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Dan Daniel Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Dan Daniel Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Ryan Comper
18:26.00George Washington
2.11John Pemberton
18:33.00Peaks View Pacers
3.12Michael Sciarrino
18:47.00Jefferson Forest
4.10Ben Barber
18:48.00Jefferson Forest
5.10Stephen Vernon
18:53.00Peaks View Pacers
6.12Austin Griffith
19:12.00Jefferson Forest
7.10Sean Farney
8.12Zane Laughlin
19:17.00Jefferson Forest
9.10Dylan Allen
10.12Forster McCracken
11.11Caleb Pollard
19:42.00Jefferson Forest
12.9Pierce Saunders
19:43.00Jefferson Forest
13.10Ben Cavanaugh
19:52.00 PRJefferson Forest
14.11Kevin Swanson
19:56.00Tunstall Senior
15.12Matthew Roseveare
20:00.00Jefferson Forest
16.11Daniel Bryant
20:15.00Jefferson Forest
17.11Ethan Collie
20:18.00Halifax County Sr
18.11Justin Jantomaso
20:23.00Peaks View Pacers
19.12Michael Ashby
20:26.00Tunstall Senior
20.-West Davis
21.9Brian McConkey
21:04.00Jefferson Forest
22.12Ivan Gonzalez-Pach...
21:12.00George Washington
23.-Matt McKengue
21:14.00 PRJefferson Forest
24.11Adam Gibson
21:24.00Jefferson Forest
25.9Jamie Doss
26.9Ben May
21:29.00Jefferson Forest
27.9Edwin Cartagena
21:36.00Jefferson Forest
28.12Eric Brooks
21:40.00Jefferson Forest
29.10Noah Jantomaso
21:43.00Peaks View Pacers
30.11Vatsal Lac
21:50.00Halifax County Sr
31.12Neil Wilson
21:55.00Jefferson Forest
32.9Drew Meadows
33.12Mason Walton
34.12Michael Farmer
35.9Josh Owen
22:08.00Jefferson Forest
36.-Nathan Gillispe
22:10.00Dan River
37.9DJ McDaniel
22:13.00 SRJefferson Forest
38.12Joe Fransisco
22:17.00George Washington
39.12Johnny Hunt
40.10Austin Hutchinson
22:20.23Tunstall Senior
41.12Case Schiefer
22:20.97 PRJefferson Forest
42.11Hunter Smith
22:21.00Peaks View Pacers
43.12Carlos Majana
22:24.00George Washington
44.-Collin Johnson
22:45.00Tunstall Senior
45.9Andrew Liegey
22:58.00Halifax County Sr
46.10Jonah Wilgus
23:18.00Jefferson Forest
47.11Larry Taylor
23:27.00Halifax County Sr
48.-Carlos Throckmorton
23:40.53 PRHalifax County Sr
49.10Roger Smith
23:41.00Halifax County Sr
50.11Evan Morrison
23:43.00Halifax County Sr
51.11Michael Buchanan
52.9Noah Malpass
53.9Clint Brooks
24:07.00Jefferson Forest
54.-Tyler Slaughter
24:20.00Dan River
55.12Bobby White
24:30.00Jefferson Forest
56.11Wesley Smith
24:39.00Tunstall Senior
57.9Jeremiah Kim
24:45.00Jefferson Forest
58.12Jacob Hayes
24:50.00Tunstall Senior
59.12Sean Imron
25:07.00Jefferson Forest
60.12Tyler Pociluyko
25:11.00Jefferson Forest
61.12Parth Patel
25:21.00Halifax County Sr
62.-Hunter Applegate
25:23.00Dan River
63.11Carl Wolf
25:35.00Jefferson Forest
64.9Jesse Moon
65.11Gannon Griffin
25:38.00Halifax County Sr
66.-Nick No Name
25:54.00 PRTunstall Senior
67.11Gavin Saunders
68.10Sergio Velasquez
26:03.00Halifax County Sr
69.10Drew Hatcher
26:25.00Halifax County Sr
70.-Sammy Anderson
71.11Forrest Nunn
27:48.00Halifax County Sr
72.9Dylan Brooks
73.9Joshua Wilson
28:38.00Jefferson Forest
74.-Nick Pickrel
75.10Dylan Mitchell
76.-Jacob Almashy
30:44.00 PRChatham
77.-Josh Craddock
31:27.00Dan River
78.-Kyle Schultz
