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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

6.11Elana Stelter
15:22.30Wisconsin Lutheran
13.10Katie Salmon
15:50.21Wauwatosa East
18.11Jordy Schmidt
15:55.38Wauwatosa East
21.10Talia Spiegelberg
16:04.94Wisconsin Lutheran
26.10Heather Plough
16:12.73 SRWisconsin Lutheran
29.12Nicole Kashian
16:19.10Wauwatosa East
33.9Hannah Weide
16:25.22Wisconsin Lutheran
37.12Lisa Kehl
16:30.18Wisconsin Lutheran
38.11Andrea Poppe
16:30.98Wisconsin Lutheran
43.10Gabi Caron-Schuler
16:33.07Wauwatosa East
48.9Sara Kieselhorst
16:39.91Wisconsin Lutheran
11Nicole Jett
11Janie French
10Maggie Dawes
10Jacki Quast
10Aubre Miller
11Haley McCullough
76.9Margaret Deflieze
17:01.88Wauwatosa East
82.10Samantha Osinski
17:07.88Wauwatosa East
10Hailey Held
88.12Alex Lueck
17:12.50Wisconsin Lutheran
89.10Ginger Johnson
17:13.21Wauwatosa East
115.12Emma Watson
17:55.38Wauwatosa East
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity

16.9Rebeca Pallo
18:10.37Wauwatosa East
19.10Aubrey Nigh
18:13.22Wauwatosa East
22.11Hannah Braun
18:14.86Wauwatosa East
27.12Shelby Lang
18:23.33Wauwatosa East
28.12Cali Castaneda
18:24.57Wauwatosa East
52.9CeCe Uhrich
18:46.83Wauwatosa East
54.10Lauren Raasch
18:47.53Wauwatosa East
64.10Jessica Gibson
19:02.77Wauwatosa East
66.10Grace Petr
19:04.07Wauwatosa East
79.11Zoey Stefaniak
19:13.67Wauwatosa East
88.12Katherine Oleniczak
19:18.99Wauwatosa East
102.11Shealia Conway
19:33.60Wauwatosa East
102.9Sally Rohrer
19:33.60Wauwatosa East
114.10Katie Potter
19:42.29Wauwatosa East
119.12Bethel Assefa
19:50.29Wauwatosa East
120.10Emma Johnson
19:52.60Wauwatosa East
132.11Kazmira Hoffman
20:01.15Wauwatosa East
141.10Grace Templeman
20:06.68Wauwatosa East
166.11Tessa Cristan
20:41.19Wauwatosa East
200.9Lindsey Govan
21:18.54Wauwatosa EastRan extra 800m
202.12Andrea Schaefer
21:21.07Wauwatosa EastRan Extra 800m
229.10Emma Czarnecki
22:14.33Wauwatosa East
244.10Colleen Heck
22:40.69Wauwatosa East
260.10Margaret Smith
23:53.78Wauwatosa East
264.11Nora Maltz
24:09.71Wauwatosa East
271.11Nigeria Smith-Beckom
25:36.17Wauwatosa East
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