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Catlin Gabel

3,000 Meters Middle School
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Catlin Gabel

3,000 Meters Middle School

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Catlin Gabel
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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

8Orlando Polk
12:43Oregon Episcopal
7Nihar Doshi
13:10 PROregon Episcopal
5.8Lucas Stiff Arm
13:23Catlin Gabel
6.8Chase Stubblefield
13:25Southwest Christian
7Joe Zochert
13:32Southwest Christian
8Cameron Slovic
13:35Oregon Episcopal
10.7Ian Hoyt
13:45Catlin Gabel
6Justin Denson
14:10Oregon Episcopal
6Jack Casalino
14:10Oregon Episcopal
6Peter Wogan
14:29Oregon Episcopal
19.7Austin Dean
21.7Matthew Parrish
14:35Portland Lutheran
7Shiva Bharadwag
14:45Oregon Episcopal
25.7John Stafford
14:45Portland Lutheran
6Aidan White
15:08Oregon Episcopal
22.6Rowan Hoffman
15:12Catlin Gabel
6Elliot Nye
15:14Oregon Episcopal
23.8Jack Cavenaugh
15:14Catlin Gabel
7Bryun Chun
15:15Oregon Episcopal
28.7Rubin Field
15:18Catlin Gabel
8Max Sondland
15:19Oregon Episcopal
39.7Colby Hixson
7Timothy Curtis
15:25Southwest Christian
6Tanner Bledsoe
15:29Southwest Christian
45.7Wade Becker
36.6Roy Stracovsky
15:59Catlin Gabel
6Will Swindell
16:00Oregon Episcopal
8Zach Suarez
16:03Southwest Christian
7Jared Ferguson
16:05Southwest Christian
51.6Dylan Mitchell
8Everett Pearson
16:16Oregon Episcopal
42.7Matthew Maynard
16:39Catlin Gabel
43.8Conor Bulkeley-Krane
16:44Catlin Gabel
44.7Karsten Skoch
16:45Catlin Gabel
6Cam Stubblefield
17:18Southwest Christian
48.8Soren Anderson
17:20Catlin Gabel
6Bailey Harris
66.8Evan Bonazzola
17:29Portland Lutheran
72.7Seth Rumage
53.6Aditya Sivakumar
17:37Catlin Gabel
54.6Will Harmon
17:38Catlin Gabel
79.8Jayson Hoogendik
18:04Portland Lutheran
6Soren Little
18:09Oregon Episcopal
6Jake Morgan
18:22Southwest Christian
84.6Zecarrius Dallaire
18:23Portland Lutheran
60.7Gus Edelen-O’Brien
18:54Catlin Gabel
6Matthew Davis
19:23Southwest Christian
62.6Ned Williamson
19:27Catlin Gabel
6Sam Judge
19:34Oregon Episcopal
64.8Harry Alterman
19:43Catlin Gabel
6Keaton Drebes
19:52Oregon Episcopal
6Sam Craig
20:34Oregon Episcopal
6Elliott Steward
20:35Southwest Christian
6Matthew Lochridge
20:43Southwest Christian
6Ben Lane
21:11Southwest Christian
7Jacob Waite
21:14Oregon Episcopal
6James Roberts
23:32Oregon Episcopal
72.6Douglas Kean
23:32Catlin Gabel
110.7Seth Houchins
112.6Kody Elliott
6Edgar Shotts
27:57Oregon Episcopal
8Sawyer Ramsey
32:51Southwest Christian
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