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Mens Races
2.7 Mile Junior Varsity3:45 PM
2.7 Mile Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
2.7 Mile Varsity4:15 PM

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Mens Results

2.7 Mile Junior Varsity

1.9Jason Shevenko
16:10 PRMountlake Terrace
2.10D'Marco DeGross
16:11 SRMonroe
3.9Conrad Bratz
16:12 SRMountlake Terrace
4.10Henry Sparks
16:17 SRMountlake Terrace
5.10Sam LaPine
16:20 PRMonroe
6.12Jared Dick
16:37 PRMountlake Terrace
7.12Alex Collins
16:38 PREdmonds-Woodway
8.10Christopher Canniff
16:40 PRMountlake Terrace
9.12Austin McFadden
16:47 PRArlington
10.10Cole Conefrey
16:53 PREdmonds-Woodway
11.10Brandon Simons
17:01 PREdmonds-Woodway
12.9Taron Castleton
17:02 SRMountlake Terrace
13.11Kyle Myers
17:04 PRMonroe
14.11Tyler Stedman
17:12 PREdmonds-Woodway
15.9Kyle Rhodes
17:17 SRMountlake Terrace
16.12Brandon Stone
17:19 PREdmonds-Woodway
17.9Isaiah Salamanca
17:28 PRMountlake Terrace
18.9Caleb Smith
17:29 PRArlington
19.10Bryce Thomas
17:31 PRArlington
20.11Derek Kincade
17:32 PREdmonds-Woodway
21.12Angelo Mirante
17:38 PRArlington
22.9Kyle Aitken
17:45 SREdmonds-Woodway
23.9Jaden Yackley
17:53 SRMountlake Terrace
24.9Jack White
18:03 PREdmonds-Woodway
25.11Charles Gaudin
18:04 PRArlington
26.9Tyler Stevenson
18:32 SRMonroe
27.9Geoffrey Root
18:39 PRArlington
28.11Ethan Rowe
19:18 PRArlington
29.9Chris Feliberti
19:19 PREdmonds-Woodway
30.9Gabriel Miller
19:33 PRMountlake Terrace
31.11Kyler Munch-Mower
19:34 PREdmonds-Woodway
32.9Alan Song
19:51 PREdmonds-Woodway
33.10Kavan Dewar
19:58 PRMountlake Terrace
34.12Stephan Walde
20:04 PREdmonds-Woodway
34.10Randy Hemion
20:05 PREdmonds-Woodway
36.9William Lofton
20:26 PRArlington
37.9Tyler Truax
20:37 PRArlington
38.10Austin Bolstad
21:06 SRMonroe
39.9Aeden Conefrey
21:10 PREdmonds-Woodway
40.10Isaac Wolfington
21:30 PRArlington
42.9Will Roundy
21:55 SRArlington
41.10Abraham Hehn
22:15 PREdmonds-Woodway
43.9Chawin Pathomporni...
24:28 PRMonroe
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2.7 Mile Varsity

