
20:19 PRMariner
17.10Ian Galope
20:21 PRMariner
18.11Gavin Gazonas
20:25 PRLake Stevens
19.10Quang Nguyen
20:28 PRMariner
20.11Ammanuel Beyene
20:40 PRShorewood
21.9Tanner Siler
20:41Lake Stevens
22.11Calvin Crawford
20:53 PRShorewood
23.12Henry Schlesinger
20:58 PRShorewood
24.10Tyler Collins
20:58Lake Stevens
25.11Dawda Dibba
21:18 PRShorewood
26.12Ryan Hespe
21:23 SRMonroe
27.10Brandon Salter
22:33 PRMariner
28.9Oscar Flores-Montes
22:43 PRMariner
29.9Tyler Stevenson
23:06 SRMonroe
30.9Owen Petersen
23:17 PRShorewood
31.9Tyler Headland
23:39Lake Stevens
32.10Austin Bolstad
23:57 SRMonroe
33.11Joseph Dedinsky
24:04 PRShorewood
34.12Will Malchow
24:28 SRShorewood
35.10William Hubbell
25:13 PRShorewood
36.10Sam Willard
26:05 SRShorewood
37.9Austin King
28:40Lake Stevens
38.9Spencer McCuistion
32:19 PRShorewood
39.12Matt Engel
34:12 PRMonroe
40.9Jack Bickford
37:11 PRShorewood
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3 Mile Varsity

1.11Mason Nicol
16:30Lake Stevens
2.11Scott Schmitt
16:31Lake Stevens
3.11Caleb Mina
16:32Lake Stevens
4.10Zach Bush
16:34Lake Stevens
5.10Keenan Stephens
16:35 PRShorewood
6.12Austin Wood
16:55 SRMonroe
7.11Beau Klick
17:10Lake Stevens
8.12Cameron Siler
17:12 PRLake Stevens
9.10David Castillo
17:15Lake Stevens
10.12Evan Levy
17:28 PRShorewood
11.12Hayden Loch
17:29 PRShorewood
12.10Tyler Sharp
17:34 SRMonroe
13.12Chris Venskus
17:43 SRMariner
14.11Seth Parker
17:47Lake Stevens
15.11Blake Minor
18:00Lake Stevens
16.10Chandler Crayton
18:06 SRMonroe
17.11Jackson Beaumont
18:12 SRMonroe
18.12Zach Kirshbaum
18:15 PRMonroe
19.12Zachary Evans
18:19 SRMonroe
20.12Josh White
18:23 PRShorewood
21.12Jose Guzman
18:25 SRMariner
22.10John Ehni
18:27 PRShorewood
23.12Jason McCroskey
18:36Lake Stevens
24.10Cole Carlstrom
18:51 PRShorewood
25.10John Nguyen
18:57 PRMariner
26.12Bret Manney
19:13 PRShorewood
27.12Vincent Bruscas
19:17 PRLake Stevens
28.12Peter Kalenga
19:23 PRMariner
29.10Earl Jones
20:02 PRMariner
30.10Spencer Anderson
20:04 PRMariner
31.10Gerar Suaverdez
20:07 PRMariner
32.10Isaiah Marshall
20:12 PRMariner
33.10Jose Irizarry
20:22 PRMariner
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