79.10Roberto Thomas
80.-Chase Cole
33:44.00Halifax County Sr
81.9Sebastian Taylor
40:22.00Halifax County Sr
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Mary Deis
21:34.00Jefferson Forest
2.12Elizabeth Vernon
22:19.00Peaks View Pacers
3.-Anna Carter
22:36.00Jefferson Forest
4.10Carsen Wilkerson
22:53.00Jefferson Forest
5.11Katie Vann
22:57.00Jefferson Forest
6.9Alyssa Shupe
23:03.00Jefferson Forest
7.9Hosannah Vickery
23:08.00Peaks View Pacers
8.9Samantha Schreiber
23:17.00Peaks View Pacers
9.9Erin Saunders
23:24.00Jefferson Forest
10.9Leah Hurt
23:26.00 SRPeaks View Pacers
11.12Alexis Bowen
23:27.00Jefferson Forest
12.11Hannah Owen
23:49.00Jefferson Forest
13.9Charis Jantomaso
24:12.00Peaks View Pacers
14.10Elizabeth Francis
24:28.00Jefferson Forest
15.9Rachel Packer
24:59.00Peaks View Pacers
16.9Abby May
25:02.00Jefferson Forest
17.11Danielle Tiffany
25:05.00Jefferson Forest
18.11Mary Jo DeLaHunt
25:21.00Peaks View Pacers
19.11Brittany Robinson
20.11Allison Robertson
26:02.00George Washington
21.9Donna Bryant
26:03.00Jefferson Forest
22.9Marie Abowd
26:04.00Jefferson Forest
23.9Jimmi Nelson-Reid
26:05.00Jefferson Forest
24.9Jessica Englund
26:18.00Jefferson Forest
25.11Anna Hurt
26:38.00Peaks View Pacers
26.12Hannah Heimer
27.11Carey Shields
27:25.00Tunstall Senior
28.11Simone Stratton
27:41.00George Washington
29.9Laci Sorrell
27:59.00Jefferson Forest
30.9Sibylle Harter
28:07.00Peaks View Pacers
31.10Amber Watkins
32.9Lucy Morrison
28:43.00Halifax County Sr
33.10Claire Gray
28:54.00Tunstall Senior
34.10Meaghan Saloka
29:37.00Jefferson Forest
35.10Kelsey Layne
36.12Zoey Dorman
30:08.00Jefferson Forest
37.11Anna Clay
30:09.00Jefferson Forest
38.11Rachel Policke
30:10.00Jefferson Forest
39.10Emily Roseveare
30:42.00Jefferson Forest
40.12Laura Malpass
41.9Sarah Vickery
31:12.00Peaks View Pacers
42.9Lilly Neal
31:15.00George Washington
43.12Monica Puckett
31:19.00Halifax County Sr
44.10Lexis Walters
45.9Shannon Laughlin
31:39.00Jefferson Forest
46.11Emily Nester
31:44.00Halifax County Sr
47.-Mirtha No Name
31:48.00 PRTunstall Senior
48.10Lexie Oliver
32:01.00Peaks View Pacers
49.12Caitie Everett
32:17.00 SRHalifax County Sr
50.11Emily Macleish
32:53.00 SRTunstall Senior
51.9Grace Davis
32:54.00 SRHalifax County Sr
52.-Cambell Scollio
32:57.00 PRChatham
53.9Berkley Conner
32:59.00Halifax County Sr
54.12Kiersten Garcia
55.12Stephanie Waldman
33:34.00George Washington
56.11Jessica Conner
33:43.00Halifax County Sr
57.11Kirstin Hutson
58.10Havanna Oakes
71.10Baylee Snead
34:30:01Halifax County Sr
72.-Kelsey White
34:31:22 PRHalifax County Sr
59.-Megan Arthur
34:52.00 PRHalifax County Sr
60.-Wallie Milam
35:49.00 PRGeorge Washington
61.-Laura Valquez
35:54.00 PRGeorge Washington
62.10Lucy Everett
63.11Amanda Reeves
37:07.00 SRHalifax County Sr
64.12Ariel Kim
37:19.00Jefferson Forest
65.10Amanda Staton
38:40.00Jefferson Forest
66.9Lauren Oakes
67.10Rebecca Schreiber
40:04.00Peaks View Pacers
68.10Diana Sanchez
40:11.00 SRChatham
69.11Emily Ashworth
40:45.00Jefferson Forest
70.11Emily Wade
43:03.00 PRChatham
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