1.12Austin Wood
14:03 PRMonroe
2.11Jack Griffing
14:07 PREdmonds-Woodway
3.10Jack Pearce
14:18 SRMountlake Terrace
4.10Jared Alskog
14:34 PRArlington
5.11Yohans Tewolde
14:45 PRMountlake Terrace
6.12Andrew Bosket
14:48 PRArlington
7.11Jameson Wren
14:49 PRArlington
8.10Tyler Sharp
14:50 PRMonroe
9.9Miler Haller
14:51 PREdmonds-Woodway
10.10Nathan Sparks
14:54 SRMountlake Terrace
11.12Alex Springer
14:57 PREdmonds-Woodway
12.10Chandler Crayton
15:00 PRMonroe
13.10Warren Madsen
15:03 PREdmonds-Woodway
14.11Coleman Cummings
15:06 PRArlington
15.11Patrick Kelly
15:07 PREdmonds-Woodway
16.12Clint Hopke
15:08 PRMonroe
17.12Justin Frazier
15:10 PRMountlake Terrace
18.11Steve Szilvassy
15:15 PRMountlake Terrace
19.12Zachary Evans
15:17 PRMonroe
20.11Jackson Beaumont
15:18 PRMonroe
21.10Peter Kidane
15:28 SRMountlake Terrace
22.12Joe Clinch
15:30 PRMountlake Terrace
23.10Wyatt Allemann
15:33 SRMountlake Terrace
24.9Michael Forster
15:38 PRArlington
25.12Arthur Castleton
15:39 PRMountlake Terrace
26.12Sean Haldeman
15:40 PREdmonds-Woodway
27.10Chris Baumgartner
15:41 SRMountlake Terrace
28.12Mitch McGhee
15:52 PRArlington
29.10Daniel Gonzales
15:57 PRArlington
30.10Nicholas Taylor
16:02 PRArlington
31.12Zachary Kirshbaum
16:04 PRMonroe
32.10Ben Comerford
16:11 PRArlington
33.12Ben Pierson
16:14 PRMountlake Terrace
34.12Wyatt Shirey
16:34 PRArlington
35.12Brian Lewis
17:09 PRMonroe
36.12Ryan Hespe
18:05 PRMonroe
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Womens Results

2.7 Mile Varsity

1.12Megan Bull
16:37 PRMonroe
2.11Tiffany Ohlsen
16:53 PRMonroe
3.12Megan Alfi
17:11 PREdmonds-Woodway
4.11CJ Taylor
17:20 PRArlington
5.12Nina Penner
17:35 SRMountlake Terrace
6.12Amy Fair
17:42 PREdmonds-Woodway
7.12Kyle Kilmer
17:44 PRArlington
8.11Rachel Fesler
17:45 PRMountlake Terrace
9.11Kendra Delamare
18:04 PRMonroe
10.10Hayley Tengs
18:08 PREdmonds-Woodway
11.10Emily Bland
18:18 PRMonroe
12.9Shanelle Shirey
18:42 PRArlington
13.10Kat Busch
18:45 PRMonroe
14.10Rachael Fleming
18:50 PRArlington
15.11Karissa Swain
18:59 PRArlington
16.12Kelsey O'Neill
19:01 PRMountlake Terrace
17.10Tabitha Blevins
19:09 PRMonroe
18.9Kaela Peloquin
19:11 PRMonroe
19.11Katelyn James
19:21 PRArlington
20.10Anna Deeter
19:44 PRArlington
21.9Ruth Van Kampen
20:03 PREdmonds-Woodway
22.10Lauren Sowers
20:19 PRMountlake Terrace
23.10Ginny Flick
20:23 PRArlington
24.11Haley Duran
20:40 PRArlington
25.9Mackie Pullig
20:51 PRArlington
26.12Brianne Rhodes
20:52 PRMountlake Terrace
27.10Emily Berns
20:59 PRArlington
28.9Taya Fure
21:03 PRArlington
29.10Elizabeth Kern
21:08 PRArlington
35.12Emma Relei
21:35 SRMonroe
31.11Shannon VanHorn
21:36 PRMonroe
32.10Erin Delaney
22:00 PRArlington
33.9Reagan Barron
22:01 PRMonroe
34.11Justine Bailey
22:10 PRArlington
35.9Caitlin Nye
22:10 PREdmonds-Woodway
36.10Delany Scott
22:23 PRArlington
37.11Taylor Olson
22:56 PRArlington
38.11Jollee Pullig
22:58 PRArlington
39.12Sonya Suderman
23:25 PRArlington
40.10Joy Gardner
23:36 PRMountlake Terrace
41.10Jane Sahabu
24:03 PREdmonds-Woodway
42.11Katie Harkins
24:30 PREdmonds-Woodway
43.9Emily Lopez
25:07 PRMonroe
44.10Karen Vasatka
25:16 PRMonroe
45.9Roxana Valea
26:54 PRMountlake Terrace
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